Justin Bieber - Happy New Year Lyrics

[Jaden Smith]
Girl it's almost the new year, and its too clear, me you and a RootBeer, Float
In my house 'bout to count down cause we got the whole crew here
Yo they bout to party hardy. lookin for a hottie with a nice body
Ooh ya'll have fun with that we don't need the mistletoe we was under that like 20 minutes ago
And if you give me all your love you better give me some more
The new years commin you ain't trippin no more
So I don't need music bout to listen to yo'h-h-h-h-h heart beat
Try to stop me if you want to but you know you don't want to
So don't do it, don't ruin the moment I put me and you in

[Justin Bieber]
It's the start of the new year, baby, baby yeah
And I know what to do with it, baby baby yeah
I'm gonna make your cheeks red when I kiss your neck
Girl I'm never leavin cause you are the best baby

Yeah yeah. I wanna give you everything
Never feel 'cause girl you're coming home with me, yeah

Kiss me
Kiss me

Kiss me
Kiss me

Its the new year me and you girl yeah I know this love is true
I remember when you moved here everything was oh so new and
Yeah I promise to be true and ill give all my love to you
Jaden smith is to my right that's the cougar and hes got a root beer

[Jaden Smith]
Uh got friends I called em all
Cause 2012 is the year of the love
And we gon' start it off
We can get a plane today and get a car toma'
We don't do it small at all
No girl tell me what I gotta to do
I can be the beat that you rockin to
I can do anything nothing is impossible especially with you girl
And I never need a new girl
This love is true girl
Aye welcome to the crew girl
2012 I'm so excited
The mayans was lien nobodys dyin'
Yeah girl but you knew that
Knockin' at your door like Who's That?
Yes I love you, you say true dat
Guys they want you I say too bad

[Justin Bieber]
It's the year, I wanna give you everything
Never feel cause girl you're coming home with me yeah

Kiss me
Kiss me

Kiss me
Kiss me

If you got a girl put your hand up
Ladies if you got a man put your hands up
If you got a girl put your hand up
Ladies if you got a man put your hands up

Girl 2012 is the year to be
Closer to the people around you
So grab someone special
And just

Kiss me
Kiss me

Kiss me
Kiss me

Kiss me
Kiss me

Kiss me
Kiss me

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Justin Bieber Happy New Year Comments
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    Finally 2019, happy new year 2020

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    soon is 2020 and this song remains good..

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    Real fans know 💯

    Champagnepapi VEVO

    Jesias burrell is this on Spotify ?

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    2019 🥳

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    Essa música trás uma nostálgia tão boa, pqp ❤

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  14. Marcela Flores

    Cuando sacaron esta canción tenía 13 años apenas, ahora tengo 20 años. Joder como pasan los años; fue mi mejor epoca, mis años del colegio. Eramos la fanbase mas grande del mundo:(❤

  15. Rwaidah Alyami

    احححلللى اغنيبييخههههههههه

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    احححححححححلللللللللللىىىىىىىىى اعلغغغغغنيييييهههه

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    this song used to fuck me up

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    2019 nós tá ae ✌

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    Justins r&b music is always gonna be good as hell

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    *(NEW 2012)*

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    Happy New Year 2019 ❤️

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    It’s 2019! Omg time flies happy new year everybody 😄🎊

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    2019 hailey and justin got married

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    August 10th 2018

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    Meus gatos meus Love ❤❤❤ Justin e Jaden💖💖💖💖💖

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    2018. Que saudade dessa musica, que época boa...

    Brasileiro aqui?

    o mundo de Franciele Nogeuira

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