JT Machinima - Thanos vs Darkseid Rap Battle Lyrics

Time to drive a Titan mad, break his will with blinding hate
Who would murder half a universe? I'd rather wipe the slate
I'll collapse your fragile reality, drag you into my dark abyss
Hit you with the wrath of a god, because they call me the walkin' Apokolips
Now you'll bow to the alpha, with Omega Effect to enforce it
If you're looking for a limitless power, I will sanction you to the source
Unless you pledge your fealty to me, and kneel in servitude
Respect your elders, I got well over 200 thousand years on you

My intelligence makes any other's irrelevant
So navigating this, I have a certain air of arrogance
You would never dare admit, that this could be defeat
You claim that you're immortal, I know death would disagree
Really everything that's in this world it needs a balance
Take this for example, only one can leave the challenge
I can snap you into dust, so trust me when I say
That I'm only toying with you and your silly mega rays

You were born one ugly duckling, nothing next to the god of evil
I personify the darkest side of all the awful people
Far from peaceful - hostile, lethal, my avatar is hardly equaled
Wanna see my true form? It's colossal, you are small and feeble
I can use my intellect instead of fists for battling
Since the glove fits, admit - you're guilty of bedazzling
I can read your thoughts Thanos, I know you're hopin' I don't mention
That your gauntlet doesn't operate outside your low dimension

Born in the shadows, I've seen some dark times
So forgive me if I laugh when they call you "Darkseid"
Murder is a game, only better with the gems
Change whatever cuz the power of the gauntlet never ends
Here pick a stone, you can choose how you die
Should I hurl you into space, take your soul as you fly
Send you back in time, maybe I'll just borrow your mind
'Cause the reality is everything I'm touching, it dies

I'll kick your purple ass black and blue with hands behind my back
And wreck you with an omega beam that'll track your atoms - hide from that
No one's holding breath for your success with death as you court her
You're obsessed so let Desaad get you two close with torture
There are no variables in the anti-life equation's formula
I'll subtract you from existence - no one will be mourning ya
Boom tube you into my dimension then I'll end you
I have galaxies to harvest, don't you have crops to tend to?

Do you feel formidable, your every hit is pitiful
And I'm not pulling punches, every organ hit is critical
Found the stone for lyrical but now the flow's invincible
And every bar that passes is a murder for the syllables
You think I give a damn about you crushing a ring
I could make you mine, nothing more than puppet and string
And then it's all done and the battle is calm
I'ma use you as a fertilizer back on my farm

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JT Machinima Thanos vs Darkseid Rap Battle Comments
  1. Owen Bearden

    Welp. Darkseid

  2. Adam Olvera

    Battle of god and Titan can split the whole universe in half. Hay +JTMusic can you guys do Wonder Woman vs Thor rap battle? I would like to listen to that. Oh! And black canary vs sindel rap battle too.

  3. Stormshadow

    One needs a gauntlet that doesn't even work outside his dimension, the other is just a badass.

  4. Callum Maksymovitch

    Thanos is more badass, but darkseid is more evil

  5. OMG Ronnie

    I think dark sied won but thanos sounded way better and the rode the beat better. Dark sied did sound live af when he did the hostile lethal line

  6. Any Fernandes Vieira

    Thanos i m God Darkseid i m death i m entrop i Darkseid

  7. Kosti Eetyaserial

    Thanos: I have all stones on me and can kill you six different ways.
    Darkseid: *sends stones to infinity loop* hold your gauntlet

  8. Madara

    Wow That Was Really Good

  9. Madara

    They Snapped On This 🔥🔥🔥🥵

  10. Dave Trudeau

    Wow that'll snap darkside away

  11. Gold Man

    I listen to this almost every day.

  12. Vinluv Handesbuk

    Let me show you how to scratch it.

  13. RazorBean

    "I personify the darkest side of all the awful people."

    I think that line is severely underrated.

  14. Marcelthebeast McDaniels

    Niice two evil powerhouse I'm going with thanos

  15. Darkseid

    *I Beaten Thanos Here Too! He's is Too Easy for Darkseid.*

  16. Gambit896

    Now I want to see a Darkseid vs Thanos comic book crossover event/mini-series. 😁 👍 👍

  17. Johannes Scheel

    Ther Rap could be heard across the galaxy 🌌😳

  18. Green Seagull

    Hearing this in the background of the death battle, put a smile on my face.

  19. CCCubed

    When will someone make an instrumental of this?

  20. Arceus Knight

    Who won? Who’s next? You decide!

  21. Suneish Basu

    This was better than I expected.
    You should be proud of this work.

  22. lionel bonnett

    Thanos sends darkseid into last time line moment of existence of a physical universe , contained in multiple spectrum null fields ,In time machine dimensional portal containment matrix , whew! Darkseid place Thanos in a neutron star lost in time ,traveling dead dimensional tesseracts!!!!

  23. Zhiping Lim

    thanos for the win

  24. Mattias Karlsson

    On the one hand we have a omnipotent but ultimately mortal being trapped within the restrictions of three dimensions. On the other we have the avatar of a cosmological constant existing outside of time and space through all possible multiverses at once. Thanos could kill the avatar but Darkseid would still return again and again. Darkseid could attack Thanos but there's very few attacks that could harm him. Saying who would win in a physical confrontation is impossible and only subject to debate within comic books, so let's settle this once and for all in the only definitive way possible.
    Darkseid's name is stupid, therefor Thanos wins.

  25. Xavier Robinson

    It almost sounds like daddyphatsnaps as thanos

    Alibastican Official

    You joking?

    Xavier Robinson


    Alibastican Official

    @Xavier Robinson it is him 😂😂

  26. Hells Bells

    Wait you worked with daddyphatsnap damn

  27. Moin Mahmud

    DC makes better Villains than Marvel.

  28. L0ST S0UL

    I keep forgetting this exists.

  29. Shawn Furl

    First time they didn't have a chorus for a rap battle.

  30. Sammy Demon 50/Sammy indoraptor king

    There needs to be a part 2 cause of End game explains some more and now the Gauntlet can work out side it's own dimension

  31. le Armstrong

    0:00 to0:13 is pure colgate sunblock try and see if you hear it

  32. Mino Shark

    I mean I’m not good with comics but isn’t thanos a titan while Darkseid is a god also just gonna say at least Darkseid was in a good game that’s not marvel Vs capcom infinite

  33. Random User

    1st we have a fight, then a rap battle.
    and finally, a BEATBOX BATTLE!!!

  34. Team FM Reborn

    Thanos won

  35. ahmet cevil

    Thanos win


    Vadar: hold my beer...


    Darksied: Who would murder half the universe? I’d rather wipe the slate

    Thanos: Hold my Infinity Gauntlet



    Darkseid would kill thanos but endgame isn't canon

  38. Talon Altas

    I still root for thanos

  39. christophr tempone

    thanos won!!!!

  40. Julie Frey

    Thanonos of course

  41. Luis&Ana Santiago

    Let’s goooooo

  42. Richard Johansen

    While I think that in the comics Darkseid would beat Thanos...I think Thanos won this with

    "Do you feel formidable?
    Your every hit is pitiful
    And I'm not pulling punches
    Every organ hit is critical
    Found the stone for lyrical
    And now the flow's invincible
    And every bar that passes
    Is murder for the syllables"

    The Sans's

    Your right


    But now the flows invincible. Not and, but.

  43. Charis Smith

    Darkseid definitely won in my book.

  44. Jared Rising

    Darkside won ovesly

  45. linkuei83

    Damn that was awesome!

  46. Killer Joy

    I’m surprised that Thanos didn’t win faster. Cause he actually succeeded to the point they needed to rewright history to some what save the day. Darkseid as far as I know never came farther than shortly brain washing Superman in tiers of success.

  47. Abiageal Hopper-Tracy

    Ultra Instinct shaggy would snap them both like dry twigs within seconds.

    The Sans's

    Thanos could use the time stone to go back in time to before ultra instinct shaggy was published on youtube

    Abiageal Hopper-Tracy

    @The Sans's eh, good point.

    The Sans's

    @Abiageal Hopper-Tracy thank you

  48. kenyon coney

    Thanos can’t win every fight☹️☹️

    The Sans's


  49. The Mikaira Brothers

    Darkseid won

  50. Erik Deusenberry

    I don't care who wins I just love the concept and the lyrics match the actual characters personality this is sheer awesome.

  51. Simon DW

    Who wants to see doomfist vs saxton hale

  52. Althaf Budianto

    I was hesitant to watch this battle cuz of the MCU stuff that's happening but now that i've seen it i'm actually pleased that this includes the fact that Darksied is basically a Cosmic Horror god.

    About the battle itself, Thanos got mad flow and rhymes but Darkseid's disses is apocalyptic

    No, I'm not apologizing for these puns

  53. Phillip S

    What if Thanos's line was actually something like this:

    Here, pick a stone you, can choose your death,
    should I power through your chest
    as you take you final breaths?

    And then he says his original line. But the vid was amazing and I think its my favorite video from y'all!

  54. A Boy

    "I have galaxies to harvest, don't you have crops to tend to"


  55. Dread Lord Demios

    Darkseid's capacity for destruction Thanos couldn't match not even with all his amps.

  56. SmashLiXs

    you know darkseid wins this when he actually had the gauntlet but tossed it aside once he realized he didn't have use for it

  57. Larry Miner

    ghost rider vs lobo

  58. Gothic Cyclops

    DaddyPhatSnaps made the least DaddyPhatSnaps verse I've ever heard and STILL killed it!

    Well, killed half of it...

  59. Raphaelle Lamisericorde

    Darkseid would fuck thanos up in a battle but thanos won dos for sure.


    Who else was playing injustice 2 while watching this? Also I made a character that would kick Thanos and darkseids ass

  61. Matt Perkins

    Thanos was easily the worst villain ever. Not scary and completely boring. But that's marvel for you. Useless.

  62. Julian Cardinal

    Wait why can’t thanos go back in time with the time gem and kill dark side before the omega effect

  63. Dallion Bluebird

    Hey don't make fun of thanoses garden he probably grows some fi eken hu ge plants

  64. Jessica Riggs

    Darkseid: insults Thanos about his gauntlet

    Thanos: continues to talk about gauntlet

  65. Michael Is Here

    This was SO much better than the Battle

  66. PersonaChick

    Who won?! Who's next?! YOU DECIDE!

  67. Jordan Moir

    Darkseid no question not a mcu Stan

  68. Brendan Bell

    could we have more rap battles like this like

    Dr. Manhattan vs Specture

  69. Jadon Herr


  70. CID 982018

    Fucking love it.

  71. Brendan Bell

    I thought this was gonna be cheesy but this shiz is fire. I jam to this daily in my room.

  72. Mecha Man

    Close, but I’m gonna give it to Thanos

  73. EJ Nytryta

    Darkseid Won!

  74. Max Deen

    There something wrong when he want to delete darkseid he killed him avatars that mean DS foolish the stones. If u don't understand I mean he should defeat the Real Darkseid not him Avatars .

  75. thora rubybelly

    Do marvel vol rap and marvel vs dc vol rap.

  76. Quinn Clemens

    Screwattck should use this song for there death battle(Thanos vs Darkseid) video and it a cool battle between to villains.

  77. SmashLiXs

    darkseid is way more evil & cruel

    Omar Mcmichael

    True dat

  78. Omar Mcmichael

    Whoever is like me chooses the winner for the best roasts

  79. JOHN GR

    Insanely good!

  80. Hudson Ly

    Little did they know that they will do a Beatbox Battle next

  81. jacob manning

    darkseid: i would murder the entire universe
    Thanos: dibs on that idea!

  82. Megalon73

    I still love both Thanos and Darkseid, plus there both I are so badass Marvel already gave Thanos stand alone story's, Now I want to see Darkseid have stand alone's!

  83. The Roblox Set Up.

    The people who erased were the people who watched porn

    (Except the hero’s who died)

  84. Mr.Knight The Detective

    Thanos: "With infinity gauntlet I can do anything!"
    Darkseid: "That's cute. I can do all that by myself."
    Thanks: "I destroyed half of the universe in a single snap."
    Darkseid: "Adorable. I almost wiped clean an entire multiverse by casting my shadow over it."
    Thanos: "Screw you, I'm an agent of death itself!"
    Darkseid: "Bitch please, I'm the plutonic form of evil in the Multiverse."

  85. IndoraptorNation

    i could beat them both just by looking at them :D

    Omar Mcmichael

    Wtf are u

  86. Theo Sherman

    My boy Thanos won that

  87. Kevin Byrnes

    Darkseid won the rap and he'd win in a fight. But Death Battle *horrifically* lowballed both him and Thanos.

  88. The Wild Watcher

    Dude I don’t think those stones can work on Darkseid in his true form, especially when he was beat by a tinman

    Omar Mcmichael

    Neither form actually

    The Wild Watcher



    The stones in thanos universe would definitely work on Darkseid if he had to fight in thanos universe

    Omar Mcmichael

    @Daunte no

  89. mohammed sameer

    So Thanos couldn’t beat Darkseid in death battle, so he evens it out in Rap battle. CUTE 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  90. Joe Wilenzik

    It was here that Darkseid realized he may be the embodiment of tyranny, but the microphone belonged to a different king.

  91. Fairy _lizzy

    Dark side won this rap battle by far

    Charles Bell

    Naw, let Thanos win the rap battle. He got owned in the death battle.

  92. david fortuin

    "I'm anthropy.I'm death. I'm Darkseid "

  93. Ender Dragon prince

    darkseid wins

  94. UnKnown Horizon54

    Darkseid Won

  95. miikka pyyny

    JT music hbeorrtBdm