July Talk - Lola + Joseph Lyrics

We say goodbye outside the liquor store
I walk inside
I'll stay outside for a while
Just then I see a
Stranger walk in in the stockings that he bought for me
I shouldn't be nervous
But I reach out my shaking hand

And she says Lola
He says Joseph
She buys the red wine
He buys the white wine
I offer a ride

We drive the night, introduce ourselves
He watches
As she crosses her legs up on the dash
I feel the need to tell her I'm a virgin from a lonely town
She tells me that
Me and my lover, we didn't last

So I say Lola
I say Joseph
I want you closer
So come on inside, closer
Come into the night

Joseph, you can look but don't you touch
When I want your hands on my skin, I'll ask
But I've never done this, can you show me please?
Just count to five, not too fast

1, 2, 3, 4

I say Lola
I wanna know ya
Hey Joseph
Come on closer

Not myself
I'm not myself
I'm someone else
I'm not myself
Not myself
I'm not myself
I'm someone else
I'm not myself
I'm someone else

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July Talk Lola + Joseph Comments
  1. Purple Haze


  2. invisghosty

    All of you in the future are lame. Us past people were the coolest.

    Edit: Fuck you past people. New people revolution!

  3. Purple Haze

    love ya fkk ya

  4. 88 rainy

    Going to find my comment in 2020 i hope

  5. Alain Fontaine


  6. joe mahma

    sounds kind of like a 70’s muscle car

  7. joe mahma

    it’s almost like contraband in this era. beautiful.

  8. joe mahma


  9. Brad Rouse

    Love July talk.

  10. Joseph Malan

    I feel like this is the perfect song! ;)

  11. Peter van Hoof

    Cool. Nice guitar work. But don’t you touch.

  12. Razor44

    Love the song. Hate how the lyrics are delayed

  13. poolguywindsor1

    Cool song. Not what I would normally listen to though.

  14. Lola Elizabeth

    my brother is named joey { Joseph } and my name is Lola so this is kinda weird for me



  15. Sammy

    I don't know why the ending always gives me goosebumps

  16. Sammy

    ugh love this

  17. Pavelow

    lol. i thought July Talk was Aqua revamped.

  18. Jeff Evers

    New Fav.

  19. Rhonda Martin

    Seen these guys live in Halifax a couple years ago, sound exactly the same live!!! My favorite band!

  20. CPlaya Willmott


  21. Angelo Penalver

    Heard this on the radio driving in the dark. Fuckin perfect mood


    Yeah, I work nightshifts and I hear it going to work. The first single 'Push and Pull' is just as good, but I can't get into the others I've heard.

  22. Jason Ruppert

    Heard this on commercial radio earlier today. Anyone know if that's Tom Waits?


    Jason Ruppert it's not....it's Peter Dreimanis

  23. Off Grid Survival

    i did the exact same thing then came home to watch on utub

  24. Andi Depop

    Reminds me of Danko Jones... 💯% Danko.. take it as you may

  25. Cherie Amaro

    This song is ridiculously, out of this world GOOOOD! I hope July Talk come to my town soon! 💓💏

  26. Tracey Aitken

    100 Thumbs up!!!

  27. Tracey Aitken

    Wow..Kickass cool band!!You guys should be on the top 10 by end of 2018!!!!! Love it all, I even watched all interviews,you all are so talented and just great!!! Love ya!!!!! xoxoxo

  28. John Q. Spartan

    Great lyrics ...

  29. aguyuno

    The guitar and drums from 2:00 on has been stuck with me for weeks now. It's so good.

  30. HippieLady420

    What caught my ear at first is that he sounds like Leonard Cohen a bit..

    Denise Goodin

    yeah I think so too at time....lil bit of Leonard Cohen, lil bit of Tom Waits at times too... but himself too, and the combo of both of them is great :)

    zac preyde

    Ya, i was thinking more Tom Waits


    Yeah, for sure.. But when I first heard it on the radio I immediately thought of Leonard but I can definitely hear Tom as well.

  31. HippieLady420

    I heard this on the radio for the first time the other day and fell in love instantly.. I yelled at Siri to add it to my notes so I didn't forget about it lol


    Same on CHOM

    Other Tiffany

    OMG!!! 😂Don't yell at siri

  32. Dan M

    We need 'Brother.'

    PS: Glad to see another person appreciate this band as much as I do!

    Daniel Zizian

    Just added Brother

    Purple Haze

    they are good