Junior Varsity, The - Falling Far Behind Lyrics

Sentimental whispers
Drawing through my breath
And i am hearing every word you said
All these distractions
Everything i know
Here i stand now
Nothing left to show

I am waiting, waiting on the line
Falling fast and falling far behind

Now i have these
Wasted thoughts instead
Circle everything
Cycle in my head

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Junior Varsity, The Falling Far Behind Comments
  1. ThnksFrThDrgs

    Is there anymore songs of this EP? its super hard to find and this is the only one ive been able to track down at all ( strung out was once here on yt but it has been removed and i can't find it anywhere either)

    tyson hartman

    Same with raining in baltimore cover they did. I can't find it anywhere and my old teenage angst is crying for some of this raw TJV.

  2. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️