Jurassic 5 - Acetate Prophets Lyrics

Brothers of rhythm, libo
stay tunned for Unity Community
here at Rat Race, in the house
we're gonna give the band a chance to cool out.
If you got a white Cadillac you need to move it
right now you blocking somebody in and they cant get home
and their ready to leave
check it

Wake up people and look at life around you
acetate prophets

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Jurassic 5 Acetate Prophets Comments
  1. James Gallenti


  2. Leathaface84

    I think they say something about 2pac first

  3. MC23


  4. Barry Scott

    Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark rinsing it out.

  5. Carson Clark

    5:21 on i hear some robotech parts am i crazy what at the other sounds from i wonder

  6. voxxx953

    sample at 4:50 is from this song watch?v=MnVi7LmJs3Y (0:36-)


    Sharp ears. :)

    Your Local E-Boy

    Which song?

  7. oldlux

    Did i just hear an alien talk to a kid???

  8. ThatBoyDarren

    I First Heard This Song About 3 Years Ago
    What I Like About So Much It Is Every time I Listen To It,
    I Feel Like I'm @ Different Places. Like It Takes You On A Journey
    For Example:
    2:04 Makes Me Feel Like I'm In The Bronx With All The B-Boys
    4:16 Makes Me Feel Like I'm @ china for some Reason lol
    Then 5:55 Makes Me Feel Like I'm In Paradise In The Sandy Beaches On A Sunny Day

  9. kirbyeatsbomberman

    I love 5:50 onwards, its very joyful and calming..

  10. Colin Shipway

    you thought right my friend.

  11. Extremely Inept

    Who is J5's DJ?!!!
    He's incredible....

  12. Jason Hanson

    this is ill.. anyone who doggs on these guy don't know good music! Thats it!