Junior M.A.F.I.A. - I Need You Tonight Lyrics

[Verse One: Trife]
Baby listen, bets to believe
I can give you what you want and all that you need
Mackin' all the ladies, from the fly to the shady
Marquis diamonds, 600 Mercedes
I'll fly you across the seas in a private jet
Whisper shit in ya ear to get ya panties wet
Honey I'll show you how good life can get
Winin and dinin, non-chalant in the finest restaraunt
Feed you lobster cause I'm a true mobster
Lame niggaz bore ya, lay ya down in the Waldorf-Astoria
Victoria Secret; lingerie, I like the freak shit
Dim the lights, sex all through the night
King sized beds, Satin sheets gettin' right
Wear you out, leave my number by the phone
When you wake up in the morn', I'm gone

[Chorus: Aaliyah]
I wonder if I take you home will you still be in love baby
Because I need you tonight
Wonder if I take you home would you still be in love baby
Because I need you tonight

Home, home
Home home home

[Verse Two: Lil' Kim]
Uh! Do you know who I be? Lil' Kim the Lieutenant (that's right)
Here to put it on you fools tryin to run up in it
(What's the matter Big Momma, don't you like what you see?)
Like my girl Mary B. you just ain't runnin' up in me, uh
You got to give me what I need baby..
That's a drop top Z baby
Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante
Dom Perignon so we can get it on
Movado watch, Tennis for the wrists
Nigga; you ain't ever seen no ice like this
So now you know what you workin with, handle your business
And keep coming with that stuff that I like (like..)
Light a candle, I'm too hot to handle
I see yo' eyes sizin' up my hips and my thighs
Man I'll do things to you (uh-huh)..
Vanessa Del Rio be 'shamed to do


[Verse Three: Kleptomaniac]
Mack ass nigga, smooth like Tom Cat in the zoot-suit
Game's fullproof leavin parties with bitches in NFS Coupes
Spittin' game, with or without the eye contact
With or without contracts, layin my game down flat
Kleptomaniac, rides any rhythm that you give him, I'm livin right
Semi-precious stones, exotic bitches in skin-tights
Hands-free mobile phone, showin women how to live life
If that's your girl, she wasn't last night
Made her life worthwhile, Benjamins by the piles
Turn her frowns to smiles, livin Goodfella's lifestyle
Nails done and hair, livin rooms with chandeliers
Sex in a strech Lex, no cares for who wanna stare
Yeah, now that's a real women for ya
High execs and lawyers, pearls gems and Tag Heuers
Bachelor degrees, bringin home bacon and cheese
Freaky Saundra ain't afraid to get some dirt up on her knees

[Chorus x3: repeats to fade]

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Junior M.A.F.I.A. I Need You Tonight Comments
  1. DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too

    Not trying to be funny but R.kelly bought me here...found out this song was sample born into the 90s by r kelly

  2. BROTHA Jeff

    RIP Aaliyah , Tommy from Martin and the old Lil Kim ....

  3. Danny Vey


  4. Kristal Marie

    3:51 Kim looks so pretty right here.

  5. Justice Marley

    I love faith’s harmonies on this song 🥰😍

  6. lunah lulah

    0:40 wasn't she 16 in this

    Johnny davis

    lunah lulah Aaliyah yes

  7. Melissa Thompson-Moore

    Aaliyah 😍😍😍😍

  8. Drope

    Quer saber sobre o Rap e sua origens estamos no lugar certo a evolução do RAP agradecemos a todos que fizeram parte da historia do Rap em meio as guerras, a evolução não parou a qualidade e o toque são especiais nasci em 1993 mais creio que entendo a verdadeira importância que todos os Cantores e Mcs fizeram nesse ano de 2019 estou aqui relembrando o verdadeira Rap saudando aqueles que fizeram parte sem vcs a evolução não aconteceria e as produtoras Junior Mafia e por ai não para

  9. Justin Everett

    Rip Aaliyah

  10. Vincent_ 007

    Aaliyah swagg was fleek!

  11. City Light

    Who is the white guy rapping?

  12. Christopher Aime

    New York 90s oooooweeee

  13. Sabine Bugatti

    Aaliyah was killed

  14. Des T

    They killed this 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Unco Chin

    Aaliyah made the music video better.

  16. Kev Elikem

    Super Classic Right here! Been slapping in my days in ghana back, now in ukraine still slapping!! R.i.p Aaliyah!

  17. Devin Brent King

    Aaliyah 🥰

  18. stunnah B4,

    Classic 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. dre franks

    The good days being a teen in the 90s was the best times

  20. TripJay21

    they was 100% bittin death row i cant lie.....puffy put them to do this

  21. kofi k

    Patrice rushden is the original

  22. Omar Norris


  23. MetalizedButt

    Who’s the jew at 1:42

  24. DeepOneForThought

    This was my jam. Loved the beat.

  25. Legendary DQ

    Lil Kim looked so much better back then.

    Ronald Mack

    Still does.

  26. Tony Snow

    U can tell biggie wrote all the lyrics to this song....lol...but that makes biggie even more of a real nigga because he knew his team couldn’t rap but he put him on anyway.

  27. mio henny

    2019---this will forever be an all time FAVORITE!!! They don't make tunes like this no more!

  28. jwaav

    aaliyah looks fine 😍

  29. TS FB

    And they say Cardi and Nicki are better than Kim? Hell no, not even close.

  30. Temitope Adeyiga

    Lil Mama in the house🙏🏾🕊

  31. Mauricio Sierra Martínez

    1:15 Hahaha Bogotá is nothing like that, it's a huge city! I love the song but it's funny how they show Latin American countries.

  32. cam2012cm32

    Who else think aaliyah was ONE of the finest in the 90s n forever nobody will replace u baby girl n Lil kim was also fine wtf was she thinking!!

  33. Vintage Donny 1990

    Imagine If I Was Born In 80 Instead Of 90 I Would’ve Been 14-15 Instead Of 4-5 But Either Way That Yeah Was Lit Everybody In One Video Were Having Fun With Good Vibe Without Taking Pics Every 5 Seconds Holding On The Wall Oh Yeah There Wasn’t Any Social Media’s Nor IPhones Even Exists Then As A 4-5 Year Old Kid All Over Sega Genesis Super Nintendo Games Original Jordans Vintage Hip Hop Fashions

  34. Victoria Hernandez

    I love this song but I didn't know ice cube had a brotha lol he looks a little like ice cube


    RIP bbg love u😥

  36. David Simpson

    Lil Kim 's part give me life!!!!

  37. Hey Y'all

    Why is aaliyah in this video clearly that is NOT her voice. 🤔

  38. MJ Brown

    This sounds like Faith 🤔

  39. Notoriouss KB

    I wanna keep coming wit that stuff that she like

  40. William Dorsey

    That sounds like Faith Evans singing?


    This was the good days😌😌🎶🎶This was waayyy before Lil Kim was beat in the face and had to get it fixed through surgery😔😔Well,she is still beautiful to me and I love her no matter what☺RIP Aaliyah and Tommy😚😚

  42. hennybluntsandhoes

    i miss the 90s even if i was born in 2000😂😭

  43. Rachel Vasquez

    This is not the Aaliyah version 🥺

  44. Sonny Laksono

    I feel like crying right now. I wish i can live inside this song forever.

  45. The P

    The 90's were so much fun... good music and genuine people.

  46. ty westphilly


  47. Prince Von

    Aaliyah was soo gorgeous i miss her so much so talented

  48. Breboi17

    This is not the correct vocals with that video b/c that is faith and not aaliyah

  49. Ash Stephens


  50. Chocolate Queen

    Classic 80's song from Patrice Rushen Remind Me.

  51. Giancarlo Ferreira

    Que som cabuloso

  52. Clinton Allen

    Love dis jam

  53. Notoriouss KB

    When big passed a piece of kim died with him🥺🥺

  54. TrapVibe Reactions

    People who know music and know voices know the difference and who singer it is

  55. TrapVibe Reactions

    Faith evans is singing that's not a aliyah voice, she's humming

  56. Smok Biggarton

    RIP to Lil Kim faces

  57. Chandra Campbell

    Early To Mid Nineties when music and artist were true and real too the game and too each other.

  58. Aaron Flippen

    When you see videos from this era, it really does make you see how the culture has devolved. This was aspirational. The look, the vibe. Now videos are full of borderline junkies & skripper burn outs. Don't know how, but we dropped the ball....

  59. Jesus Cortez

    Damn aaliyah was 16 during this time


    Babygirl n queen bee

  61. brooklynnetsonline Brooklyn24

    I need to go back to 95 . I don't like 2019 😞

  62. Hans Gerber

    can't do anything wrong by sampling Patrice Rushen - Remind Me

  63. naffester richer

    Nice ! 👏🏻👏🏻


    Definitely the 90's.

  65. Goosie2012

    This was the shit in the 90’s! I’m a 40 year old women and still listen to queen b.

  66. K C

    Aaliyah now that's how a REAL woman looks and acts like! Ya I'm looking at you Cardi B- 🤮

  67. :3 Blackpink

    She play movie

  68. She_Plays

    Still hot in 2019💯

  69. Edward Gardeño

    I like freak shit

  70. your boy B

    Lil Kim fuckin killed it Aaliyah r.i.p beautiful girl and voice

  71. TheAmandaShow

    still bumpin this

  72. Studio 28平和と破壊

    Who is the guy rapping in the beginning

  73. marie clark

    Damn what happened to the first rapper....he was fine as hell ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. Bobby Jones

    I youse to luv lil kom freaky ass goofy ass destroyed het self ..bihh was a bad lil hype mtfer

  75. jason wong

    RIP tommy and Aaliyah
    Can it be 1995 please?
    Aaliyah was so smooth!!

  76. Katu Ceeva

    Remind Me〜♫

  77. Jon Mclaine

    OMG Fergie!


    This was the X-Rated version of this video. It was the jam though. They don't make videos like this no more.


    That cat who was thirsty for Kim, that dude was a scene stealer. Kim was the featured person in that part of the video but he carried his weight versus Kim though. As soon as Kim said that Vanessa Del Rio line his body just shook. That was sooooooo funny.

  80. ThoRho & PRhofound

    Aaliyah was not singing.

  81. Believe It

    Yoo... That's NOT Aaliyah's voice at all !🙅

  82. Dawayne Jordan

    Why does this remind me of Notorious BIG'S f/ R. Kelly - Fuck You Tonite?

  83. Damen Sorrell

    Man, you know Tommy ain’t got no job.

  84. It’s Fabe

    This takes me back to those 90’s basement party days, those summer nights were lit af 🔥🔥🔥 real shit 💯💯

  85. Quarlan Leveston

    back when barber's actually knew how to bald fade.

  86. relaxwithme

    Such a vibe🙌

  87. Rachel Vasquez

    This not even Aaliyah smh!! That’s Faith evans singing background 😩😡

  88. elvacano231

    Wonder years

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    That old school feel right here

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  91. Tré

    U remind meeeee

  92. Blackstallionsunday zombie

    I remember back in 99 when D had me callin all my friends DOG!

  93. Bridgett Holman

    Lisa, Lisa l wonder if I take you home.

  94. James Clayborn

    Aaliyah and Lil Kim exudes sex appeal.....

  95. pikniknb

    Ugh son

  96. luchinni96

    I LOVE you Aaliyah"