Juelz Santana - Clockwork Lyrics

(Yep, yep, yep, yep)
San-tana, AY
(Yep, yep, yep, yep)
Tick, tock
(Yep, yep, yep, yep)
Tick, tock
(Yep, yep, yep, yep)

Get on the grind like clockwork
Move that behind like clockwork
Keep it coming on time like clockwork
Get that clockwork (homie) make that clockwork (shorty)

You hear the sounds of the tick (tick)
You hear the sounds of the tock (tock)
You hear the sounds of the clock (tick)
(And get it right) (tock)
Move to the sound of the tick (tick)
Move to the sound of the tock (tock)
Move to the sound of the clock (tick)
(And get it right) (tock) yep yep

[Juelz Santana]
Now lemme see you get that block work rolling
Lemme see you get that clockwork going
Fiends copping by the clockwork flowing
All day and all night
Till them S.W.A.T. cops rolling
Or that clock, stop, going
Tick, tock, tick, tock, AY
Homie, get on the grind like clockwork
Two for five or a dime, that's clockwork
You ain't gettin off the hook that easy
Lemme see that clockwork
She said look that's easy
Move it around, and around, and around, and around like a clock chick
To the sound, of the sound, of the sound of the clock's tick
Tick, tock, tick, tock, AY
Shorty, move that behind like clockwork
And spin around to the sound of how the clock work

You hear the sounds of the tick (tick)
You hear the sounds of the tock (tock)
You hear the sounds of the clock (tick)
(And get it right) (tock)
Move to the sound of the tick (tick)
Move to the sound of the tock (tock)
Move to the sound of the clock (tick)
(And get it right) (tock) yep yep

Get on the grind like clockwork
Move that behind like clockwork
Keep it coming on time like clockwork
Get that clockwork (homie) make that clockwork (shorty)

[Juelz Santana]
The grind on paper chase
The block on day to day
Listen, I'm always ticking
Like the clock on Flava Flav
I could
Give cock, and don't stop giving
So can you
Wink wop, and don't stop whipping
And just
Make that clockwork (tick), get that clockwork (tock)
Shake that clockwork (tick), flip that clockwork (tock), shorty,
AY, do what you gotta do for that clockwork
Nine to five, side moves for that clockwork
If you a soldier, homie, get you a doja (?) homie
Move the homie, tell him get that clockwork (homie)
AY, teach him how to mix that pot work
Right to left, all day, he'll get that clockwork
Tick, tock, tick, tock (homie) AY
That's what I call clockwork for ya
Holla at me, I got work for ya


I mean nigga
If you gettin' money
That's clockwork
If you hustlin', that's clockwork
Bitch, if you out there sellin' ass, that's clockwork
If you out there pimpin' homie, that's clockwork
Holla at me

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Juelz Santana Clockwork Comments
  1. DateMike22

    I remember going out to cop the deluxe edition of What the Game's Been Missing the day it dropped in Nov '06 #ClassicDipset #Aye

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    2020 re-up!

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    Then he be rapping about how stupid he sounds

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    dope boyz fresh

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    The clock is ticking
    The wonderful woman is my wishing
    Do you want to do some partying
    I got plenty of time
    I’m not losing my mind
    One man and one woman
    Should know to take their time
    Still remain on the prime

  9. Life Observer

    Free juelz Santana hell be home around February 2020 bday

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    Can we rewind back to when all hip hop was this good!?

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    Juelz CHérichou Mon architecte de référencement al fond sien .. :'D ... tu t'es toujours pas remis de la derniere charette ??? #jetaime :'D :'D :'D :'D #brexitexplicit

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    Dipset really changed the game when it came to fashion. This was a fresh new look when I first saw the video and bought a shit load of Ed Hardy gear that actually fit lmao

  20. Lila Montoya

    "like clock on flavor fav"

  21. Dionte Gilchrist

    #FreeJuelz 2019!

  22. Darneil Stanfort

    06 back when juelZ was the man.

    Karen Wywadis

    He had teef

    chaka zulu

    The very very short man that cant rap?

  23. Kia Lawyer

    Whos here 2019...?

    chaka zulu

    2 people, and and the other one gave you a thumbs up.

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    Dude chose lean & pills and sacrificed his teeth & career smh

  26. nyc unloaded

    best time in rapping history id had to be 14 or 15 good ole days

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    I had the 40 sec ringtone on my boost lol good ol days

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    there's just some throwbacks that cant be recreated an this is one #FREESANTANAA


    Lol fuck that dude. He's garbage. I came to listen to this to remind myself.

  31. Steven Guerrero

    Classically tight..tight..tight! Tic toc mofos.

  32. TheUniVsIsInfinite

    This was when the baggy era slowly started fading out cuz after this juelz, jimmy & wayne started rocking the rockstar type clothes.

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    They really didn't do that girl with the white hood on any favors putting her in this video. Her angles and positioning are terrible.

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    Wasn't this video originally split with the "oh yes" video back when it came out?

    Antwain G

    Erocktyle naw i thought the song "Whatever you wanna call it" was the split


    Yeah I was waiting for it, I would wait back in the day Till this was over Just to peep the next track

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    He looked so damn fine to me in this video ! Yasss lord. ‼️

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    I still don't think he picked the right singles for this album

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    2:09 - 2:14 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    This is when music was creative. Today's music is the same 808 beat


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    My radio station was playing a bunch of these types of songs and i dont know what to search to find them, this played, no scrubs, and other kind of "old raps?" Or pop rap? More of a 2000 vibe. Can anyone help me is there a specific genre ?

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    busy rite now [email protected] lol

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    to me one of the worst tracks on the album but when I just let it ride. it was just what I needed between the next track. RNS.


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