JT Machinima - Now Hiring At Freddy's Lyrics

Hey, there pal! Looking for work?
But sick of being pushed around by lousy bosses?
How would you like to run and manage your own business?
Well, all we need from you is a little bit of paper work
And your soul

Become a fazbear franchisee
You're more than family, you're the star
We've got a little fixer-upper for you
There's lots of work here to do, so let's start!
Cut some corners if it makes you a profit
I promise, you're gonna go far
Frozen pizza's the best, not one ingredient's fresh
But just tell the customer they are!

All these animatronics have made us so famous
They've got a history, almost all of it's heinous!
But they make us so much money, how could anyone blame us?
Salvage all the old ones, shouldn't be dangerous
I've heard a frontal lobe removal's rather painless
Better that to happen than for us to go bankrupt
And remember, if you ever get hurt on the job
Unfortunately, corporate cannot cover your loss

Come on down to Freddy's and we'll make a tycoon of you
Invest all of your savings 'cause you're gonna double it soon
Minimize the casualties and please don't get us sued
Every shift will be fun if you get your duties done
And clean all the blood off your shoes

Just kidding, it's only marinara you nincompoop!
But accidents do occasionally happen
Here are some precautionary instructions
In case of a mishap
Entertainment upgrades have a price
Minor injuries are a workplace sacrifice
With the animatronics you always want to play nice
And keep a safe distance, that's solid advice
Oh, children love to play, boy, can they make a mess!
We know how much you'd love to strangle them by their necks!
Just tell those little brats to give Freddy a hug
And when it's done sweep whatever's left of them under the rug

Because a bad reputation cannot be afforded
Don't get rid of the problem, just get rid of the corpses
Sanitation is of strictly minimal importance
And if police are at the door make sure they've got proper warrants
Ethics and morals are completely subjective
As long as you prosper you need nothing corrected
And if anything breaks don't sweat, train wreck
We'll just take it out of your next paycheck!

Come on down to Freddy's, you outta stay for a while
If any children go missing, just don't let that go on file
Don't get any blood on the carpet, it's easier cleaning the tile
And if a kid ends up dead, kill all the witnesses next
And make sure it's done with a smile

Now what? you want a raise?
Maybe, after another couple days
Order more decorations to cover the walls with
And take remaining appendages out of the ball pits
When bodies start rotting, you'll know for sure
Take your mind off it with another high score
Then we'll have a performance, you and Freddy together
At this family franchise that'll go on forever!

Come on down to Freddy's, we'll suck the soul out of you!
A work shift can be deadly, but we'll bring you back to life soon
Maximize the casualties, at this point we're gonna get sued
And before you can leave, clean all the carpets with bleach
And we'll make a monster of you!

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JT Machinima Now Hiring At Freddy's Comments
  1. Symsung s

    Omg this is so dark but it makes sense lmao haha

  2. Samuel Fernandes

    I remembered the phone guy trying to hide the events of Freddy's, the music was very good, congratulations.

  3. Treasure toys Meow

    My mom said I need a job and I love your videos keep making more videos 👍🏻

  4. Ebug702

    Anybody else realize that he turned into purple guy at the end?

  5. Shifty

    Damn this is so good!!
    And you make a good william 😂

  6. Glitch Lab

    Can I de in one

  7. Glitch Lab

    I 💖 yours video

  8. Willie Wins

    If I heard the tune I thought it would be a kids show not a slaughter song

  9. Gigabyte

    Marinara for frozen pizzas? 🤔

  10. diamOnd RG3

    What type of restaurant don`t have a restroom?

  11. diamondclaw

    whats scarier? The guy or the animatronics?

  12. katherine beasley

    I want a job at Freddy Fazbear's 2 Jayden

  13. Lunar_Mist

    Video: **Starts**

    **Cuphead starts playing **

    Me: Wait a minute. Wait a god damn minute!

  14. ZappingHero

    Golly, (even though I'm not a big JT fan), I actually laughed uncontrollably on parts the video itself (along with the song too), with some of JT's face expressions, lol. 😅

    Also, the melody and sounds in the song combination with the look of the arcade areas are actually a pretty cool combo too.

  15. Lucy Blackett

    Murder, danger with animatronics,missing kids sign me up!

  16. luka black king

    This is bizarred

  17. Nusrat Arefin

    i hate the vid cuz blood is justrgewg.

  18. David Sias

    As de Halloween y no fui porque la

  19. -TheCarparkBoi -

    I love how the employees all look soul-less and I absolutely adore the uncanny lip synching the dead bodies do! Definitely one of my favorites! ^^


    The thumbnail is wholesome

  21. /- Katsuki Bakugou -\

    *I Think This Guys Has A Murderer Ghost Child Animatronic Kink, Thats Normal.......Right?*

  22. KARAY999

    Don't listen to them

  23. KARAY999

    Now hiring at Freddy's

  24. Jack Palmer

    What was the beep beepity beep at the start in the ad on the tv before the song starts

  25. Annnitaaa Hernandez

    El video es algo raro pero la cancion es muy buena y bakan 😘

  26. Pickled Isaac

    If you have the Freddy head Freddy won't have it

  27. Alex Silva

    But this kinda looks like the banana splits movie ;-;

  28. Alex Silva

    This should be in the freddy fazbears movie!

  29. King Creeper / Elijah

    This is the kind of job you would want but not want at the same time.

  30. Kane Cctdashn


  31. Christopher Accilien

    3:59 you more like poo

  32. -FidKate LOL-

    0:00 - 0:06 - tell me this song plz

  33. Kenneth Mcadams

    Was he just smoking

  34. Alyssa Workosky

    When afton doesnt know how to get any employees because of all the murders so he makes a fun song to summarize the rest of your miserable existence. Either that or he has been working in a kids restaurant with the same songs on constantly and he forgot how to human and thats just how he communicates now.

  35. sithlord50

    3:39 look like he drunk

  36. Freddy Faz fan

    This is the best FNaF video I have ever seen I also love how we can see him slowly slip into insanity

  37. Freddy Faz fan

    Never thought I would see Freddy smoking a cigar

  38. rachael marie

    DO NOT SWARE!!!!!!!!!

  39. el canal de hernan 123 PERMAN

    Ja entonses el hombre morado sufrio la misma situacion mas la perdida de sus hijos

  40. Golden gamer

    I want to work there please I don't care if I get hurt just buy lefty

  41. Charlie Hosseini

    You nincompoop

  42. Nickgames Zimmerman

    I love this song

  43. Nam Nguyễn Hoàng

    Come on now to freeeeedys

  44. Nicholas Hernandez

    Who in their right mind would work there?

  45. Trijosh

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to this song!

  46. The Outsiders

    This was the coolest video every made

  47. Chris Is Terrible

    This song is better than every fnaf song ever (maybe not the first one by living tombstone)

  48. Julian Innes

    What do you like better?
    Like: Minecraft animation.
    Comment: Live action version.

  49. Eric Jr

    I'm scared that all looks real and I'm a 4 year old.

  50. Rena El Plo Me Friend Cabanillas Jimenez

    "If a kid ends up dead, make all the witnesses next" Jesus okey

  51. Dan J-H

    I want job

  52. Mylo Fryett

    Accident do happen then the women in background falls over

  53. Device Notfound

    I lmao’d when he mouthed I LOVE YOU to Freddy with the bloody eyes

  54. Daniel Letrange

    Freddy bonnie chica Foxy hiiii 😍😍😍

  55. Marianne Verlinghieri

    love the blood and music

  56. Armen Mardikian

    I love you

  57. Joey Hanger

    2:53 when he rips the paper thats what i do if a a bad grade at school

  58. Turkiz/ تركيز

    Your day? if not the games and forth song

  59. Rosie Gamer509_YT

    I wish to join with you JT ^w^

  60. Cringe Meter

    Imagine if this got aired as a ad on TV

    Antonio Rosales

    I bet not many people would work here

    Carlos Emiliano Clemente Rincón

    It would be really cool!

  61. Grandt Gaming

    *Grabs a full gallon on gasoline and a lighter*


  62. Mercy Kelly


  63. YM Galaxy

    nice make

  64. Андрюха

    poor couple n his throat was cut

  65. Blue Boi

    Why does this reminds me of the dayshifts at Freddy’s? Old sport


    *O L D S P O R T*

  66. Freddy Boss

    Nice job on that

  67. Google Holiday

    Not going for a job with you NOPE

  68. sylvia bjorg halldorsdottir

    i´d love to get a job here

  69. Leon Carullo

    Hey bro in my country the song of fnaf song you made the military country our after guys fnaf song sorry our military is strong more avanced weapons and suits the news in our is now attracing the people 10 persent of place the nuke 2s are coming

  70. Crisscross668

    It was a good song
    Hire me plz

  71. Heloize Franskoviaki

    No nooooo!! It's a scraps!!

  72. Kacee Ivy

    Give me the job or I’ll send Molten Freddy after you😈

  73. Carter Pham

    i do want to but i dont want to get sued and im 10

  74. E Blood spill

    And remember when brutally murdering someone do it with a smile

  75. crooks MLG

    I won't dis

  76. Creston Planimates

    This is probably the most longest commercial in history AND the commercial world is the most souls collected.

  77. Dawid Adamski

    Allianz job

  78. Imre K

    Tis is my faivorit fnaf 6 song

  79. JMNLThat

    This is scary af

  80. Angelita Saez

    Super happy man, sketchy building, happy jingle.

    Yeah, I'd work there

  81. Raed

    seth be like in his brain : why

  82. Nicio Dav

    Fix this now

  83. Андрюха

    I am ready to listen to this music 100 times

  84. •Project Howl•

    talk about morbid.... but beautiful xD

  85. msxtrpla-yer

    That feeling when Joseph Seed comes to modern world and he is on the drugs.
    Gamers know what Iam talking about.

  86. zane comeinandplay

    This is an amazing song!

  87. Ethan S

    He looks like a crack-addicted jacksepticeye.

  88. Fnafsuperfan63

    "Don't get blood on the carpets it's easier cleaning the tiles"

    Well I guess he's not wrong....

  89. Vault Boy Better life underground

    Hey where do I apply I really need some money and this doesn’t look too bad

  90. little_bit_ of_space

    That guy is Micheal
    a.k.a the bald one

  91. Noa van den Heuvel

    O-O what did i see

  92. Huda Fathil

    the boss acts like he’s the purple guy