Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Lyrical Wizardry Lyrics


Lyrical wizardry dances on MC's like Murray on SC's
Never flaunt, now motherfuckers come test me
Burnin everybody hotter than torches at Jamaican parties
Far from angels, niggas can't see me like Charlie
Style weak? Hardly!
Don't let the wacked persue you like Marley
JM clique moves in packs like whities on Harleys
Niggas get injured, fucked do' in 40 fingers
Got bitches by bike bar bussin Glocks off a' niggas
Klep don't give three shits to flip scripts
Miss bullets from clips, leave niggas rollin up skateboards
wit nuttin under they hips, bitch, so if you test me
shit gets messy, bustin .38 speci
outta paper bags like Joe Pesci
Yo, you know the tune
Make sure bitches don't eat when it's time to shit out them coke balloons
Balked up the ninja when it got shady, now I got grown ladies
bustin .380's outta E Class Mercedes

(Hurry the fuck up bitchm, get on!)
(Fuck you motherfucker let me out this L)
(There they go right there, dot them niggas)
(Motherfuckers!! *gun shots*)

MC's get cut like glass, cut like glass
Rag tagged and crash, hemp bags, come save dat ass
Who wanna get broke the fuck up? Tell me!
Freakin vocabulary like Chinese and spelling bees
T-P-E-L-K held to reflect a device-es
The nicest, Jesus Christ-es
Junior Mafioso, niggas get torn off head to torso
Bullets evacuated out windows
From Hekkyl and Coch, P7 inmates
Extra .380 on a string 'round my neck cos feds check the waist
No time to waste, grab the loot and escape before next break
Heads are clockin, private eyes are watchin
Nigga caught up in the hustle
Fuck flippin packages and tyin up, minx and rings I bubble
Trouble's what I look for in stores on expensive floors
Beeling boots is essence, bookin Pelle's in my drawers
Armani, Gianni Versace, V2
lost count o' all the little sections me and mans ran thru
It ain't hard to discard cans of mace on guards
leave them bitch ass niggas screamin like a fuckin retard
Lyrically I come off like ink alarms
Got styles under the wing like spread is booked under my arms
Niggas couldn't see me with closed circuit TV
tryin to peep my steez, like DT's I get over like I'm fifteen

(Hey, you're not fifteen)
I'm fifteen, what?
(What do you think we are? Assholes or somethin?)
Fuck you! Soundin like that nigga from Night Court
Loose my cuffs I'm outta here!

MC's be fake like toupes so I transplant
Implant my fist to their face makin their skin red
Soundwaves disrupted, they fucked, kid
Airholes bloody rupted but that ain't nuttin
The best is yet to come
MC's get strung like heads on drums
They don't be knowin what I'm knowin
Flowin like I'm flowin
Makin motherfuckers take nose dives like 747 Boeings
Obnoxious beef's squashes face-to-face
Niggas get wet up like Alasha's on Klep's place
Thru the hard time sayin prayers committin crimes
Sick minds don't care, rockin parties from front to rear
Brains engulfed by ferocious ???
runnin up on Big wit Lex wit nappies doused with chloroforms
Livin in a world where you do what you must
If preachers be robbin niggas who the fuck can you trust?

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Lyrical Wizardry Comments
  1. Travis Alston

    This was favorite my joint off the album!!!klepto was that mc.klept u need to do a solo album.keep it raw🔥🔥🔥

  2. Saleam Azaire

    If Preachers be robbing niggas who the fuck can you trust DAMN.....

  3. AcidBro

    Best track on the album

  4. Val Khan

    SIIIIIIIIIIICK beat !!! Miss the 90s! YO!!!

  5. enzigenes

    Was Klept a Lo-Life? He was always rocking Polo and rapping about it. Just curious.

  6. Dan Arche

    Love this track...


    Klepto was dope as fuck! This that real shit!


    That oughta tell you how cold Klepto was. The record company didn't let no other member of Junior Mafia spit on this song but Klepto. He bodied this song. Only mature hip hop heads (no matter what region you're from) could appreciate a song like this.

  9. 777

    extra gun on a string round my neck cause feds check the waist....lmfao. Klep was a monster. Imma be honest with yall...Conspiracy >>> Ready to Die

  10. Camilo de la Carrera

    Klepto rocking Ralphis Polo and murdering the beat

  11. The Boss

    If he really wrote this then there is no reason for him not to be a star

  12. Kcirtap141

    fuck hip hop , im listenin' to this rap shit. Kanye eat a d1ck up. down since year of release, B1aaatch!!!!

  13. tyylivin

    2018 am only 16 and I can't stop listening to this joint

  14. Leon Carter

    A lot of the young heads these days need to listen to tracks like this....... it's like the title says....... Lyrical Wizardry 👍

  15. Chris Deal

    beat so brooklyn

    Valentine Kolpakov

    Chris Deal facts

  16. SCT

    been a while since I've heard this. one of the best.

  17. Wendell Nibbs

    Did he dis Cam and Mase at 2:03

    Dave Jackson

    Wendell Nibbs “It Ain’t Hard To Discard CANS Of MACE On Guards”


    Mase and Cam were nowhere around when this came out in 95.

  18. Sheryl_Lynn

    Klept don't give 3 shits to flip scripts...............

  19. Abraham Abdul

    Get cut like glass cut like class rags tags and crash airbags come save save that ass

  20. Ben Pentland

    Very underrated album

  21. Noroc Coron

    I have to admit, Klept did murder this track. My fave off that album.
    No more rap like this!!! TOOOOO bad!!!

    Cosmics Conscious

    Real talk

  22. Worn out Testicles

    Akshun (Special Ed's producer) produced some monsters - Open Fire for Tupac, this track, Murder Once, Just Like That for Special Ed

    Mydas Murray

    father shaheed did 'just like dat' but yeah akshun did a lot of special ed beats, its crazy. I didn't realise he did this and onze

    Worn out Testicles

    @Mydas Murray Ah yeah you're right, Just Like Dat is ill too with 9ine on the chorus!!

  23. Worn out Testicles

    Fuck! Heavy beat!


    that beat is straight knockin

  25. Jahmal Peters

    bustin 38 species outta paper bags like joe pesci!! what?!

    The one and only

    ive seen all the biggie documentaries and they all say biggie wrote for junior mafia


    @The one and only And you're point is? I'm pretty sure them niggas had some input on they rhymes. Can't nobody go in the studio and just get 100 percent written for. Real emcees, especially East Coast niggas don't play that shit. They gotta have some input, that's how they're (East Coast rappers) built.

    black neo the one

    No kelpt wrote his own shit just listen his style different from big all the way. Big wrote cease and kim shit

  26. Julian Fuentes

    This is real n.y gangsta rap!

  27. Otis Grier

    Once again Klepto killed it