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Hey! D!
That's how it goes!

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Jungle How It Goes Comments
  1. Joe Swanson

    Just wondering does weak3n ever play ranked or is it only casuals? Never get to catch the live streams

  2. Beenbarian

    This video was great. Shame you wasn't good enough to get that last kill. Can't spell skill without kills

  3. Josh Reden

    does this guy ever stop bitching

  4. LethalDose

    nobody plays osires but then releases a video where he get a qudra and stomps the other team

  5. Carlos Marte

    Why so thirsty for a kill though lol, the W is all that counts.

  6. oxStr8upGrEeKxo

    "why does this god do no damage"
    genesha mains: hold my beer

  7. that guy

    Best part was 31:44 the range of emotions; planning,suprised,focused,sad,happy,sad and bewildered

  8. Pinxue Li

    "Youtube will not like to watch 2 hours of me not getting kills" I actually think it's more fun than 2 hrs of you getting them LOL

  9. Sterling Wirth

    Supports have fun bullying other players and feeding their adc

  10. SamBaLam

    The fact that you will only play certain God's for HUNDREDS of fucking dollars just shows how much of a greedy ass you are. Seriously - youre playing video games and you refuse to play a god unless they donate $400+? Its absurd. 20-30 mins of your time. Complained whole game yet you got 1500 bucks to play a video game for 30 min rofl.

    Most entitled person ever.

  11. Bugati Mundi

    Was crying at 31:51

  12. shehr yar

    best video ever

  13. Cerax

    And now i'm expecting another two videos, better get myself some popcorn and soda

  14. Kronos The Clock Destroyer

    Well he is the god of success 😏

  15. Matthew Harding

    So did he forget Ganesha passive when he complained about not getting kills?...

  16. KrAnK

    really funny video ahah

  17. Alejandro Lonewolf

    27:33 That face hahahahaha

  18. Dark Phantomv1

    Lmao he does know that you can only get assist with that character and you kills are counted as assists


    Kills are giving to your team in range of the assist. My team was barely in range for many of the kills. Pretty simple thing to pick up

  19. MonzterAssassin

    So point taken we should all just donate requests for you to play Ganesha more lol

  20. Psycho Ken

    I've done this several times, Gamesha chunks.

  21. Trevor White

    I am completely convinced that you have no idea how to bait out abilities, I watched you initiate fights on odin/hou yi/thor/osiris without getting their escapes out first, it really isnt that hard and you would secure your kills, and ganesha has some of the best setup in the game, early game should be just setting up kills until you get a lead, you were trying to kill by yourself from minute 3

  22. General Bogi

    Ganesh is not good AS a JG. True saying garabage MAYBE. But AS a Guardian Op. Stop calling him garabage just you cant play him AS a jg . Jesus mad for no reason

  23. TTJOKER4

    Complains for not getting the kill with Ganesha. It is like complaining when nu wa on the enemy side does not miss her ult. This is the game mechanics just play the fking game.

  24. jean-sébastien dubé

    These are the best kind of games. Whoever paid for that, thank you.

  25. TheWraithGames

    11:19 : "Why does this god do no damage?!"

    Ganesha: Highest damage ult in the game

    Love you brother

  26. Undeadriot 10101

    Its even harder to get a kill since ganesh has increased assist range, im sorry you have to do this 3 times in a row.

  27. SooMuchCarnage

    11:03 “this is my chance” literally had me crying

  28. AdamThePear

    Ganesha only does damage if you build him like a burst mage, and if you have a Kuzenbo following you the whole game (both Ganesha and Kuzenbo get their ults every 60 seconds or so with 40% cdr)

  29. Dion Jones

    Imagine having to play Ganesha jungle every month for the rest of your smite streaming career

  30. Matthew Cone

    His passive gives the kill away omggggggggggggg

  31. TheAngelChaz

    You think supports have fun XD?

  32. Matt Foster

    i have a diamond ganesha so i guess i found fun in him somewhere

  33. JJMS !

    he's complaining about not getting kills as Ganesha? Bruh I'm confused

  34. Cole Weget

    Up here in Canada we can deal with a hell of a lot more then 1 foot of snow lol. I used to walk to school for 4 block after it snowed 3 feet and it was -35°C . And my mom would drive on the highway to work in an SUV. Americans are just weak lol.

  35. Verris54321

    seeing you take that kill get mad that it didnt count as yours and then get whirlpool krakened after looking for poseidon all game was has me in TEARS...

  36. Phillip Miner

    This donor must be insanely rich if he paid $1500 just to watch Weak3n suffer.

    I mean, I’m happy he supports Weak3n, but damn!

  37. Ramon_vimberg

    21:46 "you should go answer your mom" XD

  38. Ramon_vimberg

    BTW, you should do a triggered compilation

  39. Ramon_vimberg

    Youtube would like to see the two other games as well, and a compilation of your rages XD

  40. Absolute

    This shit was hilarious. lol

  41. Josh Hulett

    Can we please get the other 2 games? This was funny as hell. But insanely impressive

  42. Fahim Muntasir

    Best ever video lmao

  43. Connor Flynn

    That was just funny

  44. The Little Penguin

    27:35 you know Ganesha has an extended assist range right? You gave it to him cause he was kinda close lol

  45. Joe Stanco

    That last kill assist... Lol

  46. ImJustSalt

    Hey weaken, I know you probably get this a lot but I could just get a shoutout if possible in your next stream. If not a shoutout then can you answer a couple questions if possible. (Twitch:bucket0fsalt) please respond ASAP so I know you’ve seen this.

  47. Tedz A'Nerd

    How do you hide your god ranks on smite I turned it off and I forgot how to put it back on

    Alt Individ

    Go to profile->loadout->loading frame and you have down left a box

    Tedz A'Nerd

    That’s bro

  48. Nick Guerrero

    You're specifically the reason I use instant casting but in Ganesha's case I agree with that 1 viewer for his ult

  49. Jason Hayes

    Make more with this god I was laughing for 36 minutes and I loved all of it

  50. lion8079k

    I loved it

  51. Alessander Wong

    Omg I was thor really fun set I didnt snipe for that it was amazing xD

  52. Justin Cain

    Can we get a round of applause for Smite's awkward ass chat system

  53. Jared Dodd

    I would play ganesha aaaallll day for 1500 a pop

  54. Deimos 069

    I would actually like to see a 2 hour video of Weaken Ganesh gangbang

  55. Leroy Roberts

    27:45. Weak3n's depression of not getting a kill was so bad ganesha didn't even want to go to heaven

  56. Jon Phelps

    The kill at the end getting stolen was the best! So funny.

  57. Ethan Watson

    This is the best thing I’ve been seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Elden Brady

    Looks like I missed a hell of a stream.

  59. 津波Tsu

    I saw the title for this video and clicked it and watched an ad About limbless kids playing video games and thought that was it

  60. NeoGaming !

    i wanna see those next two games ngl

  61. Alice Early

    Love ur vids and keep it up and I'm your a professional but you should know what his passive is??? It's called Bestowed, it's where you give the kill to an ally who's closet to you and it's a big ass elephant that glow when ur in range of an ally

  62. Lance Altman

    I hope he uploads all these games lmao

  63. Sam Isaac

    I don't think he knows about the extended assist range Ganesha has. It works for both getting assists and giving away kills lol

  64. chainsmoking chimp

    What kind of crackhead would give away 1500$ for a few minutes of entertainment. Bunch of virgins

  65. A.I. ArtoMatic

    25:19 this game in a nutshell

  66. Ryniano

    Tbh he talks about hating the god but if im getting payed 1500 i aint hating shit

  67. RaD!oAkt!V

    Ganeshas passive is to give the teammates the kills, unfortunately if you want to get kills. lol

  68. Mynameis

    I like how he’s so salty over ganeshas passive XD

  69. •Heats•

    If u donate more then $20 to a streamer ur retarded

  70. WTHisDaftPunk

    Funniest vid weak3n ever uploaded

  71. kris plays

    Does he not remember Ganesha doesn't get kills unless no one is around him playing for so long and can't remember that what happen there

  72. Ryan Turner

    The sad part is that even if he gets the last hit he won't get the credit because of the passive lmao

  73. Th3og0ny

    Maybe to make it semi-worth it to play Ganesha jungle you should charge $20 per kill you get on top of your initial charge of playing him.

  74. Mark Willingham

    Damn 1 kill bro.. trashhhh

  75. W1CK3D 317

    I watched this on twitch and im 100% postive it was only 500 bucks to play him. Why put 1500


    The dudes who donated donated three times for a total of $1500 for three ganesha games

    W1CK3D 317

    Hmm interesting, i thought it was 500 just for one game because weaken hates this god so much and didnt have him mastered yet, i may be wrong about all this but i thought the 1500 the dude donated has been accumulated over time not just for this game

  76. Msuni

    He must have a lot of money or just be stupid lol

  77. Bobby Howell

    This video is pure gold. 😂

  78. Kaden Southerland

    He complains that Ganesh doesn’t do enough damage, but if he did then he would complain that a support does way too much damage

  79. John Perez

    Best video ever

  80. Damien Mcfarland

    Can we all just take a moment and pay respects for those 3 wards in the exact same spot? Lmao

    Ми Будемо

    Press F to pay respect

    Damien Mcfarland

    @Ми Будемо Fat F

  81. Trey Layman

    S/O to the teacher from the 406

  82. Cheeto Sundae

    ROFL that 6:48 Thor ult out 😂

  83. Jared May

    Does he know Ganesha’s passive?

    A.I. ArtoMatic

    Lol yah that's why he isn't near his teammates trying to get solo kills all game

    Jared May

    steve rickevicius I see. I thought he had no idea about bestowed kills

  84. Mr.MjLc

    Tyr getting that kill, killed me 😂

  85. Jack Lucas

    Can't wait to see the other Ganesha video's. 10 out of 10.

  86. Rejuvenescencia Auditiva

    Post the rest of ganesh gameplay!!

  87. Deathcriestoo Gaming

    What's funny is I done this a couple months ago lol.

  88. Joshua Wright

    “And he lives because this game can smell my balls!” Hahahahaha what the?!?

  89. Ultraascorpion

    This video is just to funny😂😂
    The torture Weak3n had to endure from the 3 games lol

  90. Clammy 1

    Hands down one of your best games 😂

  91. Derrick DePalma

    quality content at 24:00 LOL

  92. Robby Reyna

    dude weak, was this last night? i was watching last night must have happened after i stopped watching.

  93. Milkway500

    omg 0 kill game a first for weak3n

    A.I. ArtoMatic

    He got a kill

  94. imorton6695

    27:45 yo the way ganesha just stands there after getting killed like really bro? Im ded XD

  95. Ely Bolanos

    Bruh I was dying so much because of everyone’s stealing the kills lolllll

    Patrick Pomrenke

    "Whenever Ganesha kills anything, closest ally within assist range will get that kill, while he gets assist" -some random reddit post

  96. Alaine Ninmah

    I wonder if Weak3n knows that Ganesha can dash through player made walls XD

    Iam YourProduct

    Oh fr shit I just found out thx

    Joseph Lewis

    He says it in the vid so I'm guessing ue


    Alaine Ninmah He did it multiple times in the vid

  97. Berrona

    Wish you made it just one big video, that'd be fun dude

  98. Ibrahim Tark

    Hahaahhaahah this game XD