Justin Moore - One Dirt Road Lyrics

I know where I'm going
When I'm done here on this earth
God's building me a mansion
Where none of us will hurt
I'll see ol' St. Peter
Swing wide those pearly gates
I don't mean to sound ungrateful
But God I hope and pray

There's just one dirt road
That takes me back to a honey hole
A hundred year old white oak tree
Layin' shade on me
Pickin' blackberries off the vine
A Bobwhite whistling out through the pines
I can't wait to walk those streets of gold
But give me just one dirt road

Hang up mama's clothesline
Between those two pine trees
Lay some round bales in a hay field
And a bridge across the creek
Let it wind past that white church
Where I gave my soul to you
And dead end at Granny's house
Amen I'm through

I hope there's just one dirt road
That takes me back to a honey hole
A hundred year old White Oak tree
Layin' shade on me
Pickin' blackberries off the vine
A Bobwhite whistling out through the pines
I can't wait to walk those streets of gold
But give me just one dirt road

Just one dirt road
That takes me back to a honey hole
A hundred year old White Oak tree
Layin' shade on me
Pickin' blackberries off the vine
A Bobwhite whistling out through the pines
I can't wait to walk those streets of gold
But give me just one dirt road
Just one ol' dirt road

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Justin Moore One Dirt Road Comments
  1. DL Auvil

    Beautiful song why he is not on a radio and in the music awards will show how much garbage there are ol Garth never sounded like this or Carrie

  2. Michael Cargill

    My little brother passed in march he was a fan but this song fits him so well dont think he got to hear it but i see his face every time i do

  3. Jesse McChesney

    Maybe the girl I fell head over heels for will be there with her big blue eyes that drew me in once upon a time.. the girl I somehow got to fall in love with me... Let her be there to have and to hold for all eternity just as I'd dreamed of before she left me Lord. VFNC. Still love you girl.

  4. FordMan DS

    Great song!👍

  5. Richard Cook

    Exactly what I've come to expect from Justin... Real country that takes me back!

  6. Douglas Heflin

    If you don't think this is the most beautiful song ever, you need to check your pulse.


    This song was played at my cousins funeral, he died of cancer at the age of 19.

  8. Bubba Julian

    Gimme jus dirt road

  9. Bubba Julian

    Im 30 and way overweight...i eat bad...but im a god fearing hard workin country boy..i can run with the best of em...just gimme one 1 dirt road

  10. Jessie Steele

    First time I heard this song was one month after losing my dad. It popped up on pandora. This is his
    Is version of heaven... Love you Daddy.

  11. Patricia Clark


  12. Bryton Schaning

    This is a really good song keep doing what you're doing Justin

  13. T G

    That sounds like the heaven I wanna go to.I am sure Heavenly Father has taken into consideration this for all us old country boys and gals.

  14. Redefine Living

    What a great tune.

  15. Tom Mitcheltree

    I hear quail cooing and see granddad smiling... velvet and griffin (German short haired pointers).... :)... it's nice to remember....

  16. vincelovesnikki

    This is what's I call country music bad ass song

  17. Patrick LaBorde

    My grandmother me sing tjis song at her funeral hardest thing ive ever done !!!

  18. Joseph lane

    I hope there is a deer stand up there were I can get my last hunting trip with grapple

    Mary Harvey

    Joseph lane. john

    Mary Harvey

    Joseph lane john

  19. Valie Lonogan

    ...yeah...we all miss something not concrete but dirt

  20. Rene Collige

    This song played when I got saved! Thank you God and Tom Lewis of Marion County Cowboy Church ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Isaac Croneiser

    He is the best country singer

  22. Ye Ye

    I’ve never been into country a lot at least for the past couple years but recently my grandpa passed away and he taught me how to hunt and fish and this was played at his funeral and I cry whenever I hear this song

  23. No More

    If this song don't put a lump in your throat nuttin will, God created me, he knows all I need is a good ole dirt road and a little ole house, nuttin fancy

  24. Gary Lichorobiec

    How can you give this a thumb down????

    Chandler Koletich

    Gary Lichorobiec cause this is true country not what Nashville says is country. Plus it’s about heaven and our savior Jesus.

  25. Billy goat Boys

    Fuck yeah dude man fuck yeah this song is the greatest

  26. Robert Hall

    Thank you Lord for all you do

  27. Billy goat Boys

    my brothers funeral was sunday and this was the song that he used to say took him way back when we listend to it and its the song we decided to play for his funeral.

    Bubba Julian

    Sorry for your loss

  28. Colton Killough

    ain't nothing like riding down a dirt road with the windows down and this song blaring

  29. SparklingTits

    makes me wanna go home and reminds me of home great song

  30. Coldblooded

    His best song in my opinion

  31. Rachel Alford

    I lost my best friend in the whole world he was driving down a dirt road and the train hit him in the side killing him #rip jevin

  32. Nathan Hearld

    Just give me one dirt road❤️❤️

  33. Ty Rone

    By far my favorite artist and song 👍🏼

  34. L Walker

    That old dirt road lead to Jack Creek. we sure tore up didn't we babe!!!! I still love u

  35. Justin Moate

    This is real country music. Gotta love it!

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Justin Moate real country as opposed to what

  36. Jason Sutherland

    "I can't wait... to walk those streets of Gold...
    Gimme Jus 1 Dirt Road" ...
    Justin Hits Heaven , Home & My Heart...

  37. Tommy Swinney

    this song was played at my daddys funeral in October

    Miller Murdaugh

    Im sorry for your loss.

  38. Jason Brown

    he is the best hands down his concert was bad ass seen him like 4 times stayed in a hotel where his mom stayed lol i dont no if she was just drunk or what but she was a bicth got his pick and he sign it

  39. Chris Dixon

    this is one hell of a song y'all go boys

  40. Aaron Thomas

    Justin you sing from the heart buddy been a big fan for years man keep doing what you're doing signed Aaron Thomas


    Aaron Thomas he broke down on stage the first time I saw him when he was talking about his grandpa

    Tim Selk

    well aaron i been fan of him and his music for 6 1/2 years and i got hook by his music 6 years and when he came to the dodge co fair in beaver dam wis in back the summer 2013

  41. Nathan Thompson

    Couldn't have said it better Moore, Stover, and Paulin. Roll Tide!

  42. Stoniasawsome MC

    i thought i was the only one who loved dirt roads like this...

    richard anthony

    nope!! i love them, an i have always wished this song would actually happen before i even first listened to it hahaha

  43. Hailey Jo

    RIP R.C.H

  44. Bad At Making Videos

    This song brings back Perrty good memories when I had my farm and I played this song in my truck when I sold the farm so this song is grateful song to me so think y'all think you Justin and think you God for everything

  45. Toby Lentz

    This song was played at my cousins funeral so its really emotional for me

    Jennifer Frazier

    Toby Lentz Was played at my cousin's funeral as well. Last week. Hard to listen to it now.

    Brandon Canaday

    Toby Lentz sorry bout that buddy

  46. piepiepie0101

    If i pass away in the marine corps. I just want this and my moma.


    Hell yeah man. All those whom I care about. What I want is restoration. When all those I care about pass on with me I want us all of us to get back together as a family restored by the power of God.

    Farmer Kyle

    piepiepie0101 thanks for serving 🇺🇸

    Christie iMf


    lil dic

    Thank you for everything you're doing

    Randy Riddle


  47. Rita Sullivan

    this song reminds me of growing up in Mississippi

  48. Gavin Puckett

    Awesome song

  49. Thomas Fuell

    I'm a 6'8" considered monster of a man and this song chokes me up like nothing else

    Bubba Julian

    Me too buddy i named my son justin after em

  50. Elva June

    Absolutely Love This Song ❤

  51. Travis Robertson

    Obviously this side it BC tell the guys that no matter what I'm still your friend

  52. Luke Rogers

    I sure hope there's a honey hole up there so I can get that one last fishin trip with my papa

    Nicholas Pinion

    Luke Rogers amen to that!!!

    Crop Stalk

    You will be there faster then u realize

    Randy Riddle

    “AMEN!!!!” ❤️

  53. Brian Busby

    Thank you God. Thank you Justin.

  54. chris thomas

    Good song

  55. AliciA Cloer Jarquin

    love that song brings back memories

  56. Dylan Hebert

    awesome song!

  57. Alex Collura

    Who dislikes this song???

    mydnightryder 1971

    FizzGaming889. if any body does they can kiss my country ass


  59. Rick Garcia

    I'm a city boy born and raised and would never change that. But songs like these are why I love country. Real songs about real things. It's just feel good music. Even the sad songs are still feel good bc they're just real. I hope country can continue churning out great artist like justin.

  60. Hot Rod Kirk

    dam it dont 8ppl no what a great country song is when they hear it i love growin up in a holler on a dirt road

    Kassi Eisenhuth

    I love that song

    bowhunter 85


    Jess Wooten

    its the first one i heard of justin moore...my husband used to play this cd in his ol work truck!!

    Milton Michel

    Now 125 but ehh look at the likes lol eff em

  61. Gini B.

    Cried so bad when I first heard this.  Memories of our small farm where I spent my first years growing up flooded my heart.  There was no where on this earth like it.