Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Realms Of Junior Mafia - Part II Lyrics

[Chorus: Lil Caesar]

One two y'all, you know I rock ya
Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A.
One two y'all, uh, uh

Easy livin, bitches givin pussy like it's free
My GS3 gleams perfectly
Lil Cae's get flour like the stems
Land's and Lexus' flexed with the M-A-F-I-A
Blunts make my day
Friday to Friday stay-be baby
plus stylus, sippin on Berry's iris
My windfall- be rich by sixteen
Swimmin in CREAM, fuck a dollar and a dream
Saw her knockin all ho's, dancin a machine, uhh
True bawler, bitch case might call her
A little shorty but I like my bitches taller
Nastiest, the flashiest, you got bust past your shit
while Big fuck your bitch
Uhh uhh, while your nigga take flicks
Uhh yeah Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique

[Chorus: Cheek Del Vec]

One two y'all, you know I rock ya
Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A.
One two y'all, uhh uhh uhh

[Verse 2: Cheek Del Vec]

I admit back in the days I did stupid shit
Now I changed, I'm in to bigger and better things
like rockin Cuban change, bitch copped the range
Del Vec was set with the Lex and diamond rings
Pop Moet with my bitch when it rain
Drink away the pain, got mad stress on my brain
A little nigga rolled for dough
Copped ki's across seas
and sent a memo from
a Cuban kid named Sallio
selled mad pulito
Coppin 'bout four bricks then I called Nino
Meet me at the airport, feds is on the stalk
Almost got caught cause the dumb bitch talked
How much you makin? What we're doin, wouldn't live that
How much my V cost and where my cash stash at
But the feds still couldn't get nuttin
JM I'm still stuntin and frontin

[Chorus: Lil Kim]

One two y'all, you know we rock ya
Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A.
One two y'all, uh, uh

[Verse 3: Lil Kim]

Time to make moves, and cruise to the bodega
Grab enough G's while niggas master the Sega
In the crib getting high all night
Whippin all on you vics clique feel tight
So you say "Whose, Little Kim, the hit chinquer"
Pull the grass, fast cash and money maker
Do you deal well it's the female
Mafia Member, whippin that ass in December, remember
Terrified of this goddess, who be that artist
Hittin dick the hardest, Anne Klein don
Coochie cutie, Chanel number 9 for the booty, now you wanna stare?
This butt's for studs all the rocks that I wear
Ice just be freezing while I'm breezing, it's the season
For Land Cruisers, drug users
All around me Junior M.A.F.I.A. steam on
Strap up 'fore these niggas act up, uh
And I'll be sittin at the top
While you takin all your rate out state
In 8-5-0s I, be sippin Moey in the sky
On the way to the Bahamas in silk pajamas, with all the Big Mama's
Yeah and for you jealous ass hoes,
I keep a rose in my clothes
Uh and there it goes

[Chorus: Larceny of the Snakes]

One two y'all, you know I rocked 'cha
Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A.
One two y'all, uh uh

[Verse 4: Larceny]

If I told ya once I told ya twice
Love take ya life with this shot gun
Another game over night
Ask my wisdom I gets up in them
Quickly make straight niggas
Turn strictly dickly
Got fucked by the buck wild Juve
Screw me, can't a nigga do shit to me
I rep tillit, snake bitch feet it
Larceny I steal it, change more for villit nigga
Keep your money in your pocket, watch me rock it
Slinging drugs on the corner
What's you bank stop it, 9s I cock it
Armed robberies, don't ask me why you girl's slobbing me
I'm schoolin niggas while your straight foolin niggas
Niggas frontin, I'm straight blood poolin niggas
Doin ya'll niggas "Un guard" you aint hard
Ya'll niggas cotton balls, I'm stickin all of yall

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Realms Of Junior Mafia - Part II Comments
  1. Bruce Dent

    King of rap!

  2. Bikim Brown

    Wow suprised only a few still banging dis in 2019/20

  3. Holip sism

    ESG - UFO

  4. Life Jacked

    Ahhhh shit..heard this on Wu Tang saga last night.Atillah walks in.brought back memories!!

  5. CALICOTV301

    I got that venom rhyme like sprite got lemon lime

  6. Shanique Chamberlaine

    Jamal reppin Def Squad/Illegal!👊👊🤕🤕

  7. William Jenkins

    "This day and age, my rap is like the plague. I married this shit, y'all niggas still engaged" 😳 HE KILLED THIS SHIT

  8. Vincent Quinones

    I got that venom rhyme like sprite got lemon lime. Fkn dope verse.

  9. Ecofuturista

    Sippin Zimas back in the day b4 Smirnoff slang ice ❄

  10. TheTruth

    Why lil kim ever fucked with her body n shit is a wonder....she was hella fine the way she was.....it's okay to be petite with lil B cup tities....now she looks like a freak.


    Del Vec, Jamal, and Lil Cease did they job on this track but BIG KILLED his verse. BIG said. "I married this shit [rap], y'all still engaged." Man, BIG was a serious lyricist and I'm glad I'm old enough to remember when that nigga was killing it when I was a teen during the 1994 to 1996 period.

  12. Bruce Dent

    ¤Michelle J. 'um with you on that one! it don't get anymore gangster than this shit here......I'll put this song against any rap song of today, and yesterday. and you're only reppin' if you have the volume turned all the way up.

  13. Esa&Saiem ABU

    official and kim was a bad biotch

  14. oochie wally

    That whole area of brook is full of hipsters now lol


    Hipster and young money culture is taking over New York and LA, and they aint stopping. These white folks with money in they pockets and dreams of gentrification is out here, and they aint stopping.

  15. GOOFiE GaNG


  16. Sentinel Soul

    Raw joint, Big took it but Jamal killed it too. The baseline for this track were the black keys on the piano in a downward loop, Big L used similar on 8 is enuff

  17. RJ Bond

    Kim was so damn beautfiful i swear

    Bruce Dent

    She never stopped being that way.

  18. J B

    Man underrated

  19. Sharieff Freeman

    i got that venon rhyme Big to nasty

  20. J VD

    man man man lekker dit.

  21. Matt Simms

    Tongue kissin my lawyer at my hearing and....big killed it

  22. Sam Estrada

    Classic song

  23. Mind Overmatter

    I can tell you have no idea who Jamal is because you didn't have his picture up during his verse. smfh

    Chris Hill

    Jamal was 1/2 of the child group called Illegal


    Chris Hill


    This was when Jamal went solo.

  24. alaskan2001

    I swear Satan made this beat. so dark and dope at the same damn time

    TM Nation

    alaskan2001 i agree

    Worn out Testicles

    Clark Kent made it. Same DJ who made Sky's The Limit, Brooklyn's Finest, etc


    Hail Satan!


    there's a little big daddy kane in the background

  25. Sharieff Freeman

    my rhymes so what shakesperean biggie so ahead of his time

  26. Kostas Vavoudakis

    Fucking awese, CLASSIC, too bad and sad that JM made only one lp.

  27. Bruce Dent

    Just admit it yall. Biggie was a gangsta and a pimp to this shit lyrically. and can't and ain't nobody ever gone see him. check it! I got that venom rhyme like sprite got lemon lime, donna karen dime keep her hair done all the time. my rhyme somewhat Shakespearean, blood I'm smearin' in tongue kissin' my lawyer at my hearin'in. this day and age, my rap is like the plague. I married this shit, yall nigga's still engaged. turn blow outs to 360 waves, how does the 12 gauge feel sittin' on yo' tongue, and yo lips in. dippin' with money L in the green beamer, sippin' zemmas while on our way to see katrina.......how hard goes that? lyrical genius!!!!!!


    I know right? Who says or spits the shit Big did back in his day? I be listening, studying, and laughing at the shit Big used to say.

  28. duce Kong


  29. Jeremy Crouch

    Killin it

  30. Anthony Mack

    use to listen to this album every morning before school

  31. A.J. Towin

    yo dis is when you had 4 tens in the back of yo Honda bass box in the trunk

    Worn out Testicles

    A.J. Towin or just a couple of 18s would do the trick

  32. Jeff Futrell

    Lil Jamaal killed this jawn..He always represented Philly the right way

    toya adams

    Stop that's where lil Jamaal was from?????...was lil Malik from Philly too????...Damn, I Always thought they was from NY.... it's All the east coast...But, Damn illegal was hot back in the day....malley G did his Thang in this song... second best verse after Big's...you remember the name of those other lil Nga's that were on the original song...they was young and in a group too...

    Ricardo Migu-El Cerro ALI

    @toya adams Lil Malik was from South Carolina. He got a lot of love in Cali though with the Dogg Pound. That's when they called him Hershey Locc, he killed Snoops "Pump Pump".

    king esseen

    I heard from a reliable source that Malik used to write a little for Snoop.

  33. A. Rashad

    Kim used to be so fine.

    Exiles of the Underground #WeAreExiles

    Was just thinking the same thing, I'll never understand why she fucked up her face.

    Squid Jones

    A. Rashad Yup. That 2nd pic.

    Kam Mike

    A. Rashad she still is

    Anthony Cobb

    A. Rashad I know right I don't know why she messed herself up with all that plastic surgery


    Why lil kim ever fucked with her body n shit is a wonder....she was hella fine the way she was.....it's okay to be petite with lil B cup tities....now she looks like a freak.

  34. birdsflying high


  35. MrGeewon001

    ...i cant believe how many people are sleeping on this 💎

  36. Arlo Zolia

    @03:54 "In this day and age, my rap is like the plague, I married this shit, y'all niggaz still engaged."

  37. manny guzman

    38,000 views...sad...should have 25,000,000 views

  38. Sam Estrada

    Once again biggie killed it r.i.p. BIg

  39. Razah

    The original beat is by big daddy Kane


    Qul no its by ESG - UFO

  40. Thulsa Doom

    Always loved this song and sample. It takes me back to when the DJ would play the original song on the Polar Express ride in Astroland Park (Coney Island). The original track titled "UFO" is by ESG; the first all Black female (sisters) post-punk group based out of the South Bronx.

  41. SailfishSoundSystem

    "I got that venom rhyme like Sprite got lemon lime."

    Exiles of the Underground #WeAreExiles

    Rhymes somewhat Shakespearean


    The Bard is in the yard.

  42. Brad Piff

    Big probably thought he was just throwin a lite verse out there for junior mafia but he murdered it

    Bruce Dent

    @357 C'mon even you don't believe that! We all know Biggie was the rawest, and the illest rapper to have ever held a mic'. Biggie never spat anything stupid, on paper to off the dome, from life to death. B.I.G will always be the #1 contender, those who try to step up to the plate to take his 👑 you've already lost, your done, you've surrendered!






    Only thing I didn't like about this, verses fire but some retard thinking that dumb echo was good

    jamel eason

    @357 Big was in his own Lane pac was Jealous Because Big was fat Black and ugly and fucking as much or more Bitches then him lol smfh.


    well really he wrote most of the Junior Mafia album

  43. vaterbob

    Is little jamal the same guy from the def squad?


    Yeah. Same Jamal. Small world in 1995

    Anthony Mack

    vaterbob yup... he was in a 2 man group called illegal

    James Guy

    vaterbob just like Rick Ross spitting on the group Boys in the Hood b4 he was official

  44. dope_chick.me!

    +JAMALfromILLEGAL sent me here! Idk he was on the track!!! 👍This CD is a bangaaaaaa😀

  45. Arosci

    underrated classic here

    James Guy

    Michelle J. That roc mafia was ill 2

    Sam Estrada

    This is a hidden treasure a "GEM" when I first heard the song the beats got me then lil Kim dragged me in and Biggie finished it killed it....... no he dismembered the corpse yup!!!!!

    Stephen Munro

    That beat still brings shivers to my spine 22 yrs on

    Hook Eat Up

    So hard took me back!

    Bruce Dent

    Just don't get any realer then this shit here! Just straight dope, and some muthafukkin' gangsta shit! My nigga Biggs slayed this muthafukkin' shit!

  46. no name here

    under rated beat  biggie frank white joint here

    Bruce Dent

    Biggie was just a straight gangsta, who was Bossin' on this shit!

  47. Jack Turner

    little Jamal was dope, I remember him on LL cool J's Mr. Smith. Legion of doom!

  48. toya adams

    I'm a diehard lil Kim fan and i neva seen that pic. of her in the jean outfit....also where's Kim's verse, i only came here for her & big's verse

  49. bsommer

    i got that venom rhyme like sprite got lemon lime 

  50. Christian L

    dude I swear this in as mf doom sample


    My man...With a name like Afrika Bambataa you should know better than that...Doom didn't exist back then lol...

    Christian L

    @hiphopuncut he technically did lol he was just called Zev Love X and he released to albums wayyyy before Big even came out 


    +Based Siracha It was clark kent, he made the beat

    Christian L

    @star fuck off 

    Dyno Mutt

    +Christian Lum he had a song with raekwon featured on it called yezzir.. Mf doom i mean. But the original sample is by a group is called E.s.g. and the song is called ufo

  51. cb2k761

    Back when Rap music was legit.


    Damn right!

  52. quentin