Juelz Santana - Liu Kang (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah, niggas got it all fucked up
Actin' like I ain't hungry, where the lunch truck?
Then I act childish, so they know it's chopsticks all around me
They pop shit and talk loud
We pop shit, man down
Put his chicken, hit 'em with the Kung Pao
Nah mean, like Yao
Money tall, Yao Ming, like wow
Whippin' in the foreign like out
Watch when you stop, crash like [?]
I'm Mayweather, never throwin' in the towel
And I could go however many rounds
Oh it's beef, we can lay the whole cow
Man, these niggas out of bounds
I stay on the court, like a trial
I run things, yup I run things
Put a cover over 'em, they too comfy
Been a Pimp-C, word to Bun B
Crocodile seats, call me Dundee
Fly like Jordan, yup I'm two-three
Don't enter the Dragon, I go Bruce Lee
Nigga I do things, I still move things
Nicki Chun-Li, I be Liu Kang
Now bust it open for me, like the Blue Flame
You see gang-gang, that's my Wu-Tang
Let my jewels hang, that's my mood swang
Call me Slick Rick, they know I rule things
Before I dive in, make sure that pool clean
She got that wet-wet, yeah that juice
What it taste like, top of the food chain
Plates say Liu Kang, that mean the coupe came

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Juelz Santana Liu Kang (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Gamer Dad

    this is tough

  2. Steve GTA

    They spelt Liu Kang wrong on the cover

  3. Oliver Hernandez

    Santana bandana

  4. mike da dragga


  5. Darth DUGGA

    I hear drugs all his speech....... stop doing my dude

  6. Glorie Mpaka

    This makes me wanna play mortal kombat again lol

  7. jb55kg


  8. Dollaz

    Nikki and juelz should do it together

  9. flameyola lava godd


  10. BlacK Bull

    Eh, I’ma just go back to listen to From Me to U & What The Games Been Missing... cause Juelz this aint you bro..

  11. s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Get King Los on this beat now

  12. Giles Peterson

    Could've been better.

  13. Anthony Freeman

    OMFG! What the hell has happened to Juelz? The lyrics are straight trash, the beat is garbage. And you can hear the lisp in his voice. Something is up with his mouth.

  14. Oliver Hernandez

    This shit is dope

  15. pk_1

    Juelz a Legend in this shit🔥 🔥

  16. Ron Wood


  17. Be Still

    Why this nigga only got 1 freestyle out in 2018 this shit str8 crack juelz get back on ya shit

  18. Spurs TiliDie

    I usually fw Juelz but let’s be honest, this was garbage 💩👎🏻

  19. Mr Meik


  20. readywave7178

    Juelz 🔥🔥🔥

  21. jisterKIS

    This is trash to begin with. Why remix it? Rip juelz. Just let ur old work talk for u pimp. U over with

  22. Famus 4ever

    He needs to get Nicki Minaj on thiz track!💯


    Frankie Humphrey what? Hell no

    Glorie Mpaka

    Frankie Humphrey no smh

  23. Eddiaz72

    When this fool gonna drop another album?

  24. Deondra Thomas

    I like juelz but why does everyone try to eat off nicki

  25. Deondra Thomas

    sound lazy don't sound lit like Nick no comparison

  26. Ricky Johnson

    We need rappers like you🤯🤯

  27. Ishmael Bull

    FIRE 🚀

  28. jstax MuZik

    Mortal kombat fanz 🔥
    freestyle Fatality.

  29. arabion knights

    nice.beat, not bad Santana..
    keep it coming..

  30. P city

    We're the Fuck he get lui kang from . Why not RYU !

  31. Bass Red

    His 'S' words, can hear his teeth missing. Hope Juelz get it together

  32. raghu rajaram

    When did this drop???

  33. Gregory Reid


  34. Xavier Fernandez

    Pop a 💊 gtfoh

  35. rich uriarte

    Terrible for juelz ....not like them i cant feel my face days

    rich uriarte

    Light Yami nice commas now kick rocks triggered ass bitch

    Light Yami

    rich uriarte Pay attention I agreed with your comment on Juelz....but just like a Troll you came on here just to fuck with people. You didn't have to respond especially after you tried to troll another person who was talking out the side of they neck. BYE TROLL you sugar filled bitch.

    Light Yami

    rich uriarte Pay attention I agreed with your comment on Juelz....but just like a Troll you came on here just to fuck with people. You didn't have to respond especially after you tried to troll another person who was talking out the side of they neck. BYE TROLL you sugar filled bitch.

    rich uriarte

    Light Yami look at you looking foolish now 😂😂😂 all this troll talk from a fucking replybot cant even stop typing go respond on someone else's comments ur irrelevant here #worthless

    rich uriarte

    Light Yami move the fuck on already youbhave youtube use it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. knowledge 4All

    The u go billy🔥🔥🔥

  37. Jusfadez

    Waaaaay better than Nikki's version!!

  38. Bwadominican Ortiz

    And the video is on the wayyy. Aaaa

  39. Dante Knoxville

    This coulda been a mk song if he did it different like before the 30 mark that coulda been a kung lao name drop

  40. waplord868 Trini

    Chun li aka lui kang

  41. Foster Hayes

    Dude could of came way harder this is mediocre crap

    Profit Lope

    Foster Hayes abc rapping still

  42. Stephan X

    SANTANA! 🔥

  43. C.A.A

    Beat fire NYC vibes

  44. Hegelian Dialectic

    Juelz always got this. His verses stay Crispy

  45. Joey Medeiros


  46. black nindo

    fucking shit ! but the name is cool

  47. More Live

    *It took a nigga freedom to be jeopardize to release music? I guess the 'soulful' Santana aint never coming back. This no identity Santana been trash with his shit. LEARN from Vado & go back & reinvent your CORE sound*

  48. Tyrie Carter

    Seen Juelz & Click lol Yes

  49. JuveMutley

    its aight, santana can do better and no he is not the goat, juelz is a baby compared to the goats, he aint ready for the real wordplayers, not ina long shot, at least he around,

  50. RaidZeroHero

    Juelz Juelz:
    I’m on the grind till Bruce lee come a joke for this remix track lol
    If anyone is confused about what I committed.
    It’s from C3 track title
    (you ain’t got nothing me), ft fabulous ,juelz Santana ,and LilWayne. Is the correct album names they go by from what I seen heard and Learned and realized and analyzed. But mixtapes they always introduce themselves as
    Santana but trademark word after “Ike” so it goes like
    This (san-tan-naahhh-iiiiikkkk)funeral fab,Tunechi
    Witch I go by when I mention to ppl,friends,family at party’s,birthdays,cookouts,etc when I request a song from one of them. I wouldn’t say put on some fabulous,or juelz,or lil Wayne. I would always use there 2 I’d mixtape names cuz it’s so much more gritty and hood. But uark Santana ikke always kills Any track

    Razook Naoum

    RaidZeroHero yo you retarded?

  51. Young Mauri

    FUK WIT MY FREESTYLES...this shit corny b

  52. Los Mosthigh


  53. Corey Derricott

    Why not Ryu

    s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Corey Derricott because fuckin mortal kombat, not little bitch street fighter.

  54. Banks Sinatra

    Holm trash now



  56. Gucci Diapers

    2018 dipset

    Cassandra Amore

    Gucci Diapers I felt like he wrapped more harder back in the day when it was deep sea days I don't know what it is but this one sounded a little bit too weak for me he's rhyming was good but it didn't sound hard core enough

  57. Christophercash RipSet

    Santana Snapped!!!!

  58. raptalkdotnet

    This is fire!

  59. Sherri Stateman

    bc he big.. he got what you called. A get out of jaill free card

  60. David Ault

    good freestyle

  61. Rizzy. Life


  62. Rizzy Rockett TV

    Wasn’t he arrested recently ???

    s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Ray Wrecks TV turned himself in for a gun possession charge I think.

  63. Alexis Wilkins

    This a mad banger 💣💯

  64. Alexis Wilkins

    This a mad banger 💣💯

  65. kofi thompson

    Started week ...but finished good

  66. Blanco Negro


  67. Tyv' Ali Cross

    juelze , WTF ... this shit is wack , fuckingwack i cant even call it ass because i like ass,

  68. iAintGonFront

    This shit is wack

  69. Carlos Moody

    King Juelz

  70. Stevie Grant

    I cant feel my face the album
    Who waitin 4 the 2nd cheaa east coast ny boston new england

  71. Stevie Grant

    Im east plus dirty my picks and i 2as hopin mortal kombat julez santana did it cheaaaaa a beast wayne gucci dirty

  72. folami moon


  73. KingPharaoh TV

    Nas and juelz goat

    Hegelian Dialectic

    Sauce Pharaoh nope. PRODIGY


    You just insulted the shit outta Nas puttin this nigga in the same sentence

    Brook7yn18 Ward

    Smh yal need to get off the Molly and diet soda

  74. Speedy Fernandes

    Just kicked 69 OFF💣🕳

  75. UjustMadCuzImaBaller

    Hella slept on

  76. Kyle Franks

    Lmfao,Funny ass ni$$a lol, highed🔊up litt funny as hell 📣ok, juelz 🎙

  77. Cookie Love

    🔥 my baby Santana 💯 all the time
    lol listening to this i gotta order some chinese now 🎎

  78. Banthony Frickenstein

    Kendrick Lamar ~ Akuma Remix

  79. Prince Alaba

    Watch someone come out with Blanka...this was aiight....Blanka was a beast and it will be on a different beat. You heard it here 1st!

  80. Iconic_Philosopher

    Still in my top 5

  81. swisher sweets

    East needs to do a remix on this

    Joe Gotti

    swisher sweets facts b he'd murder this beat


    And Banks

    Anth P

    And banks and vado

    swisher sweets

    Cee DaTruth you obviously don't live up to ur username 😂

    Juice World

    swisher sweets Facts!🔥 put niggas like nas jadakiss n the lox fat joe 50 n the whole dip set n maybe even jay z lmao😂


    Pls Drop *Still Can’t Feel My Face* Before You Go UpTop

    Darren Hurst

    *Finessely †. Snypes* that been out. Look on DatPiff


    Shordyy KJP that shit Fake


    *Finessely †. Snypes* lmfaoo


    We pop shit now it's man down 🔥 #allfacts

  84. leanpapii xo

    Santana all day!!