JT Machinima - Sombra Vs Spy Rap Battle Lyrics

Ah, a lady approaches
Gentlemen, stand down
Chivalry is dead
I should know, I killed it

Who's that? dressed to the nines?
No clue, is that a disguise?
With a classy suit and tie
Who will look good at your funeral, spy
It's time to murder this track
You'll find a knife in its back
Got equipment? Watch me break it
Saw me die? I probably faked it
I'm a man of many faces
Infiltrated plenty bases
Stole your intel, what a rush
Even though there wasn't much
Fight smart and dress clever
Have I ever been outclassed? Never
I just tried on all your clothes
And guess who wore it better?
Oh mon dieu! Sacre bleu!
Pardonnez-moi, je suis en feu
I'm quite the spy and twice the rapper
There's a problem with my zapper

Apagando las luces, turning off the light
I spy a problem, who brought a knife to this gunfight?
Outdated tech is what you're using
Sadly, French are best at losin'
Wonder why I wanted to do this?
'Cause Sombra's an opportunist
What's the point of having class
When you're always hiding behind a mask
That act ain't fooling anyone
I hack the planet and everyone
Time to get updated 'cause your style's antiquated
I will break you like a bad habit
You nasty cigarette addict
A knife in my back? Couldn't find
But I grafted this into my spine
That's why you're always "Right behind"
You still dial-up to get online
When I'm inside your server lurkin'
Rest assured I'll be networkin'
Spy should learn to like me 'cause I'm his upgraded version

Oh but I've been researchin'
You only cause distraction
Disrupt, harass and rattle
I look for bigger targets
Then I turn the tide of battle

But I'm keeping all your secrets
I know all your confidants
When I show you what I know
I'll watch you choke on your croissants

My victims never see me until it's far too late
And when they push up daisies, I'm dancing on their grave
If you wonder when I'm ever gonna stop
I'll be undercover even when I'm off the clock
Call me paparazzi you're the one I want to stalk

Threaten me with blackmail?
With that I'll not be bother
I'll sweep your mother off her feet
Then you can call me father!
You don't know cloak and dagger
There's no download for swagger
No wonder mothers love me
I got the moves like Jagger
Cyber punk, get swept aside
Have a good old fashioned cyanide
All she wants is power
And now her circuit's fried
Your SMG is weak
Plus invisibility is cheap
See I prefer to be incognito
Can you keep up with my alter egos?
Trust nobody, I insist
When a spy is in our midst
I'm a dead ringer for anyone
There's plenty room for twists

So your profession is fashion (Oui, oui)
Nobody does your job better? (Merci)
You're a long shot from an assassin (Huh?)
But a competent cross dresser (Hey!)

Ooh, identity theft is bad
But I got one you'll never hack
When I get close to death I'll have
My translocator send me back
Then I'll drop an EMP
As if you weren't already obsolete
Got your name and number, RIP
To another James Bond wannabe
You could never be a dad to me, 'cause
You'd be the kind that would leave
Sound familiar? Has to be
I scouted out your family tree
That's right, I pull the string
Who's on fuego now?
Should've left yourself a backdoor
'Cause you're not getting out

You rely on fancy gadgets
That is why I call you half-wit
Class cannot be stolen
Nor will you ever hack it

Sorry, but it's Sombra who will dominate this song
The only reason why I was a spy all along

Wait, wait, does that mean we win?
Oui, oui, monsieur, nous avons gagné
Overwatch never stood a chance!

Au revoir, ma petite chou-fleur

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JT Machinima Sombra Vs Spy Rap Battle Comments
  1. Iplay Roblox

    16:29 *M I N E*

  2. Azer Oyunbaz

    Spy is my favorite class

  3. RetardedBombs

    "You could never be a dad to me cuz, you'd be the kind that would leave, sound familiar? Has to be, I scouted out your family tree."
    Ok, Too far, Sombra.

  4. plomien9

    no hes always right behind so he can stab you 1:24

  5. Marlene Rivera

    GO SOMBRA!!!

  6. Kekai Kanae

    Sombra: comment

  7. oříšek _cze

    Who win:
    Spy - Like
    Sombra - coment

    Conifer Humbert


  8. TheN00BGamer

    Au revoir, ma petite chou-fleur means Good bye my little cauliflower.

    Conifer Humbert


  9. purplefairy66

    Overwatch won

  10. Iva Tomic

    The best song to listen while you’re learning for tests im literally learning for a test whilst listening to it right now

  11. brawler star

    everybody forgot the core point of tf2 better than ow or ow better
    EVERYBODY ow is a class based team shooter
    tf2 is the first and the only war based hat simulator also ow is tf3

  12. Toby Stephen

    Sombra: French are best at losing!
    Me:(WWII vibes)

  13. Xorjut

    ngl sombra is pretty hot

  14. James Games

    1:54 Notice that spy is making epic chainstabs but sombra is just killing one or two people?

    AceDemon 343

    Well tf2 games have more people in the match allowing for bigger kill combos but I see your point

  15. Skullion

    first person to reply is gao

  16. Vize-Delta-M_Kurdo_46

    *Spy hears for my like medic. xd*

  17. Kaythleen Lopez

    spy-you relly on fancy gagets

    also spy-i have a mini clock device that can fake death and a watch to turn me invisible

  18. the crusader

    Such a bar I can't help myself to singing along

  19. Demonetization

    Oh boi, the trickstabs m8.

  20. bluepanda_lol


  21. Dulcevlogsandmore

    Best one ever

  22. Loopysuvivalist

    Restart button 0:00
    Your welcome

  23. Loopysuvivalist

    Need A 12 hour version

  24. Rosa Petersen

    I LOVE THET SONG AND THET 1 hour song i play game and hear the song in the back :)

  25. AJ Twd

    Theese are the lyrics pls like this it took a rrrllllyyy long time
    Ah a lady approaches
    Gentelman stand down
    Chivalry is dead
    I should know... i killed it
    Whos that dressed to the nines? No clue is that a disguise?
    With a classy suit and tie who will look good at ur funeral- SPY
    its time to murder this track
    Ull find a knife in his back
    Got equipments? Watch me break it
    Saw me die i probably faked it
    Im a man of many face infitrated plenty bases
    Stole ur intel what a rush
    Even tho there wasnt much
    Fight smart and dress clever have i ever been outclassed? NEVER
    i just tried on All ur cloth and guess who wore it better
    (Idk what spy is saying in french)
    Im quite the spy and twice the rapper
    Theres the problem with my sapper
    (Idk spanish)
    Turning of the light
    I spy a problem who brought a knife to this gun fight
    Outdated tech is what ur using
    Sadly french are best at losing
    Wonder why i wanted to do this
    Cuz sombra is an opportunist
    Whats the point of having class
    When ur always hiding behind a mask
    That acting fooling anyone l
    I hacked the planet and everyone
    Its time to get updated
    Cuz ur style is antiquated
    I will break u like a bad habit
    U nasty cigarette addict
    A knife in my back couldn’t find
    But i crafted this into my spine
    Its why ur always right behind
    U still dial up to get online
    When im inside ur server lurking
    Best assure ill be networking
    Spy should learn to like me cuz im his upgraded version
    Oh but ive been researching
    U only cause distraction
    Dissrupt haras and rattle i look for bigger targets then i turn the tide of battle
    But im keeping all ur secrets i know all ur confidants when i show u what i know i watch u choke on ur croissants
    *my victims never see me untill its far too late
    And when they push up daises
    Im dancing on their grave if u wonder when im gonna stop
    Ill be undercover even when im off the clock call me paparazzi ur the one i want to stalk*
    Threaten me with blackmail
    With that ill not be bothered ill sweep ur mother off her feet and u can call me father
    U dont know cloack and dagger
    Theres no download for swagger
    No wonder mothers love me
    I got the moves like jagger
    Cyber punk get swept aside
    Have a good old fashioned cyanide
    All she wants is power
    And now her circuits fried
    Ur smg is weak
    Plus invincibility is cheap
    See i prefer to be incognito
    Can u keep up with my alter egos
    Trust nobody i insist
    when a spy is in out midst
    Im a dead ringer for anyone
    Theres plenty room for twist
    So ur profession is fashion?
    Nobody does ur job better?
    Ur a long shot from an assassin
    But a competent cross dresser, ooh
    Identity theft is bad
    But i got one ull never hack
    When i get close to death ill have
    My translocator to send me back
    Then ill drop an emp
    As if u werent already obsolete
    Got ur name and number rip
    To another james bond wanna be
    U could never be a dad to me cuz
    U would be that kind that would leave
    Sounds familiar? Has to be
    I scouted out ur family tree
    Thats right i pull the strings
    Whos on fuego now?
    Should of left ur self a backdoor cuz ur not getting out
    U rely on fancy gadgets
    That is why i call u half wit
    Class cannot be stolen
    Nor will u ever hack it
    Im sorry but its sombra who will dominate this song
    The only reason why
    I was a spy all along

    Pls like it took like 30 mins (i wrote this without looking at the lyrics i remembered it and yes i know the lyrics this is my favorite song xd u might see this comment on the original vid of this it doesnt mean i copied it i wrote it then copied it and put it on the comments so yeah)

    Radioactive Assassin

    but why? It's already in the vid.

    Conifer Humbert


  26. Daggerman105 -

    Teams reaction to levels of spy:

    Brand new spy: Wait, there was a spy?

    Bad spy: Hah! Look how he flops on his face when he dies!

    Okay spy: Okay, what are the pyros doing? Someone spycheck!

    Good spy: Fucking facestab.


    Godlike Spy: *disconnect*

  27. Yusuf Abuljobain

    This is the BEST video I’ve ever seen!

  28. Reasons for Comedy

    On a Roblox game they made a reference to meet the spy the alert board

  29. Calaper

    Please JT music I would love if you make a version or a song from 2:24 to 3:36 in Spy VS Sombra rap battle and PLEASE JUST PLEASE DO THAT I BEG YOU ITS ONE OF ITS OWN AND ITS AMAZING PLEASE JUST PLEASE I KNOW THAT THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO JUST PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEE DO THIS VERSION I WOULD love if you do it and you know that i will spam it across your whole channel. Just make a remix where this part is in there or a different song.

  30. CaptainTristen78

    Can someone translate what widowmaker said

    Daggerman105 -

    CaptainTristen78 It’s a quote from the video ‘meet the spy’. It means ‘My little collie flower’ or however you spell couliflower? How do u spell that word. Cauliflower? FUCKING NAILED IT. I was doing something.

    Conifer Humbert

    @Daggerman105 - yessa

  31. Mary McDaniel

    "Who brought a knife to a gun fight?" - Sombra

    "Um, spy has a gun, he can shoot people with it" - Soundsmith

    AceDemon 343

    Yes but he brought a knife it doesn't say just a knife

  32. Wellifailed YT

    Oh mon dieu sacre bleu pardonnez-moi je suis en feu means Oh my god, excuse me I'm on fire

  33. Türk Yusuf Pro

    1:53 Spy Wtf 1 Engi 2 Demo 3 Soldier 4 Why 5 kill ovw Sobra Fuck You


    Sombra wins

  35. Mathew nicolai Cagampan

    Spy is more better than sombra and sombra cant copy any character

  36. Only UnderTale

    Spy win = comment

    Sombra win = comment

    You win = like

    Cody Mauk

    Yes spy win


    overvatch vin

    Conifer Humbert

    Sonora is spy so spy derr



  37. studioodd

    I think we all know who one.


    Dalle Gambe

    Nope, the third Spy. He backstabs Window of Screen.

  38. Devin Vlogs

    Sombra won definitely

  39. Floss Demon

    If one spy was her then one spy killed her

  40. bridget mcalister

    I Think..

    I Think Widowmaker won..


    bridget mcalister maybe but there is a third spy.

  41. gacha_nightxD

    perfect for spy mains :P

  42. Chara Dreemur

    my fav part is at 6:45

  43. Rayonna Miller

    spy won

  44. drtkng

    they both lost Widow maker won NANI

    picachu barato

    he fake his death


    The third spy exists.

    Conifer Humbert

    Third spy

  45. Christy Webb

    Wait where's the 3rd spy

    Bet he backstabs widow

    Shadow Flamingo

    You made my day !

    Jessen :D

    Or he is the widow

    Jax Shep


  46. Hyperkitten88

    spy is better than sombra any day

  47. LianCool Gamer

    Sombra: *Hacked Spy's Devices*

    Spy: What The F***

    Sombra: Hahahahahah

    Spy: ......

    Sombra: *Shoots Spy *

    Spy: *Died

    elizabeth W

    then dead ringers and backstabs sombra

    Daggerman105 -

    LianCool Gamer *uncloaks*

    Sombra: *surprised pikachu face*

    TWISTED is Here

    Spy: *Realizes his sapper can't be hacked*
    Also spy: *Saps sombra*

    Conifer Humbert

    The uther spy kills sombra

  48. LianCool Gamer

    I Guess WidowMaker Win They Killed The Spy


    *dead ringer noises*

    Conifer Humbert

    The 3thrd spy backstabes off skrean

  49. Sanuku

    The best thing to listen to while stabing the whole enemy team.

  50. And her name is Devin

    Sombra wins

    badusername 4077

    Nah mate, spy won

  51. Dutch Van der linde

    I have a plan carajo

  52. Marrari Lander

    Just think "French are best at losing" Sombra dies a few seconds later from widow maker.

    H4CK3R SUPR3M0


  53. Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stars

    Widow win !!

  54. Jenna Flint

    Like everyone says overwatch is for kids and team fortress 2 is for real man

  55. nivin the king

    Spy; yes i won the rap

  56. Lydia Underwood

    Goodbye my little Culiflower???


    Goodbye my sweetheart

    Lydia Underwood

    @Kwasmo Widowmaker said at the end "Goodbye my little cauliflower" I translated it in english


    Im not sure but i think so

    Lydia Underwood

    @Kwasmo I looked it up I typed all the stuff dat widowmaker said in French into the web and it said goodbye my little culiflower

    Daggerman105 -

    Lydia Underwood it is goodbye my little cauliflower, it’s what Spy says about Scouts mum in meet the spy at the end of ‘Meet the Spy’.

  57. pepe 102

    soldier vs pharah

  58. Hyper Ghoul

    both the rap battle was sick

  59. TheWolfieGamer 2


  60. broken wood

    Spy won

  61. MrMarvelous

    "Vell! Ze Medik Zis off to Vizit Chur' Mother! Dummkopf!" Ze RED™ Team Medic

  62. Sans_UnderRBLX killer_2005


  63. Ethan Michels

    “Invisibility is cheap!”
    -Spy; the guy *known* for going invisible.

    Littlestevie09 ROBLOX CHANNEL

    Not invisible But Cloaked

    Daggerman105 -

    Ethan Michels He isn’t invisible, he’s cloaked, plus Spies cloak compared to Sombra’s is fucking insane. Can Sombra fake her own Death?

    Fire Shock Gamer

    Spy is better than sombra cause he doesnt rely on his technology.
    It only makes him better
    He already has the skills to do his job just takes longer.

    Radioactive Assassin

    no, he's not invisible, he prefers to be incognito

    Ashraf Mo

    It's called Incognito

  64. MatrixLTB

    anyone speak french here, just wondering what widowmaker said at the end of the song, i put it into google translate and translated to "goodbye, my little cauliflower" just wondering whether that's what it meant

    dieu toutpuissant

    it's french lovely expression
    your mother can say that (but without English accent like widowmaker say)

  65. Squid Master

    Sombra won

    Saad Jilani

    Spy is better fuck the future old school is better


    Squid Master the only comment who said she won

    badusername 4077

    Spy wins

  66. Luka Bujanović

    Whos here before 10k

    Shadow Flamingo

    Luka Bujanovic Balkan?

  67. Zo0nZ

    Spy won, Sombra just spit out shit to be honest.

  68. Karkles Really

    Sombra: "Who's on fuego now?"

    Everyone else: *points to bastion*

    TF2 classes: *points to bastion*

    Sombra: Hold my intel.

  69. ståle Martinsen


    Marrari Lander

    but they were both spy's

  70. schuy Mac

    You can get 1 hour of this by watching the orignal video twice

  71. Jayro Flores

    boo overwatch Team fortress 2 is better

  72. Jayro Flores

    so right behind you

  73. Jayro Flores

    i like spy because he said ah nous avons gagen

  74. Yavion Rodriguez

    Slap my hand slap it now..... This is not a trick

    Marrari Lander

    Its actually Slap my hand slap it now I assure you this is not a trick.

    Christy Webb



    Please tell me u r jokeing bc the word sombra is spanish

    Marrari Lander

    @BARDI GANG In piemations animation spy says Slap my hand slap it now I assure you this is not a trick

  75. Yavion Rodriguez

    This bitch is dead

  76. NightCrusher76


  77. NightCrusher76

    this was actually good!?

    puggy muggy

    Guess who won WIDOWMAKER WON


    No the window won

    DanGameHD Redstone

    No,the air won



  79. Xdjhfci

    Welp, atleast you brought *A* version. Usually I'd have to skip from 0:00 to 0:30. Which was kind of a struggle. But here, I can hear it freely without any skipping or restarting..

  80. Minecrafter 3929

    Why did they do 2fort it’s the worst map in tf2 along with turbine

    xPick Poke

    what. the. fuck. did. you. just. say?

    Soviet Juggernaut 561

    turbine is best map

    Daggerman105 -

    Minecrafter 3929 HEATHEN! HERETIC!

    Conifer Humbert

    Our fuc u bish

  81. CoolsomeBman !

    Well off to visit your mother

    Lord Purur

    HAHAHAHA ima headbut ya

    Lord Purur

    Hahahaha Ima headbutt ya now

    Wellifailed YT


    The Unpleasant One

    Slap my hand

  82. Jason Reynolds

    This is an amazing rap battle great job on it

  83. Albabzel

    I love tf2

  84. Blini Gaming

    Ahh i remember the good old days i ised to love this song too good 🖒🖒🖒👍👍👍

  85. Derrick Joseph

    Lol i never knew sombra was spanish

    Tomas Pullar

    She is mexican 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


    She's mexican

  86. your daily dose of omid

    i still say spy won

    Mathew nicolai Cagampan

    Spy win!!!!!!!

    Wellifailed YT

    @scrappy she can't dumbass

    DLTA Lilwilly

    @scrappy holy shit

    Plot twist

    Hypergenick Gaming

    @LAVA But sombra was a spy all along

  87. RagerGamer 221

    The thing nobody asked for but everyone needed


    i asked for but not needed

  88. Polarexpress11

    All time favorite rap battle.

  89. Ghost G4ME5

    Still my Favorite But Even Longer Now I Can Hear it Longer. Nice.

  90. Sariel Sanchez martines


  91. Yourlocalgamer

    well done musta took a while