Justin Moore - If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away Lyrics

Every day I drive to work across Flint River bridge
A hundred yards from the spot where me and grandpa fished
There's a piece of his old fruit stand on the side of Sawmill Road
He'd be there peelin' peaches if it was twenty years ago
And what I wouldn't give
To ride around in that old truck with him

If heaven wasn't so far away
I'd pack up the kids and go for the day
Introduce them to their grandpa
Watch 'em laugh at the way he talks
I'd find my long lost cousin John
The one we left back in Vietnam
Show him a picture of his daughter now
She's a doctor and he'd be proud
Then tell him we'd be back in a couple of days
In the rear view mirror we'd all watch 'em wave
Yeah, and losing them wouldn't be so hard to take
If heaven wasn't so far away

I'd hug all three of those girls we lost from the class of '99
And I'd find my bird dog Bo and take him huntin' one more time
I'd ask Hank why he took those pills back in '53
And Janis to sing the second verse of "Me and Bobby McGee"
Sit on a cloud and visit for a while
It'd do me good just to see them smile

If heaven wasn't so far away
I'd pack up the kids and go for the day
Introduce them to their grandpa
Watch 'em laugh at the way he talks
I'd find my long lost cousin John
The one we left back in Vietnam
Show him a picture of his daughter now
She's a doctor and he'd be proud
Then tell him we'd be back in a couple of days
In the rear view mirror we'd all watch 'em wave
Yeah, and losing them wouldn't be so hard to take
If heaven wasn't so far
If heaven wasn't so far
If heaven wasn't so far away
So far away
So far away

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Justin Moore If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away Comments
  1. ass hole

    If heaven wasn't so far away I would go see my family I have lost tho the years. So I would see them for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone out there

  2. Bruced D

    My grandpa passed away last Wednesday. 2 days after his birthday. A week before Christmas. I love you and I miss you

  3. Angela Oliveria

    I lost my grandma she was my world I'm 44 and she died when I was 36. I cry every day I miss her so freaking much

  4. UNSC G Bane

    To the 7.2K who disliked this vid you have no heart and no sole, GO TO HELL!!

  5. Madison Lynn

    I’ve never met my mom, she died when I was 1 from a rare blood poisoning, I am now 18..., so if we could do this, I would visit her everyday and get to know her 😭❤️

  6. Nathan Puckett

    I am 16 and I lost my boxer when I was 15 in 8 th grade she died at the the vet we where going to put her down but she had a seizure and her heart stopped I can’t wait to see her when my time comes

  7. Michael Longoria

    2019 and still chills

  8. Matt Dillon

    I lost my sister this year this go out to her love u sis

  9. Armando Guzman

    I Lost my Grandma Pilar Guzman on Friday November 29, 2019 she hit her head really hard on her kitchen table and then she was on life support... And my aunt took her off of Life support

  10. Linda Barton

    My baby cousin jyst passed and this song reminds me of her

  11. Jason Tate

    I come back to see how long I can make it without crying, can't make one minute. Lol

  12. ktmdude102 #crazy

    Thats the truck I'm trying to get bc I'm in love with the 1950 Chevy trucks
    He would never sell it bc its a family memory

  13. Jonathan Lloyd

    This. Is. Country. Music.

  14. Jess Ashley

    I lost my ex fiancee on dec 14, 2019.... This song gets me Everytime I listen to it 😢💔👼


    I’m very sorry I hope that you & his family get through Christmas also friends

  15. Christina Larry

    😭😭 I miss my aunt

    Screw cancer


    Christina Larry I’m sorry & Check our p
    Vegan & cancer facts

  16. Seth Leach

    I never got to see my grandfather but I’ve heard stories and I’ve always wanted to see him

  17. Kenneth martin

    Miss you Daddy 💔💔💔💔💔 05/21/2008 miss you mom 💔💔💔💔💔💔 04/12/2006

  18. Kevin B.

    Seventeen now. Man, how the years fly. Use to come here when I was real young. Lost my dad at 10 lost my big brother at 14. Never stop believing and if you see this best believe the good lord is watching over you. Never give up your faith or trust in the man up stairs. Please for yourself. Here he's my personal inspirational story for anyone who may see this and deserves to see this listen up relax and enjoy your time reading because your about to read a real life experience from my life that was given to me by god and my dad and brother. The summer of 2019 is when god showed me he was there. So I'm at my lowest point in life done with everything giving up. Crying, depressed.. relying on god one last time. I sat on my roof tears rolling down my face asking for proof begging please. I said " Kenny , Poppa, God if your up there and your listening please I'm begging you please give me a sign give me the sign you love me your still there looking down on me protecting me watching over me loving me.. god please, please give me a sign. Please. A shooting star a blink of that street light over there looked to the sky and said in 3, 2 , 1... NOW!" A shooting start dropped right before my eyes. Never lose your faith never give up please it's not worth it boys and girls ladies and gentlemen. Live on find that love in your heart and carry on. You don't think I didn't want to give up after I lost the closest people in my life? I was devastated I wanted to be with them but guess what I carried on and when I was going to end it they showed me there's more I have to do here and they never left. So if you lost anyone best believe they love you and there watching over you. What if your sign is to see this? Huh you can't expect to get a sign like mine. It can be as simple as this I'm just asking everyone who may see this please live, love , and enjoys his world and this life he gave you. Come on.

    Kevin B.

    Sorry about the spelling but that's one helluvah amen that was given that night.

  19. Beth Johnson

    Miss irragating with my grandfather Bernard it will be nice to see him and grand mother Edna

  20. Ruben Gonzales

    Love this song aways makes me cry i miss my grandpa

  21. pureRedneck 05


  22. Just JaQualin

    We all feel like this at points in our lifetime.

  23. Melissa Kreiner

    I lost my adoptive grandpa when I was 7 years old it has been 16 years since he has passed away

  24. Jackie Tamplen

    Losing anyone is sad enough but I believe in god and bible says we all gotta die to enter the gates of heaven

  25. Kdog

    I love this song. I lost my Great Uncle who I was extremely close to over a year ago and almost exactly one year later I lost my Uncle. So yeah, this speaks to me.

  26. isaac smith

    My dad past away 11-3-2019
    My mom past away 4-9-1997
    My sister past away
    I'm last one left of my family of 4 heaven seams far away
    Feel alone and empty.

  27. Ron Witt

    Whoever thumbs down this, what's wrong with you

  28. Logan Fernandez

    Me I lost the mother of my child to a car crash

  29. Marquis Monroe

    When his grandpa appeared I couldn’t but help to think of my dad 😭😭😞 I miss him so much

  30. Tasia Cambell

    I deateced this song to my great grandmother and great grandfather 😭😭😭

  31. xkencx

    If you could visit heaven, there would be alot more people in church every week.

  32. mvpstj115

    How would he know his cousin john?he wasn't even born

  33. Jordan Strawn

    I lost my cousin she got a viruse because of a misceto and her brain 🧠 stoped working and she passed

  34. Nicole Magincalda

    Justin Moore, If heaven wasn't so far away. Miss you grandpa, Bob!!

  35. Redneck Boneyard

    Rest in peace poppy and grampa and pop

  36. Laraia98

    Today marks 4 years since my cousin took his life. Music has help me so much to get tho losing him. Rock on forever Alex 🤘🏻


    Laraia98 you need surprised how music helps

  37. Wolf728

    I miss my cousin, I wish I could have spent more time with him before cancer got to him.

  38. Luna Star Summer Hope

    I lost my grandfather on 4-1-2003. I was only 7 years old. I went to school that morning, told everyone what happened. To have everyone not believe me except for the adults. Today is his birthday 12-1-2019 and i really miss him today.


    Luna Star Summer Hope I hate to say it but most kids probably thought you said it to get attention however I hope that your friends believed you. Also I’m happy that teachers believed you also

  39. Purvis Hewitt


  40. Aly Cutrer

    Dedicated to my little brother Ian. We love and miss you so much. Rip 10 - 18 - 19

  41. Erica Houlet

    I lost my grandpa in 2007 and everytime I hear this song it makes me miss him more and more every day. I wish heaven wasent so far away so that I can see him anytime I want and he can meet his great granddaughter.

  42. Dora

    My grandmother and grandfather died 2 months apart. My dad didn't take me to say goodbye to my grandpa.

  43. Kayleigh McMillan

    lost my father to suicide, please if you know anyone with depression or suicidal thoughts let them know how much they are appreciated...

  44. Ethan Reynolds

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 Do you believe in Jesus?

  45. Christian Smart

    I just lost my papa yesterday. I'm pretty broken up about it. Yes I will be listening to song for as long I'm alive.

  46. treyvin foote

    I just lost my dad im16

  47. MrFuzion - GTA V

    R.I.P Zach, Anchorage, Alaska, F-16 Crew Chief Accident. Miss you buddy, If I could, I would visit you in heaven every day.

  48. Morgan Brittain

    Christmas is the worst holiday for me because on December 25th 2014 my grandfather died that morning.

  49. Cole Ashmore

    Wish my boy cold of meta my grandpa he would of loved my boy and i know i boy would of loved him to

  50. Cole Ashmore

    A grat song niver for get them

  51. Jacob Manley

    It's been 16 years since I lost my grandfather to a heart attack in his sleep. Not a day goes by that I dont think about him. Each time I go to his grave sight I can not help but cry like a baby. That man taught me everything I know besides my father. I miss you grandpa. Fly high I'll see you soon❤❤😔😔😭😭😭😭

  52. honey boo

    anyone else crying rn

  53. H00T_ligma

    Listening to this on Flint River Bridge 😝🙃

  54. Muhammed Mohammed

    I miss you grandpa. Songs like these is why I love country music 🎶

  55. april tyhurst

    I I love my momma about 3 months ago im 14 and I miss her a lot

  56. Ryan Daly

    This song really gets to me

  57. lone wolf 308

    I'm 2 years old and I lost my pet roach to a mouse trap, one like = one spoonful of penut butter to make the pain go away

  58. GarretCrigger

    Lost my dad in January, were best friends. Things won’t be the same without him

  59. Randi Rose

    Awesome song my cousin is going to see him tonight in concert

  60. Michael Joiner

    Makes me miss my pop. Been 20 years and it still hurts.

  61. Shyanne Rose

    I don't live with either my mom or dad- I was taken away from my mom when I was 8 months old- I still see her but I don't see my dad much- I haven't seen him since he lied to me telling me "ill be back tomorrow" the day before fathers day- and I haven't seen him since- I say I would be fine without him but deep inside I know that I need him, it hurts (I live with my grandma and im now 12- soon to be 13) and I try to forget it- nobody cares to listen to my story- at school or anywhere else- but 1 person and he means everything to me but these days hes been ignoring me and pushing me away- I don't know what to do anymore- if you got this far, thank you for reading my story- God bless you and your family <3

  62. Mike Bartlett

    I miss my granddaddy so bad,I wish we could go Turkey hunting one more time

  63. Nick Thomas

    Years ago when I was a teenager I went out with this girl who I really liked and who really liked me. We had only went out a couple of times but I thought she was so beautiful and one of the sweetest girls I ever met! I broke it off after a couple of dates because she was16 and I was19 and I didn’t think it would work. I have always regretted it and never forgot about her! Well 3 months ago I heard she committed suicide. It broke my heart to hear this! I wish heaven wasn’t so far away so I could see her again and huge her and let her know I’m sorry for ever ending it with her!

  64. Kim Hood

    I wish u could to haven see my one's and friends too and ex too.

  65. Derrick Thrash

    I wish I could make a trip to see my grandparents who this song makes me think about alot

  66. Todd Shipman

    Wesley tell me where you're at 😉

  67. Abi Violinist

    I'm 11 in 2014 I lost my great grandmother to 3 strokes and 2 baby cousins at birth, 2017 in January I lost my great aunt, and great great uncle. I feel like this song is so impactful and has so much truth to it. 💕💕

    To all who have lost someone important in their life I'm sorry and I think we can all agree we still wish they were here even though we know they are happier in heaven.

    If u have lost a parent or someone important in your life I'm sorry and as cliche and annoying as it sounds I know what it feels.like😢😢😢😢💕💕💕💕

  68. Red Neck

    IDE go see my grandpa and hug him like I was little one more time


    If heaven wasn't so far away

  70. Jeff Gilbert


  71. Timothy Holmes

    RIP dad its coming up to your 6 month's since you've been gone and your birthday then the holidays. Its been so tough on me and mom the most as we were there talking to when you died. I cry almost every day and i am so depressed without you here dude i just want to wake up from this nightmare and have you right there i love you so much dad what i would do to have more time with you

  72. joseph hill

    Got damn 😥

  73. WeGotTurbo Gaming

    I lost my other half of many years a couple weeks ago, and I feel so lost, it's 1am, listening to this, really wishing I could make sense of life, and wishing heaven wasn't so far away :'(

    Joann Howard

    Prayers sent to you! Your loved one will always live in your heart! Just close your eyes! They will be there!

    WeGotTurbo Gaming

    @Joann Howard thank you 🙏❤️

  74. Kill County

    I’m 13 lost my dad this Monday and it’s so hard to listen to my old man and this song to with out crying

  75. Patrick

    For all the people that disliked this song. Yall mustnt have lost a loved one before or yall are heartless. Even if country aint your thing, this song should wrench the heart of any normal person

  76. Cody Hogg

    Oct 29/2018 miss you papa

  77. Hockey Is life

    Miss you and love you Papa and Gramma

  78. becca stev

    i lost my great grandpa on 4-1-19. I lost my dad when i was 9. my grandma when i was 11. my great grandma in august 2019. i hear this song and i think of them. It makes me sad to think ill never see them again, but saddly thats how life works out somehow. i wish that heaven wasnt so far away. So that all the people who have lost someone could see them at least one more time. God bless everyone.

  79. Candice Machella

    This song makes me think of my daughter and brother

  80. Libby Mullins

    this is for my papa it's so hard I love u papa

  81. Kali Masden

    This song makes me think of my brother. He was murdered February 1st of this year, he was 22 years old. I think about him everyday, all day. What I would do to be able to just pull up to heaven and see his sweet face again. LLCB

  82. Katori Oldson

    on december 15th 2018 year my papa went out for a smoke and he ended not coming back in so my grandma went out with a flash light and found him on the ground she came in side on the phone with 911 so i rush outta my room to see her in tears and i go outside to see him i break down and the operator says roll him over see if he’s breathing we rolled him over and he wasn’t that night is something i will never ever forget my grandma still struggles every single day and it’s 11/1/19 i’m 12 years old

  83. Eric Bussa

    my great-grandparents died when I was super-young and when he died....*eyes water*....in that hospital, I held his hand till he flatlined. :'( Like this comment if you want to see your great-grandparents again But they're in a happier place instead of this cruel world :') I'm happy they're with My Heavenly Daddy

  84. Kylie Newsom

    My song forever

  85. Steve Massie

    Who thumbs downed this song I wanna kick your ass

  86. Nickolas Cullum

    u know this has gotten me back on the right path.

  87. Jachin Webster

    Mary L Jones my Gran mother I miss you so much

  88. Kathy zrinyi

    God isn’t that far away. His throne is sitting right on top of the dome.

  89. Seth Keith

    Turn that like button blue if you want to go to heaven?🙋🏼‍♂️

  90. Epik Hell Sword

    First song I hear from Justin Moore. 🔥🔥🔥

  91. Gabby Touchstone

    I am in shock, I didn't know this song was in 2011, i feel so old

  92. Chris Bad and boujee

    I wished I could had tooken those pills nobody loves or want nothing to do with me definitely my stupid family

  93. dannyesmith the YouTuber

    I am 14 and I lost my great grandma on February 9 2018 and I miss her so much and this song brings a tear to my eyes every time miss you great grandma I will pray for all of yall

  94. Jonny Godwin

    Today is my 24th birthday.. i'm sat here listening to country music, missing my best friend of 15 years, he was a neighbour and ended up being called my Grandad. What i'd give to sit and talk like we used to.. i miss him so much.

  95. Lorraine Casares

    To my son I lost 6 yrs ago...his daughters are going up to beautiful young ladies..how they wish their daddy was around. Or just to speak to him..love you Michael

  96. Mixi 2876

    I love his music! I sow him in Ocoee Florida on 10/25/2019 even with the rain. My husband and I waited until he came out love it❤️

  97. Brianna hunt

    Can't hold it together when listening to this, I personally picked this song to be played at my great grandfathers funeral. everytime i hear it, it takes me back to the day of his viewing 😭 #RIPPAPA #ILOVEANDMISSYOUMORETHANYOULLEVERKNOW

  98. Cade Drummond

    Im 20 i lost my granddad when i was 7 i finally got the tribute tattoo ive been trying to get for years and im visiting his grave here soon just to say thanks for saving my life if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be here and i never would have met my wife i have now