Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Back Stabbers Lyrics

Smile in your face!
Back Stabbers!

They smile in your face
All the time they wanna take your place
The back stabbers!(Back stabbers)

The Buda got my brain seein my own my blood stains
Dental records checkin my remains,it's hard to explain
First I see 'em then I don't, they disappear
First she tried to slit my throat,now she ain't there
I'm seein bitches in the mirrors behind me
But when I turn around, they hard to find
See a little bit of weed and a little bit of greed
Make a bitch wanna choke me till I bleed
Now watch a bitch breathe from dum-dums
That some young bum had to bust just for wreck
Earn some self-respect,now should I tote a fo' pound
'Cause a clown wants my autograph
Broken off that hash I think he wants my cash
The Lexus and rings,give a sex simple and plain
But these bitches is mad an' they niggas is bad
So they scheme on a CREAM,you know
Fuck the hos,bitches is detrimental,the guns is essential


I'm having re-occuring dreams-bitches they want my CREAM
They wanna be lieutenant so it seems,I can't sleep
I see an image that keeps movin round and round my bed
The shadow stops,points a Glock to my fuckin head
I grab my pillow,crack the back window
pull out the tre-8,bust three times at the gate
LORD have mercy!The devil tryin to curse me
I keeps seeing shit that wasn't there in the first
See bitches be livin mad fad-they fuck my man
Steal out my crib,then come an' try an' shake my hand
Yeah man,breakin you down one time
I packs that shit for your ass,Chronic for your mind
I keeps it real on all you bitches,I wish you keep your mind
Off my motherfuckin riches
Bitches,I'm tired of all you hos beggin me for clothes
Bank rolls is all I knows,that shit is dead chicken-head!


The morning's finally here,damn!What should I wear?
Time to get dressed and do my hair,once again it's on
Somebody's knockin at my door,but when I walk across the floor
Just ope' it up,the motherfucker's gone
I'm hearing voices in the back of my mind
Better grab my 2,'cause this fool might get outta line
I guess it's time to test this bullet-proof dress
From putting holes up in my chest
I'm lookin through the peep-hole to recognise the face
I see three bitches and still I got to play it safe
I hope my dress come in handy,but when I open the door
Three little girls selling candy,ya see bitches is jealous
Of Little Kim because my click is thicker than the rest of them
All I wanna do is be rich and stay that bitch
Clock dough on the law,y'know?


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Junior M.A.F.I.A. Back Stabbers Comments

    Her & Fox love them some Àngela Winbush, they stayed sampling her.

  2. CrissyJs Way

    I loveeeeeeee this song!!! I miss the 90s

  3. Kingg Armstrong

    Born in 93 heard this last year nobody flows like this 🔥

  4. Truth Hurts

    dedicated to Lil Fizz from Omarion.. lol

  5. Aristo 1530

    I will never blame her. He is at fault.

  6. Harley Weedwax

    Kimmy on the verses and Jimmy(Cozier) on the hook!

  7. TheRalphie2020

    Love this album. Favorite Kim song. She was using this monotone voice when she rapped on this album, which I loved.

  8. JaySmitty33

    Fuck Nicki Manaj dumbass. Kim has and will always be the Queen. 👸

  9. Yemeni Honey


  10. Todd Gugino

    2019 bass is bangin

  11. Joealy G

    I'm like a sqeezying teddy bear.:

  12. cece2483


  13. Mike Knight

    That shit is dead chicken head


    I've always admired since about 1997, how Kim has went in on dudes and females in her songs, because both sexes can fuck you over. Kim seen it all and heard it all. Man, what a street poet Kim is.


    I grew up around the time when Jimmy Cozier was the apple of a lot of teenage and 20-somethings eyes. I wasn't into his music, but that man could sing and it was a nice touch to put him on this song.

  16. 777

    This is one of the only rap records that I find legitimately terrifying. My biggest fear has always been getting set up by a bitch and losing my life just cause I was thinking with my dick. Y’all MEN need to stay vigilant.


    It also depends on what type of women that a man be seeking. Good men or at least halfway decent men need to STOP fucking with these trifling, disrespectful, and greedy ass females. If a woman aint got an education or a job, I don't EEEEVEN pay attention to them or even look at them.

  17. Ian Grant

    Magical Days....

  18. Aristocrat 1530

    I used to listen to this ..,

  19. ahaiku

    All I wanna do is be rich and stay that bitch, clock dough on the low, you know!

  20. It’s Fabe

    Definitely jamming in 2019 🔥🔥🔥 song still going hard.

  21. Crystal Caster

    My bitch 😍💯

  22. Kevin Awuye

    Best lil kim song, French montana samples the bassline on 'Water'! And yeah she defo shoulda done a video for this!

  23. Donkey Bellerin

    Ive been depressed for 5 or 6 years but this album, it made me smile and happy. It's like i found life again, Conspiracy may be my fav album of all time

  24. Marcos Donzz

    Junior Máfia Brasil

  25. sympathy and payola B

    Bring this Kim back!! We love you Kim

  26. Nia Harris


  27. Kekek K


  28. Dr. Props

    Love this whole album...too dope

  29. Ben H

    She said chicken heads way before Project Pat!

  30. dreamerct

    M a s t e r p i e c e 🦈💘🦈
    Such great Music & so timeless
    My awesome 90's / Forget the rest

  31. Richard Watson

    This was the song that made me respect Lil Kim's lyrical potential

  32. christyxy702

    They never did a video. 😞

  33. rickey neal

    This is where it all started... Raunchy Originator.. Og QB Kimberly Jones... Lil Kim

  34. Matthew Sundhu

    So am I 😎😎

  35. william jones

    All i can say is why was there never a video for this!!???

  36. OG 6


    Josh Johnson

    Trap God 6 word?

  37. Gary Evans

    Damn Lil Kim spit this shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Miss Mi


  39. DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    Shout out to Jimmy Cozier blessing the tracc with harmony in the hook

  40. dynamic

    One of my favorite song of this album

  41. Phoenician Jeffries

    Im still listening in 2018👍🔥🔥✌


    Saaammmeee !!! 💯

    Joe Bradley

    On gawd

    Maxime Tondji

    Beautiful song

  42. eugene lewis

    Always the shit

  43. Edward Mccutchen

    almost forgot junior-mafias classic(backstabbers;reality,shizzit!

  44. Pyramid Politpris18

    bumped this shit through my junior year!!!

  45. Roddrice Armstrong

    Lil Kim is the real "QUEEN B"

  46. Sly ThaPlyboi

    Queen of Hip-Hop(rap) period 👑👑💍💍

  47. Myron Caballero

    Sooooo many people can relate to song.

  48. Tony Brown

    Damn I ain't know lil Kim did it like this

  49. Clint Hollister

    The is Kims best song

  50. Johnny 'Egha

    See them everyday @ work.....

  51. alvin mann

    thatZ my L0 , #thereallilkim #queenbee #beehive #lolifes

  52. LaChele

    Why this song came to mind? No idea, but it's all good. I don't remember liking this full album, but this song was a standout.

  53. Edmond Taverdyan

    this Kim's toughest track and alot of niggaz never even heard it......smh

  54. julian chamblee

    It's only one queen Lil Kim

  55. tierrha mcloyd

    real shit hear.....all hail the queen

  56. Pooh Bee

    I guess it's time to test this bulletproof dress from putting holes up in my chest. Umm looking through the peephole to recognize the face. I see 3 bitches still I got to play it safe. I hope my dress come in handy. But when I open the door 3 little girls selling candy. You see bitches is jealous of Lil Kim because my click is thicker than the rest of them. All I wanna do is be rich and stay that bitch. Clock doe on the low... YOU KNOW!! #Classic

  57. Mike Lujan

    2017 still a good song!

  58. Nikki Dawkins

    ❤💛💚💙💜 Lil Kim you did that!!!

    Mike Knight

    Yes she fucking did... love that bitch. She stole my heart in 95

  59. Craig CHayes aka Six

    Remember these days I was a teenager in Indianapolis when I stumbled across JMC music

  60. Brwad with a W The W is silent

    Originally song by Pudgee The Phat Bastard.......he did a lot of ghost writing for junior mafia and lil kim.

    jc bentley

    Benji Da Hunted proof? Icki garbage I can't stan

  61. Demetrius Russell

    Lil Kim, The Queen Bee.

  62. witch


  63. Chance St.Thomas

    "Back Stabbers" #JimmyCozier vocals 👍

  64. David Orphe

    Queen Bee rules 4 ever.

  65. ben israel

    mine 2 chantalx

  66. VW DT

    "Conspiracy" has to be one of the most underrated albums in Hip Hop history Gods. So many gems on that joint, with this joint, being one of the many. "I guess...? It's time to test...this bullet proof dress...from puttin' holes up in my chest.." When you have dope rhymes such at that one, add a RAW mix of Angela Wimbush's "Your Smile" and the O'Jays "Backstabbers"..? Instant classic.

    Anya Shaw


    Eric Lewis

    Cause Diddy didn't promote it cause Big sign a deal with Un for Jr Mafia Lp

    Worn out Testicles

    Having only truly listened to this album in its entirety in the last couple of years, I have to admit it really is insanely underrated!! It is crammed full of classic joints, with top class production courtesy of Clark Kent, EZ Elpee, DJ Akshun etc. It says a lot about how incredible Hip Hop was during the mid nineties golden era when an album this brilliant went under the radar. Me Against The World, Doe or Die, Soul Food, Curb Servin', The Infamous, Dogg Food, 456, Temples of Boom, Da Shinin', Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, 2000, Liquid Swords, Livin Proof, Mr Smith, The Natural, Poverty's Paradise, Labcabincalifornia, Do You Want More, Lifestyles of Da Poor & Dangerous, All We Got Iz Us, Sittin On Chrome, Jealous Ones Envy, Goodfellas, Hold It Down, Cocktails, The Show, Double or Nothing, Last Chance No Breaks, E1999.... ridiculous amount of classic shit!!!!! We were spoiled!

  67. Gigil' s

    dis my fav song from da queen

  68. Ariana Gray

    indeed Kimmy kill it 🎵🎵

  69. Genesis Jordan

    Kim killed it 🎤🎧🎵

  70. samara maggitt

    this song brings back a lot of memories...that shit is dead chicken heads

    VW DT

    I love the line "Had to bust just for wreck earn some self respect." Kim is nice God.

    Mista O

    mad ill

    Kavaun Wilson

    +Mista O Heath who sings this verse song with lilkim? not juniormafia

    Mista O

    @Kavaun Wilson look up the album n look for who is featured who sings the hook on the song.

  71. Tamara Wilkins

    This is classic Lil Kim

  72. Kyjuan Carter

    this beat tho

    Ntsika Zwelibanzi

    Braaaaaaa 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Adam Gordon

    Kyjuan Carter * 🔥🔥🔥

    carla wells

    The beat is COLD

    Ray Sage

    The sample is Angela Windbush’s ‘Smile’.

  73. Rebecca Hunter

    The Buddha got my brain seeing my own blood stains


    "It's hard to explain first i see them then I don't"

    Ben H

    That is so classic B.I.G., he would always rhyme within bars. He was the greatest!

    shawn da Ikon

    Something I can understand and sing along too..thank God for YouTube

    The Boss

    Benjamin H. No doubt he clearly wrote this that dude don't get the recognition he deserves and his life was always at risk idk how he found the time


    @The Boss You're right about that. Biggie had to worry about managing his own career, Junior Mafia's career, take care of his kids and mom, AND he had to watch his own back. God probably took Biggie and Pac off this earth so they wouldn't have to worry and stress no damn more.

  74. Ruben Torres

    take. yo. place ☺

  75. Reggie Walker

    Nicki who?!?. Young bitchs need to learn who the real queen is.

    Mary Fabela

    Reggie Walker hahaha forreal! Say it louder I wonder if any of the 21st century heard you... Lol Nikki don't have jack shit on Lil Kim

  76. DaMusicMane1

    This is my favorite song from Lil Kim. She killed the Angela Winbush sample. They don't make music like this anymore sadly.

    Vaughn Boston

    +DaMusicMane1 Yeah ! this is forever a diamond. Besides, she dropped sum real jewels during the song anyways. Half of today's hip hop isn't relevant. Not saying anything different verses the next artist lyrically.

  77. royalreign

    The Original Queen Bitch!!!

  78. Meyer L

    music like this in my collection is why I will NEVER listen to the radio that plays that "Skinny-Leg-Pant-Rap-Bullshit"

  79. terry anderson

    like neighors in my building

  80. UGkerto

    the beat tooo smooth

  81. Randle Sparks

    Angela Winbush- Your Smile

  82. cameronaz1

    See if niki minaj ever make a jam that can compare to this. Neva

  83. boolz

    no way she wrote that

    jc bentley

    boolz she did


    boolz 🤣

  84. trvee malone

    My shxtt

  85. Jevon Johnson


  86. thomas bass

    This why I love Kim she tells it like it is real talk

    Jason WAlker

    Nicki don't come close to Kim. She be on wierd shit, Kim brought the sexuality and rough street edge all in one boiling pot. All hail Queen Kim 😁 . #RealHiphop

    Forever King

    @Jason WAlker-- Bro you responded to a comment made over 5 years. 😂

  87. Christopher UGlee

    Loved it

  88. crazy4luv2

    females r ruthless

    Tiffany Dent

    love this shit

  89. SumthynnSpecial

    its a mmixture of the ojay's and Rene and Angela

    Ron Michaels

    What song by Rene and angela?

    Anika Allen

    Ron Michaels the song is 'Your Smile' by Renee and Angela

  90. Adam Galladora

    i listened to the ojays version like 10 times and didnt hear anything but the hook.

  91. Adam Galladora

    they only use the hook.

  92. coolkirby4

    I love this song! Thxs for the upload. :3