Justin Bieber - Hard 2 Face Reality Lyrics

[Justin Bieber:]
Sometimes it's hard to face reality (oh, oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (oh, oh)
Sometimes it's hard to face reality

Don't be afraid to stand alone
Don't be afraid to stand outside the door alone
I know it's hard away from home
And it ain't easy all alone
Relationships over the phone
Talkin' to your significant other all night long

Sometimes it's hard to face reality (oh, oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (oh, oh)
Sometimes it's hard to face reality

[Poo Bear:]
Should've been adjusted to my life
Any opportunity to stay away for the last time
Now you're standin' right in front of me
It is meaning though, that life
Tryna protect your feelins
You read in-between the lines
Hope your heart has started healin' (whoa, whoa)

[Justin Bieber:]
Sometimes it's hard to face reality (oh, oh)
Even though you might get mad at me (oh, oh)
Sometimes it's hard to face reality

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Justin Bieber Hard 2 Face Reality Comments
  1. Nabila Channel

    omg justin bieber

  2. Toffee Popcorn


  3. Vanessa Bailey

    I love this song

    Edit: I hope Hannah likes this

  4. Vanessa Bailey

    He has a small phone

  5. Kris madden

    I’m an my fillings to girl it’s hared........

  6. Ben Kaye

    This song shows karma

  7. JaidaPooh9 9

    Bro 2:22 got me 💀 and out of nowhere I just started thinking of this song after 5 or 6 months of hearing it

  8. Kautoke Family

    great job Hannah!!!!

  9. Faisal Ahmadi

    This was sad 😭😭😭

  10. Katty The cat

    This is soooooooooo good 👌💔♥️

  11. Katty The cat

    This made me cry

  12. Kimmy Koala101

    Love this song

  13. Kathy Thomas

    Good job dumping him

  14. Tatiana Garcia

    goood song 😔❤️

  15. Teodora Brajović

    I will watching this in 2075 🤩

  16. Jada Estes

    Lele; spits in face, "boi!"

  17. Jada Estes

    Aww it's okie Hannah☺☺

  18. Lucia Pilar Paludetto

    I can't stop watching it👑

  19. Orshikh B

    I love it❤❤❤

  20. Gacha_ Savage

    Omg like hannah is so pretty

  21. Crystal Goulbourne

    That first guy is an ass hole tell me its not me alone think that

  22. Silly Banana Skylar

    I Subscribed And Liked IM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG HANNAH!!!!!!

  23. Kafadarlar

    This vas really expirenced

  24. Hunter Golber

    Don't ask. I’m always here lol.

  25. Berti Galeja

    Love you guys

  26. Berti Galeja

    I love you Hannah and you too lele

  27. Berti Galeja

    Omg I love this videoklip

  28. Anitha Thomas

    i love the last part when they spat on him

  29. Trinity Garcia

    I love this song so much 💖

  30. Vloxity

    This is the same thing they happed with my ex boyfriend this is the same story.

  31. lluvia Camarena

    Sometimes it's hard to face reality ooh ohhh even tho u might get mad at me

  32. Maddam G.

    If ur watching this in 2019 leave a like if u love it and felt bad for hannah for that jerk

  33. Elizabeth Thomas

    Hannah you are amazing love you

  34. Dalila Esparza

    I wanna give this song 11111111111111111222222222222222333333333333334444444444444 likes

  35. Younga Choi

    I ship you with Twan

  36. Rohnna Mae

    I miss Lele, Hannah, and Inanna together.

  37. tom humphrey

    Who's watching in December2019 like this if you are

  38. Eleni Bonanno


    anyone, well I am
    R U? If u are

  39. Evalyn c

    Hannah crying* leleyankes her up

  40. Akouvi Akakpo

    Oh shoot human abuse!!!!!

  41. zahyeed yung king

    Look at lele pons 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 face

  42. Fun With TaeTae

    2:33-2:36 was my favorite part his voice 😩🤍

  43. Khaled Eissa

    I love you songs we are amazing and even your videos and lel to her songs are amazing like yours and I love you and Ruthie and Anwar and Anna I love you and Friends I love you beautifuHannah speaks up the Spanish whichLike I love when Hana 😜 speaks Spanish even you LeleI love how you speak Spanish to

  44. Destiny franco

    Hanna im one of your biggest fan and i like your song

  45. Gia Longo

    I was getting ready to literally punch 🤛 my phone cause of him lol a girl should not be treated like that ever in her life at the very end I started laughing so hard thi

  46. Zoila Loayza

    I’ve watched this like a billion times! I love it 🥰❤️

  47. Zain Zokari

    If I was dating that guy and he cheated on me I would throw a cake at him or I don't know but that's what he deserves

  48. Hailey Zeunges


  49. Veap Kurtishi

    She wod be the best girl if you dredet the right way

  50. Masego F

    I like this song❤

  51. HOoman Tv

    Reality, Perfect this song i just love this song❤❤❤

  52. Jade Freire Aires

    Omg!Inanna Sarkis 😻

  53. Camila Delgado

    Omg I ship Tuan and Hannah 💞🤪😂🤞🏻

  54. Dubis Movilly

    Love the song. Good job editing it. It teaches a very good lesson.

  55. Karina Smith

    Esa rubia es lele pons? Se parece u monton

  56. Janay creary

    I love it sometimes it's hard to face reality

  57. Alanra Rainey

    That was hilarious and Twan and Hannah actually kissed!

  58. Alisha Sofia

    You should do more like this❤️💯💯

  59. Daniela Torres

    Que bueno que allá amigas como ellas dos que la ayudaron


    This is what you get ! PUNK

  61. Edits Only martinez

    Aww those girls r nice to Hannah or lele pons

  62. Sera Berto

    I so ship Twan and Hannah they should be couples like who else dosen't agree with me

  63. Sophia Jackson

    And let him get out of my face

  64. Sophia Jackson

    If I had a boyfriend that act like that I would tell him to get out of my life

  65. Toadstool_Films


  66. Rosie Kiwai Love

    UPGRADE heart breaker

  67. Maria Angela C ramones kyoot

    I laugh so hard at the last

  68. ONE LOVE

    I mean Hannah if your boyfriend won't eat your carefully made food then eat in in his face and say the your not eating for a week or two and I'm confiscating all your games and If you don't like it then we are over and show him your an independent women and don't need no manz in your life then your friends will say you go girl

  69. Kylie Butler

    Hannah you dumpy him you go girl☺😘

  70. Cristie Harris

    Lele is just like feel my spit boom! Hahahaha Boyfriend WTF!

  71. Brenda Mayorga

    3:13 *I relate to lele in so many levels.*

  72. Game_Till_U_Die

    Who watching this in 2020


    Zoila Loayza

    Game_Till_U_Die lol 😂 it’s not even here

    Silly Banana Skylar

    Lucky You Got Hearted!!

    Silly Banana Skylar

    Omg it’s not even 2020 yet…

    rAh imr dinosuar rAh

    SoOn m'bro, I'll be watching it in 2020 soon.

    Vanessa Bailey

    Game_Till_U_Die it’s not 2020 yet

  73. Grace Lo

    I know I am late but his fingernails are as ratchet as him

    Grace Lo

    I am talking about the first guy

  74. Emilie Chen

    *one girl throws water *lele drinks water SPITS

  75. Marija Pecirep


  76. Lewis Lambert

    Whoever left hannah is stupid but twan is now awesome!

  77. Bestfriends .!!

    Hannah your so beautiful no matter what🥺❗️

  78. Roselle Marie

    0:30 he had such an old phone (5, or 6)

  79. Faty 99

    Euuu no aparece Justin Bieber en todo el video

  80. BFF Forever

    Hannah I love this song and you

  81. Leona Mart

    I especially loved the end

    BFF Forever

    Like me dude

  82. Rubina Saleem

    My favourite scene was when lele spitted on his face hahaha

    Like if u like hannah =

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    3:11 this is what you fucking deserve🤣

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    I should have been a woman instead :(

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    Love this 😍

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    Diganme como se llama el ig del que ase de malo esta bien
    Guapo 😍😂xd

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    Whoever hit the dislike button should be ashamed

  89. what’s funnier than 24? 25.

    you can only be beautiful if you feel beautiful. i learned that the hard way.

  90. Alexa Morales

    Damn 2.3M likes

  91. Carmen Pena

    Lele spitting on him is me as a friend lmaooo 😂😂

    Raghav Kakkar

    Girlfriend's best friends always hard to tolerate. LOL !

  92. ViViAnA_TaCo

    GO LELE!!!!!!! At the end btw

  93. Sheddicka Bellas

    I love this song

  94. Rejana Rakaj

    December 2019??

  95. goku Super Saiyan God

    that guy was the worst

  96. Cata Chan Gamer

    amo el video soy espoñola

  97. Hannah Stocking

    I’ve been waiting for you all to see this project!! I hope you love it!!! Thank you Poo Bear, Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica for letting me create this for you!!

    Renee McBride

    I don't blame the video

    Renee Chinn

    Hannah Stocking poor u..😭😭

    Dalia Flores

    I love you hannah ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️