July Talk - The Garden Lyrics

I went walking in the garden
I was tripping on snakes
And I ain't asking for your loving
I'm just asking what your love is gonna take

Ignorance is bliss when you're young enough to kiss uh uh uh oh

Young men don't need pardons
How much love you gonna make
Keep your head above the water
And breathe before the ice of the lake

I ain't gonna let him twist my wrist,
I ain't gonna let him kiss these lips no oh oh oh

You've been falling close to arson
Didja leave your pills at home?
You got a problem with your head
And the doctor says you shouldn't be alone

Well I got hips and you got lips
I plan to keep them oh oh oh oh

This ain't Johnny Carson
I've got thoughts that ain't my own
I'm talking black souls dressed in red
And things that I shoulda never known

True love has its benefits
And I plan to reap 'em

You got hips and I got lips
I plan to keep 'em, oh oh oh

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July Talk The Garden Comments
  1. Tammy T

    doggy just wants a kiss boy!

  2. Alex McCormick

    hey im a Nuclear prof and what the THE FUCK

  3. ThePhysicalReaction

    Love you guys. Come back to Vancouver... again!

  4. Owner Unknown

    This ain't Johnny Carson.
    I got thoughts that aren't my own.
    I've seen black souls dressed in red
    And things I should've never known....

  5. Влад Гунявий

    Good 👍

  6. FO Biggles

    Cruel ending, what ??

  7. Christian

    im so glad i found this band after watching Bad blood season 2 on netflix!

  8. jordan dubois

    pause at 29

  9. Michael Smith

    Tour England now! Stop depriving us of this class

  10. Michael Smith

    England has a July talk fan.please release more.

  11. Brittany Arnold

    I see one kid that got a few big slobbery dog kisses in the making of this video. XD

  12. David Tomes

    I like what you're doing...
    Love me and Hurt me, baby!!!
    Please Yin&Yang me up, even more!!!

  13. KONP

    Im probably about 2k of the views, one of my if not my all time favourire song

  14. David Gonzalez

    Water under the bridge anyone?

  15. Jenna Warnell

    Terrifying video for anyone who has been attacked by a dog.

    Wood Hightower

    Fair point but this particular dog only attacked the boy with slobbery licks and kisses :)

  16. S T

    i miss Montreal, some of the best bands found all in one city, if you never been...GO!

  17. Mark Laliberte

    Cool Fact 4:unfortunately; you got away!

  18. Chris Conyers

    Honestly, how you do get a dog to look so menacing as it tears through the snow. So much feeling is put forth right there

  19. yves gagné

    folsom prison blues 2.0

  20. Griffin Parker


  21. Griffin Parker

    Danm rights it’s the best band ever

  22. Lynn Sieben-Mitchell

    Disturbing video. You don't know if the dog is friendly or not! Song is great tho! lol

  23. Paul Pietschinski

    If u like this band u have to see them live....my goodness

  24. Brendan Bush

    Got a big ol' smoocheroo from the pupperino.

  25. Axel Custer

    This video is the reason why you shouldn't let your child play at a reserve alone.

  26. Cinnamanster A

    The song that introduced me to July Talk. Who are now my favourite band.

  27. Tipi Crawler

    Yup I'm old enough to say.....that's exactly how I used to walk to school everyday.....sweet ass song

  28. Forever Anxious

    Chopper, sic balls!

  29. Banana Shark

    one of my favorite songs ever <3

  30. HippieLady420

    Why did I just discover them now? omg.. I'm in love..

    Tipi Crawler

    HippieLady420 I just heard it....sweet songs like this should get airtime

  31. Keith Doran

    Jonny cash

  32. David Mundy

    love this Rock band!!!!!!!

  33. GlukAlex

    Killjoys S1 · E9 · Enemy Khlyen

  34. Losláiny Oliveira

    mds como amo essa banda

  35. Malice Sutton

    Growing up, this song in a fucking nutshell.

  36. Mb Locations

    Yikes! I keep coming back. Who directs these videos? There are complex ones, this one seems simple - I don't think it is, but they are always effective and always affective! Really cool stuff! Super nice & the music (let's go old school) ROCKS MY WORLD!

  37. Cinnamanster A

    Ah, my oh so sweet introduction to my now favourite band.

  38. Jean Young

    makes my car go fast....hee hee

  39. Jean Young

    this song gives me chills, love them

  40. CrackersL

    It`s awesome to hear all these great comments about Canadian Rock. However, keep in mind that we Canadians are still trying to make up for Nickleback and Justin Beiber. It is our hope that July Talk makes up in some small way for our mistakes.

  41. Steve Lytton

    yeah fuck justin bieber

  42. Helen Carr

    This literally makes my life better

  43. rando

    I hate the sound...

  44. Helen Carr

    you make my heart happy

  45. Conrad Moocheweines

    If Peters voice was a dog, it would be that rottweiler.

  46. Korin Clemens

    Thanks Mead.

  47. EtownScott

    This video is totally inappropriate for this song.


    It's almost as if videos sometimes use different imagery than what is sung in the song. Stop the presses.

  48. Lone Okami

    i didn't liked It very much but at the same time i enjoy it.
    Strange effect

  49. Mousey Colomb

    i like the band fav

  50. bry kathleen

    I love this band more than I love myself.

  51. Sean Fyfe

    genius! love this group :D

  52. BEAR

    Awesome shit !

  53. david boyer

    i had luck to see the fantastic July talk band  in London last years and i can't be bother they are the rock band of the 21 century mixing rock of best influence. Sorry for my English iam Frensh

  54. LunaS-phere LunaS-phere

    Canadian pride!! fuck yes July talk,!!!!!!!! fuck Justin Bieber 😂

    Doesn't Matter

    lol agreed

    Ovum Regia

    LunaS-phere LunaS-phere this is our version of a comeback

  55. Raina Hood

    Holy crap

  56. EvanFrewinAudio

    how did I not hear about this crew until now. their music is absolutely amazing. great feel, great vibes.

  57. Kiri M

    Yes! Amazing!!!

    Jose Manuel Castro Visoso

    Kyrannio M

  58. Kevin Gilfoy

    Modern day Johnny Cash and June Carter sounding song!

  59. Warm Badger

    pause at 0:29

    Jess Marie

    +Theodore Threepwood what's doberdrive?

    Beth M

    +jessica davis Oh dear lord. 😂

    Jess Marie

    +Canadian Tragedy Doesn't answer the question

    Beth M

    @jessica davis It's a pun taking the term "going into overdrive." and the dog breed doberman.

  60. Jasonistic

    this guys voice is very low for what he looks like

  61. Richard Bozek

    Great sound,,Love it

  62. Donnie Darko

    Cool Fact: Every scene with a kid being chased is a different kid.
    Cool Fact 2: It was a new Kid each time because the previous was eaten.
    Cool Fact 3: No one cared too much because the song was awesome

    Rachel Crooks

    DJJJJJJJJJJJ !!! You got good taste in music bud! :)

    Donnie Darko

    God dammit Rachel lol

    Lean McBlockhead

    Comment made my day

  63. MoburgsMyHero

    ...so did the kid get eaten?

    Mb Locations

    I think the kid ate the dog, next vid will be a chubby youngster rolling down a hill. FREAKING LOVE this band and the vids are freaking clever - Great Job!

    Justin Kovach

    That's up to interpretation......*ahem*...short answer is yes.

  64. Stacey Dahm

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this guys voice! He's amazingly talented! He's definitely my new fav. just barely bipassing Jack White!

  65. jon keating

    Their voices compliment each other perfectly, good stuff.

  66. PA Cleary Clark

    Peter & Leah = who knew? gutzy voices and soulful messages. LOVE LOVE LOVE #JulyTalk

  67. Yafuker Sheldon

    DAMN!!! Heard this for the first time today on the alternative station. Couldn't wait to get home and hear more.

  68. 0hellzya0

    i remember when there was snow... RIP Ontario Winters

    Al Cyr

    +0hellzya0 Lol same in central Alberta. But at my age I don't mind not having to shovel as much or walk through 1 meter snow drifts.

  69. James Porte

    Personally I think this band is excellent Canadian Rock. Living up to a very high standard.


    +James Porte Can't agree more! they are now my 3rd fav. Canadian Band (1st two being Rush followed by Tragically Hip)


    Yes brother. Canadian Rock: a very particular sound. They doing it well.

  70. Gord488

    that's one fugged up video. I mean that as a compliment.

  71. Feedurehed

    Woooooh....helluva trip........

  72. Justin Bullock

    What the fuck does I got hips and you have lips I plan to keep them mean and how much meth does it take to get a voice like that?

    Darcy Fairbairn

    Meth heads can't express themselves this way, or have this sort of success. You're dead wrong.

    Samuel Weinstein

    @Darcy Fairbairn It's a joke mate

    Darcy Fairbairn

    Ah, just a little protective maybe on my part.  All good.

    Bentley Zohner

    hahaha just a little... Also you'd be surprised how many famous people have used Meth.

    Connor Chin-Quee

    @Bentley Zohner Or just any hard drug really.

  73. Pauly D

    Fucking love this song!

  74. Howdlydoodly

    July Talk has rocketed to my top ten favourite bands, his voice is all kinds of incredible!

  75. Jeunesse Stoney

    love it!

  76. 50 Shades Of Bacon

    This song would fit well in a Tarantino movie

    Obsydian Shade

    +zerosonico "Dark Night" from "Dusk til Dawn" to be specific.


    Exactly my thoughts!!!


    i thought you were saying taranto like people say it

    jus de pomme

    i think you’re hearing some similar sounds to “from dusk till dawn”! i thought the exact same thing.

    Tammy T


  77. paws mcgraws

    the guy singer sounds like a goof! this is like a rock version of barbie girl by aqua!


    +paws mcgraws sounds like he has been smoking since he was 3*

  78. Tall Tcoolone

    Damn sweet song oh ya!

  79. Randy Smith

    another young guy with a voice like a gravely old blues man. Kind of like  "Johnny Lang"

  80. Zach S


  81. Luke Sampson

    so does the dog attack him? i dont get what the song is about...

    Joey Ingram

    +luke sampson It's a metaphor, the guy is the dog. Sort of. And the girl is the kid. I sort of expected the kid to pull out guns and ammunition

    Luke Sampson

    huh, decent, thanks.


    I know they're trying to make the dog look intimidating or whatever but that's a cute-ass puppy and I just wanna squish his floppy face up. I'm pretty sure they just wrestled in the snow and were best friends.

    But yeah the song's about young guys being aggressive/predatory toward women.

    Darcy Fairbairn

    They're arguing. It's a he and she thing. About time a man and woman made a song about an argument where they both showed their feelings..... That's my view. The outcome is irrelevant. Nobody usually knows except the artist exactly what inspires.

  82. Joseph Chapman

    This mans voice is orgasmic.

  83. Cinnamanster A

    You can tell by those wide eyes and lolling tongue. That puppy wants to PLAY!

  84. Savannah Moonias

    Its amazing how beautiful their voices are live

  85. Leanne

    what a disturbing video, what kinda creep thinks thinks thats cool?

  86. Darc Devel

    I don't get the feeling I would like this bands other songs, but I definitely love this song.


    I thought that to when I heard guns and ammunition then I click on this song and boy was I wrong

    Cass Em

    +Darc Devel I thought the same about "Paper Girl," then I heard this song....they're just great

  87. David Cameron

    All I can say from Scotland is WAAAAAAWWWWWWW

  88. Gimmi J

    The song sounds good. but I must admit the lyrics just don't make any sense.

    "Keep your head above the water
    And breathe before the ice of the lake"


    @Tactical Hobo Aw you big softy. :D


    How does thou break a heart so easily? 


    I'll tell you this: talent is not enough. It takes years of practice too. But I admit I wouldn't be half the man I am today if it weren't for the volun-tear-ism of kindly souls such as yourself.


    ;_; thank you for saying thank you.

  89. sapguy100

    love it kinda like rockabilly and rock with great style !!!!

  90. Cole Pearce

    I like this song for the reason that it sounds almost Old Western. The snare drum adds a sort of train sound effect. Love this song...

  91. Jenny Swords

    my new favourite band as well

  92. terrific pet care

    This video is NOTHING what I expected it to be.. 

    I don't really like it cause it's making the rottweiler look mean and aggressive chancing after the kid. I wish they would have let the video go longer to the kid playing with the dog. This really upsets me..... HOWEVER, It's a GREAT song

  93. Kelly Charlebois

    When i first heard this band i didn't like them but they've grown on me. He reminds me of a Tom Morello/Monster Truck. Her voice was new to me but now I love them! AND their Canadian..good job guys! Also cool vids.

    Erin Parsons

    +Kelly Charlebois I think of a Tom Waits/Nick Cave mashup...

    Alex Willis

    +Kelly Charlebois They are Canadian?? Yes a band I like who is Canadian!

  94. Luca Sande


  95. Gevin Molloy

    reminds me of a young tom waits

  96. Eva Koks

    Love it!

  97. No one

    I love this song!!! I like the fact that  Leah's part is longer than it usually is, she's got a nice voice, and  Peter's voice doesn't fall behind either