Jurassic 5 - In The House Lyrics


Party people, from right to left just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself
The rec-ipe for rap is to flip the script and we the Jurassic 5 and we bout to rip
So ladies and Gentlemen
From the music this is farfetched extreme, from the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing,
Were in-the-house

The original ryme-inyl hospital the mic, I spin on the mic, believe it, those believing the hype, my beat in this life, what ever you believe in this light, I'm reading it right, whatever, cant ya sing it you'd like It's like,
Could it be hot or could it be cold or could it control I'm leaving it
co, co c, c, c, controldable to the party goers exclusively, and you agree I'm much better than I used to be, because J5 MC were here to rock, rhymes like yours can never be stopped
You heard the four of us even though it's six, guaranteed to succeed while were bringing you this.
I give J5 uh the recipe, south central MC in the place to be.
Common say ho if ya know that my flow get ya out on the floor and make ya sweat for sure, uh
Cos we got what you need
Stuck on my style and my melody
Yeah, lemmie' show you where the party at
The rhythm from the jungle with a party hat
Party back from the front to back, yeah
Party rap and you know that

So just get back now
Party with the people when you bust that move
Give it up don't stop now
Feel the vibe let the music push you

So ladies and Gentlemen
For the music this is farfetched extreme, for the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing,
Were in-the-house

So ladies and Gentlemen
Get on down

Yeah that's what I'm talking about
Ya see I'm coming with the healing plan
Leaving my enemies running like a ceiling fan
Now while the rest assume
I let my blesses bloom
In a session I take it back like a dressing room and it's a cinch what the tuna do,
Turn a roach and you're convinced I'm as dressy as a French quarter filler brew,
so that were beautiful music pharmaceutical ladies and gents this events undisputable

Its tuna fish in the house tonight

Were hustling
For de money
Give us the ends
The dividends

That hobbadoba shop webe deba he
That shit will blow up.

Give us the ends

Were hustling
For de money
Give us the ends
The dividends

Whats the motto for J5 2006?

Were hustling
For de money
Give us the ends
The dividends

Give us the ends

Yeah you know when a song is going off its like
Were hustling.

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Jurassic 5 In The House Comments
  1. John Mauceri

    This shit is hype asf. It’s for sure my favorite song from NBA Live 06. I wish I could get it on Spotify!!

  2. Cosmo Kramer

    we are IN THA HOUSE!!

  3. Matthew Stevens

    Great rap lyrics, great rapping. I love the way they sample the classic old school funk jam "Shine Your Light" by The Graingers. Not many rappers sample that song. It makes the song groove.

  4. Lil Bleach

    I mean we all know the power and inside scoring was the most overpowered scoring styles

  5. Donovan Cremper

    I can't believe these stupid comments... Yes this is ✌🏾Real Hip-Hop✌🏾 but this song is wack... Foh... To old school

  6. Clay Pleasant

    Graingers... Shine your Light. You youngsters need to go check out the original funk that they got this from

  7. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman basketball 06 and stickman football 07

  8. Noah Mathew

    Whos mad that they would NOT put this song on spotify???

    Theo König

    well they did now, just downloaded it

  9. Krazy 4Loli

    rappers delight

  10. John Mangee

    Here's a question for you: From the 1:59 mark until about the 2:05 mark of the song, the Jurassic 5 guys are singing a line from an old school R&B tune. Can somebody tell me where that line the song is originally from and who sang it? I forget the name.

    John Mangee

    Fellas, feel free to disregard that comment. I answered my own question. It was sampled from D-Train's classic 80's R&B hit "You're the One For Me."

    RinkyDink Productions

    John Mangee
    Nice catch

    Haha Funny

    @John Mangee this is real gold! i love both songs in my different age.

  11. PepsiBoy428 Productions

    Screw Jay-Z, this is REAL Rap!

    Nate Haviland

    Rap is mumble garbage.

  12. Keyser Söze

    Sergey like!

  13. Jaagaachino

    NBA live 06 fam...


    Still has the best dunk contest ever to date

  14. Martin Hernandez IV

    nba live

  15. Kam Mike

    Now this is Hip-Hop, today is full of too much Hip-Pop garbage

  16. Z10Beats

    great song!

  17. King

    Nba live 06 had the best music

  18. Chad M.

    NBA LIVE 06!


    Childhood nostalgia XD

    Jake Orr

    U know it brother 😊😊😊

    John Mauceri


  19. XICANO_AHM 1503

    hell yea!!!sanpled it from that funk jam THE GRAINGERS-SHINE YOUR LIGHT..

  20. stefano adams

    O yehaaaa ...YouTubeintaHouse :-)

  21. Yofolkx Los

    I only got tha game for tha soundtrack...this my shit!!!

  22. Bruno Travi

    S.A.C.O do Piangers.

  23. Ryan

    CHALI 2NA da man!

  24. Joseph Ritter

    This is hip hop. Today's rap is garbage.


    @Joseph Ritter


    @Joseph Ritter You're just not looking.

    Bot Chuck

    +heatcharger Show me

    RinkyDink Productions

    +Bot_Chuck Kendrick Lamar is the closest thing to good rap

    Nate Haviland

    RinkyDink Productions Still not good though.

  25. Tom The Cat

    NBA live 2006 :D

  26. dorian suty

    c et du lourd

  27. Dylan Wanner

    my bad...where you at again?