Justin Moore - Robbin' Trains Lyrics

We're just backroad bad news
Same small town crew
Gettin' gone just to get right
Hidin' out from the blue lights
Buckshot stop signs
Bootleg moonshine
Little rowdy and against the grain
Wild west runnin' through our veins

If it was a hundred years ago
We'd be the ones on the wanted posters
Dead or alive in a dozen states
Shootin' whiskey in one horse towns
Saddlin' up when the sun went down
Haulin' ass out of some open plain
Yeah, raisin' hell
and robbin' trains

Baby you look like you could be
An outlaw's lady
I can taste danger in your kiss tonight
I can see us shootin' out the lights

If it was a hundred years ago
We'd be the ones on the wanted posters
Dead or alive in a dozen states
Shootin' whiskey in one horse towns
Saddlin' up when the sun went down
Haulin' ass out f some open plain
Yeah, raisin' hell
and robbin' trains

Bet we'd be robbin' trains
Everyone would know our names
Forget about Jesse James
Bet we'd be robbin' trains
Bet we'd be, get your hands up
Go ahead, fill it up
Just forget about Jesse James
Bet we'd be robbin' trains

If it was a hundred years ago
We'd be the ones on the wanted posters
Dead or alive in a dozen states
We'd be shootin' whiskey in one horse towns
Saddlin' up when the sun went down
Haulin' ass out of some open plain
Yeah, raisin' hell
and robbin' trains

We'd be raisin' hell
And robbin' trains

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Justin Moore Robbin' Trains Comments
  1. capitalD D

    Great song and great video. Made me laugh.

  2. Hannah Johnson

    Okay, so this comment may attract a lot of dislikes. But I'm bold and think this needs to be said. I love Justin Moore; but if some outlaw walked up and robbed his bus, and shot him or his road crew, and 'saddled up' with the loot, the entire globe would be outraged. And with reason. This all sounds glamorous enough being sung, but if it was you being shot and robbed I don't think it would be so attractive. I'm all for having fun like heck, but not at the expense of other people's lives and properties.
    "Forget about Jesse James..." do you know how many people he killed??? In these days of mass shootings and Modern Jesse James's, I don't think it's a great idea to immortalize these murderers in song.

  3. Raul Gajadhar

    Ok... I was smoking a cigarette and just got back from making a drink in the kitchen, I know his voice, so I thought nice beat and lyrics, when I got back to seeing the video I almost swallowed the cigarette. I choked and almost died of laughter, this is a damn Great Video.

  4. Green Bean Sex Machine

    Ahh. Best video ever made.

  5. Christopher William Cook

    Video of the Year right here. No nonsense just a sock with no puppet strings attached

    Christopher William Cook

    Dirty socks rule!

  6. Stephen Collins

    every epic drum beat in the country book

    Stephen Collins

    gotta like my own stuff for crap sake

  7. Its Olivia

    I wish everyone was like Justin Moore

  8. Robert Kennedy

    Awsome song

  9. William Trombley


  10. Eva Gibson

    lmao 😆😆

  11. Unicorn Vellone

    Totally awesome

  12. Big Fudge

    awesome song weird video funny though

  13. Vickie P

    love the song , but the sock kinda suck

  14. Dominic Bouchard

    Absolutely great justin is my favorite singer

  15. Happiness

    that's a good song but no robbing trains

    Exploring With Shawn

    I love the song because I used to rob trains lol 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Chelsea Budge

    Wish he would have done this with other artists like brantly gilbert an eric church or jason aldean

  17. Lyle Bonney

    Can only imagine ideas like this sock puppet come about when a lot of alcohol is involved

  18. Junior


  19. Shawn Brocuglio

    I get to listen to the song about my buddies and I and my son laughs at the puppet double win

  20. tina king

    I luv Justin Moore

  21. Gaming_ GodFather

    Oh gosh! I love this man! lol

  22. knight flare

    Trying to pay attention to the song but finding the sock puppet slightly disturbing.

  23. Billy the Kid

    I like this song but not the video, still this song is freaking awesome.

  24. tr7575

    Too funny!

  25. Conner Kozar

    This isnt justin moore. This guys way too tall

    Christopher William Cook

    what's your address John Conner , i have a tape measure to see your heighth

    Meows Cream craft

    Conner Kozar im 5ft and only 10, and hes like my size. Lol

    Meows Cream craft

    Christopher William Cook,man it is a joke

  26. Clay Nutt

    he kinda dont care

    The Real Tom Scheetz

    I see what you did there😂

  27. Dominic Bouchard

    love it

  28. ItzBaby Aliyah

    Lol😂😂😂😂😂this had me dying

  29. eliete alves


  30. krystal eury

    Hi my name is lanee I'm 10 years old and I love you so much I listen to your songs every day and I no you go places and do concerts and I'm sorry for this if it made you mad I just wanted to say I love you and it would be a dream come true if I got to meet you love lanee

  31. Beau Butler

    For those who think why Justin Moore would do the video it's the label who comes up with this stuff

    Gator Jeaux

    I know why. 'Cause he's a dad, and he likes to have fun. :) I know a lot of country guys like to think they're badass, but that all changes when they become fathers. If they're responsible fathers, that is. Any guy can raise hell on a Saturday night. Takes a real man to be a good dad. Not saying he did the sock puppet thing for his family, but just wanted to put that out there before people say he's not a badass anymore.


    Uhhh... I would've been okay with a lyric video. LOL

  33. Ej Evans

    too everyone hating bout the rock sound he's always had that even on his twang stuff like shit let them have fun and pay respect to influences that made them chase their dreams rock sounds better than bro country I mean shit everyone's hated on both this new Justin moore song and the new BG song like they're having fun let em have fun they're not just about the money 👍

  34. Gator Jeaux

    Puppet Moore!

  35. Emily Schmitz

    Love, love, love the song but the video is perplexing!!!

  36. Cyler Hutton

    please dont play this tonight....

  37. Christopher Jarvis

    Totally love this song. It will be featured on my new Friday playlist.

  38. SimplyAwesome77

    songs great, video is different...


    Can't wait to hear the rest of this album, hoping for more of his "Outlaws like me" album style of music.. I'm not a fan of the pop junk myself. I know Justin will deliver like always!.

  40. Natalia Aparecida

    I loved! Come to Brazil Justin! ❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  41. papaGhurka

    Nice song; crummy video; thumbs down

  42. Austin Johnson

    when socks start robbing trains and and getting bitches😏

  43. Jon Walton

    Pokémon Go back in the 1930's

  44. Dusty Croyle

    You guys know Justin didn't make the video, right?

    Beau Butler

    I know the label probably did

    Dusty Croyle

    Yeah most likely someone thats associated with Valory in some way. Some people in the comments seem to think Justin sat down and made it. hahahaha

  45. Katelyn Kuehner

    😍😍😍😍 Justin Moore I love you so much!

  46. Brasil Braps

    Brasileiros ? 😉💚💛💃

  47. George P. Schill, III

    Which one of the girls gave you the idea for the sock? Great song.

  48. Yaseen

    he looks different !! is it a new hat ?

    Aaron Cogan

    must be


    Yaseen I think it's the facial hair


    Definitely a new hat

  49. Michael Brooks

    This video is extremely strange.

  50. John Bouch

    love it!!!

  51. Tyler Chadd

    another masterpiece to add to the collection....!!!

  52. Blake Brady

    Wtf why is there a sock puppet

    Jon Walton

    lol.. it's supposed to be a Cowboy Pokémon

    Charity Holbert

    Blake Brady hay what's up today

  53. Kiley

    I don't know why people are complaining. This song is awesome!!


    Except this video...the video is pretty bad 😐😂


    +Tipper magoo it's just something to go along with the song. not ment to really be paid attention to.

    Crog Oteb

    Justin was probably laughing like crazy during the video making.

  54. Trevor Lawrence

    This song is making me questionable about your future album...i hope you have more songs like "small town usa", "if heaven wasnt so far away". I really don't like the rock sound youve taken on. If i want rock ill go to led Zeppelin or buckcherry

    Gator Jeaux

    Justin Moore and his band are heavily influenced by rock. That was obvious from their first album.

    Buddy Kelly

    Haha dude that's hilarious. This pure country. Justin and Stapleton are singlehandedly saving country music in a world full of FGL and Sam Hunt. I'll take country with a little southern rock influence over country rap/pop any day son and so would the legends they tour with

    krystal eury

    I disagree all his songs are great , keep make More Justin

    Hemi CountryBoy

    It's just one song make sure to listen to the entire album when it comes out. I'm sure you will like it.


    Not every song has to be soft or slower. Yeah. Those songs are great. But these songs are even better. But this is more country than the others of its time.

  55. TSVGgaming 1

    Awesome song. Please reply to this

  56. Chazz Crowchild

    awesome song, the video is really goofy might ruin the song

  57. Jasper Sinclair

    i like that song

  58. Dalene Pietersen

    Cool dude

  59. Brandyn Lee

    good song bad video

  60. Christian New

    What the heck that's awesome

  61. Countryboy_91

    very first song of yours i'm on the fence about so far. we shall see how I feel after a few more times listening. still looking forward to the album.


    +kevin carpenter I really didn't pay attention to the video the 2nd time. I think it's just the whole rock sound don't really fit Justin's voice that well.

    Ej Evans

    +Countryboy_91 yeah but if you think about it a majority of his songs had more a southern rock to them and mixed a little twang in like how I got to be this way beer time old back in the new school i mean it was more the off the beaten path album where it got little more rock im sure he'll have some traditional Justin moore style on here but I mean its not that horrible shit I'd rather him turn to a little rock than turn to bro country but that's me


    +Ej Evans amen to that man. I honestly was afraid for a new album after off the beaten path. that one he dove towards pop really hard but it still was good start to finish.

    Ej Evans

    I think he did good with doing thats how I know you love me kinda the pop way everyone said off the beaten path the song was too pop I was like ehhh had the southern rock style but thats my opinion I liked the album i mean him and Brantley Gilbert are the only ones id pay money on their albums cause its relatable stuff like how country music use to be they're about words and life stories ya know


    +kevin carpenter I did that and it definitely made a huge difference haha the video makes it suck. but the song he just released sadly went full blown pop i couldn't get into it.....

  62. Alex Tomasek

    Did he just take off his sock put a hat and bandana on it and sat in front of a green screen while drunk, and now walah

    Tony Miller

    @Alex Tomasek now how in tarnations did i get the two mixed up

    keri croll

    Alex Tomasek and

    JKat Hobbies

    Alex Tomasek it funny if u think of it like that

    Luis Rosales

    Alex Tomasek 🏇🐐🦃🦃🕸🌾🌵

  63. Outdoor junkies Braxton childress

    great song and video Justin done it again Raise hell Eat corn bread

  64. Tyler Smock

    I like that song justin

  65. OHMAGEDDON Vapes

    can't wait till the new album I'm liking what I'm hearing so far

  66. Walt Coffin

    Great song, and who came up with the idea for the video?

  67. michaeL moorRE

    good job even tho sadly u won't see this but keep it up

  68. ProfitzFn _

    Nice Justin

  69. Kevin Bridges

    awsome keep up the good music very unique

  70. Jason Koths

    badass song