Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Murder Onze Lyrics

[Intro: Cheek Del Vec]

Uhh (what?)
Trife & Larceny in the fuckin house (uhh)
My nigga Klep in the fuckin house (Kleptomaniac)
and me (uhh, uhh), Cheek Del Vec (Del Vec, aight) Aight!
(One love) Uhh, check it
(Snake-killin ass niggas, JM one love)

[Verse 1: Del Vec, Kleptomaniac]
Del Vec, little niggas pushing Landcruiser jeeps
gettin blunted all day, every day of the week
Nights in Maxima's and Acura's
Got bitches drivin 929 Mazda's, Tammy and Rhonda
Drivin rope down south in the Honda
I'm behind her in the Pathfinder
gettin blunted, my nigga need all, the XL 600
ridin smoothly playin low-key, watch my bitch
with the brick in the Civic sellin mad weight
Outta state and shit, I can't wait til this record shit is straight
So we can recuperate, get the dough and I'm gone

Motherfuckers fear me, I blow up spots like Ed Leary
Violent pro's even with guns like Sharon Stone
Mack ass nigga strikes again, chalk my win
Kleptomaniac attracts CREAM stacks from eight pens
And sticky hands wit crazy glue like finger tips shoplift
Or pass crews on mountain bikes bustin four-fifths
Diamond Vagettes, Rolex for the bitch, flex
and maxin de Moet, signin my signature on cheques
Crime motherfuckin pays when you know what you're doin
and gettin loops since niggas was rockin Hawaiian suits
What? Don't shoot *gun shot* leave ya family upset
Tight the trip DT's, chasin down robbery suspect

[Chorus: Larceny]

Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young
JM motherfucker, go get your guns
Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young
JM motherfucker, go get your guns

[Verse 2: Trife, Larceny]

Gettin richer cos I move coke and bust quicker
Bitches get richer, jealous niggas wanna hit'cha
Stashin my guns to protect my ones
I see the cash flow, torch it I blast, you know how it go
In the 5-double 0 SL
puffin L's lit while Larce loadin shells in the clip

Snakes-murder men formin plots
Lickin shots outta drop tops and it don't stop
us from gettin the Luchicreno
My clique tight like gambino's stickin casinos
Bussin down kilos, me and Trife for life
JM shorty's on the run
Cocksucker go get your guns

[Chorus x1/2]

[Verse 3: Klep, Del Vec, Trife]

I smoke so much weed, I know my lungs is fucked up
Stick guns I get'cha, spit sperm when I cum
Party done, use to hustle bubble
with concealed capsules under my tongue til my mouth got numb
Now I watch my back like spighty sense was tinglin
Minglin in clubs with Jm puffin on mo' teams
Don't oppose me, shit ain't rosy
Murderin-lyrical gangsta like Ini Kamoze

Del Vec project was set down south with two Tek
I murdered that, we got mad respect
Sheisty niggas and vicars puffin 20's and 50's on the block
I got shit on lock in Little Rock
My bitch got knocked, she sold to a undercover cop
went to jail, put the Benz up for bail
Now I'm fucked up in the cut
I got to move to a diff'rent state to make some quick bucks

As I look around me, dead bodies surround me
Part of drug dealin-killin millions to make millions
Sittin on top, tote Glocks
smokin pounds and phillies by the box, gettin head on the yacht
Presidential rollin, watch hos clock me wit tha 420
Bodyin motherfuckers for this money

[Chorus x2]

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Murder Onze Comments
  1. Chris Elsner

    🔥Mobb Deep Flow🔥

  2. Kenny Green

    No Disrespect To JM...But This Beat Wasn't Blessed The Way It Should've Been....

  3. Slowburn Raloh

    It saddens me that big and 2pac died because a lot magic like Bad Boy/Jr mafia, lil Kim, Death row and outlaws got cut short. So much unfulfilled potential.


    Rest in peace legends

  4. Deee Legend

    The beat is from another dimension

  5. It's J Dot Brwn

    This album so hard & is the start of Lil Kim. She got a solo gem with Back Stabbers. Big said him & Kim would write for most of the team. Only Klepto, Trife, & Larceny knew how to write their own rhymes. All of them had a nice flow. I wish we had got a 2nd album.

  6. Sheryl_Lynn

    My joint. I love Junior Mafia!!!

  7. semjon.

    this album needs more attention.

    Eric Carter

    semjon crescencio this album is still a classic

    Donkey Bellerin

    Shhh i need this to be exclusive

  8. Tupac Alypse Now

    I love this beat

    Kavaun Wilson

    Tupac Alypse Now me too

    cereon baker

    Tupac Alypse Now wow but cool

    Bobby Dazzler

    If only Biggie rhymed on it too

  9. David Daganzo

    Conguito Guns...

    Kavaun Wilson

    David Daganzo lol