Jump5 - God Bless The U.S.A. Lyrics

[Bonus Track]

If tomorrow all the things were gone

I'd hoped for all my life
And I had to start again
With just my family by my side
I'd thank my God above
To be living here today
'Cause the flag still stands for freedom
And they can't take that away


And I'm proud to be an American

Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me
And I gladly stand up next to you
And defend her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land
God Bless the USA

From the lakes of Minnesota
To the hills of Tennessee
Across the plains of Texas
From sea to shining sea
From Detroit down to Houston
And New York to LA
There's pride in every American heart
And it's time we stand and say


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Jump5 God Bless The U.S.A. Comments
  1. nathan cox

    I love this song

  2. Destanee Duclair

    Radio Disney would wear this song out to the point I just gradually started to like the song

  3. Andrea Tang

    2016 still listening !!

  4. Dolphena1

    Great job kids! America! The land of the Free!

  5. Diane Harman

    Absolutely LOVE your version!

    Manuel Orozco

    I actually prefer this over the American Idol version

  6. Bari Ashlyn

    Who would dislike this? Uhh

    Manuel Orozco

    Maybe someone who doesn't know what great music is all about


    no idea

  7. Christopher Grathwohl

    Love this song made me tear up what happened that day 9/11

  8. Lauren Lester

    This song used to make me sob so hard

  9. Rafael Arandas

    God bless the USA! Long live freedom!

    Manuel Orozco

    Red White and Blue forever

  10. Jay Smith

    Lee greenwood versions way better


    That is your opinion

    Alex Townsend

    +Jay Smith I like Lee Greenwood okay but these kids did a very good job.

  11. Becky Raynor

    I know that in this world it's about having freedom that God created us to have

  12. adryan

    this song always strikes my emotional cords :') but in honor of 9/11 this song is for all those victims (and families of those victims) who died and the heroes who died trying to save some. <3

    Rafael Arandas

    God bless America!

  13. Molly Miller

    In honor of 9/11 I would play this song every anniversary


    +Molly Miller ikr! I couldn't help but think of this song or greenday's song. but this song is what I grew up with :)

  14. Fourscopes

    I miss The old Radio Disney.

    Alex Townsend

    Goes without saying.


    +Fourscopes Me, too.

    Manuel Orozco

    I used to love listening to Radio Disney and I can easily remember this song.

    Laura Z

    Me too! Those were the days! I met Jump 5 btw. Very very down to earth and fun.

    Manuel Orozco

    @Laura Z I'm jealous. 

  15. DIY My Life

    Still love them!

  16. Britt Sings

    No matter how many times I watch this, the part that gets to me the most is when the girl gives the firefighter the flower

  17. Michael Adkins

    This version made me tear up. It was an honor to put that uniform on for the time I did for my country! It's an honor to re-enlist this March as well! Hooah!!

    Michael Adkins

    @Kev Kelley I haven't gotten the opportunity to re-enlist, but when I was in, my MOS was 91C

    shady c network

    thank you sir

    Christopher Grathwohl


    Ashley Mosley

    may God bless you. Thank you for your service

  18. Thomascoolish

    I am Israeli not American but this is a beautiful and very patriotic song. GOD BLESS THE USA ! 


    @Thomascoolish me 2 man, an israeli and i agree, god bless america, we love you guys :)

    Rafael Arandas

    God bless, bro!

    Putti Vanitas

    God bless Israel

  19. Bones07 K1ll3r2007

    i prefer this version over lee greenwood

  20. StarOceanSora360

    now for those liberals and islamic extremists lol

    Alex Townsend

    I'm a liberal and I love this song😉


    +Alex Townsend your proud to admit that?? lol

  21. rockvilleraven

    Got a lot of airplay on contemporary Christian WGTS, near Washington, DC.

    Michael Plummer

    You're so right I live in the area!

    Alex Townsend

    And Radio Disney. May we never forget those we lost 13 years ago and always love one another no matter hard it can be sometimes. American Spirit forever!!!

    Ameerah AlZbi

    @Alex Townsend I remember when I was 9 and it came on Radio Disney. I am 21 and to this day, the lyrics and especially the beat to this song has never left my memory. This song reminds me of how blessed I am to be an American and I can happily say that I applaud our soldiers for fighting in defending our country, and through all hardships, we still stand strong and have not crumbled to any form of evil! From Pearl Harbor to 9/11, we won't forget and what separates us from the rest is that we stand united through our countries' principles.! 

    God Bless America
    God Bless Our Soldiers and God Bless the victims of every tragedy to America by evil forces out here... God protect the families of 9/11 and hold us as Americans firm and strong :) 

    Alex Townsend

    I'm 26, Radio Disney had coolness when we were kids. I'm not sure where that went now. I feel the same way you do about America even on our longest days, I still thing we have great people that make up this great country. I see you feel the same way I do. God Bless America and it's wonderful people. Let's keep the love & faith alive.


    We had something similar in DC called Radio Ahhs that was networked on 3 AM frequencies in the DC/Baltimore area.

    Didn't listen to it much, maybe if Nester Aprericio has to sell WNST in Towson for a loss, it could be a good Radio Disney affiliate in Baltimore.

  22. selena lucas

    I'm proud to be an American! :)

  23. Blake Laurie

    I wish I was an American!

  24. Cyber Neko

    I remember this song came around 9-11-01... I was in 4th grade.

  25. Liza Perrone

    OMG!!! I did a benefit concert dancing to this song and ive been searching for this verison of the song for about 4 years! Thank You

  26. poojatt

    Happy 4th of July!

  27. Bridget Wiese

    American is strong

  28. Bridget Wiese

    4 American

  29. Berryxxox

    12 years later and I just discovered they sang this song.. and what they sang it for.. embarrassed.. bye.

  30. Matt Sink

    I like how this song says from the lakes of Minnesota. Land of 10,000 lakes. I live only like an hour and a half from Detroit Lakes in Fargo. So I'm on the Minnesota-North Dakota Border. Fargo-Moorhead.

  31. ALone7AceX

    Jump5 I still love ya and thank you to the men and wemon in arms. We solute you :)

  32. Racketier

    It's not weird at all. This song is dedicated to the the U.S. but the fact is any country who puts God first, defends the His word and protects his people is good.

  33. Marion Smith

    Is it weird that I'm candan and I'm in love with this song

  34. ashleytisdalefan007

    They wanted to pursue different things. Brittany and Brandon formed the group Guest, Leslie got married, Chris started doing movies.

  35. Michael Smalz

    OMG I USED TO LIVE JUMP5!!! I always loved this song when I was younger!

  36. Kirra Kinola

    Happy Veterans Day!

  37. momiji

    I had this on my hit clip!

  38. Abraha, Al-Rai

    Lee Greenwood's is still better

  39. DrarryGirl7.5

    I feel so old. I loved them when I was little, and I still do. I remember them from Lilo an Stitch. Why did they break up? I know one was pregnant, but still..... :"(

  40. Allie C

    we will NEVER forget. <3

  41. xatu4567

    they need to meet again for this day

  42. honoshikun

    11 years later, never forget...

  43. Deleasa Kansas

    her name is Brittany lol hahaha i love this song/artist!!

  44. Natalie Wu

    I'm not American (I'm Australian, in fact) but I love this version of the song.

  45. Fanny Marin Marin

    People said that we ain't free we got no freedom, you know what WE GOT MORE FREEDOM IN THE UNITED STATES THEN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm proud to be an AMERICAN.......Lets be thank full for the freedom we have and not fro the freedom that we done have

  46. Connor J. Sierra

    He's in Hell right now playing cards, with Adolf Hitler, Saddam, and the rest of the boys. ;)

  47. Yung Houn

    Everyone who sees this, please spread this video.
    Bring back talent to everyone!

  48. Jennier Bee

    this is so cheesy. i love it

  49. xAlyssaJones37

    I remember hearing this on Nickelodean back in the late 90's and I was trying to remember who did it...I thought it was the A-Teens

  50. Megan Hale

    Thumbs up if you got shivers!

  51. Timothy Robert

    I remember hearing this song for the first time, I was watching Zoom

  52. Carmen Quatro

    Im so in love with the USA! It is a honour and privilege for me to serve my country as a firefighter. God bless the USA!

  53. Richie Nagy

    Same here bro or bra

  54. riverknowshisname

    @naturevalleysteve the girl who sings first is Lesley. The girl in the red coat, sings part of the second verse is Libby and the youngest girl is Brittney. Hope that answers your question.

  55. Steve Sabol

    Whats the girls name in the red white and blue shirt

  56. Nicole Rodriguez

    They had disbanded in 07. Brittany & Brandon had started a band call "Guest". Their cd is on itunes now. Brittany just released a solo album. Brandon got married,Leslie is married & having a baby. Chris is dancing for Lady Gaga. :)

  57. Mad Life

    I'm only half american but I love this song.

  58. rbeforme

    Proud to be an American, where at least I think I'm free.

  59. Ruby Who

    @lanabf123 God Bless your parents <3

  60. ghess11

    I love them!!!

  61. rielleDRO

    Please pray for my father as he is in Iraq, I pray to God that he will come back to me safe.

  62. flx2525

    @qwertasdcfghjklmo24z USA vs. Capitalism = Capitalism wins. ;)

  63. Sean Furlong

    USA Vs Fascism = USA wins.
    USA Vs Communism = USA wins.
    USA Vs Terrorism = USA wins.

    God bless the USA! (and I am not even American!)

  64. honoshikun

    I listened to this song just after watching "inside the twin towers". RIP to all those who died in 9/11.

  65. Christian4everish

    "Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds."-James 1:2
    Reasom Why: It is a testing of our faith to develo perseverance and a deeper relationship with the Man who died for us-Jesus Christ

  66. azntimewizard

    This song is for all those families affected by september 11, 2001, today marks 10 years later and they still suffer from loss

  67. pogah1985

    god bless all countries equally as one is not better than the other!!

  68. Matthijn Dijkstra

    This song gives me shivers and makes me proud. And i'm not even an American!

  69. Timothy Everts

    Amen @StormSpirit20 Amen - My thoughts exactly!!

  70. StormSpirit20

    Too bad Obama is president

  71. T Fang

    o god im not even american and i still love this song

  72. HeyItsLindsey

    Brittany looks kinda like Jennette McCurdy

  73. GabrielMajere

    I had forgotten how much I loved these guys. Anyway, happy 4th of July everyone.

  74. mrnolanwilson1

    good song and great singers love u guys

  75. MTV Classics HD

    I'm sorry ,but Lee Greenwood's version is better!

  76. games12444

    "Wings represent freedom for those who have none." Spread the word.

  77. MissRJB

    @storyteller935 Praise the Lord he is gone and is rotting in hell where he belongs.

  78. storyteller935

    Thumbs up if you listened to this when you heard Bin Laden died!

  79. kennedy benson

    I am not American but this used to be my all time fav song and i would replay the tape so many times it drove my mum mad..LoL :)

  80. Jen Repp

    im proud to be america also...i love this song and i love this band :)

  81. hollywoodshopaholic

    LOVE their version of this song

  82. Hannah Gs

    i remember when i was is third grade and i loved singing this song! we went to a nursing home and sang it to the people there and they cried. i didn't know what it meant then, but that was the anniversary of 9/11

  83. heylovex3

    they did amazing job on the remake of this song. i remeber watching them on tv. :) they are amazing. i miss them so much

  84. Monarchprincess011

    God bless America...America is the greatest!!!

  85. maranovum

    When I hear this song, I truly am proud to be an American.

  86. Corry Marie

    Really good video!!

  87. AlyssaNicole

    @oOblackwarriorOo that ia really truely amazing! your family is in my prayers! <3

  88. Anonymous Anne

    I cried listening to this song because it made me realize of how blessed I am to be an American and GOD, i love this country so much. It may not be the prefect country, but this is my home and there's no place I'd rather be than on this awesome land called The United States of America.

  89. T 1993

    every time i hear there version it makes me cry ;(

  90. Paula Mendez

    Every time I hear this song, it makes even more proud to not only be an American, but to be the daughter and sister of four truly amazing soldiers that have and are doing their part to protect this wonderful nation.

  91. Dana81493

    this song is so pretty cant get enough of it<3

  92. Kassandra Lugo

    i like how the 2 girl sing

  93. gomamon15

    this is a cool song!!

  94. Jessica Tebbens

    love this song! And god bless the USA! and god bless my mom and dad that are over in Iraq!

  95. sahedwig

    happy Veterans day!!! God bless the USA

  96. Chris Haas

    good song

  97. takashi69z

    Noticed that the lyrics were changed compared to the Lee Greenwood version. When you actually listen to the lyrics, you can feel the patriotic atmosphere. Although I'm not American, I can feel the patriotism here. I will try to play this on the Electone Organ as I now possess the score.

  98. Fanny Dianaa

    Basically i'm not an American!!! but this song made me feel the patriotism of America... i'm really excited about jump5 by the way they've presented this song... truly enchanting... but sad that u've departed... but i wish jump5 to continue fulfilling God's purpose and bring many lives to Christ...

  99. Elliot Papp

    my dads in the army