Jurassic 5 - Improvise Lyrics

Now I'ma say this once again open up your mind
Shot heard around the world came from our fresh rhymes
The contribution to showbiz, mixed with entertainment
Resurrected rhymes, not the same old same
Now if you like what we came with
And you feel you can sang wit it
Peep the verbal language and the way we arranged it
Now entertainment to make the people applaud
I'm not trying to say my style is better than yours

I'm from the graduating class of one-nine-eight-eight
L.A. Unified School M A H
A gangbanger from the streets taught me how to break
In South Central L.A., ay yo, can you relate?

I'm Chali 2na
The one who puff the buddha keep the Snapple in the cooler
Used to go to junior high with Son Doola
Old skoola - a permanent, element, in ya tournament
Tellin it prevalent never delicate when we burnin it

Now from L.A. to the U.K. we attempt to rock a party
The rhyme and the music you don't hear that no more hardly
I can say it's partly, all our faults smarty
J5'll bring you more than the shakin of a body

Ay yo a child is born but no state of mind
But when I first heard it, put words to rhymes
I went from hypercars, to powder blue All-Stars
To hangin on monkey bars catchin spiders in jelly jars

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
So uh, let's take it back to the concrete streets
Original beats with real live MC's
Playground tactics, no rabbit-in-a-hat tricks
Just that classic, rappin from Jurassic

I bring the noise plus the funk, entertainin like a dunk
From a snotty-nosed prima donna millionaire punk
But uh, I heard a hunch, that somebody might munch
Cause J5 go together just like parties and spiked punch
Your crew's captain crunch, and I'm the seven seas
Bombin on MC's, crushin crews with ease
Brother please you know my steez is 100 degrees
With no era bring it live like the Trio of Terror

Trio of Terror no mascara, at last your brass surpass pleasure
We the last treasure set to entice the cash bearer
Mask wearers who bite my reflection like glass mirrors
Be trash pickers who need to consider the past clearer

Now what you thought was old and out of date
We brought it back alive and changed the shape
We put it on wax for those who think that
The 5 we energize has been extinct


We takin it back like battles in hallways and bathrooms
And battles in the back of the classroom
And in the bungalows game of death with flows
Lunchtime rhymes you had to prove and show

Never the school type, couldn't pronounce the words right
The class jester, I was flunkin every semester
The summer hit, had it burnin in '86
Class cuttin and runnin wit all the neighborhood derelicts

Within the concrete jungle (huh!) we remain humble
Akil and Akir, bounce, flip and tumble
Uh, we never fumble, break down or stumble
Hot mumbo jumbo, just bring it when we rumble

We push it like the Daytona
Fresh rhymes we blaze on yas
Strictly from California old skool public diplomas
We spittin from every corner we flippin it when we wanna
Beneath the concrete be street word on ya


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Jurassic 5 Improvise Comments
  1. DJ Tuffmann!

    Bump this more than J5 Self ! Love for the rim ! Every MC Drops Rhymes individuell!

  2. Boco Corwin

    This game introduced me to J5, People Under the Stairs. and so many awesome underrated groups... I can't overstate how much we need a new JSR



  4. Keith H

    Jet Grind Radio all day! Might have to longboard after this track.

  5. TheDarkWolf

    Grind city my turf, The names combo

  6. Charizard Master

    Pokemon intro,the Dragon like,my name is Charizard X,me altaria,rayquaza and giratina are in Pokemon type area.
    I found a letter from someone else.
    But were just Dragon's.
    And All Pokemon start really miss us for are trip.

  7. Dariel Valentin


  8. s u c c

    *y o k i d*

  9. Bernard Oliver

    Forever grateful Jet Grind Radio and Sega Dreamcast introduced me to J5! One of the most innovative games ever


    I was introduced to them via Dreamcast too, but not from JGR; their video for "Quality Control" is on one of the demo discs. :)

  10. Itz eggy

    dj k: JET SET RADIO

  11. Mr. Selyumor

    I wonder how J5 feels about this song essentially being Combo’s theme

    Supersonickid 64

    dragula is


    @Supersonickid 64 I always figured Dragula was Cube's, by far. Rob Zombie definitely fits her edgy look a lot more.

    Supersonickid 64

    @Deadseven actually I changed my mind, combos theme is recipe for the perfect afro


    @Supersonickid 64 Fair enough, I can respect that.

  12. Jordan Rhodes

    This here is greatness. I like the diversity SEGA has in its music. When you first play the level with this song, the transition from the hard rock song to this was beautiful. The rock song was also great.

  13. Max Ehrmann

    Shit was sick in 99 and still kills 20 later.

  14. govindah

    J5 has this song in "Quality Control". What is the difference? I actually only knew one in "Quality Control".

  15. jkilla06


  16. shiningwizard327

    Jet Grind Radio brought me here.




    @Menace this song wasn't in Jet "Set" Radio until they re-released it in HD, right?

  17. Nuki YT

    Most playlists miss this one, good job

  18. RB-X_Cubecar

    27,829th view... Proud as a mf

  19. MaxN'Motion

    *straight fire*

  20. marstha1

    Slept on group

  21. Playtendo2000

    Grind city.. my turf.. My name’s Combo


    me, cube and coin own the bantam street area everyone used to stay out of our way there

  22. SJC

    Jurassic 5 did music for Jet Set Radio??? No way!

    Boco Corwin

    Only in USA, along with Rob Zombie and Corrosion of Conformity were exclusive to the NA release. Along wiyh the LA and NYC based levels


    Boco Corwin Improvise was in the PAL release too along with Patrol Knob by Mix Master Mike. The NA exclusive songs were Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix) by Rob Zombie, Just Got Wicked by Cold, and Slow by Professional Murder Music.

    Boco Corwin

    @Gren You're probably right, I may have been confused with the Japan version or my memory is fading.


    SJC not really.

    Sega just used one of J5’s music for the game. This song existed before jsr is a thing

  23. Eddie Greenheart

    Grind City ...

  24. Jose Mercado

    17,483th view

  25. bup

    Jet set raaadioooooooradioooooooooooradiooooo

  26. FunkyDemon

    yo kid, can i join the gg's?


    MEMZ you have to race me and explain what is really going on

  27. Jl Morris

    Jet Set Radio!!!!!!!!!

  28. cleva one!

    Real music over here!


    cleva one! Boom baps ma jam

  29. David L

    8,666th view... swag..


    18,666 view


    that's sad

  30. Isreal Murray

    @SEGA Soulrider I'm guessing you heard this on JSR

  31. Kumie

    Bantam Street!

  32. chad eggebeen

    werd i like this song

  33. devon morris

    I liked them before jsr.


    devon morris same but jsr made me a bigger fan xD


    Settle down, hipster. There's no awards for hearing them before they were popular.

  34. Michael Yancey

    I like the beat

  35. guitarsmash09

    Jet Set Radio!!!!