Juice Newton - River Of Love Lyrics

Listen to the story 'bout the man who tried
To drink from the river 'til the river ran dry
He drank so long and he drank so hard
The river ran dry and it broke his heart

River of love, river of love
Drink from the river, fly like a dove
The river runs long, the river runs free
But the river of love never runs to me

Many are the times that he called his love
Called her to his side 'til he had enough
Then came a wind to blow her away
Never did he drink from the river that day

River of love, river of love
Drink from the river, fly like a dove
The river runs long, the river runs free
But the river of love never runs to me

Pricked by a thorn and heart will bleed
Red as a rose for the world to see
Chained by time to the river side
A fool will drink 'till the river runs dry

River of love, river of love
Drink from the river, fly like a dove
The river runs long, the river runs free
But the river of love (never runs)
River of love, river of love
Drink from the river, fly like a dove
The river runs long, the river runs free
But the river of love never runs to me

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Juice Newton River Of Love Comments
  1. Rebecca Vaughan

    Beautiful song!😊

  2. Vadercito Ramírez

    Yo era un niño y no se porque pero me gustaba mucho está canción

  3. Bryan Moore

    This was the B side song on the "Queen of Hearts" 45.

  4. Kaj Lindorf Sørensen

    We do it together

  5. Devin playlist 1

    Mom sang it better.. 😔

  6. Vadercito Ramírez

    Muy buena canción

  7. Bob Bender

    Looking at my 45 rpm records tonight I found Juice Newton's "Queen of Hearts" with a picture cover to boot, seen that "River of Love" is the flip side, I just have'd to look it look on youtube and I glad I did it's a wonderful recording, its time fix the old record player, thank you for posting.

  8. dean b

    I hope this album was a big hit because every song on it is golden

  9. pete pocklington

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    Raj Zota

    hey daddy Angelina Jolie is the daughter of john voigt.. are you on meth?

  10. Robin Herbert

    Excellent. Thanks for uploading

  11. epie ntoko collins

    can humanity ever compensate the happiness that this musicians give us through these very beautiful songs?


    No. Never.

  12. Craig Brown

    Wow what fantastic trills.
    absolutely beuatiful.
    Why oh why can't I sing like this.

  13. sandinyourshoes

    Classic Juice!

  14. Enigma

    perfect love song ♥

  15. Connie Senk

    Really beautiful !!!

  16. bobby7771117

    I loved and adored her since 1981, and I still do! While this wasn't one of the hits from this awesome album, I loved this song, and "Country Comfort"--her great remake of an older Elton John song!! :+) BobbyK

  17. Connie Senk

    I Love Juice Newton , her voice and music , is just wonderful .

  18. Terry Viento

    I remember this song. It was on the side B of a vynil 45 whose side A was Queen of Hearts. My parents bought it me when I was 4. I love these songs... :)

  19. Jeannine Stevenson

    Need more of her!!!

  20. BestMusicExpert

    @SayNo2googlification Cause it was a b-side/album cut. But its a great tune! (B-Side to Queen Of Hearts)

  21. ELVIS4221


  22. Ay Whole

    This was one of my favourite albums growing up. It's a shame they never released it CD or mp3. For some reason I never see this song on her greatest hits albums.

  23. Johan

    Such a sweet sweet voice.

  24. Crowharp

    I love this! Totally forgot about it- I covered it in bars for years... time to pick it up again!

  25. reyes guzman

    yes I am

  26. bobby7771117

    This is one of my favorite Juice Newton songs! This Juice album was excellent! Peace, BobbyK