Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Young Cassanovas Lyrics

One two, we don't stop
C'mon, c'mon, we won't stop
We won't stop, you don't stop

You already know that, I am the man
and, I'm always right, and, never wrong
You already know that, I am the man
cuz, I'm always right, and, never wrong

Yo, check it out
I'm the trife one, Cease you got weed, let me light one
Girls of different cultures, chinese to the white ones
Home players, wild thing girl slayers
Cuties, big booties, Big gave Coogies
Black white beautiful ain't nuttin I won't do for you
Backside so thick, won't fit inside a hula hoop
Shine on me baby, pour wine on you baby
I'ma drink it off your back, got a problem with that?
Fellas get me, sip Crist', count fifties
Split Phillies, girly girls they bet are you a Willie?
It's a trife world, ain't gon be nasty, you a nice girl
Liz Clayborne dresses, diamonds to white pearls
Wild thing though, do lot of things low
Make a wise man grow to a live man a show
Only problem with the trife one is I stay low
Blowin lye with guys who got they eyes on my dough

[Chorus: Mase] [singing]

We got riches, we got bitches
You want drama, we got guns
I'm that kid, from Harlem World
and you know where I'm from
Now my team, is out for cream
and you know exactly what I mean
So any click tryin to stop us
is the click that gets seen

[Lil' Ceasar]
Yo, yo, yo... Ceaser Leo, aiyyo
Aiyyo wherever I go buy all hydro
Lie low so I don't get harassed by five-oh
Used to be in the red star, gettin my head slobbed
from the old school hoe that swallowed the egg nog
I chill of course until I feel I'm the boss
Until they got Lil' Cease face on the Source
Got girls that be clever, that's on another level
Tell me I'm your hero, Cease DeGeanero
Need a wild thing, so the town can swing
Pull the hair back and forth, layin pounds of cream
Bet Cease break your crutches with a crowded team
Fulfillin wishes to they misses with a thousand dreams
I got, mouth to feed, pretty childs to breed
If you really drinkin babies, youse can swallow the seed
When it come to the sex I like it better on your knees
Fore I hit the kitty cat, gotta check it for flees


Aiyyo nobody used to speak to me
to launch paper got me Geechie G, now every broad
keep beepin me, frequently, know the frequency
Just to speak to me, yes leave with me, but recently
get Proposals, of Indecency, but can't cost a penny
Cause now I want Moore than Demi, but I ain't mousy
Matter fact, we can get rowdy
But only green papers with the faces arouse me
Now I know what a woman think, but girl I'm top ten rank
But I only get hard when I see Ben Frank in the bank
It don't pay to baby don't show up
But know what? Better catch me fore my price go up
I'm a hoe slut for the dough but, I want the paper
to come, til I throw up, so girl grow up
You need to slow up the stash, I ain't all about us
Cause a nigga like Kam all I need is my cash
I want my money...

[Chorus: x3 to fade]

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Young Cassanovas Comments
  1. mishael dukes

    Nfs Ja rule would’ve killed this shit



  3. Keola Ani

    I'm a Westcoast boy but always loved biggies music..

  4. AMZ Zack

    Man this stayed on repeat in ‘97

  5. Raymond Palomino

    Fuckin high school day man!

  6. Raymond Palomino

    Hell ya!!

  7. Lefty Bull

    Cam was pretty much down with the Mafia

    Slowburn Raloh

    yeah because they was all affiliated with biggie before he died but shortly after this Cam and jimmy had beef wit jr mafia

    Dale Traverso

    @Slowburn Raloh yup I think cause Cam and Jim tried to set Mase up to get robbed...i think that's what Mase mentioned in the Oracle about Cam "sending them dudes on the hill to trap him in the V(Volkswagen?)". After that, the infamous Rucker incident happened

  8. Sentinel Soul

    I had to hit repeat, feels like BIG

  9. tony smalls

    Perfect song

  10. Dat_Boy_TRIPP

    My first year in college and I had all the hoes even the twinz

    Bradford Thornton

    Lying ass nigga lmao

    mishael dukes

    HEARD THE 🧢-ER 😂‼️

  11. Best Dad In the World

    Somebody pull my pants down and spank my ass!!!!!!

  12. cards624

    This and Playa Playa by Big Mike original playa anthems


    you took it back, i used to love that big mike song, 1994 on bet rap city and video music box, always wondered why he never blew

    william jones

    cards624 playa like me and you- do or die

  13. cards624

    Rolled deep with 15's smokin L's to this one

  14. thekiddsean330

    This dope

  15. Brandon Bowers

    Maaaaaan 97 was a good year for music!

  16. 1lifestyle

    yo do you know name of that unreleased mase song withe the shalamar-for the lover in you sample?

    Young Papi-Yo

    Someone Like You. Mase sound a little like Big L on that 1.


    @Young Papi-Yo yo you are a lif
    e saver

  17. Justin Fuller

    is there another name for this? cause I tried searching it on spotify and it does not come up...too bad to cause this shit was pimp back in the day I want it on my playlist

    Porius the Serious one air macz

    Justin Fuller spotify♤♡◇♧《☆▪¤》¡¿ they don put out hip hop with bling bling sprinkle on it.. the snowbunnies jump around and ride the horse..

  18. BiGboyfresh89 sencity

    Fire classic feel good playa anthem

  19. Senate300

    Players Anthem right here. Pity Trife(Blake C) didn't go the distance. I hear great Junior Mafia tunes and can't think why they didn't go the distance.


    True, Maybe because BIG died, he was carrying them


    @EVERYTHING REMAINS RAW​ The only one that went the distance was Lil' Kim and her career went down the pan when she went to jail for perjury. Now she's a shadow of her former self. I've even got Lil' Cease's solo album.

    Jon Hickcox

    That album was low key fire


    @Senate300 naw kim had a solid career with multiple platinum albums the rest of those guys were lazy and hangers-on Little Caesar couldn't write his own big got rid of those guys before he died he said they weren't hungry enough


    @93avarice  @93avarice  Of course she did. She had 3 great albums. But she wasn't the same after she came out of prison and her relationship with Lil' Cease never recovered due to him testifying against her for perjury. Lil' Cease solo album was cool but severely underrated.

  20. nocturnalefk

    Fuk the old times

    Greg Maurice

    Fuck you


    Fuck you twice on god

  21. Steven Brian

    damn this takes me back to high school...

  22. Champ Here

    My favorites ever

  23. Max P Entertainment

    classic...bot the cd used and never had a chance to bump the ish out of it till now....

  24. SuperSaucyTV

    Thanks for the upload , this track brings back good memories

  25. Jeffery sausage

    Great song 97