Judy Collins - In My Life Lyrics

There are places, I remember,
all my life though some have changed
some forever, not for better
some are gone, and some remain
all these places have their meanings
with lovers and friends I still can recall,
some are dead and some are living...
in my life, I've loved them all.

But of all these friends and lovers,
there is no one compares with you.
And these memories lose their meaning
when I think of love of something new.
Though I know I'll never lose affection for people
and things that went before,
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life, I love you more.

Though I know I'll never lose affection for people
and things that went before,
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life, I love you more.

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Judy Collins In My Life Comments
  1. USchild

    Dedicated to my friend Mandy who passed in November, Loved her.

  2. Peter Solomon

    Great track.

  3. Ana Atwood

    There are places I remember all my life
    Though some have changed
    Some forever, not for better
    Some are gone and some remain
    All these places have their meanings
    With lovers and friends I still can recall
    Some are dead and some are living
    In my life, I've loved them all
    But of all these friends and lovers
    There is no one compares with you
    And these memories lose their meaning
    When I think of love of something new
    Though I know I'll never lose affection
    For people and things that went before
    I know I'll often stop and think about them
    In my life, I love you more
    Though I know I'll never lose affection
    For people and things that went before
    I know I'll often stop and think about them
    In my life, I love you more

  4. Mr. Mike

    This and Elenor Rigby my favorite two songs

  5. Cally Stryker

    This is my favorite song of all time especially sung by Judy Collins

  6. Greg W.

    Lovely, just lovely. Hauntingly beautiful as well. I will ALWAYS remember you, John, as I listen. I miss you. I had hoped we would grow old together, but Our Heavenly Father had other plans. He took YOU to be with Him in Paradise...

  7. Joanna Wagner

    I hope your cousin came home same. This has been my favorite love song since 1966. It's very special and I hope it brought luck to your family.

  8. Malcolm MacLeod

    This is by far the best sung version of this great song that I
    have heard. Judy sings with a deep heart, because she's
    listening to the lyrics. Wow!

    Steve Firth

    Check out Allison Crowe's version.

  9. Victoria Johnson

    Reminds me of the most important person in my life. My mother. 😑

  10. pasteve59

    Love that vinyl crackle before the song starts.
    Thank you for posting this.

  11. Adrian Esquivel

    Wonder years..for those of us who watched the show..and years later can relate to certain experiences..the beatles version was my dads,one of his favorites...and hearing it now reminds me of him and other family and friends who have passed on..

  12. jerrydi100

    This recording is Judy's purest and most beautiful version of this wonderful song.

  13. steven fredbear

    The bad of Judy Collins is already big and in anytime can you die is a excellent singer congratulations Judy Collins for is excellent song

  14. Nige G

    Beautiful. James Taylor brought me here, because he said he liked this song by Judy.

  15. lennon beatle

    "in my life" is the most touchy song ever written, is for all ages , goosebumps and teary always.
    John lennon , the best songwriter of all time.

  16. Lil y

    My brother died today and this killed him what a great song

  17. lilioshka

    One of the best Beatles cover ever! Maybe better thsn the original. There is something about her voice...

  18. Ann Carlson

    I want that song played when my ashes are scattered

  19. Hollie Allbaugh

    My wife and I used this song for our first dance at our wedding a few days ago. Makes me so happy. <3

  20. Kitty 10

    I can’t even listen to this song because it makes me so sad and nostalgic it literally messes with with my mental health

  21. jose neto neto

    Bons tempos....

  22. Mel Bee

    Was played in an episode of the Wonder Years. Really a tearjerker. She gives the song a new meaning. I always thought it was too poppy the way the Beatles recorded/wrote it. Judy's version really matches the bittersweet sadness of the lyrics. Just a gorgeous rendition.

  23. Greg Moonen

    Judy Blue Eyes....

  24. rony gallegos

    Is relax, from México XD

  25. Noe Berengena

    Two songs by Judy Collins are always perfect salve for the heart: this one and "Since You've Asked," which was also sung beautifully by Dan Fogelberg.

  26. tom mertis

    Her voice is timeless

  27. Philip Wood

    My 2nd favourite version - beautiful :-) xx

  28. Swinde

    I know this is a cover of a popular Beatles song, but Judy's version is the absolute best.

  29. Marleno Böhn

    In 1983, my father was promoted to work in the telegraph department in the ministry of foreign affairs as correspondent of Itamarati. At the time they lived in Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, and we had to move to Asa Sul in Brasilia, in the state of the Federal District. Our new apartment was next to the apartment of Afonso Martinelli, the lawyer who defended Vladimir Herzog's case when he was murdered by the police in 1975. In our apartment, late in the afternoon, I would sculpt him by listening to this song. And whenever she was close to finishing it, he would turn the disk needle back on again. At that time, I did not speak English and did not know the meaning of the song. After much insistence, he ended up giving me the record. The first time, we listened together and he told me that his name was Judy Collins and that she was a singer from the United States. He also told me that music talked about our reflection on our childhood when we grew up. In 1983, I was only 11 years old and could not understand, but today, already fluent in English, I understand perfectly! Thank you, Mr. Martinelli. Wherever you are...

  30. Rumple Stiltskin

    Hey Jude..aka Sweet Judy Blue Eyes..If you're listening..it's "STACHE", ..(from FBNTS (Fly by Night Theatrical Services )
    I was your Happy Hippy ..Equip/Band Road Manager + Cocker,Morrison,Richy Havens....etc;
    when Suzy Jenton was On Drums,+ Micheal Saul-Piano-Keys ..
    Met you Again at Pete Bason's Farm, we had NICE Dinner..ONE TIME..(after Stacy Keach got Popped at Heathrow for Importing Candy into a Country with NO Teeth,Or Dentistry..DAH U London Bobby's ,lol..)Shh
    Anyway..Pete's Puny Fharm was Next to mine in Putnam Valley NY.....Your son Clark,and My 2nd Son Clarke were the same age..BEFORE that Horrible Sad Day,

    Sorry about your Son Hon..Huge Bummer ....
    BTW... Now Older Me,an My other Son ,6 Daughters,and LTR Lady Friends + Clarke're all doing ok/fine
    Thanks for your Talent,& bein a Sometime Bitch ....yet still with Perfect Pitch ....and all the Cool Tunes Sweetie xox
    Ciao for now + Platonic (((HUGZ)))..Long Life & Best Wishes..Cheers....R.J. xox

  31. Donald Gillies

    To my family that is incredible, I miss them dearly.

  32. Ted A. McElroy

    I lost both of the mothers to my children to cancer. This song always brings a tear to my eyes. Paul McCartney really is an under rated artist to write this.

    virginia canton

    I am sorry for your losses. What a loving person you must be to remember them with such devotion. John Lennon wrote it, but McCartney may have done the music (?)

  33. Peter Nalbandian

    At our wedding my wife and i danced our first dance to this song.

  34. Lee Kautz


  35. sean morgan

    wow, beautiful..

  36. Anyelo Mejia

    when I have to get married I'll dance this song with the person who I'll love

  37. Marleno Böhn

    Essa versão da Judy Collins é simplesmente fantástica, comovente e tocante. Bem fiel ao sucesso dos Beatles na década de 1960.

  38. Daniel Cloer

    Damn onions

    Daniel Cloer

    Yeah no shit lol

  39. Rosemary Rowlands

    My heart to your cousin. Thank you and your cousin for your service.

  40. Carlos Rodriguez

    This song by Judy Collins saved my life! I wanted to kill myself when my mother and step father took away my beloved dog. I was only 9.They hurt me to my gut! I was devastated! I pretended I had a big sister who loved me and held me in her arms and comforted me as she sang this song to me. It seemed so real! Judy's voice was the voice of my pretend sister. I am 63 now and still miss my first dog Scampy, and I can still feel the warm embrace of my fictitious big sister and hear her sing this song to me the only way Judy can sing it. It saved me from suicide, literally.

  41. Brolliegirl

    Amazing lovely Judy Collins. Forever one of my favourite songbirds 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  42. everlybross

    pfff...beautifull... I can't breath...

  43. John Province

    I so wanted this played at our wedding in 1977 but the church wouldn't permit it.

  44. awingnaprayer2003

    My Favorite version.

  45. DaCapital G

    The wonder years brought me here

  46. Timothy Dingman

    who wrote this? Lennon; McCartney?


    And it makes interesting reading how and why the song originated. See Wikipedia. This lovely rendition by Judy Collins is an evolution of the original.

  47. h l

    lovely   Thank you so much for uploading

  48. Deborah Davenport

    My husband died seven years ago. I chose this for our first dance at our wedding. I know I'll never lose affection for people and things that went before... in my life I love you more. Yes.

    Peter Nalbandian

    We also chose it for the first dance at our wedding in 1975.

    virginia canton

    A lovely wedding song. So sorry for the loss of the one you loved more.

  49. 1956lakota


  50. NinaFrida

    In memory of my grandparents: Mormor, morfar, farmor, farfar. Love you forever.

  51. Sancho Lōw Era

    Have This Playin On My Tv, I Got Stuck Looking Into Those Eyes....

  52. Michael

    This was always a beautiful song and she sings it beautifully

  53. Buey12 Buey12

    John Lennon was only 18 years of age when he first wrote this song on The Bus going into Liverpool city centre from his home on Menlove Avenue in Woolton ! he added more lyrics afew years lata qhen Stu Sutcliffe died ! it was on The Album Rubber Soul When he was 25 !

  54. Suzy Harthcock

    Perfect. Thanks.

  55. hhgygy

    I wonder why Judy Collins as well as June Tabor changed the word 'moments' in the line:
    "all these places have their meanings". Any idea?

  56. soullimbo

    This version will always remind of The Wonder Years....


    Ive been looking for this version ever since I watched it... the first time it aired! Thanks Youtube

    Fernando Machado

    yeah, perfect

    Dedric There

    I’m watching the Harper’s Woods episode right now.


    Damn I just saw the episode with this song in it

    Sambal Oelek

    I thought I was the only one. The Wonder Years...best show ever

  57. Math Person

    There's no way around it.........her voice is like dew that shines like diamonds.

  58. Danilo Jose Canonizado

    tell him we'll fight for him and you

  59. rkgk1517

    This song makes me cry.

  60. Ahmad Darwish

    This one is good but nothing beat the Beatles original

  61. :Cheryl C-R

    Judy Collins is my absolute favorite singer and she does "in my life " so very well.

  62. Sequoia Thom

    I've loved this rendition for decades. Now I am experiencing it fully... "in my life."

  63. Grumpys cats Best Friend

    Wonderful Irish lady.


    She may be more Welsh, but ultimately she is an avatar of an enchanting strain of the Celtic lady spirit.

  64. Judy Kinne

    Always loved Judy Collins - she sounds like an angel ; just as I remember her so many decades now ! It started for me with " Both Sides Now " ~ but I love this rendition of the classic Lennon/ McCartney tune . Just beautiful !


    +Judy Kinne
    I recommend Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills and Nash to add a dimension to your enjoyment

    Judy Kinne

    @Michael It has always been on my playlist-after all, I am a Judy blue eyes  !

  65. Lizeth Vite

    Los años maravillosos

  66. Bryan Bridenbaugh

    Love this lady.

  67. montse riu


  68. falad cooper

    very enjoyable old timer number

  69. PV Douglas

    What a talent

  70. joydivisiongirl

    hauntingly beautiful and timeless song.

  71. john e Lawler

    what a voice, this lady could sing a menu  & make it sound fantastic

    Math Person

    Exactly!! YESSSSSSS!! You nailed it!!!!


    someone said that about edith piaf, but ey, nice try

    Katherine Ciccaglione

    john e Lawler hahaha yes

  72. artec0

    Perfection. x

  73. afifazzazel

    beautiful song......i loved them all

  74. robin horne

    My very favourite Beatles song and so beautifully sung, wonderful.

  75. venice mentor

    My wedding as I walked down the aisle - many moons ago.

    Peter Nalbandian

    +venice mentor At our wedding we danced our first dance to this song. For a number of reasons it was appropriate.

  76. Kevin Keating

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    Kory St. Aoro

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    Dennis Car

    @Kevin Keating Lazy people need to get a job instead of using everyone else as a crutch


    nigga this ain't the place for your political shit spewing.

  77. Texaschainsaw

    Quite elegant.  The Seekers version recorded in 2013 is well worth checking out.

  78. Surtikanti Surtikanti

    Her eyes. How beautiful.

    Rick Davison

    Judy Blue Eyes.

  79. Merna Belle Black

    hmmm... MAYBE.... just MAYBE.... if we minded our own business and left other countries alone to deal with their own problems we wouldn't have to spare so many (disposable) american lives in the first place. its too bad americans have to resort to murdering civilians in other continents rather then just being able to get a normal job these days. No pride left in being an american.

    Kory St. Aoro

    @SpLeEnAsPuNk the big issue is being "humane" when fighting enemies if we simply let israel go full out on the rest of the middle east there would be peace in the middle east and so many american lives wouldnt have been lost

    Cole Parker

    You mean like the genocidal wars in the middle east where gay men are being tossed off the top of buildings, and little children are being turned into human bombs? But I agree with you and totally seal our borders with land mines, walls and station personnel with machine guns then we can keep all those illegals coming from both sides border out.

  80. Delores Mitchell

    To someone who once told me to recall this song through the years of our lives. Now the number is 40 years past and I think of him and what this song means to me at times. This is one of those times.

  81. Karen Drucker

    i think that i once had this with someone for just a few weeks- he left and went back into his old relationships with his x wives- he decided to never speak to me again.

  82. Guillermo Moreno Hernandez

    Una interpretacion muy limpia, y con un gran sentimiento.

  83. Scottslaw

    So sorry for your loss!!!
    Great song!
    Great rendition!


    A beautifully fitting song for when I want to think about those who have more love in their heart than hate. My dearly departed sister Sandra was one of those rarest of types. Eternally grateful that you were in my life.

  85. Thanyarak Lueasiri


  86. 40sSonggirl1

    My husband died last month.  In m life I loved you more then anything.  You touched my heart.  You opened my mind.  We shared the deepest love.  Missing you terribly xo

    Shana Graham

    i am super sorry bout your hubby. i feel the same way about my man. I'm 47 next month and i used to listen to you all the time wirh my late mom. you and your voice are beautiful judy...

    Lee Kautz

    I hope u die soon. Nobody deserves to live with that pain. I lost the love of my life. Everyday I wish to die. just gotta wait my turn I suppose:)

    Clyde Barrow

    Continue to live. Your loved one would have wanted it that way. Smile at the sun. Smell the flowers. Marvel at the young. Life is both precious and short.

    steven fredbear

    i'm very sorry about the lost

    steven fredbear

    I'm very sorry Your lost

  87. Steve Tamayo

    I still think John Lennon's is the best. I appreciate Judy's interpretations of other people songs. She does a superb job on this one.

  88. John Cameron

    I am now 71 and of all the fabulous songs I recall from the 1960s this is the one that means more to me today than when I first heard it.

    Larry Lanier

    This one still gets to me.

    Nan Cagey

    I love the Sean Connery version too

    Singer of Songs 900

    Amen. There will never be another era like the 60-70's.

    Jeannie Radley


    Stan Modjesky

    Me too, John. I am friends via Facebook with a couple who have been married since the late sixties, and who are feeling the effects of age. Seeing a photo of the two of them together in her hospital bed this week, I immediately thought of this tune.

  89. Danilo Jose Canonizado

    Thoughts of Judy can only bring cries of happiness . Are those Days Gone. Maybe some day soon''' +++

  90. 緑山太陽


  91. Hail TotheKing

    Love you Mom

  92. funkmike

    I've never told anyone this before but Winnie Cooper lost her virginity to me in Harper's Woods.


    funkmike Scuse me?

  93. Jon Snow

    And that summer they tore down Harper's Woods.

  94. handsomepete

    I like the original, and it always "bothers" me when people say that a remake is better than the original, because who knows better how a song should be sung than the writer of that song?  Having said that, I've always thought that this is the way that this song should always have been sung.  It's so haunting and beautiful.

  95. Throck Morton

    John Lennon's lyrics were wise beyond the 25 years of age he was when he wrote this.Judy does a great job on it

    D R Moore

    By the time he was 25, he had seen a lot more life than most.


    His song was reborn, reincarnated with Judy's cover.

    Victoria Johnson

    He was 25. This is sheer poetry. Insight into life and love.😑

  96. David Najor

    Someone wrote a post below, where he said that in effect Judy made a mistake in say in the lyrics 'Meanings', where he believed she should have said 'Memories'.

    He obviously didn't think this through very well, as it pertains to the line, "Oh I know these things often lose their '_________'   
    Well the whole song is a song of reflective memories,.. So can you substitute the word for 'Meaning'.    It just wouldn't make sense to say, "Oh I know these things often lose their memory'   

    To him I say,.. Leave song writing to those who know better.

  97. scientistMUC79

    Wonder years...

    Fábio Pontes

    Perfeito!! <3

  98. mauricio santos

    Wonder Years!!!!

  99. Sambal Oelek

    Yeah..to me, The Wonder Years was the best show that ever was. Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper, Paul Pheiffer, Wayne, his parents, the wonderful time that was the late 60s early 70s. I try not to listen too much to this song, so that each time I hear it it hits me full force with its magical nostalgic powers that takes me back to a time I never existed in, to a life I never lived. And this song was only in one episode?! Wow..amazing.