Juris - Dreaming Away Lyrics

Seems like the rain won't stop pourin' down
The streets are calm and unclouded
I'm staring right of the window
As my thoughts begin to wander

I know you are here
I can feel you near
Oh you, are with me
Everytime I'm alone you got me, you got me

Dreaming away to the sound of your voice
I can hear you call I fall and I fall
You got me drifting away, you're calling my name
Like a melody, playing through my mind

Under the same sky we are
So close and yet so distant
I wonder if I just missed you again as I walked
Right out that door
Did you get in that very instant I alighted the train
Have I ever looked in your eyes not knowing it was you
I've been waiting for, you got me


I have imagined all that you'll be
You keep on running away from me
Don't go [4x]


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Juris Dreaming Away Comments
  1. kurogane2x

    Parehas silang maganda :o this and the original.

  2. Pee Jay

    You sing like an ANGEL. :)