Juris - Who Was I Lyrics

I heard the words that you said
Words that played around within my head
Was I only a game to you
Not any special someone
Just another thing for you
That you soon would forget
Like all of the ones that were once in your head
I need just one more question answered
I need just one more thing to know

Who was I
When I’d keep your tears from fallin’
Who was I
When I’d come to ease your pain
And sit by your side
Who was I
To (think/believe) that I was your best friend
Was I just another memory to forget
Before we both fell apart
I remember holding your hands close to my heart
And I told you to push me away
Somehow I knew the wrong could never be right anyway
From you I suddenly did hear
A change in your voice with words that I fear
I need just one more question answered
I need just one more thing to know
Repeat chorus
But if you ask me
What you were to me
Even if it doesn’t matter now
I must say it somehow
You were mine
Every tear I’d catch from falling
You were mine
Always knew that in this heart you were inside
You were mine
I believe that you were my best friend
Though I know I’m just a memory
Like the end to one of your stories
But to me you were the one I love and loved until the end
You are mine
I heard the words that you said
Words that played around within my head
Was I only a game to you

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Juris Who Was I Comments
  1. sonz buan

    ang sakit joshua a.,jelly... alam mo yun di ko sya kayang tapatan.... ikaw mismo nagsabi walang makakapantay sa kanya.....
    gusto kita isumpa.sakit...

  2. gellie ann caballero

    It's been almost a year... from the very start of our conversation and all the memories that we shared are still fresh from my mind, those sweet words and the time that I already feel comfortable to talk with him. I miss all of that.
    I wish I can talk to him again...I just wanted to confess my feelings even for the the last time.

  3. Anie Valiente


  4. Sherry Palek

    You broke me, told me what I needed to hear then played my emotions like a game...Walked away just as if I never existed

  5. jamjam bambam

    who was i??just another memory to forget?😭😢😢😢😭

  6. fix me

    Who was I? When I come to ease your pain..
    Who was I? To believed that I was you bestfriend😢

  7. Amber Anonymous

    MMK na yan,😂😂😂😂

  8. Faith Japson

    Ngayon lang ako makikinig ng gnitong kanta. tama npkahirap at msakit mainlove sa bestfriend mo. T_T

  9. Angel laspina

    a memory to cherish Ju,😍😍😊😊

  10. Thao Pham

    I was just another memory to forget.


    always go with love

  12. Mikaël Yang

    Thank you for everything K...

  13. Precious Christine De Mesa

    Who was I?

  14. Sarou Pheng

    I was a little girl on that day that I've met you.
    Miss you, Miss that first Moment..

  15. Aguilo Babie

    Miss you Jo,miss those times we've been together

  16. Jimi Fernando

    Ilove it..

  17. klerk blits

    i really love this song....!! it is very heart whelming...  nice..

  18. Velle Loved


  19. Minhtrang Le

    U ar inside u ar mine:)

  20. Minhtrang Le

    Was i just another memory to forget?

  21. cj sahagun

    Who Was I ? when the time I do not know you ?
    Who Was I ? when I met you ?
    Who Was I ? when we become BF and GF ?
    Who Was I ? when I leave you and break our relationship ?
    Who Was I ? when I want to return whatever we were there ?
    Who Was I ? when I earning a recall for a month and a few days ?
    Who Was I ? when you said to me "THE END" ?
    Who Was I ? now ?

    Bakit mo ako pinaasa ?
    Dapat sana sinabi mo na agad
    Sana hindi mo na lang ako pinaasa
    nasabi mo ang salitang "THE END" ng walang dahilan

  22. gemma Pelicano

    WHO WAS I? :(

  23. sunshine magallanes

    no matter what it takes even if i'll be hurting myself, i'm still here for you my friend,my inspiration, SAM ♥

  24. cycy galloniga

    it is a strange thing to realize that you are now a stranger to someone who once loved you and you still love..but the most painful thing is knowing that he has already someone..

  25. Mags Aquino

    This video made me cry, every lyrics drifted in my heart.It was just like am watching my story. Memory....past....loved and lost, but then love again to live once more.

  26. ginto au

    Sometimes, Life isn't just fair but that's just how it goes. Atleast, for once in our lives, we've been happily in love. Soon, all wounds will be healed & the future awaits ahead. (^__^)

  27. gee jhay

    .. hmm .. something to think about .. WHO WAS I ?

  28. neil rivera

    this is so sad...

  29. beverlyrabaja

    my case is:

    i'm silently in love with my boy best friend. i want to say it because sometimes i feel like bursting. but i will not tell him anyway. i am afraid that he will start avoiding me. so i'll just keep on listening to his stories. sadly, my girl best friend is also in love with my boy best friend. such a complicated thing. weew :-(

  30. mary grace

    i don't want this to happen to me....

  31. Yukari Ichinose

    I listened to this days after i found out my best friend was only acting to be my friend before 1:00 i was already crying remembering her T-T

  32. Bahay Kubo

    WhO Was I???? I LOve YoU so Much..but what did you do....You just only cause so much pain to me....But then ,I thank you for knowing someone like you...coz,through you i learned a lot of things...I LOVE YOU....FOR HURTING ME (MK)....I FORGIVE YOU....AND I GOT OVER YOU.......Just take care always!!!!

    Kelly Cuerdo

    To my Bestfriend,
    Thank you for inspiring me. And thank you for always saying that we we're be friends forever but things changed when I met my husband. Thanks for being there always when I need you the most.

  33. eVe xEoN

    pain&agony in our life not always the time that you keep you smile always.minsan kaylangan masktan pra matuto at maging matatag. specialy when it comes in love relationship ,ther's no short cut about pain slowly will heal but no matter what happen tandaan nyo wg kalmutan bangitin pangalan nsa taas.because he has a plan each 1 of us. kya ng yayari yan s buhay natin life most gon khit gumagpang s sakit nraramdaman. ako nga ngmhal ng tpat s mga nkaraan girlfriend ko pra niloloko prin ako ang skit

  34. jam brossio

    :[ i experienced this narin. di ko masabi s knya na naiinlove nko sa kanya. at nag eexpect din ako na bka may nrrmadaman narin sya para sa akin pero wala pla tlagang friends lang. huhu.

  35. ching asis

    superrr i loveeettt....! :(

  36. Roel

    @ronierock07 nakakarelate.. :')

  37. Ronie Palce

    Yah napakahirap magmahal ng di sayo "kahit magkuwari ka" i really like this song.

  38. Micka D

    sakit .

  39. yhan marie

    shet.. saket.. :'((

    bestfriend nia rw ako pero prang mhal nia q..
    pero prang hindi..


    ang hirap mgmhal ng bestfriend..
    lalo pag may gf n xia.. :'((

  40. krizzy J

    @theladykimmy SOBRA. dun worry , 'di ka nag iisa :'(

  41. rosel padilla

    nkakaiyak nmn...

  42. michyluo04

    it's so hard to fall in love with your best friend. especially if you felt somehow that you are special to him then after someday everything changes. and the reason is because of his current gf. maybe it's better left unsaid. and forget everything and let it all be in the past. that's what i'm doing.

  43. Aira Jimenez

    namimkizz kita..pero lm ko wala nmn ako halga sayo!

  44. Vanessa Rosales

    :(( why so sad? why people hurt someone? :((

  45. Aira Jimenez

    masyado nyang binago ang buhay ko..bkit hndi ko n mgawang ibalik,,ang dating ako?matagal na,,pero hndi ko magawa magmahal muli!...lam ko sa sarili ko n hndi ko n siya mahal..pero bkit ndi ko n mgawang magtiwalang muli...??hate this feeling..sad and alone!

  46. Smart Roadster

    Why it should be likes this? takteng kanta to. gngwa akong lalong bitter.

  47. Cpn Deepthroat

    Let this song remind you all that you CAN love, even if you've lost it, your not dead. You are human, you CAN love, you HAVE loved.

  48. Jakjalskj Acedo

    Ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ng nagmamahal ay ang umasa sa taong ni kahit kailan man ay kaibigan lang ang kayang maibigay sa atin

  49. jennymei12

    i loved it..

  50. Duy Hoàng

    This deserves 0 dislike :)

  51. jjen bertulfo

    i like this song.....until now that the same question i wantto ask...who was i ????

  52. ryinz21

    at the end of every relationship,,,
    each one of us...will be a memory to some who we used to love so much... :(

    hate to be treated like that

  53. ryinz21

    at the end of every relationship,,,
    each one of us...will be a memory to some who we used to love so much...:(

  54. muse neah

    thats love!sa umpisa lng akala mo importante ka sa kanila,but time goes by u will see and feel na ur not really part of their life.hanggang sa maiiwan kang mag-isa na maraming tanong..lahat ng love magiging memories na lng in the end...kya never expect 2 much kc u dont know ano talaga nsa puso at isip nla.stop asking just move on..:)

  55. arvin torres

    omg! nkakaiyak!! T_T

  56. ryinz21

    nyc song....juris hit me again straight to the heart..----> <3

  57. delia023

    These are those very usual & commonly ASKED questions, BUT none had the face to give a straight from the heart answer. ..I wonder WHY...?????? Nice 1 again Juris! Hats off to the composer & arranger of the song!:-)

  58. Lyka Rosales

    tskk kalungkot :((

  59. Maricar Chato-Circe

    .. i try my best to forget him .. but then .. i cant ..
    i dunno .. this past few day i have him in my mind ..
    christmas is near and i always remembered him .. =(

  60. Karen Adenir

    @syfhira .... you'll get over on everything.. if you just want to..

  61. Maricar Chato-Circe

    .. i still missed you .. =( for the guy who still have my heart .. i love u so much .. i know u settled down wth the girl u love .. all i want to say is .. i still love you ,,.. i missed you so much bhaby .. so so so much .. =( I THOUGHT I HAD YOU.. its been so long ,,but i cant still get out of your shadow =( ..
    i still love you .. i admit.. =(

  62. Chassy Echo

    was i just another memory to forget?

  63. Vijanz Reyes

    T.T i can relate to this song....sobra :'(

  64. Elsie Ballatong

    @hiftihannah realy omg

  65. Hifti Hannah Libando

    this song is for me... who was i in his life? Gosh! Was i only game to him since i saw an old picture of him and his ex-girlfriend in his wallet.

  66. vandel sega

    this song is dedicated for my one and only best friend from this generation, reymar cabalan ^^

  67. Patrick Cruz

    Was I only a game to you?

  68. Patrick Cruz

    Was I only a game to you?

  69. vial sy

    I still love you...eventhough how much you've hurted me.....I LOVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU,...just please.......tell me --you love me too :'(

  70. 10catcat

    i love until the end

  71. Kari Sah

    ugghhhh..... who was i

  72. Charles Kevin Begino

    ka relate sa kantang to.. sarap pakinggan bago matulog..

  73. Sirk Sagrav

    who was I?
    simply im just the mistress :(

  74. evyaelaza

    Yeah, am just another memory to forget...another nightmare to erase....

  75. chadli sandag

    iLoveYouSoMuch - Juris <3

  76. Genever Dicen

    I love Filipino artist ^_^

  77. mechchai

    love this song",)

  78. Vincent Michael Reyes

    Nice song!

  79. Anamay Panis

    i love the song but it hurts badly now... :-(

  80. mechchai

    i love this song^^thanks for the upload..

  81. Ann Michelle Maalat

    why does it hurt like this?

  82. sitsteadysam

    I love this song

  83. Ziam Acevedo

    thank you for the memories .. basta gusto ko lang masaya ka ^_~

  84. Amira Camille Calata

    so heartbreaking

  85. Kyndra Judilla

    its nice...

  86. arviecute16

    i have it na on my cp hehehe..cool we love juris!!!!!!!