Julio Iglesias - 99 Miles From L.A. Lyrics

Keeping my eyes on the road, I see you.
Keeping my hands on the wheel, I hold you
99 miles from L.A. I kiss you, I miss you, please be there
Passing a white sandy beach, we're sailing
Turning the radio on, we're dancing
99 miles from L.A. I want you, I need you, please be there
The windshield is covered with rain, I'm crying
Pressing my foot on the gas,
I'm flying
Counting the telephone poles, I phone you
Reading the signs on the road, I write you
99 miles from L.A.
We're laughing, we're loving, please be there
We're laughing, we're loving, please be there

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Julio Iglesias 99 Miles From L.A. Comments
  1. Jaime Recabal

    Puerto Rico 2019

  2. Umar Awan

    I still miss you

  3. Peter John Roche

    You could not go past this version after hearing this.

  4. Wládia Rocha

    Ouvindo Júlio Iglesias e pensando em você.Só resta agora saudade de nós dois.😢💔

  5. John Stopman

    Other versions:

    *Art Garfunkel:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJca07HLqw0

    *Johnny Mathis:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAZTtH1YNOU

  6. fllaviio danyl dannyl

    big song 99 milles from mis chicas a todas que yo amo milena tassia fortes e mi madre e al principito walcott lobo

  7. Mas Udi

    Teringat saat penutupan pralatsarmil 1994

  8. richiesurfside

    This is good, but Johnny Mathis owns this song!

  9. Ch Marina


  10. Isabel amo a julio con todo mi corazon Soto

    Es tan lindo,sus canciones,su voz tan tierna lo amo💓👑💋

  11. fllaviio danyl dannyl

    Ohhhhh que musica mui contagiante hermosa

  12. Hassan Sin

    euis ABRA KEBAB i love u

  13. Hassan Sin

    euis where ever you are i love you........bastaman

  14. Isabella Lopez

    Beautiful voice!
    Makes the mind go back in time...❤

  15. fllaviio danyl dannyl

    Um dia a minha vida fará sentido e farei sentir esta fase difícil vai passar isto eu tiro o exemplo do meu ídolo Iglesias ei de viajar muito com o meu príncipe walcott e a minha querida mulher milena deus vai conceder a isso

  16. fllaviio danyl dannyl

    Que melodia mas bonita a todas las chicas que yo amo

  17. Gary Styles

    The master of sex

  18. fllaviio danyl dannyl

    Big song viva Iglesias meu filho Walcott tens De seguir os passos do pai gostando De todas musicas do Don Julio nosso rei

  19. Linda Nolan

    Smooth as silk.

  20. Ster Capelleto

    Julio tu és sensacional amo muito você.

  21. kula pono

    so if i have to sing this song to a woman and i sound and look like julio iglesias, it's absolutely game over

  22. Savvas Keimonos Apostolakis

    RIP George Michael Greek God

  23. Hippie Chick

    oh man how romantic!!

  24. Mahmut Eren Bahar

    Bune amına koyayım. ?

  25. William Thibodeau

    I'm a huge Johnny Mathis Fan and even met him, but i must admit Julio's version is more seductive !!!!

  26. Isabella Lopez

    Beautiful version of the song and singing EFFORTLESSLY! ⚘

  27. mauricio d

    This is perhaps the most romantic and smoother of all 99 miles from L.A. versions. Here, in this song, honestly, nobody performs better than Julio Iglesias. I've heard Johnny Mathis and Garfunkel, but still they keep trailing Julio with this musical masterpiece.

    -- A Nicaraguan Guy --.

    Revixal kk

    mauricio d I agree , this is one of the bestest versions , very deep and takes you in to a different world

    Andrew Ducrow

    Revixal kk - how dare you criticise Art!

    Ara Gueriguian

    Totally agree....

  28. Johnny English

    Wonder if he sings this in Spanish too?

  29. zafer kurban

    excelent cudesnu fevkalade

  30. Jambangan

    Best version

    carlos alberto correa

    Realmente, a melhor versão desta canção...

  31. Paula Barbier

    Just saw Johnny Mathis sing this live in LA Saturday night at the Disney Hall. His excellent guitarist accompanied him and sang high harmony. The LA philharmonic filled in the background. Nothing beats this version! Pure musical heaven!!

  32. Rodney Perkins

    This is best version of this song.

    Claudia Siefer

    you don't like Johnny Mathis' version?

    Rodney Perkins

    Yes, but, I can feel Julio's version.

  33. karmen POP

    My favorite version of this song

  34. karmen POP

    99 miles from LA   please be there!

  35. lxlandia

    Love Art Garfunkel's version..but I have to admit Julio's version has a nice touch that is clearly a Julio Iglesias feel from beginning to end.....magical.

  36. salwa hedayat

    Just beautiful

  37. baryss

    What a great version loved it


    wonderful song

  39. galina oxiouta

    is there anybody sweeter yet?...

  40. HJ Rhoades

    Julio's version is a little smoother, but I like the way Garfunkel sings the phrasing a bit more. Julio seems to be a little ahead of the beat at times. Both are great though.

  41. Don Bagley

    I have both recordings, and I think Garfunkel is Great BUT when listening to
    Iglesias I am with him on that trip, "every mile of the way"

    Judy van Rees

    Me too!!

  42. HJ Rhoades

    The Art Garfunkel version is very good also. I'd rate the Garfunkel version #1, and the Iglesis version #2. Just my opinion.

  43. Ricardo G. Hernandez

    An equally sensual, caressing performance as that of Johnny Mathis.

  44. Don Bagley

    This is the very best recording of this song