Judy Garland - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Lyrics

I'm always chasing rainbows
Watching clouds drifting by
My schemes are just like all my dreams
Ending in the sky

Some fellows look and find the sunshine
I always look and find the rain
Some fellows make a winning sometime
I never even make a gain, believe me

I'm always chasing rainbows
Waiting to find a little bluebird in vain

Some fellows look and find the sunshine
But I always look and find the rain
Some fellows make a winning sometime
I never even make a gain, believe me

I'm always chasing rainbows
Waiting to find a little bluebird in vain

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Judy Garland I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Comments
  1. Nicholas Sanchez

    Everyone talks about that's a hazbin hotel, but it says '' chasing'' so it's a *JOJO REFERENCE*

  2. Madzia

    99.9% percent of the comments: HaZbIn HoTeL (I can’t argue, it’s pretty damn good)

    .1% of the comments: this is a pretty song :)

  3. Jonathan Rayne

    Just too beautiful for words.

  4. Kicksno1fan

    wow, I thought it was an original hazbin hotel song lol

  5. Nifty The Little Darling

    Im here from hazbin

  6. SeasideSeal

    What if Angel dust was one of the guys there when he was alive, and he is secretly very sympathetic towards Charlie because she reminds him so much of the character singing?

  7. Pancake TV

    This song: *exists*

    Hazbin hotel: 👀

    Jessie Chan

    Vivzie: It's free real estate.

    The Jeaker

    The two songs doesn’t have anything in common except a similar name

  8. Bilbury

    What is it with Judy Garland and rainbows?

  9. Matthew Greer

    this was in hazbin hotel? where

  10. Resurī Chan

    someone still listens to this beautiful song :3?

    PD:2019 :v


    *hazbin hotel fans joined the chat*

  12. random furry

    WhO's hErE fRoM hAzBiN hOtEl?


  13. Lps Alto Reed

    Seems my fellow demons are here for the same reasons I am

  14. Andrew Jones

    Didn't know this song before Hazbin, now I do. I like it, although I hope the Hazbin version comes to Spotify.

  15. Jo Jo

    She never got her rainbow. Sing with angels, Judy.

  16. JudyGarlandRulez152

    That lilt that she puts on the "my" in "all my dreams" at the beginning is flawless. Also Hazbin Hotel. I heard this version way before I watched HH. I was so glad they put that as the opening.

  17. lollipop games, gacha and fun! UwU

    Hope hazbin hotel gave credits for this :)

    The Jeaker

    Why? Hazbin song is very different from this...they just share a similar name

  18. MegaGermanShepherds

    I knew I heard this song before Hazbin Hotel came to be! Hurray that this was done live back then with such a Wizard of Oz vibe.

  19. coronerelf

    Smile Judy! You know you’re never fully dressed without one! *radio static*

  20. animq4ion boi.

    Charlie watching at the yearly purge in hell 1940s (not colorized)

  21. DP28 LEWIS

    The real version is just as good as Hazbin's

    Malachi R.

    The meaning behind this song and Garlands trauma just makes it that much more meaningful as the Hazbin intro as well.

  22. Vazquez Lobo

    2013: a beatiful song
    2019: are you coming from hazbin hotel?

    Gesai Quinque

    Even though the video was posted in 2013 the video is much older as Judy Garland died in 1969

  23. Doug R.

    Very emotional and heartfelt. In retrospect, also probably very true for her (sadly).

  24. Random Dude

    Hazbin Hotel Bitches where you at!?!?!

  25. lostboy_

    thank you Hazbin for taking me here

  26. red

    fuck hazbin hotel ruins everything


    *makes everything better

    Please learn proper grammar and vocabulary, the dedication and connotation of your sentence ended up having the exact opposite meaning as intended.

    Artistic Bear

    Says the one with Hitler as there profile picture


    Artistic Bear and that is bad because?

  27. Mauro Renato

    Omg here after hazbin

  28. Peaceful Dusk

    Thank you creators of Hazbin for giving this old song some new life.

  29. Salem Andrada

    Hazbin hotel anyone?


    Salem Andrada yoooooooosss (it’s my fav animated show)

    Salem Andrada

    @PARTY SPLATS ...There's only been 1 episode. Your bar of standards must be set particularly low.


    Salem Andrada I meant so far ( I forgot to say that) the first episode is the best piece of animation I’ve ever seen

    Salem Andrada

    @PARTY SPLATS Literally anything UFOtable has done : *cough

    Mr.DankeyClod _

    @Salem Andrada k

  30. Baby Yoda

    still a beautiful song

  31. Baby Yoda

    Wow this vid is gonna earn lots of money from all the ppl coming from Hazbin hotel

    Extraterrestrial Content

    It’s not monetized so it won’t make any money

    Baby Yoda

    @Extraterrestrial Content Thanks for the knowledge!

    Extraterrestrial Content

    Baby Yoda you’re welcome

  32. HiddenForbidden2

    What a beautiful song, and a fantastic voice.
    Thank you Hazbin Hotel for bringing me here.

    Acelia Knightingale

    I thought it was just me

    Ruby Rose

    Same 😂

    Anime n Musicals

    We all know everybody came from Hazbin Hotel. Now we wait for Helluva Boss

  33. Iris Cantrell

    Who's here from hazbin?

    I'm a pigeon

    @Mallory Anne Pedrajas np, you picked a good character

    Paisley Wilde


    Toad TV

    We need 666 likes for you


    I actually saw this first and then I watched hazbin :p

  34. Rob Costigan

    Always for my Momma!

  35. Jennifer Benson

    Music of Chopin!

  36. Patrick Gallant

    When my Dad was a soldier in World War II, he was marching in the rain with his platoon, when a big car pulled up along side of him and the window rolled down. A young Judy Garland stuck her head out, and said, " Hello there soldier, what's your name?" He told her his name, and ," Hi Judy, what are you doing here?" She said, " I'm here with the USO, to entertain our boys. Would you like a lift?" Dad said, "Gee, Judy, I can't , I have to march with my buddies." She said, "Keep up the good work." He said, "I will Judy." She rolled up the window and drove off. He never forgot how genuinely proud she was of the men who fought.

    Extraterrestrial Content

    What do you mean he told her *his* name?

    random furry

    @Extraterrestrial Content that he told her his name? Quite explanatory

    - ARTISIMO -

    Oh my god what would i do just to see her in real life hell even talk to her!

  37. Jackson Li

    Chopin is Superior... their isn't even really an comparison

  38. John Mulholland

    Was anyone else sent here from Through Juniper Vale?

    Stephan Stefanus


  39. Mr Nobody

    When the United States was the greatest Christian nation on earth..

  40. Jane E. Allyn

    My beloved grandma used to sing this song before tucking me into bed ~ a lovely memory for me. When she and my mom sang it together, they would add their own unique harmony . This is a keeper for me. Thanks. 💗

  41. Musicman2016Now

    Job well done, Allan.

  42. Dylan Washington

    Did you hear the response from the Tony Martin..I'm just floored by this recording and how pure and beautiful this rendition was

  43. Songs2ShareVideos


  44. Galaxo

    The re-mixed audio is really splendid. I enjoyed reading "Rainbow's End", too. Fine tribute.

  45. Brock White

    She's truly one-of-a-kind actress and singer, gone way too soon.

  46. Jennie Anderson

    Wish I could find one rainbow of my own.. I'll keep waiting, have a feeling it's near .. Heaven

  47. trapezoid spangle

    Story of my life.

  48. Luiz Teixeira

    it is shame! they don't give credit to the true composer of this song! CHOPIN


    I doubt he cares...


    ill give credit to judy garland. Wow Judy did THAT

  49. TheKLBH

    Chopin: Impromptu C#m


    I knew I heard it somewhere before

    gam kal

    Thank you. Was thinking it was Rachmaninoff. You saved me a lot of investigative research. lol

  50. Joseph Drach

    A beautiful song.You know who does this better than Judy Garland? Anyone!

    Sophia Martin

    alice cooper


    @Sophia Martin *....Might you be Alice Cooper's daughter ? ;-)>*

  51. Tufenuf

    My mother had a beautiful voice. When we had a family trip I would always ask my mother to sing at some point. She would cover Judy Garland wonderfully. My mother wont sing anymore because she's 88 years old. Every year on my birthday she calls me. I never answer her call because if I let it go to voice mail she'll sing happy birthday. It always takes me back to the old station wagon that I miss so dearly and some Judy Garland. You could play me these old songs on an old 78 with a sewing needle and I'd be happy.


    Your mother and mine were just about the same age. Like your mother, mine had a beautiful voice and would sing in my dad's Big Band. I would give anything to hear her voice again.


    If y'all wanna come over I'll play it for you on the victrola I restored. =)

    Bonita DeRosa

    my mother, too. Just the same. Just the same.

    Amos Pressley

    Beautiful comment!



  52. Teresa Hoskins

    Brilliant artistry.  She communicates so beautifully the emotion and meaning of this lovely song.

  53. Kevin Samuel Haber

    I didn't know that Judy Garland covered an Alice Cooper song. 


    killing me smalls! I like her version better, I think. = )


    +Superweinerschnitzel now I'm going home

    Emily Shultz

    i really hope this is sarcastic

    Mapache's Music Account

    @Emily Shultz It isn't.

  54. Really Notsure

    Chopin's original is superior, but this was a brilliant way to introduce the genius of Chopin to those who hadn't heard his art. 

    Noe Berengena

    As much as I like Chopin (his music for Les Sylphides in particular) I manage to keep that in its own place, separate from this. For one, this song has some wonderful (and believable) lyrics and it has the gorgeous voice of the great Garland, here just a few years after the Wizard of Oz movie.

  55. Russ Cross


  56. DouglassD

    There's a much better quality video (HD) version of this on youtube.  This is so blurry...

    Allan Fisch

    Sorry for blurry, I only had a low res copy of the film. The audio is NOT low-res. Also , this was done as a tribute to my late friend...Please watch again and listen/look for content and meaning.

  57. 球球貓

     I'm always chasing rainbows,
    Watching clouds drifting by,
    My dreams are just like all my schemes,
    Ending in the sky.
    Some fellows look and find the sunshine,
    I always look and find the rain.
    Some fellows make a winning sometime,
    I never even make a gain, believe me,
    I'm always chasing rainbows,
    I'm watching for a little bluebird in vain.


    +球球貓 Thank you :)

    Delani Speakin'

    I’m waiting to find a little bluebird in vain*

  58. love True

    I'm always chasing rainbows,
    Watching clouds drifting by,
    My schemes are just like all my dreams,
    Ending in the sky.
    Some fellows look and find the sunshine,
    I always look and find the rain.
    Some fellows make a winning sometime,
    I never even make a gain, believe me,
    I'm always chasing rainbows,
    I'm watching for a little bluebird in vain.

  59. zekeland

    A fine tribute to the author of a wonderful, enjoyable book.

  60. Allan Fisch

    I think this is one of her songs/performances most like OTR in the post Oz years at MGM...


    What is "OTR" ?
    I believe she was out sick a lot from colds and sinus infections and a studio doctor told her she had to have her tonsils removed.
    The studio was worried about her voice.
    Her voice was very malleable and did change from movie to movie.


    *She sounds "super" in "Presenting Lily Mars", "Girl Crazy" and "Meet Me in St. Louis". She was a superb vocal technician.*

  61. Hailey Williams


  62. Mandeley100

    Spellbinding! And a fitting tribute to your friend, the author of the superb "Rainbow's End"