Jurassic 5 - Unified Rebelution Lyrics

Party people, are you with me?
Are you with me party people? [Repeat 4x]

To the beat y'all, and you don't stop
Rock the rhythm that'll make your finger pop
Ah to the tic toc, tic tic, tic tism
Live and direct is the rebels of rhythm
On your radio, turn up the stereo, cause it's working

Well I'm the coolest of the cool and they call me Akil
Hip-hop fanatic busting lyrical windmills
And I'm the international king of all things
Creates the ill scene shades for Robin to bring
I'm funky fresh, I got style and finesse
And if the roof's on fire put the pen to the paper
A fade with the J it's the live motivator
And from shore to shore and from sea to sea
And everwhere that we go we're in the place to be

Like that, rock the house
To my man Cut Chemist, rocks the house
To my man Charlie 2na, rocks the house
And to my brother Nu-Mark, rocks the house
And to my man Marc 7even, rocks the house
And to my brother Hani, rocks the house
And to my brother Kalil, rocks the house
And to my brother Faru, turning it out

Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum
So it might be right for you, it might not be right for some
So come one, come all (hey) big or small
Cause I'm guaranteed to rock y'all out of your drawers
Biting MC's always get lockjaw
I'm not Volume T, but I'm harder than all y'all
And just in case you forget the way we will be rocking it
One time prime time flowing with the fatness
Many shades of skin cream, hip styles of blackness
Match this, never practice makes perfect
Sharp like the edge on a blade that's curved
Serve this? Yes, but only when fresh
So you don't have to guess the R-E-B-E-L-S
Dip dip diver, socializer
On the rise, the committee's wiser and will disguise the truth
Of the matter we're sick of the idle chatter
The data we pitter patter we'll splatter just like a platter
Infected uncontrollably, follow me, come on go with me
Cause you know it be Tuna and Marc 7even
Heaven does await us, put here to sedate us
Make us in His image with with ?glimmage?
Never perfect we're tripping, by a force unseen
But we divulged its presence, so this rap goes back to the essence
Lessons have been written from the end, but you're soon to see
Kalil in community, rebels of rhythm unity

Yeah, and you don't stop
You got the rhythm that makes your fingers pop [Repeat 2x]

It goes 1 2 3, 3 2 1
An apple to a pear to a peach to a plum
Listen to the drum, does it make your ears numb?
Here it comes, here it comes, here it kiddy comes comes

I'm independent, good to the limit
Never in my life been to the VD clinic
Salute me but I'm not a lieutenant
Down with Nu-Mark and my man Cut Chemist
My name is Marc 7even, yes indeed
And ain't another MC that can touch my tree
Down with unity and the rebels three
Grab the microphone and release your seed
And the formula for me to get bent
And the spot was never hit if I didn't leave a fingerprint
X the fact with colonial combat
Eating steak and other shit in the house of wax
And uh like ?? don't ever think of jacking me
Never gun-packing because that if I like to begin
With not a dimwit angry over somewhat (why?)
Brothers keep holding me back, I'm about to go nuts, man

Niggas know I paid my dues and shit
I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit
And this one is dedicated to the crews that bit
I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit
I'm tired of keeping my trust and getting used and shit
I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit
It doesn't matter who's fatter, who's wack, or who's legit
I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit

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Jurassic 5 Unified Rebelution Comments
  1. NAO DD

    I can't believe people are thinking akil is tupac and chali 2na is Kadafi they must be on crack

  2. Jolynn Yan

    love this song👍

  3. Ophiuchus123456789

    I love Zakir style. He always sounds he's having so much fun.

  4. Ben Woodward

    Funky Fresh!

  5. winner winner chicken dinner

    Best shit eva m9

  6. ziez cogslaw

    Still one of the best live acts I have ever seen!

  7. Tspillman408

    The rest is history after the song, but here's another fact. The other members who didn't become J5 became Darkleaf. People need to stop leaving out the rest of the story, but Darkleaf doesn't appeal to the hype market of course

  8. Busta Rogers

    share my thoughts lol just fk yeah this is hip hop 

  9. CJ00014

    @chrisrap4ever hell yeah, the scratch are one of the most important things on they songs <3

  10. recha36

    toujours au sommet!!

  11. Govanmauler

    Saw em in Glasgow last month , I saw them play in 06 too. They're actually even better than they were then.

    Massive beats , sweet ryhmes , good vibes

  12. Frederick Vincent

    Anyone knows what song is the sample when said "everybody"? It's sounds me sooooooooo 70's and funky and I don't know why.

  13. 1makes1

    Better prepare your ass for some real old school hip-hop 'cause they're playing again!

    Starting in Coachella ;)

  14. FILIKU

    When I first heard something J5 I didn't think of LA or the Westside of the country. This is cool as heck!

  15. Christophe L

    Get tickets for Coachella 2013 then.

  16. ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer

    I heard it was a mutual feeling amoung the band that to go any further they would have to sell out, and none wanted it. They still do collaberations though :)

  17. 1WithTheFlow

    Ignorant ears land here on accident, so they get mad & hit thumbs down. Those who appreciate real music... you already know.

  18. LastRyte

    Their first produced song :)



  20. GhostOfHemmingway

    Just goes to show ya people with good music taste can appreciate stuff from different genres.

  21. Are Jay

    there are so many likes youtube didnt bother to put the bit of red cuz the 2 thumbs down are so insignificant yeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. Mista Dobalina

    first time i heard this i was 24. I wish i had heard this when I was ten. magic

  23. David Pedrasa


  24. R-parhar91

    lost count of how many times i hit replay!


    And still at it after all these years!

  25. maciucha06

    nice flowwwww!

  26. SwerdMurd

    @G27dude the only official thing I heard was from Zaakir--something along the lines of the fact that they weren't seeing eye to eye and couldn't keep fakin' it...probably just band drama--same thing that ruins all groups that prominently feature more than 1 member.

  27. skunkmasta420

    @Jeremy12323 1994 birth of a dope group!

  28. staviwavi222

    This song really reminds me of sick oldschool stuff like Curtis Blow or the sugar hill gang.

  29. Acoustiks Musique

    I shit brix when I heard the Kraftwork sample come in.

  30. IPlayLikeCrap

    ozomatli - Cut Chemist Suite sampled this, nice!

  31. Gatos Madrid


  32. Keenan Manhas

    just good music right there

  33. Mikkel Madsen

    R.I.P !! J5 was the greteast too ever do it ! i alreaddy mis him so lot ! see your on the other site !

  34. Valfore22

    duuuuudeee omg samee !
    my physics teacher got me into these

  35. Dan Lemly

    @swanjunior Thanks man! I'll be sure to!

  36. pratiksh patel

    submerge into a state of happiness

  37. Dan Lemly

    I totally know what you mean, man. This is the only TRUE hip hop I've ever heard! I love this group! And I'm usually a Rock guy. They split because they're all older now and have families, haha. Simple as that!

  38. ratm1211

    They just needed a break from each other. We'll see what happens in the future....

  39. ahmad312

    honestly i don't. wikipedia tries to explain it...

  40. G27dude

    do u know why j5 broke up? cuz i was just starting to get into them. and thats pretty rare for me to like hip hop cuz i usually listen to metal. lol

  41. Tangawizi23

    oh my days! Got Goosebumps :)

  42. Kapp2007

    "Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse)"

  43. Justin H.

    fuckin SICK song

  44. beta1816

    2na had a great solo album after the break up that was critically acclaimed but not popular at all. you can't even find the shit on the street. that said, he was wrong to leave the group that could've been in hiphop for 20 years.

  45. ahmad312

    totally agree with you. It really is a shame that groups like J5 and ATCQ break up like that. And the ones that do stay together never get the limelight (i.e. De La Soul, Camp Lo)

  46. rtarbinar

    man, it's a crime how few views and comments there are on this vid! been up since '07! people don't know what they're missin'!!

  47. rtarbinar

    you're in for a wondrous journey of sick sounds! ;)

  48. raggabass

    I'm not saying 2na can't spit fire...
    Just be honest about the split thats all...
    When these kat came out it was fresh and they took it back old school.
    2na wanted more of a updated mainstream sound (i.e BEP.)
    Rest of the crew didn't want to go in that direction.
    That's all I'm saying...

  49. ahmad312

    I dont think it was entirely him tho. They just got fed up of writing music that people refused to air mainstream. Work it out was a desperate attempt to get some publicity. Its a shame bro. But you gotta admit Chali 2na's flow is sweet as hell. I mean he did some tight shit with Fatlip and Kweli.

  50. ratm1211

    Don't listen to this foo.

  51. raggabass

    Chali2na is to blame for the breakup of J5...
    He thought he was bigger than the band and the rest of the group got fed up with his BIG HEAD!
    Now he goes around begging other artist to performs with them!

  52. rapidkid11

    no1 cares now old this is
    it will forever be 10000% FRESH

  53. kfdisawesome

    i just started to listening to their music today its so refreshing such a huge difference between the crap on the radio

    so illllllll

    love it

  54. retrovirus61

    no one could not like this

  55. ratm1211

    2:11 .... So dope!

  56. Graeme S Wilson

    Same bass line and drum beat. Cut Chemist just sampled this for that Ozomatli song.

  57. Killa Kail

    this sunds like Ozmatli's Cut chemist suite

  58. raggabass

    Hope Chali2na is having fun begging other artist to play with them.
    He broke up J5 because he thought he was the STAR of the band and look at him now.


  59. ebergswe

    well, since J5 had 2 really good dj´s (cut chemist and dj numark) making their beats its no suprise that its so great! :D

  60. haydzmtb

    There's a dub version of this and it's beautiful

  61. Benny Dee

    Great choon.. Nice 1 you learn something new everyday ay ;)

  62. Sebastian Yuri

    nice find

  63. AlienNationRadio

    hell yea and you could already tell they had something going for them. i love it when Mark 7even and Chali come in.