July Talk - I've Rationed Well Lyrics

As I walk to where I used to live
I try to remind myself of you

Telling lies
Felt right
Around you

Then I met a whiskey and I moved across town
Away from the river and the girls and you

I was young
Over you

And now comes the time
That I need you the most

But I'm across town
And time will do us well

We'll survive by telling lies
We've rationed well

We'll survive by telling lies
We've rationed well

We'll survive by telling lies
We've rationed well

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July Talk I've Rationed Well Comments
  1. 1119 KHM

    So tonight I might see ish

  2. Brian Brienza

    This song should be playing in the background of a movie scene where two people finally come together.

  3. Alison Derry

    Love this song. Love the band.

  4. Slaanesh

    killjoys sucks!

  5. Troy Reyes

    This is like Joel and Ellie singing.

  6. Tarampa Studios

    Killjoys brought me here and now I love this band soooo much!! WOW

  7. 74molly

    Killjoys brought me here. The song /voice reminded me of the second season of True Detective

  8. Jess Bach

    I got the privilege to meet them in Banff, and they are incredible. I felt both dwarfed and grateful to talk to them. I haven't heard a voice like Peters since young Tom Waits. Just talented.

  9. MaryKhaos

    i get the same vibe listening to this song and listening to Mazzy Star "Into Dust". don't know why.

    1119 KHM

    Ditto, I actually thought that Mazzy Star cut a new record when I heard this on Killjoys. Googling the lyrics brought me here.

  10. simmeringdream

    Amazing singers. His voice is like melted metal and hers like frozen honey.

    Miranda Davidson

    I was thinking of his like calloused hands running along your sides and hers is like the pedals of a rose. Gorgeous blend.

  11. Kristin Clary

    the comments from this song made me go look at killjoys and now I'm obsessed with killjoys


    Congratulations!  Both are awesome.

  12. Harahur Theon

    Killjoys made me go here

    Michal Šeps

    And damn, I do not regret it!

    austin smith

    Michal Šeps mm

    Denise Neil

    Harahur Theon go see Kaleo too. Icelandic band that is too good for words!

  13. Katherine C

    This deserves way more views

  14. Ian LaFleur

    I wish you didn't think you had to lie around me. The truth is I never thought of you as anything less then amazing beautifully perfect. I still love you and always will. please don't give up on us.. i wish I could have said something on our day.

  15. Brittany Marcil


  16. Beth M


    Beth M

    +Canadian Tragedy I didn't even know it was them.

  17. KodenameKrusty

    I just can't seem to get enough of July Talk.

  18. Korhan Pehlivanoglu

    in gotham would have been fine, when gordon and wife/love got separated.

  19. JWCollection



    @JWCollection Great show, great music!


    that's how I found out about it. sometimes watching tv is a good thing!

  20. EvilMonkey85

    Epic love this band

  21. Jennifer Bethune

    This needs to play at the end of a walking dead episode!

    Johnny Cajon

    I just found this track - at the end of an episode of Joykillers episode 8.

    Sam Abd

    me tooo ....its killjoys thou season 1 episode 9

  22. alex ewener

    he kinda sounds like leonard cohen in this song


    @alex ewener Very much agree.

    Kai P

    yeah, was watching killjoys, and all of a sudden had to know if there was a leonard cohen song I didn't know about. lol.


    Exactly why I looked the song up!

  23. Emmanuel Torres

    Anyone else feels like Playing Red Dead Redemption after this song?

  24. amy rodgers

    Amazing!!! I love their voices!!

  25. Hollis Langille

    Best band I've heard in a long time His voice has a beard! Love them

  26. Wander MeThis

    Well done....

  27. Chinook

    very mark lanegan/bubblegummy....sounds like "bombed"

  28. Mike Riggs

    Without a doubt the best up and coming Canadian group. Best show I've seen in years.