Julien Baker - Vessels Lyrics

Tell me in thin paper about your love
Breath like thick water lives in my lungs
My skin is full of black ink, in your white clothes
For so much I think, little I know

Pull off my armor, knees bruised and naked
Peel back my skin, call out my name
Vessel of brightness, come make me blind
This present darkness is swallowed by light

And my skeleton is a house for my eyes purchased with a bleeding side

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Julien Baker Vessels Comments
  1. elfmatw

    Just wow.

  2. HAIM Live

    4,886 of these are me from the last two weeks

  3. flowertea

    I'm gonna be so pissed if this song isn't in LiS 2 or in a game similar to LiS

  4. Luiz Leitao

    She's nothing less than amazing!

  5. Niki Bonev

    sounds so much like a LiS soundtrack song

  6. Joshua D.

    There's a grounding issue with your amp in this video. It's probably because you are using the same circuit as that fridge behind Julien. I love the song though.

  7. Deej HW

    Someone add this version to Spotify.

  8. Emily Townsend

    I'm so glad I've found this song. I just clicked on it in the recommended tab and wow the music blew me away. And then the lyrics remind me of my boyfriend, who I'm still working out my feelings for, but after we'd kiss for a while we'd stop and just talk to each other and both this song and I are incredibly vulnerable in such a position and I'm so unbelievably calm and nostalgic all at once

  9. Monica Casey

    I love her so much! 🖤🖤🖤

  10. Scott Pratt

    Her guitar playing is underrated. Always amazing

  11. Shela Akberova

    Very reminiscent of Savina & Drones

  12. That's funny

    One of the best videoclips that I have ever seen. I am serious. This is simple, not like videoclips from other singers. I love it.
    BTW: The song is awesome too, of course :)

  13. Damian Uribe

    Tell me in thin paper about your love.
    Breath like thick water lives in my lungs.
    My skin is full of black ink, in your white clothes.
    For so much I think, little I know.
    Pull off my armor, knees bruised and naked.
    Peel back my skin, call out my name.
    Vessel of brightness, come make me blind.
    This present darkness is swallowed by light.
    And my skeleton is a house for my eyes purchased with a bleeding side.

  14. Leandro Diaz

    this song would fit perfectly in life is strange 2

  15. Tolga Han Kaya

    You are amazing Julien . Keep up good the work <3

  16. Mint Orange

    Sounds like something out of Life is Strange

  17. Dangerous ZOMBIE

    good song

  18. Philip Burchett

    who are the five idiots this disliked this?

    Sidney Quinn

    Jealous idiots

  19. zakwan

    is there an instrumental for this?

  20. Jim Zorn

    Want to be there

  21. Amirah Razali

    The guitar is amazing

  22. jazzy thomas

    This song belongs in Life is Strange!


    Except its by Daughter.


    Dankicam is daughter banned from the life is strange soundtrack


    Exactly what i was thinking!

  23. In Progress

    I might be in love with her voice, lyrics, and tele. Hopefully there will always be more Julien Baker music.

  24. CrunchyClip

    i like it a lot <3 <3

  25. CrunchyClip


  26. AstroKai

    I'm in love with you Julien..:(

  27. Swapnil Karmakar

    I've been sad for weeks. Tbh, idk what i'm feeling anymore.

  28. Rahmat Panigoro

    thx for post this.

  29. San Sars

    What kind of pedal does she use for this sound ???

    Roy Elhardt

    It sounds to me like a Mr. Black Supermoon reverb.  Just Googled...probably a Strymon Blue Sky reverb.

  30. 1weird Doe

    Beautiful. Won't take long to get as many hits as Sting's Shape Heart song.

  31. culota

    after obssessing over this universe of a talent for weeks, i still keep coming back

  32. _Ravnarok

    Mesa boogie combo?!

  33. Karime O.T.

    She and her guitar is the only I need to feel happy and sad but most thankfull for play a NPR video

  34. Robby1424 ok

    She was in a band called Forrister too. Theres a song called Choked Up that is awesome


    wow dude, that song is really good too (but something and rejoice from her as solo work is even better)

  35. Diana O. Umana

    One of her best performances! This song is so underrated

  36. poisson gauss

    hehe she almot die 1:35 by the way i love her music

  37. Melkart Gallery

    That's great!

  38. feo gkp

    amo a esta chica :)

  39. Bert Del Rosario

    her songs are good for chic flick movies

  40. James Gilmour

    Wow. Been looking for new music which makes the hairs on my arms stand up for about 5 years, just found it.

  41. Patricia Dela Cruz

    Girl version of Hozier?

  42. kvetch23

    This song is something else! Wowsers!!

  43. Juan David Idrobo

    Does anyone know what pedal effects are needed to get that kind of sound out of a guitar?

    Kimcey Oumse

    tape delays, reverbs, some chorus as well. All this "family" of effects is called modulation, or just mod, effects. hope that helps.

    Charlie Gearon

    Juan David Idrobo think she uses a walrus audio descent reverb. that and the fender blues deluxe amp are most of what makes the tone you're talking about

  44. Jack Kraus

    i am the one dislike

    Ayser Xo

    You're a tasteless ass

  45. nicole chupp

    for so much i think, little i know


    Cannot believe how talented a songwriter this girl is. Fuck me, awaiting every new song.

  47. sophie krop

    outstanding, such honest articulate lyrics, and wonderful guitar lines. Love this!

  48. Aisles Music

    Vessels is the tie breaker for best song with "something" :) Thanks Unlocked for posting this live tune

  49. Rick Grider

    someone linked me to a video of hers. 20 hours later I have forgotten to go to sleep, go to work, feed the cat, and feed myself. not even mad

    Salekeen Nayeem

    +Rick Grider yes, its scary good!

    the whole lot

    I'm sure your cat was mad.

  50. Keylonnie Boatwright

    you're gonna go so far! can't believe I just discovered

  51. Gerome Manicia

    on the top of the amazing composing, her voice is amazing too

  52. joe raymond

    Guitar work had me memorized, the whole piece is magnificent!

  53. jlnrys

    Such emotion. WOW

  54. M C

    IMO..best song on album. Guitar provides perfect setting

  55. S.I.T.E / Stars2come

    she is so incredible. A unique kind of a haunting and mysterious vibe to her, love it

  56. youtubeyoutubeyoutube

    Can't get enough of Julien. Amazing artist.

  57. Richard Park


  58. MrThefastone

    hello bright shining star.

  59. bmysticman21

    Much love !

  60. Logan Halleran

    I know she is going to successful, she can't not be, genuine emotional lyrics, amazing singing and a great guitar melodies. I'll support her in any way I can.