Juelz Santana - This Is Me Lyrics

Man, first I just wanna salute my soldiers
Knahmean? We just trying to stay above water
Feel me? I mean I speak for the Gs, the hustlers
They understand me, knahmsayin?
Lock into this time and lock out (always)
I mean ain't nothing promised to niggaz like us
You know?

[Juelz Santana]
Just a, another day another dollar
Now look what you got
Another hater, another plotter
Shit, you know the drill
A brother pay, a brother holla
Watch 'em, they creeping
Another raid, another copper
Aw man
Another case, another lock-up
Another bail, know that cake better pop up
That's just day to day shit we go through
And results of the day to day shits we go through
Some niggaz day to day pitch, they local, and
Some niggaz day to day bricks, they coastal, and
Some niggaz day to day snitch, they vocal
I don't honor them fools
Them type of dudes get they tonsils removed
I speak from the heart of the hood
From the boarded up apartments with wood
From the cracked down crack houses (yeah)
To the burnt up black houses
To fiends inside with that burnt up glass out
And puffing weed makes my actions switch
I'm at the window, with the pistol, like Malcolm
Ain't that a bitch (man)
And I'm paranoid, paranoid
But still I got to get it, got to have it, make it happen boy

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take
And may this song play all the way
And if it skip a beat, hit repeat
This the realest shit I ever wrote, this is me
And if it skip a beat, hit repeat
This the realest shit I ever wrote, this is me

[Juelz Santana]
Look now
Another dead, another born
Vice versa
Another here, another gone
Pay attention
Another smile, another mourn
Another funeral, another baby shower going on
Get it, huh
That's just life in the hood
You earn scars, you earn stripes in the hood
Huh, get it
I live the life of a hustler
No sleep all night for a hustler, buster
And if your coke weak, cut it with Bo Peep sheep
I swear fiends will chase that high for four weeks
I'm still dealing with the day to day beef and
Stress, hunger, patience
The day to day basics
Yep, shit that we go through, you know
Look at the shit that we go through, you know
Niggaz come home, can't get jobs
Niggaz getting money, acting like they can't get robbed
And that don't mix


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Juelz Santana This Is Me Comments
  1. Amanda Laghost


  2. gerald lewis

    I get goosebumps listing to this song. Bring back memories.

  3. chris lucas

    Clearly the hardest song on the whole album

  4. Cashnation_ VEVO


  5. Las Vegas Nights

    One of the best underrated rap albums of all time! One of my favorite songs ever💯👍🏾😎

  6. Jack Black

    Realest shit ever 💯

  7. Baha Blast

    2019 we still here free juelz

  8. AQGOAT24

    This man really hasn't dropped an album since 2005

    Vision Chasers

    Fr!! Dude is lazy , wasted his talent!


    Crazy right!!!

  9. Jackboyboonie Youngabg

    another smile😀another mourn😫 another funeral💀another baby shower going on👶💯

  10. Phil Rockwell

    Still my sh!t

  11. Santana Carson

    My fav song by juelz Forreal !!

  12. jksz jksz

    how hard of them fools them typa dudes need they tonsils removed 🔥

    kevin knight

    I don't honor them fools

  13. Demetrius Thompson


  14. Erickson Brown

    It's been so long. I almost feel like crying but I then again Im too grown and too drunk to let a tear fall. Without reasons that out weigh the content in this track.

  15. MrWhole12Inches

    man, what happened to this santana

  16. saxxon12

    this track and good times best bangers on the album

    kevin knight

    Fax and daddy jus for the culture

  17. Thomas Martinez

    A decade really went by this quick.

    Erickson Brown

    Hell for me it's been half my life I'm hitting 23 this month.

    Erickson Brown

    Hell for me it's been half my life I'm hitting 23 this month.

  18. chuckie oliver

    "lil boy  fresh "   " violence"   &  "daddy"   are  my  fav  on the  entire  cd 

  19. Samson Manase

    how did dude fall of like that

  20. Peter Tap

    this that real shit

  21. Nico Jones

    My favorite song...

  22. moneyilltee

    he must've been possessed by the mc holy ghost cause the lyrics was on point. the rhyme scheme and everything was damn near perfect...

    Jack Black

    Still to this day 💯

  23. JIGGAmanYup

    juelz is my favorite in dipset too,,an jim jones is fuckin terrible..but i disagree bout cam,,people hate on him but that dudes a beast

    JIGGAmanYup Killa and Juelz are beasts since Children of the Corn and Sports, Drugz, Entertainment.

  24. majmunko23

    cam'ron horrible? hahahahahahah

  25. ucantknockthehustle

    juelz santana is the only decent one in dipset, camron & jim jones are just plain horrible

    George Casper

    ucantknockthehustle blasphemy. Cam is insane

    Mack Velly

    Funny how Jim is nice nowadays
    and Cam doesn't care about Rap anymore. He invests in Liquor and Dipset merchandize

  26. Rex Brazy

    da Realest Song Juelz Eva Made hands down!!!!

  27. 31MillerTime31

    Learn how to spell you fucking illiterate.

  28. Charles Mcneil


  29. Serino407

    @youngelvisfreshly top of the world

  30. conway roberts

    straight chillin tune....

  31. Ck Moreno

    how can u not like this song??

  32. slimdogg3325

    love this shit here. respect from atl

  33. Sebastian

    @OGFIST of course nas is better.....nas's flow, creativity, breath control, lyrics are a much higher calibur and level than santana....

  34. Ginga

    One of the realest songs on the album.

  35. Antonio Di Natale

    @OGFIST there are a about 5/6 nice songs on the album, but what im sayin is overall, if i compare him to someone of a higher calibre he doesn't compare.

  36. wackjob

    @ghettodawg78 yes sir

  37. rybobuno

    @stillmatic117 I disagree

  38. Ben S. Cisse

    @stillmatic117 in what ways is Nas better in your opinion? I'm not necessarily agreeing with you but what makes Nas better in your eyes?

  39. Antonio Di Natale

    @cisseusa123 Andre 3000 is nice, underrated, but not on nas level no.

  40. Ben S. Cisse

    @stillmatic117 Dude I didn't say Dipset was better than Nas. That's ridiculous. But I have a question for you. Not being sarcastic at all but do you believe Andre 3000 is better than Nas?

  41. Antonio Di Natale

    @cisseusa123 You're aware of how unintelligent you sound? and how your lack of hip hop knowledge is clearly evident. Your a dipset fan, what would you know? Illmatic, It Was Written, The Lost Tapes and Stillmatic, make this album look like a fuckin soulja boy extract. Get knowledge kid.

  42. Ben S. Cisse

    @stillmatic117 You're aware of how ridiculous you sound right?

  43. Antonio Di Natale

    @cisseusa123 yeah he is.

  44. Ben S. Cisse

    @stillmatic117 Nas is a great rapper. But NOT G.O.A.T.

  45. Antonio Di Natale

    wow, wtf is all the lupe, wayne talk about being GOAT?

    GOAT - NAS


    Big and Pac, yeah they both top 10, but No.1 is not disputed.

  46. 1TorchMoney

    illmatic dope..TORCHMONEYOUt

  47. youngice604

    @tjmack010 Pac has so much material. Thats so much time to improve, so many chances to shine, so much wisdom and experience gained. Thats why pac will always be better than Biggie.

    Lupe's mixtapes get outshined by his albums.

  48. tjmack010

    @youngice604, Lupe has literally hundreds of songs out now, he's been on atleast 20 to 30 tracks this year alone, but making ALOT of material doesn't make u the GOAT, saying that would mean that Gucci Mane is on Pac's level.

  49. youngice604

    @Jaran912 The only thing preventing Lupe from being the best is the amount of material he has. If he would have flooded the internet like lil wayne did, he wouldn't be denied GOAT status

  50. Rob

    juelz santana is the guy that gets me back on my feet but don't get me wrong this aint jesus. juelz is more of a motivator.

  51. Adam onthemoon

    @Kidlanez18 respect bro

  52. Adam onthemoon

    @Radkin19 j cole is the saviour oh hip hop fuck all the haters man

  53. brickz ALI

    @swagstar100 and did a better job hands down of course lol

  54. Nikolle Carter

    Man I used to bump this in my truck that whole summer. This beat goes hard. Some of yall sleep on Julez.

  55. Qu Samuels

    this joint is fire!

  56. marlon espinoza

    now this is rap!!!!!!!

  57. bxbluediamond

    this song came out n 05 2

  58. bxbluediamond

    ur buggin lupe helll no,,n drake is not even ready,,,j cole is on the come up but santana made his mark,,

  59. Max Julien

    its called failure off Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I: The Truth Is Among Us

  60. Del Green

    wht song did lupe use this beat on

  61. Max Julien

    lupe fiasco used this beat better

  62. Lore Ray

    atleast someone knows what they talking about!

  63. danglez

    truth... get em!

  64. BlackJackNapier

    LOL at ya'll niggas sayin' J. Cole MADE the beat. He SAMPLED it from Idris Muhammad who owns every last sample used by Drake, J. Cole, Juelz and Lupe...

    search Idris Muhammad "Heaven" and get enlightened.

  65. DipsetHeavyHustle


  66. CheezyDoDo973

    no not really
    you are new to juelz huh ?

  67. Michael Ocasio

    He ripped this beat but then again so did Juelz

  68. kaspertrax

    Idris Muhammad, Can Heaven Ever Be Like This, I should know I did it and had to clear it, lol!

  69. Reggie Burrell

    Somebody gave me a free copy of this cd...so i took it..i'm not a big Santana fan...i went thru the tracks but i stopped on this joint right here..what caught my attention was that fuck'n sample in the beginning, i just love that shit, so if any could do me a favor tell whats the name of the sample in the beginning i surely would appreciate...but other than that the cd was hot..this was the best track on it..respectZ 2 J.Santana.............

  70. josef cohen

    love this join over here

  71. rawmaster514

    sum of sanatana's best

  72. kayhan82

    ppreciate that good looks

  73. wilbert davis

    this some bein on the block shit