Justin Moore - Big Ass Headache Lyrics

I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up wet
Swallowed by a mule and crapped off a cliff
I drank enough whiskey to fill up a lake
Woke up this morning with a big ass headache

Y’all I ain’t kidding this son of a bitch hurts
Where the hell are my pants must be with my shirt
I still got my boots on but make no mistake
They can’t help me kick this big ass headache

Another night of gettin’ right
Gettin’ home at daylight
Payin’ for all the hell that I raised
It’s a Jack Daniel’s jackhammer
Shut the door but don’t slam her
Kind of feelin’ poundin’ my brain
I got a big ass headache

I’ve tried BC Powder I’ve tried hair of the dog
I could sweat it out but hell I hate to jog
Bet I’ve drank ten gallons of green Gatorade
But still it ain’t drownin’ this big ass headache

[Repeat Chorus]

It’s half past six and there goes my phone
I found my britches but I should probably stay home
Pound a few waters try to rehydrate
‘Cause I know what’s coming in the morning
A big ass headache
A big ass headache

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Justin Moore Big Ass Headache Comments
  1. Ronnie Sorter


  2. Kathy Durbin

    Stopped by the show u some love.

  3. Courtenay Oeltjen

    My life can be a big ass headache.

  4. Vesna Naglič

    If this ain't me today, then I don't know what is lol

  5. Paul Haasis

    Been a rock n roll fan for past 50 yrs.... but listening to Justin Moore can definitely make you switch over to Country. This music and something everyone can relate too... carry on ! Great music!

  6. Edwin Daniels

    You are toed the truth

  7. Michael James

    Justin moore when r u coming to abilene tx u should come.to abilene tx

  8. Michael James

    Thanks for all the good music keep it coming good music u sing three of my favorite songs

  9. Samantha Partington

    Riley green

  10. Aaron Ross

    Me today

  11. Brian Ball

    Justin...for the sake of us country fans.. stay country man! Love it 👍

  12. kickbackworks

    Omg this song is cool lol! Try out some of our natural remedies for headaches. I use to get them everyday but this stuff is no joke! Heres the site www.medicinalessentialoils.com

    Aaron Ross

    kickbackworks you’re a dumb fuck

  13. April Love

    can somebody esle babysit tonight ok

  14. April Love

    try some b12 vitamins that help some no more then 2 bc powders to much of it aint good

  15. Big T 120612

    Every Saturday and Sunday morning of my life

  16. April Love

    drink water while you drink and take a bc powder. before you go to bed and dont drink hard liquor,well maybe one or two shots

    Justin Miller

    Wish i would have read this last night ...

  17. Cristian BLACK STORM

    Gracias Estados Unidos por la musica country!

  18. Jeff Jones

    once again, the music, the timing, just awesome old school. you are country at it's finest!! the real deal. thank you

  19. chuck russell

    My god how Menny morning's I have been there

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    Me too many times to count

  20. Madison Keil

    they're all real I hate it when people tell me that these country singers are fake

  21. Steelfowler xx03

    my favorite country singer In the last 8-10 years

  22. Austin Tatum

    Awesome song

  23. Bj Hampton

    every morning

  24. Mark Alcala

    Cheers! Here's to the shitty mornings!

  25. Courtenay Oeltjen

    He's one of the good ones left Tracy Lawrence is another good one! I get Big Ass Headaches and they hurt like a motherf****r.

    chuck russell

    Courtenay Oeltjen yes on both

  26. treveon coleman

    story of my life!!

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    Same here I started out with a 410 and moved to the 20 gage and now i got the 12 gage

  27. Billy Dingle

    me this morning

  28. paranormal 64

    he's bout the only real one left rest are fakes


    have you forgotten about Keith Urban? and Thomas Rhett? they're country as fuck. I hope you know I'm just kidding lol

    Justin Schmitz

    Vile Infidel Keith Urban is pretty gay


    @Justin Schmitz I agree 100%

    Elijah Mccutcheb

    yall forgot about cody johnson casey donahew

    chuck russell

    Brittany B if u think that cody jinks sucks then u don't know a damn thing about real music in real songwriters I'm the biggest Justin Moore fan there is and I'm from ky one county over from where Chris Stapleton is from seen him live so don't talk about it if you've not seen the guy live he is really a true Talent jamie johnson is probably the best thing come down the line since Waylon Jennings and yes I have seen both of them live as well as the great George Jones and I'm just 47 years old and love old country music I think Hank senior was original badass if you want to hear True Country talent look up some Daryle Singletary on YouTube or maybe research somebody like Moe Bandy in the songs he has written maybe you already look up Sturgill Simpson Justin Moore is truly one of the best in country music but don't go putting down people like Cody Jinks and Chris Stapleton because true Talent begins with the songwriters

  29. Bryan Addison

    big ads headaches is a big bitch

  30. Austin Lee

    I like this song

  31. Jake Roark

    weird question but, anyone happen to know the chords to this song?


    D,A,G,BM no capo but ive learned most of his stuff has been tuned down half step.

    Jake Roark

    +redbudtv right on man preciate it for sure


    Jake Roark I can tell by listening this song is tuned E Standard and in the key of D.

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    @redbudtv BM?

  32. Ed Deardorff

    true country outlaw

  33. Travis Robertson


    Hope you play this Saudi York City but love your wife xoxo secret admirer

  34. Makayla Bushnell

    such a great song biggest Fan!

  35. Braden Hansen

    what mondays feel like lol

  36. Braden Hansen

    good tune

  37. Country Gamer

    get some Advil man! lol

    Country Gamer

    im 15 so not exactly

    Jake Franklin

    Country Gamer lmao nope he don't drink much

    Country Gamer

    yea im 15 dont drink but i smoke a little weed but it was a joke I know it has to do with a hangover

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    @Country Gamer I'm 16 I like drinking

  38. Night Lullaby

    Big add headache

  39. Carole Wadsley

    I want to see him and Chris Young.

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    Same here it's been awhile since I've seen Justin or Chris

    Will Goss

    Carole Wadsley I do to

    None None

    Carole Wadsley saw them in big flats NY. best country concert I've been to since Alabama and joe diffie in 1992

    Courtenay Oeltjen

    Same I love both of them

  40. kenlin

    me my mom and dad went to see him in concert with Darius Rucker and they both were AMAZING

  41. Teresa Cassell

    Justin is so Damn Awesome. Love your Music and You!!!

  42. Alicia Moore

    way to go lil cuz!!!

    Brandon Copeland

    your cuz is awsome

    tandl201602 s

    Alicia Moore I wanna sing with your cousin tell him to check out my covers thanks

    tj NightmarE

    Oh yeah he is the best better then them people and there pop country crap I give em vote for some real ass country he up there in rank with best like hank jr an the other outlaws

  43. Dale Linder

    how i feel this mornin welp gotta get started for tonight

  44. Dylan Jackson

    are you gonna put up the rest of the album or just this song?

    CR Buck

    Dylan Jackson i feel ya bro

  45. Coocoo DeeDee

    such a great album! thanks for sharing