Jurassic 5 - High Fidelity Lyrics

Well my name, Zaakir
I'm versatile
Plus I never eat the cow if ain't Hilal
While you rap or bit our styles in the third degree
Myself and 7even tight like cornbread Earl and me
Showcase with the voice that's Oh so fresh
And I can still serve a brotha in a minute or less
I can talk all day but I'mma save my breath
And let my nigga Marc 7even just do the rest

[Marc 7]
I'll do the rest
But I won't rest
Get fresh off of any beat you suggest
High tech with the combination we prepare
Rap concierge behind there kickin' the snare
Now check it
Marc's the word
7even marks the spot
Guaranteed to keep it hot
If you like it or not
MC's is ink blots
We verbal potshots
Takin' the top spot
We clutchin' top notch like...

And together we, will forever be
High Fidelity
Switchin' the melody
Can it be
The Casanova speech therapy
That heavily puts the flavor right where it should be
My words have been connected to the poets of old
The way I utilize the pen I turn ink to gold
Keep it overly creative
Innovator of soul
Now check the flavor from the fader
Which my DJ holds


[Both 2X]
And together we
Will forever be
High Fidelity
Switchin' the melody
Can it be the brothers that you rarely see
That got together for the better
Whether him or me

[Marc 7]
You better remember these
Incredible MC's
Our sounds invade spread plagues just like a lepresy
Our weapons be our vocals
Guaranteed to smoke you
Better think twice about steppin'
We nice
Never focused on ice
And still comin' off tight
It's like the color of night
I mean the beat is so right
Soup and 7even
Infiltrate your heart
The beat that's compliment of DJ Nu-Mark

And it's the fifth element
Never repetitive
Highly competitive
Classy and elegant
Super intelligent we're tellin' it to ladies and gents
Never irrelevant now do I have to say it again

[Marc 7]
The fifth element
Never be hesitant
Totally accurate
Present or past tense
We immaculate in fact you get a whole crew
Backin' it
Hit 'chu with my two inch tape
And show you what workin' with

And together we
Will forever be
High Fidelity
Switchin' the melody
Can it be the way that we demonstrate
Our Wonder-Twin powers we activate

I'll tear a competitor
Pluck 'em like chicken feathers
I'm better than ever
Incredible poetical editor
Dead or be better
I bet'cha regardless the whether
Whenever with clever endeavors
When me and 7even rappin' together

[Marc 7]
Your style is post mortem
No decorum
Style pourin'
We explorin'
You ignorin'
I'm the foreman
And I'm sure when you tourin'
That you whack and you borin'

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Jurassic 5 High Fidelity Comments
  1. WahozzyHD

    can you do a lyric video for me?

  2. DonalD MagneSS

    Gold DJ skills

  3. Popul4rgtb _____________

    Trials rising[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  4. Stephon Crews

    And I'm sure when u tourin' that u whack and u boring! Aye!! Shots fired!

  5. Stephon Crews

    Trials Rising brought me here.

    Andy Sutton

    Stephon Crews Same ! 😂

  6. Noah Brewer

    This beat is so sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Mack Velly

    I'm glad that I found Jurassic 5's Quality Control and Power In Numbers while I went CD digging the other day !!! It's a must have for your collection

  8. random name

    They went hard

  9. Kevin Medina

    Ayyeee~!!! Hell yeah! Nice lyric video, man!

  10. Aniki Vance

    Jurrasic is officially my top favorite group!!! ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  11. Hans Jacobson

    According to David Ross moral theory Fidelity is one of seven fundamental moral duties meaning, the duty to speak the truth , pay back debts, and keep promises and other agreements.

    Nelson Saunders

    That shit comes from Japanese samurai shit, the Bushido code. The Hakkenden explains that shit shit pretty well.

  12. davyhotch

    Really nice work.On a great song too. cheers Gnik

  13. MRDPAUL13

    and together we, will forever be, high fedelity definitely, switchin the melody, can it be? the brothers that you rarely see, that together for the better whether him or me

  14. Amos Johansen


  15. enforcingpidgeon

    great job on this video man, does much needed justice to the lyrics of zaakir and marc 7even

  16. L Dunn

    So good, Crazy to me that a group like this doesnt get proper recognition  but most of the commercially successful artists are garbage(not all,being commercial doesnt mean bad necessarily) I dont know whats wrong with humanity these days.


    +L Dunn Pretty sure that they are reconized as one of the GOATS :)

  17. Matt FRAN

    sounds like somebody farted at 1:21 

  18. E. Asinus

    read faster? I have no problem reading it.. esecially since they are kinda being said nice and clearly out loud in the song as well

  19. E. Asinus

    some classic shit right there

  20. Harry Milton

    I’ll tear up competitors
    Pluck 'em like chicken feathers
    I'm better than ever
    Incredible poetical editor
    debtor be better
    I betcha regardless the whether
    Whatever ith clever endeavors
    when me and 7even rappin’ together


    Best fucking part of any song ever

  21. david zalewski

    fuck yea thats dope

  22. rebelsouljaz

    dude you're fucking up the lyrics like that, makes it very hard to read if they're popping up all over the place and disappear in a flash


    rebelsouljaz Can you not read fast enough? Sit down you fool, the video is awesome for those who can keep up

  23. GordosMama1111

    ^^^what that guy said up there!! ^^^

  24. choeuchkin

    I used to rock quality control on the buss ride to school in 6th grade..the good ol' days. Ha. I miss it though...


    you need to make every lyrics video on youtube so they can be like that it makes the song lyrics more readable

  26. Gnik MC

    Appreciate it.

  27. Hoodie P

    Nice video!

  28. Drobinol

    good job on the vid thxs for the upload