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[Justin Stone:]
Story changed since I first started
They wrote me off, they should have left me broken hearted
Brush em off and I said screw it
I'll work until they can't ignore it
Used to laugh at me but ask em who they wanting more of
Yeah, lately dreams just came to life
My critics having nightmares this could happen overnight
Work ethic from my perspective you can't step into my mind
Wrote two songs before the sun came up, please don't say you grind
No, while they got drunk I studied all the greats
And all this I looked up to saying I tear down the stage
They got beef with me from jealousy I'm claiming back my state
I am 20 on some shit that you won't get by 28

I turned my passions into actions
Remember days when they said none of this would happen
I kept on moving kept my head down I stayed focused
I was waiting for them all to come around
But now they finally fuck with me (Yeah, yeah)
Now they finally fuck with me (Yeah, yeah)
Now they finally fuck with me

Oh you loving me, now you want my company
Fuck me oh its fuck you too, now they finally fuck with me
At the double tree celebrate with bubbly
It's all changing suddenly, now they finally fuck with me
Everybody wanna live big though
Cars and the covers of the magazines
How you finna whip in the Benz though
You ain't got money for the gasoline
All looked good til it hit the fan
I hit the fan online cause my shits demanding
I split the bands cause they lift the banner
I smoke cubans and scroll through my instagram
Man I feel like Red Aurebach
I would kill to take hours back
But you can't dwell on that hourglass
All my homies smoke sourpatch
I don't smoke weed cause I think too much
I drink too much and girl you cling too much
Know its my fault when I fall behind
Pick me up if I sing too much

[Justin Stone:]
I turned my passions into actions
Remember days when they said none of this would happen
I kept on moving kepy my head down I stayed focused
I was waiting for them all to come around
But now they finally fuck with me (Yeah, yeah)
Now they finally fuck with me (Yeah, yeah)
Now they finally fuck with me

No one used to play my shit
No one used to go to my shows
And now they finally do

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  1. Depld


  2. ZagaYT

    Nice broooo !

  3. Lowtek Graham

    So sick

  4. Manuel Arbaiza

    Who’s still bumping in 2018?

  5. PandaEve

    finally found this song, it was playing at a bar and I could find it for such a long time omg YES

  6. Makeshift Masterpieces


    Justin Stone

    Robert Oliver good homie

  7. Studio Kleszcz

    hi can i use your music for my video ?? :)

  8. Guillermo Torres

    good song Justin Stone continues to make good music...!!!!

  9. Jacob Eaton

    bro this is fire im actially getting lost in this song that dont happen to me often

  10. Michael Powell

    This is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jacek Wałasiewicz

    Justin vibes chills me always

  12. Raul Sanchez

    Justin Stone drops th3 beat 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Fight King

    i can admit i jazz to this when it come's to training. RESPECT!!!

  14. George Porter

    This is sick 🔄

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  16. Arthur Nguyen

    Wish there was an instrumental of this. Shit's fire.

  17. French-Rider

    GMW !!! ;)

  18. maciel Maciel

    ooooooooo Man

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  20. Safia Banharally

    how have i only found this song now?

    Justin Stone

    Better late than never

    Safia Banharally

    Justin Stone tru brotha

  21. Mauze033

    GMW CREW🔝🤘🏻

  22. Yanely Dominguez

    this dude is dope! can't believe i just heard of him

    Justin Stone

    Welcome to the family

  23. Benni DR44

    Love this song 😍
    greetings from germany

    girl _27

    Servuuus haha

  24. arcovk

    FOKU ME !

  25. Freek van Workum

    Could I get my links in the description as well?

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  27. Ricardo Campos

    beast on the mic g much love bumping ur music 24/7...

  28. Jan Heberle

    This is awesome 😭😍😍

  29. Seri0us Sh1t

    2:21 huwhehh

  30. Shadman Ahmed

    Check out my first song ever!

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    Witt Lowry ft Justin Stone?

  32. Futuristic Jaden

    this song is lit yea now they finally fuck with me

  33. minus des quotienten

    Justin I love u.

  34. TheSqurwiel

    GMW! ;)

  35. jirka f

    you bro, you are so nutty! everything is super well done on this song, glad to listen this!

  36. Deividas Ūba

    On a loop.

  37. Cr0issant

    Greetings from Germany bro, keep on the good work

  38. Eli Rodger


  39. Devon Knowles

    I love swagy tracks. every time I listen, there is nothing I don't like....😆😋

  40. Had

    this sounds a bit like rowlan

  41. Eric Cartman

    Freek van workum is he dutch? Cuz i live close to a town called "Workum"


    he is dutch

  42. jay red

    sounds sick man keep it up

  43. Salih

    holy shit i'm in love

  44. bamBi

    U should follow Justin Stone on Soundcloud all his Tracks are awesome!

  45. TheDiamondHit

    This shit is fucking lit.

  46. Mehdi Amar

    DAMN this man is a god ! keep it up really like what u do

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    Thats right JZAC glad to see you here

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    This song is soooooo good. 🔥

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    Pure 🔥🔥🔥

    Boosted Hangar

    Freek van Workum Instrumental link?

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  52. Tabooj

    Good shit Justin! The beat is Killa!!!

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    love it

  54. The Munky

    Is it just me or is the volume on this one a little bit iffy?

  55. FuckBrb

    keep it up justin , hope u get 1 mil subs :)

  56. TyphoN -

    good beat? check
    good flow? check
    Nice hook? check
    Result= nice song :D

  57. stfu awm

    I see in the title Justin Stone JZAc And I was waiting for it and I was like..finally

  58. Slayer Union

    im 2 days late but this shits good this is the third song ive listened im really impressed i really dont listen to rap but this is really good

    Justin Stone

    Thanks man

  59. iDynqmic CS:GO

    How he always gets better and better

    Justin Stone

    Just wait homie

  60. Florian Held

    hey :D
    I have ine Question:
    Can I use your Music on my yt cannel, please?

  61. Dark Gaming

    man you got special place in my playlist. :)

  62. Skraaa Skudu

    Great song straight to favorites ❤

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    Yo Justin you and Drake should team up on a song together the song would be so good.


    Drake isn't good enough for Justin

  64. idiot virgin

    ayo Justin let me suck that dick

  65. DeMonstaMan

    I can't wait till your like #1 on iTunes and I will be telling my friends that I listened to that a long time ago.

  66. Florian Klemen

    Finally i found a good song on youtube ❤

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    Love this guy... favorite song is waves rn. He's gotta get big now

  68. Anthony Russo


  69. ohhShaunny

    Sub just spazzing out in my car right now😂 great song guys👌


    Now this is a masterpeice

  71. Jason Miller

    When will it come out on Spotify?

    Justin Stone

    Not till December 2:(

    Jason Miller

    Justin Stone lmao it's all good I can wait I got u on SoundCloud rn will be listening to this song on replay for the next month atleast lol


    Jason Miller its already on spotify

  72. Jason Miller

    Such a good song omfg

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    this goes so hard. new fave song

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    name of the letter please?

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    can i use this song in my video? :)

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    Justin Stone's songs always have sick beats, it's a plus to his killer lyrics. :)

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    Cant wait for you to come to Red Rocks Justin

    Justin Stone

    One day!! That's a dream. Such a dope venue

  79. reignsupreme

    Keep going with it!

  80. bedeckt

    this is better than weed.
    you still get STONEd.

    Justin Stone

    Right ;)

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    yooo shit is dope! Had to see whatsup when I saw Justin and JZAC coming together. Waiting for the day you guys come to Dallas!!!

  82. Korek Z Borek

    the best listened today! 💪💪

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    Just good !! <3

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    Where'd the Mac Dre remix track go?? It was sooo dope but its no longer posted 😥

  86. ExpoNET Inc.

    Swagy Can you send me your email?

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    Uppinder Chugh

    Both killed it xD

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    fire as always from Justin

    Justin Stone

    Love hearing that

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    I want to suggest uploading ymtk- no rest (west coast) ft. iamsu

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  91. SwagyLyrics

    Hey guys just spreading the word I am a channel that makes Lyric videos for all the songs Swagytracks uploads. Just trying to get my name out hope everybody understands.

  92. chriztian c.

    These Song copy righted because i would like to use them in my videos


    dont know, but i think its not.
    for sure ask him on his social platforms oder email!

    chriztian c.