Justin Moore - Grandpa Lyrics

You stood on that bank when I got baptized,
Gave me a 30-30 when I turned 9.
At 16 you caught me drinkin' out in the barn.
I could hear you cheerin' when we won state, and you held my hand at Grandma's grave.
And I'll always be thankful, that you never sold the farm.

Grandpa, you stood so tall,
Chewed that Red Man wore overalls.
You were the same man on Sunday morning as Saturday night.
You were five foot six to the top of your hat but, when you talked about the war I thought you were superman.
American born simple man with a southern drawl.
You walk the walk, talk the talk, Grandpa.

You still swear Roosevelt was the best.
That a home grown tomato tastes better than the rest and, fifty years goes too fast with a woman you love.
Well this life I've chose is gettin' busy now but I know where to go when I need to slow down and when I walk up on your front porch;
It's just like I'm still young.

Grandpa, you stood so tall,
Chewed that Red Man wore overalls.
You were the same man on Sunday morning as Saturday night.
You were five foot six to the top of your hat but, when you talked about the war I thought you were superman.
American born simple man with a southern drawl.
You walk the walk, talk the talk, Grandpa.

Yeah, American born a dirt road man with that slow southern drawl.
Now keep walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk, Grandpa.

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Justin Moore Grandpa Comments
  1. Stan Smith


    ITS Good2B ah Farrier♥️

  2. Ryan McManus

    Beautiful 👌

  3. Éric Courroux

    My Dad passed away in last december from cancer and my son said for him this was the song that was made for him....i agree excellent choice Son Love you

  4. Mr. peterson Dndhd

    Proud to be getting my grandads 1980 something gmc sonoma he will always be with me watching over me in the truck

  5. hannah jacob

    I lost my papaw when I was 4 I still remember him like he was here yesterday... Every Sunday we would sing at church and he would sit me on his knee and bounce me up and down and say,"ride the horse". I think he knew I'd become a cowgirl🏇💓 He chewed red man, wore overalls, he was a southern man... My mamaw is still here tho and she's 82 I hope he's looking down smilin'. We miss you papaw😢💓

  6. HDMI1 1044

    This song reminds me of my mom’s dad
    He left us to soon
    I love him and he’s war stories

  7. TrikShotzGaming

    My grandpa always chewed that Red Man Tobacco. I can’t forget his face. Everything grown on his farm was better than everything. Whenever I went to visit him it was so relaxing to be at his house. Best advice came from him. Most southern man I knew. I sure will miss him. And I can’t wait to see him again up there on a dirt road with his house on the shoulder of the road.

  8. Big Sexy

    Fly high papa fly high 💯

  9. Mr.Garenteed

    My grandpa aka my best friend and role model died today love you so much

  10. Patrece Cannons

    How TF can someone dislike this song


    I got 2 grandpas like this and I almost lost one thank god for grandpas

  12. Jason Moore

    Justin Moore is still a legend let’s hope he comes bck

  13. Dave Gibbs

    My Grandpa was born in 1899, came to the US from Sweden because he had to. No papers just got on the boat. Worked hard and never said a bad thing about anyone. Wish I was 1/2 the man he was....miss him.

  14. Titus Clemons

    I love this song
    edited:1091 dislikes is some absolute bullshit

  15. Titus Clemons

    I love this song

  16. Tommy Pruitt

    R.I.P. Eulas Leon Burns WW2 Vet and trucker. Even though it's been almost 22 years you've been gone I just wanna say. Thank you papaw for teachin me how to be a man and work hard to provide for my family. I know you're with me everytime I start my rig and head on down the road. Thank you for lookin after me after my dad died and makin sure I knew what the true meanin of lovin a woman was all about. You was and always will be a great man in my eyes.

  17. Damien Harteis

    It never gets any easier knowing you aren’t here anymore fly high grandpa I love you 11-10-48 11-10-18 11-1019

  18. Damien Harteis

    Really wish I could just turn back time and see my Grandpa again he was a kind man he bragged about me he never gave up he’s always been my hero along side my dad stepdad and uncles This music video is for him I dedicate this song to the late Jerry Horton 11-10-48 11-10-18 fly high Grandpa

  19. Allie Godfrey

    Hardest phone call I ever got was to hear you passed. You were my best friend. You were my safe place my whole life. Ive missed you for over 4 years and I'll miss you til I take my last breathe. I love you. Forever. 😔

  20. Landon Hays

    I'm pretty sure he's my brother. My grandpa exactly. I miss him so much I can't stand it. When he died it knocked the daylight out 8 AM, and made gray nights black. He was everything, I seriously can't describe how much I miss him. No one will ever know. I'm crying my eyes out while writing this, probably misspelling half of it because my eyes are blurry. I think about him every day.

  21. WhiteIcePicker _

    Rick Newton 12-02-54 4-24-17

  22. Jim C.

    Would have loved to meet my grandpas. That's another plan.

  23. Patrick

    My grandpa is a northen and im a southern. Hes 77 and im 22. I wish i could see him everyday before he passes someday so i can make more memories. Even tho im an adult and have best buddies and a brother...nobody is my best bud like my grandpa

  24. Sharon Juarez

    I wish my grandpa was still here. This song is him all the way. I miss him everyday

  25. Brian Pyles

    My mom called this morning and said that Grandaddy went to the hospital last night cause he couldn’t breathe.
    Well, today Both lungs have collapsed and he’s on life support.
    They can’t afford ANYTHING other than to pull the plug on Friday. 3 days from now..
    I live in Memphis, they live in Florida..
    Drive way to drive way is 16 hours, And I gotta work...

    Wish I could say goodbye.

  26. rescue08jr Gaming

    Staff Sergeant Dewey Wayne Farmer
    Vietnam Veteran
    Great Grandfather

    He’s not dead yet but he won’t be alive 10 or 15 years from now and it’s been weighing on my mind that he won’t be here forever. He’s been there for me through everything and this song describes him so perfectly. Except for the state part. I played tennis all four years of high school and he never really went to my matches because it was always a really long drive but he came to the ones that he could.
    He’s in his late 70’s and he refuses to stop doing work on our land. Every day he’s on the Ranger driving through the pasture checking on the cows, horses and making sure the fence is in tact. He’s always got some project that he’s working on. Another thing is he doesn’t dip but he smokes.
    I just really wish there was some way for him to stay forever. I don’t know that I’ll be prepared to lose him and I love him so much.

    I hope to make him proud when I join the Air Force later this year. I plan on serving as Security Forces until I get a degree in Avionics and I’ll become a pilot hopefully.

  27. Bubbles

    My grandpa passed when I was three years old. My Dad said he could visualize him and I driving around his old pickup truck driving around town cracking jokes, But sadly, He is not here for me to do that with him. But I'd damn well give anything in the world away if it meant I could ride shotgun with him one time. Only if heaven wasn't so far away! Amen

  28. Brock Bennings

    Bud Wilson!!

    Brock Bennings


  29. Lob CityPas

    Thumbs up great song

  30. margo wynn

    I think god I still have my dad here on this earth I never knew my grandpa but this song reminds me of my kind hearted an loving dad this song touches the heart

  31. Lacey Dennison

    I cried on my 13 year son's shoulder when Justin sang this Saturday night. My son was 2 when my paternal grandpa died. I thought that man was gonna be around forever 😢

  32. Justin Eighties baby

    R.i.p grandpa 04-22-1937-03-17-2019

  33. Jorden Reed

    Miss you everyday grandpa!

  34. Derrrick Stroud

    My Grandpa is Struggling everyday he wakes up he is 61 years old and he works at a rubber band factory, He has no blood flow in his right leg and he has been to
    the doctor and every time he goes they always tell him that he has something else wrong but I know what is wrong and these doctors around here are not worth
    anything. He is raising his grandaughter cause her mother and father are not worth anything and he can't do much anymore and my family are the only ones that
    him with anything he needs.

  35. Nelson Moore

    Played this at my grandpa’s service as they were carrying him to the Hearst we all lined up an toasted pap with good ole West Virginia moonshine (paps favorite) he was 94 when he passed we were blessed to have him for so many wonderful years I hope I’m able to be leading horse from pasture to the barn at 94..An was the most inspiring man in my life an made me the man I am today so THANK YA PAP LOVE AND MISS U!!!!...and THANK YOU Justin Moore for a great song!!!!....can’t wait till this years West Virginia state fair I’m taking my son Justin Moore to see Justin Moore in Lewisburg,West Virginia this will be our second time seeing Justin first time was couple years back in Morgantown,West Virginia he puts on a HELL OF A SHOW!!!..only artist I would see twice in concert!

  36. Shane Shepherd

    I just lost my grandpa 2 months ago. God i miss him.

  37. Jacob Wyatt

    This song about my grandpa he have center he one Left I can do that I miss my grandpa I love him so much he really Bad sick he can make ugly this year he goons thank god please talk me help me am leaving this town am not coming back here be cowboy far away I could my truck with me working on it

  38. Birddog

    This song hits hard. My grandma just passed 3 days ago. He chewed red man, he wore overalls, he was a preacher back in the day but he’d just as soon quote scripture to you on Saturday as he would Sunday. He was about 5’6”. Grew his own tomatoes. Reminds me a lot of him.

  39. Nick Ihde

    My grandpa died 2 day's after my high school sweetheart dump me. 😢😢😢⚰

  40. Emma Waitman

    I lost my grandpa in 2011 and I saw justin Moore in concert 6 months after I lost him he sang this song and I started crying in that crowd. I had a falling out with him for about 5 years before I lost him and I was planning on making up with him and then I found out he was dying I went to see him the day he died he saw me looked at my mom and smiled and with in 10 minutes he passed away. I felt at peace knowing I had forgiving him.

  41. Samantha Wells

    My name is Sam I got suffocated and needs a mattress I reach one in months years old I know it was hard challenge it was hard yeah yeah hard challenging myself teaching me how to read and no one else said and and I learned that teaching yourself how to read and teaching your hardest parts and life all the good things and bad things challenges times get harder and harder but if it's in fact me normal it's a fact that me normal dating it affect me normal my normal dating life so yeah now I'm focused finding a job and I want to be a parrot so yeah or so in a few today I don't know what God has for me in having schizophrenia the hardest things I don't know like back into the future because I don't know where the taste me but yeah I know one thing I love God with all my heart and continue to love God and continue to believe but yeah

  42. Steven Merida

    R.I.P James "Jim" E Lowe. Forever in your family's hearts. Miss ya papaw

  43. Dolly and Kenny Parton

    I want to see you!

    Dolly and Kenny Parton

    I'm praying!

  44. Dolly and Kenny Parton

    I don't want to end up having to pay for the vet on paperwork to pay for comments

  45. Leah Wheeler

    Love this song my grandpa was my best friend. He had a heart of gold the strength of hulk the patience of a saint and he was my everything. I miss him every day but this song brings back a lot of good memories.

  46. Polly Clark

    I love this song I lost my grandpa when I was 9.and he had a farm and I love him so much.my uncles name is Justin Clark and I'm just a kid my name is laney clark my grandpa's name is Billy lane amos

  47. Derpidirk

    We buried my grandpa today... it hurts to know that hes gone, but when I think about everything he did and how it made me into the guy I am, i cant help but be proud knowing that he was my grandpaw. R.I.P. Pat Corkern

  48. Storie Hicks

    my grandfather died days before his birthday about 2 years ago and it still hurts really bad it kills me to listen to this and riverbank

  49. Zach Timmons

    Justin doesn't get the clout he deserves in country music

  50. Heidi Looney

    And I don't have mine I didn't even know he past away I never got to say good bye or tell him I had a son

  51. Crossfade421

    My grandfather passed away this morning

  52. LIL DUDE 1127

    My grandpa died on my little sister's birthday and it was so sad. He had a heart of gold and silver filled his hair. @Gram Forster made that comment and it made me think more about my grandpa.

    Edit: My grandpa was suffering from a blood cancer called Leukemia. God took him from us in November 18, 2017. We all know he's in a batter place. We all know he's okay now and God will treat him well.

  53. Clinton Barker

    My grandpa died just over a year ago and i miss him more than anything in this world. He was only about 5'7 but to me he was a giant. He gave me almost every gun I own. He was so important to me and my cousins and when we lost him we lost part of ourselves to.

  54. BUGGZ R1

    Grandpa would be proud how far ive came ik he is up there watching

  55. g c

    Man I miss my grandpa, this song takes me back every time. I lost him and his stubbornness in 12/19. They say with time it gets better and with every anniversary it gets better. But it just hurts. I would do anything to have him back.

  56. JaKayla Crinklaw

    12 years ago in Feb my grandpa passed away from cancer. He is was tall and I always loved look up at him he did so much for me when my older cousin passed away and I saw her at the viewing after I saw her I didn't want my mom or anyone else but my grandpa so he held me at my cousin funeral. I miss him everyday and wish he was still here. he always told me that no matter what happens to me I will always be there for you my sweet girl. Rest in Peace Grandpa Oct 1938-Feb 2007

  57. Pondy Hsu

    He stood on that bank when I got baptized,
    Gave me a thirty thirty when I turned nine,
    At sixteen, you caught me drinking,
    Out in the barn,

    I could hear you cheerin' when we won state,
    You held my hand at grandma's grave,
    And I'll always be thankful,
    You never sold the farm

    Grandpa, you stood so tall,
    Chewed that redman, wore over-alls,
    You were the same man on Sunday morning,
    As Saturday night

    Five foot six to the top of your hat,
    But when you talked 'bout the war,
    Thought you were superman,
    American born simple man,
    With a southern draw
    You walk the walk, you Talk the talk,
    you still swear Rosabella's the best,
    And a home grown tamata',
    Taste better than the rest,
    And 50 years goes too fast,
    With a woman you love,

    Well this life I've chose Is gettin' busy now,
    But I know where to go,
    When I need to slow down,
    When I walk up on your front porch,
    It's just like I'm still young

    Grandpa, you stood so tall,
    Chewed that red man, wore over-alls,
    You were the same man on Sunday morning,
    As Saturday night
    Five foot six to the top of your hat,
    But when you talked 'bout the war,
    Thought you were superman,
    American born simple man,
    With a southern draw
    You walked the walk, you Talked the talk,

    Yeah, American born,
    Dirt road man with a slow southern draw
    Now keep walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk,
    Grandpa, hmm.....

  58. ZoRo iRonikZ

    the 999 dislikes are city boys who don’t have nothing to do with there papaws

  59. Craig Schrom

    I wish either of my grandpas could see me now. One was a chicken farmer for 35 years the other was a Corrections officer and a volunteer firefighter. They both would be proud of how far I've taken my fire career in less than 9 years

  60. Destiny Dagel

    My grandpa is dying and it's so hard to let go of the man you knew before you had your dad in your life

  61. golden state warroirs


  62. Tanya Boatsman

    Just lost my grandpa vied his body today we lay him to rest tomorrow this song hit home. I grew up on a farm he help my hand at my grandma's funeral back in 93. He was 1 of the last WW2 vets we had. He will be missed greatly love your song so much

  63. trucker86a

    What I'd do to be able to spend one more day with my grandpa. This year will be 6 years he has passed. RIP 12-11-13 #fuckcancer

  64. Scott griffin

    Today is my grandpa birthday he would have been 86. Rip Bobby samples

  65. Suzanne Andetson

    My Grandpa Fay passed right before Christmas. Proud Navy Veteran from NW Arkansas. I'm a 🇺🇸 AF Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. Gramps used to send outdoor sections of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to me in Tacoma WA. I miss him.

  66. Jaww Jacker

    I miss my grandpa 😔

  67. Rylee&BrettsMommy

    This song brings me so much peace and heartache at the same time... I look at your picture and I just can't wrap my mind around that your gone... Like are we really talking about you? My papa? It's like I just can't believe it... I miss you so much... I'd give anything to have you back! I'm so glad I got to be with you just me that last night and for all the time I spent with you the months before... Even if it was doctors appointments and in the hospital.. I'll always appreciate that time and hold it close to my heart.. Your the one who taught me to shoot a gun and fish♥️ EVERYONE deserves a Papa like you 😍 I love you with all my heart

    My Grandfather, My Papa, My Hero, My soldier Mark Stewart Turnage Sr
    Vietnam Hero , Tunnel Rat and Paratrooper. Purple Heart recipent.

  68. Jacob Hatcher

    Country grandpa lol

  69. Jacob Hatcher

    Best song ever

  70. Tori Hedrick

    Sitting here crying. I miss you so much pawpaw. 2 years later and I still cry. Itll never get easy. I miss our walks. When your were dying and you wouldn't let go of my hand.. that gets too me. I will see you soon paw paw

  71. THE THREE Amigos

    My grandfather just died yesterday he was a gunner in the airforce in Korea and Vietnam and he loved his Levi Garett he gave me his 30-30 when I turned 13 and he loved spending time with family al up until the end when heart failure took him away from us

  72. YouTube gamer

    Anyone listening in 2019 ?

    chew man

    No everyone give any shit about new country skinny jeans and shit some people like old country more because it actually make you feel like they fell inside

  73. Heidi Looney

    God I miss my grandpa he passed away on October 1st 2018 and I never got to say goodbye

  74. Jason Crozier

    I gave my grandpa a hot rod Ihought he would of liked it

  75. Dakota Kelley

    My grandpa's funeral was today

  76. Skullrider 123

    I miss my great grandpa even though he passed yesterday, just wish i got to see him one last time before he passed

  77. Zachary Giffin

    my Grandpa fought and Ww2 and he's now 95 it still tells his stories of when he was in Ww2 and I'm so glad that i got to spend much of my life going to see him and visit now that he's been 95 he's had some serious health issues come up and i don't really know how much longer he'll be around in this life and I also have a dog tag that has my grandpa's name on it that says he was a WW2 and It also has my name on it

  78. Robbie Hoffman

    My grandpa was was one of the greatest country boys around would give the off his back to a stranger love you old man r.i.p

  79. Kristen Cook

    Made me cry thinking of my grandpa rest in peace grandpa Eddie

  80. Jonathan Rogers

    Love this song

  81. Whitney Tatro

    this song taught me not to be a mean person

  82. mustang alley

    Came here from upchurchs live stream


    I'm 12 years old I have my grandpa on my dad's side died the same month I was born grandpa on my mom's side died when I was 3 both grandma's died together in a car crash I look forward to the day I can see them again

  84. Suzanne Andetson

    Gramps passed almost a month ago.. He was my son's best friend. Gramps would've been 81 in Feb.

  85. rhec boy

    Rip Gramp's love u

  86. Darren Kennedy

    Enjoy them

  87. Chase Carlson

    My grandpa was a surviving Vietnam veteran that passed away two years and this song describes him because he was my superman

  88. Allen Hadden

    I miss my"Pap" each & every day in every way., Leon A.Hadden, Sr.(09/30/1919-06/07/2007)

  89. Ross Brown

    my grandfather was an old dairy farmer. Not many days go by that i dont think about him. Very few songs choke me up but this one always does.

  90. Derek Goulet

    Describes my grandpa to a t

  91. Jessi Dettling

    Both of my grandpas my moms dad and my dads dad is my hero and my pampa harry Snodgrass

  92. Ty Spradling

    Damnit boy I miss my papa I never thought I'd want something so bad, and what I want so bad is to have you back 😭😭

  93. Patsy Stephens

    This was played at a very dear friend of mines funeral a couple of days ago, what a beautiful song!


    How many got that 30 30 just like me you better hand it down again

  95. dawson Turner

    R.i.p pawpaw

  96. jamesgamestheminipigs n

    This song put me on the ground crying

  97. Zachary Parham

    My grandfather passed when i was about 9 or 10 so that’s about 7-8 years ago he was in the military as a chèf and he was the best this song and granddaddy’s chair reminds me of how much of a good man he was. he was always there when you needed him and he taught me a lot some of the things he taught me was never dis respect anyone and he was my world I loved him more than almost any thing he was the greatest grandpa in the world. I LOVE YOU GRANDPA REST IN PEACE😥😥😥😪🙏✌️