Judy Collins - Liverpool Lullaby Lyrics

Oh you are a mucky kid,
Dirty as a dustbin lid
When he finds out the things you did
You'll get a belt from your da
Oh you have your father's nose
So crimson in the dark, it glows
If you're not asleep when the boozers close
You'll get a belt from your da

You look so scruffy lying there
Strawberry jam tats in your hair
Though in the world you haven't a care
And I have got so many
It's quite a struggle everyday
Living on your father's pay
The bugger drinks it all away
And leaves me without any

Although we have no silver spoon
Better days are coming soon
Now Nellie's working at the loom
And she gets paid on Friday
Perhaps one day we'll have a splash
When Littlewoods provides the cash
We'll get a house in Knotty Ash
And buy your dad a brewery

Oh you are a mucky kid,
Dirty as a dustbin lid
When he finds out the things you did
You'll get a belt from your da
Oh you have your father's face
You're growing up a real hard case
But there's no one can take your place
Go fast asleep for Mammy

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Judy Collins Liverpool Lullaby Comments
  1. mascara snake

    Dreadful & dreary middle class version.

  2. Jenn Smith

    Cilla has the true feeling and depth of the song because she can personalize it. This performance is beautiful in it's own right, but nothing to cilla ✌❤

  3. Kenneth Drewary

    A job at the Lune , it used to be an industrial laundrette, but no longer there now

  4. Brian Timmons

    Could have been about my dad and me. he was a drunk and beat me and my mom and I hated him

    lee shafer

    hope he's dead!

  5. David Mark

    I was born in Brum......My late Dad and Grandads generation.......Real People!

  6. Jean Hantman

    Gorgeous song, sad, and beautiful photography

  7. swampzoid

    I've never heard this performed by anyone except Cilla Black 'til now. I so very much enjoyed hearing Judy Collins sing it here.

    grumpy sod

    But Cilla still does sooo much better!!!!!

  8. WillesdenHerald

    Thanks for a superb photo montage as well as a lovely rendition of the song. A real feeling for how it was in Liverpool.

  9. Virginia Abreu de Paula

    Not better than Cilla. As good as.

    grumpy sod

    Not even close.

  10. Richard Alan Savage

    lovely but its 'Da' not Dad... x

  11. CLipka2373

    Close, but no cigar. Beautifully sung & accompanied, I give you that, but hey -- Liverpool Lullaby without a Liverpool accent?!

    Stuart Reid

    I so agree, This song has to be sung with a scouse accent!

  12. Patrick Treloar

    bugger me it is !

    Ian Warren

    +Patrick Treloar Is that a yes or a no?

  13. John

    Love that, regardless of who sung it. A rare video of Liverpool past where the owner wasn't frightened to show pictures of the Orange Lodge. Well done

  14. Dan Riley

    In the Black-Collins face-off, the win goes to Judy for having the good sense never to muck with the work of genius:

  15. meltzerboy

    Judy Collins sang with Cilla Black on Judy's Live in Ireland concert, which was broadcast on PBS channels in the United States, though not this song. Sad to hear of the passing of the writer of this beautiful piece. 

  16. Johnnralph

    RIP : Stan Kelly-Bootle (1929 – 16 April 2014) the writer of this song 

  17. David Cummings

    Great pics of Liverpool, however the song has more resonance when Cilla Black sang it, as I remember hearing it as a kid in the early 70s, Judy Collins is a traditional folk singer..she should keep to that along with her middle class voice!  


    Cilla Black - working class - but became a Tory

    David Cummings

    Well she was working class in the sixties listen to her voice, and yes she became a Tory ... I am working class, however I am most certainly not a Tory.

    Colleen Kitchen

    Honestly does it matter.  I really hate this B.S. where you're "not allowed" to sing a song if you aren't a *Fill in the Blank*  Everyone brings who THEY are to the table and makes the song wider.   So what if JC is not a puddler.  When you put a song out there you share it with all humankind and it is an honor to the song if someone likes it enough to cover it, and if she had tried to do it in an inauthentic Liverpool accent you would have bitched about that.

    tony bennett

    I think Cilla's versions were let down by the arrangements. In one TV performance it was made into a jaunty lark, in her recording it featured strings! It needed to be pared back, like this version, maybe even sung a cappella.

    Wendy Joseph

    @John Burns This song has been sung by many different people in Folk Clubs all around the world. It is an absolute gem. I was familiar with it long before I ever heard Cilla sing it, and although I have great respect for Judy Collins' talent, I believe that she does not do this song proper justice. I learned it through the oral tradition, and to my knowledge, Cilla was correct with her line, "Ye'l get a belt from yer Da."

  18. meltzerboy

    Thank you for posting this lovely melody, sung with such style and beauty by the great Judy Collins.

  19. filsgreen

    Thanks for posting, great photo montage.