Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Let's Get It On Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil' Cease]
Yo, I call my connect, get it sent across the border
Chop it up, bag it in bundles of all quarters
I might just hold it and sell weight
Have my shit pumpin all across the tristate
Nigga I'ma gangsta, I'm the word to define great
You's a old-timer, you a hustler design late
Shit, I got my own company, why should I hate?
My paper long as fuck, high as a pie steak
And my cell phone never ring, it just vibrate
Did a couple years in the pen, I don't sign state
A nigga had a brick and the stash on the highway
I'm always on time like Ja Rule and Ashanti
Ya boy on the grind like it's Friday to friday
A nigga like me cherish days like I'm Sade
No time for the bullshit, no time for the foul play
Now I'ma boss, I'ma do this shit my way
So nigga what you want?

[Hook x2: Lil' Cease]
I got my own company, why should I hate
My paper long as fuck, high as a pie steak
And my cell phone never ring, it just vibrate
Did a couple years in the pen, I don't sign state

[Verse 2: Banger]
Yo, Yo
I got that work that the africans stepped on, the pope blessed on
The 2 for 5's, the whole hood slepted on
Don't kept growin toes, never got stepped on
Nowadays, nigga recognized I'm a real don
Since Big passed, is when the fame and the thrill's gone
Left 3 mill on the block, and I'm still on
Niggas see my face when the real's on
I do the stealin, but I never get stoled on
My life is like Cash Money bitch when I roll on
And anytime I lay wit a bitch is wit no clothes on
It's hard doin' right, cuz all my life I did so wrong
Pissed, I popped shit like Monica, I'm so gone
After fame comes success, now that my team's strong
Nowadays, I don't need a shoulder to lean on
Just put me in the booth, give me a mic to scream on
And any gun I pack got its infrared beam on
So nigga what you want?

[Hook x4]

...Why should I hate
...High as a pie steak
...It just vibrate
...I don't sign state

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Let's Get It On Comments
  1. Cleiton Telles

    big música loka top eterno big smals👌✌👉👈

  2. Slay-Z YT

    2pac laughs at this shit lmao

  3. ej_203

    This brings back memories! This a #Classic

  4. shawn0md

    Lil Kim for LIFE. Fuck jm they sum snitches

    Sheem Universal Shabazz Allah

    shawn0md Cease didn't Snitch She Lied on the Stand Cease didn't Rat Dass why Jim an Cam got Got Fucked up At Rucker Park For That Cease Ain't take the Stand on Kim

  5. Christopher Miller

    They all killed it, but Biggie bodied the last verse.

  6. Antt Dillingah

    this is that shit dun

  7. Terah Da Barber


  8. TampaOutlaw

    This shit straight fire and for you niggas hating on cease saying he fat this video old..cease muscle bound now!

  9. Ms. Le Mon

    Dis my shit son!!!! R.i.p. biggie

  10. Marcos Vinícios

    Fat? He's just full of rhymes

  11. Michael Papadimitriou

    lil cease is little cousin of notorious big

  12. MacRichards15


  13. cold burn

    reppin his cousin

  14. banknotti

    cease *WAS* fat

  15. Jesus Noriega

    haha cease looks funny being fat

  16. yussu dumbia

    Nuff respect , BK to the fullest ? BIG R I P

  17. KeyLowGeezie

    @MrBlizo check out his dvd hard body. this vid is old

  18. SaLuCK

    big track !!! really good shit

  19. mohsen93xxz

    @MrBlizo he is hard body right now

  20. BIG-WhoShotYa

    cease u have always been the dope dude in JM! stay free n keep doin yo thing homie!

  21. Michael Perez

    Damn biggie do life

  22. MrBlizo

    Cease got fat

  23. BoomDog001


  24. BoomDog001

    @MrPacolypse all this shit u sayin about biggie was unnecessary.(suck ah dick man)BIGGIE WAS DOPE NO MATTER WHAT AND TUPAC ASWELL!!!!

  25. ThaGodFatha826

    biggies verse is fucken unreal

  26. Swade


  27. Keizer Soze

    MADONNA - (*pappa dont preach*) sample ?? produced by CHINA BLACK ??


    @BiggieSmalls11111 yeah someone is always pulling pac of of their ass smh. i'm so sick of that shit

  29. RaslinRIP3

    @Kainisskate @cjhasfallen22 I think both of you are posers.

  30. diamond99100

    lil cease ft banger has got ill flows to be honest they both underrated

  31. cjhasfallen22

    Lol those guys are such posers

  32. DatHipHopHead

    Dis Beat Go Hard!