Judy Collins - Song For Sarajevo Lyrics

Blood in all the streets, running like a flood
There's no where to hide, no where that I can go
I reach out my hand, touching death itself
Just a holy day in Sarajevo

I can hear my heart, pounding like a clock
Hiding from the planes and from the bombing
Fire from the sky, burning down my life
There is no more love and no more longing

But when I close my eyes:
I dream of peace
I dream of flowers on the hill
I dream I see my mother smiling
When I close my eyes I dream of peace

Once I had a home, once my life was good
Once my mother sang to me and held me
Then the fire came, falling from the sky
There is no one left who can protect me

War's a wicked bird that never comes to rest
Feeding on the dreams of all the children
War's an evil bird flying in the dark
Every holy promise has been broken

But when I close my eyes:
I dream of peace
I dream of flowers on the hill
I dream I see my mother smiling
When I close my eyes I dream of peace

Can't you stop the war, bring it to a close
You are tall and strong and I am just a child
Can't we live in peace, stop the flowing blood
Make a blessed world where I can be a child

When you close your eyes:
Do you dream of peace?
Do you dream of flowers on the hill?
Do you dream you see your mother smiling?
When you close your eyes do you dream of peace?

When you close your eyes:
Do you dream of peace?
Do you dream of flowers on the hill?
Do you dream you see your mother smiling?
When you close your eyes do you dream of peace?

Open up your eyes and give us peace.

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Judy Collins Song For Sarajevo Comments
  1. Muhammad Hamza

    Beautiful 🌺

  2. mery emi

    Ko je ova Teta

  3. John Stirret

    This just brought me to tears.

  4. Vako Nako

    Unfortunately, First Time I heard this song... and I am/was there 94, scary memories... it brought tears to my eyes from deep within... thank you for this remarkable everlasting melody and heartbreaking lyrics... even-though I don't celebrate Christmas...

  5. Carl Curry

    Any one remember this song while she played on piano showing kids drawings of wars happening

    Dieulita Datus

    Yes I do. It was for UNICEF. It breaks my heart every time

    Carl Curry

    Yeah i loved that

    Rosalee Zephier

    Carl Curry War Sucks I wish War never existed as there is way too many Wars that took place in the past & now & it’s Sad

    Hidden Meadow Music

    Here in the bahamas, they always showed the UNICEF video on ZNS, with a name like carl curry, I know that you are Bahamian. bless up soldier.

  6. Claw Finger

    so beautiful... shame i didn't hear it before as I was in it in the Christmas time of 1994... chills....
    hearing the song and remembering what it was like and what we dreamed of...
    thank you...

  7. Thomas Lucia

    "...I dream I see my mother smiling"...a simple sentence; a sentence that renders you heartbroken and blinded by tears for the most sacred and safest of havens...

  8. Cynthia Abbott

    This is my favorite Christmas song!


    @Toby Czarny You should review the history a bit more and what exactly happened. Ethnic cleansing was initiated by the Serb forces where they committed genocide against those of the Islamic faith. The international court has deemed it as the Bosnian Genocide and the acts by the Serbian forces were treated as crimes against humanity. So, please next time do your research and don't downplay what really happen. Later in the conflict the "Croats" and "Bosniaks" teamed up against the Serb forces. You can also research the numbers of all the casualties. A wiki reference should suffice for your ignorance "Following Bosnia and Herzegovina's declaration of independence (which gained international recognition), the Bosnian Serbs, led by Radovan Karadžić and supported by the Serbian government of Slobodan Milošević and the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), mobilised their forces inside Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to secure ethnic Serb territory, then war soon spread across the country, accompanied by ethnic cleansing. " A lot of people suffered, sure. Either way, your statement should be directed towards the original poster. Please use logic next time.

    Toby Czarny

    @MindScoped I'm not at ALL saying that Serbs weren't the initial aggressors of the Bosnian War. They unquestionably were. But, that doesn't change the fact that children are children, and their innocence and longing for peace surpass any ethnic or religious categorization. The atrocities were committed by matured soldiers, not children. This song was written in honour of the children of the former Yugoslavia, who could not help or control what was happening around them. Judy Collins partnered with UNICEF to help showcase the colossal Balkan tragedy. She travelled to both Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and met with children of ALL ethnicities who suffered.


    @Toby Czarny Re-read the original posters comment about it being a "Christmas" song. Based on what you said originally, it shouldn't be about a specific faith. If you use your own logic, you should be talking to OP, not me.

    Calling it a "Christmas" song is an insult to those that suffered ethnic cleansing by the Serbs (who were Orthodox Christians). Like I said, use logic next time and properly asses the circumstance and context of what is being said.

    That's like telling the holocaust victims that "all children suffered" and to "honor" them we'll play a nice song but we'll label it a "Nazi party" song.

    Toby Czarny

    @MindScoped I agree with what you are saying when speaking of a Christmas song. I think Judy Collins published it in her Christmas album to remind the west of the suffering in the former Yugoslavia, especially at Christmas time, when everyone starts thinking in an altruistic and naive manner. So, this song isn't about Christmas, it's about reminding those in times of happiness that not everyone is so lucky, as was the case for children in BiH, Croatia and Kosovo in the 1990s.

    Also, there is NO way you can compare the holocaust to the Bosnian war in terms of atrocities executed by political party. BOSNIAKS WERE NOT THE ONLY ETHNICITY TO SUFFER ETHNIC CLEANSING! Look at what happened to Croats in Slavonia, Lika and Dalmatia, Posavina and Central Bosnia. Look at what happened to Serbs in Eastern Bosnia and Kninska Krajina. Ethnic cleansing was committed by ALL parties. Just because Serbs were the first to commit such violence, it does NOT mean that they did not suffer, especially the children. At no time in the holocaust did Jews genocide and ravage German villages. The same thing can not be said for Bosniaks against Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats.


    @Toby Czarny

    My entire comment was about the "Christmas" song comment, that was the ONLY reference to help educate the person.

    Now to respond to your tangential offshoots:

    Sorry, history and reality are not on your side. You can not pull fake facts out of your ass. You are as horrible as the holocaust deniers. Trying to sugar coat and cover up what really happened. You did not win anything in that war and you do not get to re-write history as you see fit. Too many have suffered and died for you to insult them with your fake agenda of ignorance. What you have proven so far (to me, and to those that read this) is that you fail to use proper logic when reading comments and understanding their context. Purposely misdirecting into a tangent to push your ignorant agenda. The other thing you have proven to all of us is that you refuse to accept the full truth of what happened. So, please, for the sake of ALL the kids take your ignorant insulting mindset and keep it to yourself.

  9. Fumihiko Hatada

    I want people of all over the world to hear this song.

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