Juelz Santana - Intro Lyrics

[Juelz Santana]
Yo who that
Me,it's Ja

[Juelz Santana]
Ja, Come in man
What up Ja, what's poppin

What up Uncle Ju Ju
You know Im five years old now right

[Juelz Santana]
Yeah I know man you gettin big tell me about it what's good

It's crazy man, you know my teacher had the nerve to ask me for your autograph

[Juelz Santana]
What, she asked for my autograph in the class

I had to tell her man im here to learn this aint the time or the place for that

[Juelz Santana]
you crazy man say word


[Juelz Santana]
you a trip lil nigga you know that, what you tell her after that

I said a dipset bitch

[Juelz Santana]
a a a, come on man you cant be doin it like that at five man, you got to get another decade with you at least

you know that you the only thing they talk about in my school

[Juelz Santana]

not cause you that nigga

[Juelz Santana]

but bacause im that nigga
you all i talk about

[Juelz Santana]
that's what's up that's what's up

some of the kids can hardly talk

[Juelz Santana]
yeah word

there fore you gotta make it happen
know what im talkin bout

[Juelz Santana]
yeah yeah i know what you talkin about nigga i know

word uncle Ju Ju

[Juelz Santana]
yo man come on man you gotta stop with that uncle Ju Ju shit man know what i mean

that's what i call you, that's what ima keep callin you and let everybody else call you Juelz aight

[Juelz Santana]

other than that I just wanna tell you I love you

[Juelz Santana]
aww i love you too man

wo wo wo, dont be gettin all mushy on me man, it's time to do it big, now lets go

[Juelz Santana rapping]
Now that I've got your attention
[Repeat x5]
Im what the games been missing
What you about to witness is something that you haven't been witness'in
Im what the games been missing

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Juelz Santana Intro Comments
  1. Jeff Vilson

    More of that with the new skit would be cool .

  2. SN-K TV

    2019 still one of my favorit album of all time.

  3. keepthegrasscut

    This a cold ass intro right here

  4. Jamar Conover


  5. Mack Main

    not because you that nigga but because I'm that nigga

  6. Vinyldecalgraff

    we need music like this again

  7. Behrang Darian

    a shout out to my homie wajih who died.  god rest his soul.  i love his mom goodbye to a friend

  8. Los Ganns

    I swear years later this is still my favorite intro ever.
    "You gotta make it happen. .nahimtalkinbout"

  9. showsen_ few

    shit, You need to put some lyrics on this beat!!

  10. Jus Me

    i like this intro and hate it at the same time..how is that possible

  11. NY Bangers LLC

    BTW where is this little boy at today??

  12. NY Bangers LLC

    the problem with this beat is it's too good. that's why they had to make it just an intro. if it had been a full song we'd all have lost our minds by now Lol

    LaTonia Thedford

    NY Bangers LLC lol

  13. Rain Man

    This that real Juelz. Before all that lean and shit... he spit that crack!!

  14. bizzybone371

    Man i was hopin he laid a verse to this beat, this beat is sick!!!!!!

  15. BlackAmgCL65

    forreal i thought i was the only one who thought that. that kid's a trip tho.

  16. BlackAmgCL65

    Juelz is one of the few artists who as a youngin was realllly dope. From me to u was classic. then he went complete 180 and turned into a diff rapper.

  17. Don Smurf


  18. David Prindilus

    fell off the radar smh, he had so much potential if he was surround by smart people he would still be something to listen to

  19. Sal Blite

    waddup uncle juju

  20. Mia Doe

    aww he sound so cute !!!

  21. blunca22

    this beat go to hard.

  22. Lil JoJo

    make me wanna cry

  23. kim snooks

    Best Intro Ever, Album Was Pieced Together Perfect

  24. kim snooks

    Peanut (Yo Gotti Son) Go Hard, But That Lil Nigga On This Track Got Crazzy Swagg, He Need To B on More A Juelz Shit,

  25. kim snooks

    Best Dipset Album So Far

  26. Tony Johnson

    this beat is so fye

  27. Zay Poccets

    If I have a son , I want him to be like dat