Judy Collins - Since You Asked Lyrics

What I'll give you since you asked
Is all my time together;
Take the rugged sunny days,
The warm and Rocky weather,
Take the roads that I have walked along,
Looking for tomorrow's time,
Peace of mind.

As my life spills into yours,
Changing with the hours
Filling up the world with time,
Turning time to flowers,
I can show you all the songs
That I never sang to one man before.

We have seen a million stones lying by the water.
You have climbed the hills with me
To the mountain shelter,
Taken off the days one by one,
Setting them to breathe in the sun.

Take the lilies and the lace
From the days if childhood,
All the willow winding paths
Leading up and outward,
This is what I give,
This is what I ask you for;
Nothing more.

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Judy Collins Since You Asked Comments
  1. Triumphlvr

    Such a wonderful song to be sure and beautifully sang and recorded by Judy. It conjures up such deep and romantic thoughts of love that hopefully most have experienced. I must say that Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg took this song to another level of perfection, with their recording on Twin Sons of a different mother album. Their version is a much fuller interpretation with heavenly harmonies and orchestral backup. That is my all time favorite Dan Fogelberg song, God rest his soul.

  2. piecookies

    Dude I love her sound I could listen to her sing all day

  3. Minnie Min

    What I'll give you since you asked
    Is all my time together;
    Take the rugged sunny days,
    The warm and rocky weather,
    Take the roads that I have walked along,
    Looking for tomorrow's time,
    Peace of mind.
    As my life spills into yours,
    Changing with the hours
    Filling up the world with time,
    Turning time to flowers,
    I can show you all the songs
    That I never sang to one man before.
    We have seen a million stone lying by the water,
    You have climbed the hills with me
    To the mountain shelter.
    Taken off the days, one by one,
    Setting them to breathe in the sun.
    Take the lilies and the lace
    From the days of childhood,
    All the willow winding paths
    Leading up and outward.
    This is what I give
    This is what I ask you for;
    Nothing more


    We have seen a million stars lying by the water,

    Jala Bala

    @1ProudMa thanks for the correction

  4. Joe

    I remember and still live with the beautiful feelings expressed by Judy.

  5. Richard Malcolm

    This song is mentioned in the film, Echo in the Canyon (about the music scene in Laurel Canyon in the 60s), as having influenced some of the musicians who were turning out iconic music at that time. I hadn't heard it in years, but I loved it back then, and it's timelessly gorgeous today.


    Stephen Stills said he used it for "Questions" for Buffalo Springfield, then Eric Clapton said "Questions" informed his "Let It Rain".

  6. Zeppolino100

    It was 1988 and I was living just 30 miles from where I graduated from college in 1973. I was already feeling nostalgic for those days when this came on the radio, and the male announcer waxed poetically about those lovely young coeds of the early 70's, and how this is the kind of music they listened to in their dorm rooms. It really hit home. And now it is 30 years further on...... #yearning

  7. Ron Halpern

    Simply extraordinary. What a joyous counterbalance to the coarseness and boorishness of 2018.


    how very true, Ron

  8. krobk1953

    This song was beautiful in 1967 and it is as beautiful now.  Kind of still gives a little chill just hearing it again.  Thank you themichael1972 for posting this treasure.

  9. Yvette Evans


  10. Daloki

    I was once asked to sing this at a wedding. I hadn't heard it before. What a joy!

  11. Rose Lieberman

    A truly beautiful song

  12. maggie smith

    One of my all time favorite songs that I never grow tired of... beautiful !

  13. Mother Nature On The Run

    I forgot all about this song and heard it in the grocery store late at night very recently and stopped to think, "Am I really hearing this song? Where is it coming from?" So I shut down everything I was doing and looked to see where the speakers were hiding and stood directly underneath the sound to hear the rest of the song. It was one of the worst nights of my life and thinking back now, I felt like an angel was tapping me on my shoulder reminding me about what's really important in life.

  14. Antonio Vazquez



    If there is a more beautiful love song than this, I have yet to hear it.....

  16. Jeanette MacDonald

    Still brings a tears to my husbands eye as it does to mine friend sang this at our wedding in the early 70' S

  17. bobby7771117

    I love this precious song! Check out Dan Fogelberg's cover of it on his 1977 album!! BobbyK

  18. Jeananne Munz

    Such expression in her words

  19. Noe Berengena

    This is one of three songs on the album that Judy wrote. It's been one of my favorites forever. The entire album is consistently fine, due in part to the arrangements by Joshua Rifkin, who also conducted the studio musicians.

  20. Brian H.

    She wrote a beautiful song here! I really believe Fogelberg's rendition enhances her work !

  21. nick wright

    Beautiful and haunting song. Thanks for posting.
    Please listen to " It's not too late the writers". Thank you.

  22. Seeking A Great Perhaps

    I used to listen to this, but from the Colors of the Day compilation, walking in midwinter on the beach, in the cold gray and mist at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The whole beach would be deserted. This song would completely take me out of myself. The clarinets (I think they're clarinets) are perfect.

  23. D Berube

    I had this album...still sublime.

    Buffalo gal

    D Berube I had this album also, beautiful memories

  24. Toppercat

    I'm glad I listened to this...I needed a good cry.

  25. Lamb 7

    Beautiful song. I daydream of Marion and Robin Hood when I hear it.

  26. Ricky Coleman

    So beautiful...all my time.

  27. Timothy Baxter

    This one of the best love songs I've ever hear! Het voice is absolutely beautiful!

  28. brownpatfred

    just magical

  29. Legendary Vocalists

    Woww, Jane Monheit's voice is almost identical to this

  30. FirstUsedBooks

    I don't know. She has written an amazing song, an amazing poem, and I don't think either Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell could have done it better.

    Luisa Ortigosa

    This was her "answer" when Leonard Cohen asked her why don't you write some songs?

    Kent Aldrich

    I didn't know she wrote this. I've loved it for years, but assumed it was written by someone else. I need to know more about what she has written.

  31. Joseph Davidson

    Wasn't this Judy Collins' reply song to Still's proposal to her, through Crosby, Stills and Nash's song "Suite Judy Blue Eyes"?


    Can't say other than maybe. If so, then Stills should be grateful that someone has written an amazing song regardless of whatever relationship existed prior to it.

  32. Rosy Mckenzie


  33. Alan Clark

    This is a superb cd. For its genre never surpassed. I had the LP when it first came out in 1967. Just beautiful arrangements by Joshua Rifkin. Love it still.


    So right...as did I....so long ago...

  34. Arlene Sullivan

    This was sung at my best friend's wedding. It was beautiful then and its beautiful now. She passed away this morning...I will miss her forever.

    Arlene Sullivan

    +dark rebellion thank you for your kindness

    Mark Thomas

    After I first heard it I wished it was sung at my wedding.

    Buffalo gal

    So sorry to hear your best friend has passed. 💔❤️ life is fragile & fleeting. I always loved this beautiful song, the haunting melody & Judy Collins melodious voice telling the story in this song. I had this album many years ago. I wish you peace & joy

  35. juliascastle

    Happy Birthday, Judy ♡

  36. Linda Guthrie

    Sung at the wedding of Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa.

  37. jonathan mallard

    ...a gentle, unpretentious, pure, honest telling of love...

  38. edgaristtod

    This is the first song Judy Collins ever wrote! She was 28.

    Bob Hannan

    +edgaristtod . . .except it was written by her then-producer (for Wildflowers) Joshua Rifkin.
    We do love it, it is gorgeously understated 
    (pls take no offense for this correction, you seem like someone who would want to know!)

    Christopher Todd Durnil

    +Bob Hannan Um - no, it WAS written by Judy.

    Noe Berengena

    +Bob Hannan -- I have to agree with Christopher on the authorship.
    According to Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP) : Words and Music by Judy Collins

  39. dreamyblue44

    Her best song, a timeless classic!

  40. Kevin Barrett

    This is the first time I am hearing Judy Collins singing this song. I thought it was a Dan Fogelberg song because I first heard it on his album. I love Judy's voice, but the Fogelberg version evokes so much emotion. Maybe because it is a man's voice and II hear myself singing it to my beloved.

    Andy Daugherty

    Kevin Barrett


    I love Judy but I thought Dan did it better.

  41. Varda Cheskis-Sauer

    I love this song and Judy Collins' voice. I walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding in 1974.

    M G Jackson

    Your wedding song. What a smart beautiful choice!

    Lavish Lava60

    Aw that sounds very magical, great choice!

    Sharon Mullins

    My sister Gina sang this at our other sister Debra's wedding in 1984. Came here today because Debra passed away last week after being hit by a car while out walking. Her husband died only six months previous and Debra was attempting to emerge from crushing despondency. Thank you for making this available. We never know how small acts of sharing can take on such significance for others.

    Jala Bala

    @Sharon Mullins sorry for your loss Sharon

  42. David Anthony Stone

    just hauntingly beautiful   thank you Ms Judy

  43. MrsProperPenguin

    Thank you.

  44. Mother Nature On The Run

    I was in the grocery and  thought I heard this song. So I looked up for the ceiling speakers because I know it's a short song  and found myself standing directly underneath her recorded voice.   I got to the part of "lilies and lace" and immediately recalled the "Wildflowers" album cover in my head.  Since I don't have this in  my vintage Judy collection, I went out to the goodwill second hand and sure enough there she was smiling at me the same way she smiled when my Dad took me to the record store almost 40 years ago.  

    jonathan mallard

    @Mother Nature On The Run ... vincit omnia Veritas ...

    Isak Christian Isaksen

    What a lovely comment to this song . Just found it and absolutely love it .

    Noe Berengena

    What a beautiful story. Sometimes we reconnect with something from the past that meant so much to us and yet somehow we lost touch with it. Then it shows up and we are young again. I always loved this song from her compilation album "Colors of the Day."

    Victor Toomes

    Mother Nature On The Run the same thing happened to me today! I heard this beautiful song playing in the grocery store. I stood right under the closest speaker and started my Soundhound app and let it find it. Im so surprised I've never heard of this great singer before. So beautiful.

    R H

    I heard this song at my work at the grocery store as well. It's been bothering me for weeks not knowing what it was.. so much so that I've had my husband and co workers trying to help figure it out. I knew it sounded like it was an older song. It reminded me of songs I've heard on a movie, The Last Unicorn that my mom used to have. It is such a short song and her singing is so soft that we've all stopped under the speaker to try to hear it better. Today I did it, I finally found it... It's nice to listen to it in the quietness of my home and actually hear what she's saying.

  45. Malcolm Hamerston

    Wow....thank you for putting this up.

  46. Benjamin Wolfson

    Not sure which one  I like more, her's or Dan Folgerberg's. 

    Beth Heinecamp

    At first I liked Dan's way better.  But then I started appreciating her restraint, if you will.  In this, I can hear her classical training.  It's just a more contemplative sound than Dan's.  But have to confess, Dan's nearly always brings tears to my eyes.

    Valkyrie Sardo

    @Benjamin Wolfson Hers. Hands down. Because she does not belabor the lyric trying to wring every once of meaning out of each syllable. By not burdening the song, she sets it free. The words are those of a simple heart that cannot express itself beyond painting images of tenderness, beauty, and wonder in offering to the beloved. The song needs to be rendered without embellishment and ornament, anything more is less.

  47. kenwayne96

    Sad music may have it's place, but when that's all you ever sing it gets kind of Morose.  I like the upbeat music of Carol King for example.  I feel the Earth move and Jazzman -these are excellent upbeat songs. Sure, she may have a couple of sad Songs (what artist doesn't) but at least she has a variety of music to listen to. Have you ever heard the old saying "if you've heard one song, you've heard them all."  That pretty much describes the music of McChachlan and Collins.

    Love.It .Be.It.

    opinion, not fact. my opinion? that you rob yourself of great music just b/c you're afraid to feel a certain way.


    perhaps, but i could listen to this stuff all day long.

    Love.It .Be.It.

    as could I... but I cannot stress enough how wonderful this music is when you have the contrast front and center between this and a sad/heart-wrenching song.. it adds something to it for me, but I am open-minded enough to understand this might night be the case for others. cheers and happy listening


    You're probably tone deaf and colorblind too. Poor kenwayne96

  48. kenwayne96

    Judy Collins is a kind of 60's version of Sarah McClachlan.  They both have beautiful voices, but their songs are kind of sad and morose.  I don't like sad music.

    Shaine MacDonald

    Sad music always has a place!


    She actually wrote some very brite and uplifting songs, many more than sad.


    kenwayne96 Who said this song was sad????


    @LaviniaVeiled kenwayne96

  49. Bill Child

    One of the most beautiful natural and heart awakening voices that will last through all seasons and eons.

  50. MsPandaRosa

    In its way, this song works with John Denver's "Aspenglow".

    Sughosh Varadarajan

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so 🙂. Aspenglow started playing in my head the moment I heard the first line

  51. Larry Stevens

    One of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard, by one of the most naturally beautiful singers in the world. Thank you, deeply, Judy!

  52. skywatcher1972

    And mesmerized you'll stay Muffin, for your lifetime; I know I have. So dig deep for these treasures, Judy has much to offer.

  53. Bill Oversby

    Heavenly vocal chords.....makes me cry. Judy I love you!

  54. john clewes

    seems like were all from the same era,and I agree with dayepipes,albatross is hauntingly beautiful,not least for the superb musical arrangement.

  55. Dayepipes

    Wow, there's a world from the times of this song that you couldn't guess. If you thing this song is something, let me recommend her song "Albatross" from the same recording. Here's the link to some serious poetry and songwriting it's youtube jpfgmm4JUCA

  56. Kasey Keyes

    Ahh, remember listening to this album in the summer of 1969 with a guy who was my summer crush & who returned to California in the days of my youth...thanks Ron for great memories...and Judy whose wordsspoken in her music were relevant then...and still speak today. Great artist!!

  57. Carol-Lynn Fillet

    This may be way later since you posted,Rebecca, but his listening also gives me hope for the future. And I adore this song with Judy. True love song.

  58. Theflowoflove

    Love this Ladies voice, Judy you treasure. Thank you for uploading, i hope loads of people land here & exerience the best of judy collins

  59. Rebecca Horton

    I was stopped at a four-way light yesterday and witnessed a young man (early 20s) with his car windows down listening to folk music. I was so taken by the rarity of the scene that I leaned out my car window a little to hear he was listening to. It was Damien Rice. Gives me hope for the future..

  60. radicallytubular

    i can remember since i was a child, my mother always listened to the dan fogelberg cover. i'm almost ashamed to say this is the first time i've ever heard the original rendition. it is an absolutely beautiful song.

  61. stormyraingirl

    My point was that this entire new generation is not all interested in ear-garbage. Those that do play their music loud enough to rattle our teeth are more obvious to spot out than those of the new generation who sit quietly listening to Judy. My apologies if my tone seemed to be a bit dramatic, I must have been having a rough day the moment I wrote it. Peace to you also.

  62. moonbeamchaos

    May I please suggest that you have overreacted to his comment? What does your race have to do with this? Judy is for everyone. And if ALL of the new generations are sitting home, or in their cars grooving quietly to Judy, Leonard, Joni, and all the singers that are MY age, then who are these kids in the cars next to me with the volume and the bass turned up SO LOUD that it rattles my teeth, inside MY car, with the windows rolled up? If they aren't new generations, then they're Martians. Peace.

  63. 83croissant

    Cool beans! are you a UNT alumni? They have a great music department. It's a shame what the developers did to Fry street, used to be a neat little area.

  64. George David Herrera

    Is there a way to teach this to the new generations in high schools? How about a compulsory subject called Real Music I, Real Music II, Real Music III, Real Music, IV...????

  65. Malcolm Hamerston

    great stuff.....thanks.

  66. Zane B

    This was the first album I ever bought! I was in 4th grade and my neighbor's mother had the record. I just loved it.

  67. durban

    Saw the lady herself perform this in concert tonight; can't help but feel I'm privileged to have seen this phenomenal woman about 10 times over the last 42 years. Ms.Collins seems not to falter, and her vocal gift, in its eighth decade, is as clear and strong as ever. We are simply blessed to have her among us.

  68. Cat McNichol

    Like a beautiful haiku poem, the imagery, the love in it is incredible.

  69. MusicMadMaurice

    Check out Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weizburg's rendition. It really does the song justice.

  70. 1492tomato

    What a juncture of poetry and music! There's not a corner of my heart that's not lit by this.
    When I fell in love with you in 1967, I thought you were "just" a singer...

  71. Nicholas Lupo

    so radiant, a great voice! she wrote it.

  72. aammirr

    ...Joshua Rifkin's arrangements are great throughout this whole LP.

  73. Le' Petite Magnifique'

    Wonderful song!!!! ..LOVE this ! Only discovered it in '2004 on a 'GrtstHits' cd .

  74. Jarrob24

    Great song. Brings back such memories of young love and first kisses; for me....

  75. PersistenceOfVision

    love this, isn't there there also a studio version with just voice/piano?