JT Machinima - Knock Knock Lyrics

Knock knock, who's there?
Let me check your pulse - are you scared?
Knock knock, better run, hide
Get to cover and listen for the punchline
This countdown's tickin' is it crunch time?
Smile for twitch, this stream is up, live
Sneak in and have thatcher dispatch ya
Got a short fuze - cuz I have a blast as an attacker
Reducing your castle to ash
Got the eyes of a jackal, it's a house of glaz
Take a sledge hammer to your cameras - smash
Hand you a buck cuz your defense is cashed
Me steppin' in your trap won't happen
Predictable, put a cap in kapkan
Keep my head in the battle while my shield is active
And my blackbeard alone will keep 'em distracted
Campers - pack your bags and go
I'll smoke you out like a tactical capitao
I'm on Rambo's level with this action, bro
You never cross a man who has a bow
I'm a one-man army, if you wanna stop me
Then you gotta pry this armor off my body
I'm an immovable object, comme la montagne
Call me Monty, or just Tachanka's bane
Shit'll hit the fan, it'll go ballistic
As if vigil got slammed with a blitz hit
Listen, my new hire IQ has got a higher IQ than I do
And I'm a science nerd, because I like to learn
What I can burn, what can thermite do?
Boom now we're talkin' home improvement
Called Hibana's demolition crew in
Operator, make your move
If I had to guess your class, I'd say recruit

Follow my lead, we'll break 'em down
Stick with the operation
Think of the lives we're savin' now
Throw out negotiation
Knock knock, anybody answer?
Knock knock, did you bring your hammer?
Knock knock, what are they demanding?
Do they feel protected? They're taking that for granted!
Knock knock, we're comin' through the doors
Knock knock, the ceilings and the floors
Knock knock, I should've said before
No negotiation, we're giving you a war

Knock knock, who's there?
Take a peek inside, if you dare
How many hostages will you spare?
How many toxic fumes can you bear?
Don't choke, but you know to fear us
We're so much more than smoke and miras
Is it just your reflection that's starin' back?
Careful in the future, that mirror's black
It's a hell of a time fightin' ela
With dizzy spells, shittin' yourself, so get back fella
Whoops, sorry Ying, are you jealous?
Tell us, did you bring a cake for the candelas?
Oh, don't forget your headphones
I'll concuss ya with ultrasonic echoes
And then I'll call you a doc, if you got the headspins
Pop a couple shots of epinephrine
Whoa, go easy with the Jäeger, ma'am
Zofia, way to get grenades wasted, damn
I just armed the bomb, left the rest to bandit
When his wire gets tripped, he will amp it
So before you enter, step on the welcome mat
It's a frosty night, I can tell you that
Now freeze - while I'm dishing out diseases
In these needles, check your body for lesions
Look, rook, can we get some armor on?
Hopefully Dokkaebi's got more than logic bombs
Even if she does, we got our Valkyrie
Keeping an eye out for me, that's how I sneak
Up on your back with cav, and stab you
You better answer any question that I ask you
I've pushed all your buttons, you don't have mute
But all you'll hear is silence when I hack you
We'll send you packing, that's a wrap for you
Now ask yourself - who was attacking who?

Should all the walls come cavin' in
You know the operation
Facilitate detonation
Throw out negotiation
Knock knock, get ready to answer
Knock knock, forget about your manners
Knock knock, keep 'em from advancing
It's our last stand, to the death I will defend it
Knock knock, barricade the doors
Knock knock, the ceilings and the floors
Knock knock, if you want a war
Step into my house, and we're gonna give you more

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JT Machinima Knock Knock Comments
  1. LordOf ACOGS

    Technically they mentioned 37 ops... Nøkk Nøkk

  2. Hrvoje Tonkovac

    Lord tachanka


    lol no how about now

  4. My name is Kirbo

    Me on a mission kills someone +150 points

  5. nicolejfhbfh carter

    "Meanwhile in real life" cav: where are they rook: I don't kn- cav: shoot he didn't tell me maybe I should have let him say before killing him

  6. Kathy Fielder

    When you stand on my trap you dead

  7. gold mine456

    You know people are new when they don’t leain fuck if how to spell

  8. hue hue

    Remember when kapcans mines were instant kill?

  9. Skull Crusher

    Lesion started corona virus

  10. ツX_Psychowolf007

    i like this one better

  11. Cameron Gleason

    Lord byar is invisible

  12. Unknown Angel

    FBI open up

  13. Seriph Gaming Fox

    I’m curious if we’ll be getting a part 2 with the ops added afterwards...

  14. Kevin Aiken

    Well now it's more like "Nøkk, Nøkk"

  15. spencer duvall

    As a Blackbeard main I laughed at distracting them because I always end up the first one to breach and the iq line far too true I play iq and believe I have a higher iq than most players

  16. Gu Wee

    Y cant this be for xbox game pass

  17. Seferino Krouth

    “Even if she does, we got our Valkyrie,
    Keeping an eye on me,”

    As a Valkyrie main, I smiled at the accuracy of this line.

  18. the guy

    they predicted an operator from 2 years ago (nokk)

  19. A shadow phoinex

    Who else is here during operation shifting tides

  20. Nico_Narutoooooo

    1:07 when tachankas no have a protect

  21. MweeSloth49

    remaster this vid so u guys can add in the new ops

  22. Tigerclaw51731 AJ

    Knock knock? More like Nøkk nøkk

  23. Christon Brown

    knocks with religious intent

  24. Dwayne Stephen B. Vargas and the Hunters

    Jt music : think of the lives we're saving now...
    Fuze : I'm about to end this mans whole career

  25. TheRushingPenguin _

    Can you update this I would love to hear one with the newer operators

  26. John Wanamaker

    Who else wants him to make a new r6 rap but with all 52 ops

  27. 2343 919Designs

    So cringy

  28. Utlimate Plays

    Knock Nøkk

  29. Godzilla King of the universe

    Stick with the operation

  30. Mlgboi xd !!

    This makes hate R6

  31. wolf 360 vr Devon

    Frickin laser sights...

  32. Ethan Bender

    "Finka the lives were saving now"

  33. error 69

    The new oops Kali and mawi

  34. LittleButton

    There are now 50 operators

  35. MyNameBeRamen


  36. mr siege

    He didn’t even know about NØK at the time but well now she is part of the song.

    mr siege

    NØKK not NØK

  37. Алексей Московцев

    это шедевр

  38. Kirsten Barger


  39. Explosive Potatoes

    BTW now that Nokk and warden are out, isnt it funny how he keeps on saying "nock, nock"?

  40. Explosive Potatoes

    great rap dude, ive listened to this son like a dozen times today

  41. Jonathan Mcgirr

    Can u make an updated version

  42. Mikael Kataja

    You are best

  43. Amber Linx


  44. James Barnes

    Song needs a new one with all the new ops now

  45. Jack SMITH

    This is so good

  46. Toby Blitz

    JT music. Can u do one on wildlands and/breakpoint.

    Preferably breakpoint. Plz :3

  47. VeNoM rEaPer14

    The title: knock knock

    Me:who's there

  48. T primenugget T

    Not going to lie this is kind of bad

  49. Kluas King

    Love it.

  50. Exterminate B

    Nokk nokk

  51. Pickxel !

    Nøkk nøkk

  52. animation person

    Overwatch gets 4 song:

    Me:boi where in Lord tachankas name is part 2 for r6

  53. Gulan Akrawi

    He should’ve said for buck

  54. John Patrick Bañadera


  55. The ultimate gamer Chris

    The most meme team: lord THICC:guess that one, blitz, doc,rook, and hostage eliminator fuze

  56. Davi Henrique Arcanjo

    Jt: how many hostages can you spare?
    Fuze: the fuck is spare a hostage? (Yes, a Hellovaboss reference)

  57. Thawkins

    This is the reason I got the game

  58. entity demeat

    Why recruit isn't highlighted red

  59. Caitlin DeVito

    Did u know that smoke is form the gas map on terrest

  60. Tukavara and Co

    “Hopefully Dokkaebi’s got more than logic bombs”
    Dokkaebi: *pulls pin*


    *Aggressively looks down ACOG on BOSG*

  61. dimlockfork

    knock knock whos there

  62. ashli roberts

    try singing this word for word its sooo hard because he says the words so fast

    i tried and i acctualy did it

    Necrox IOS

    ashli roberts its easy you fucking dweeb

  63. powerreaper 210

    The red words are the operaters/characters name JT MUSIC YOUR CLEVER

  64. Elisa Calcagno

    I can't stop listening these song

  65. Katlego Mogayane

    What about mute?! F#@k such a good song

  66. Sabrina Willeneuve

    *_nokk_* *_nokk_*

  67. Michael Fugate

    I hope they make a remaster of this

  68. Why do you need my name?

    This song made me to play Rainbow Six Siege again

  69. Randy Ramirez

    How many hostages will you spare? Meanwhile:Fuze is planting a cluster charge on the window

  70. Rafael LPM

    If you know
    Capitão=Captain in portuguese
    Caveira=Skull in portuguese

  71. Christian Sumner

    Everyone says "this song is where nokk came from because of nokk nokk (knock knock) but nobody realizes nokk is pronounced like "nook", with a double o. Don't get me wrong I love the operator and this song

  72. Jager Acog

    Ha only 36

  73. The gamerbrother

    It was 35 or more I went through the video 50 times what a fat waste of time

  74. JAY H

    i love is song

  75. antonio lama almanza

    Epic montagne

  76. Piggo Shmigo

    Where’s vigil?

    Christian Sumner

    At 1:10 bro

    Piggo Shmigo

    Christian Sumner thanks. Didn’t see it

  77. The Requiem

    Okay, Skull, I’m sorry, but I have to quote TheRussianBadger for your pronunciation of “Kapkan”:

    “Also, stop saying ‘Kapkin’, because it sounds like ‘Napkin’, so, unless you’re planning on wiping the entire enemy team, call him Kapkan.”


    I heard 36 operator names in this video

  79. DatelessGamer


  80. Andrew The skeleton

    1:31 is honestly my favorite part

  81. Kunai_Shadowborn

    looks like they produced nokk

  82. AstroBeats _131

    At the start...frost is a defender...

  83. Swan Ronson

    He predicted a future operator

    Nøkk Nøkk

  84. TrashDemon YT

    The music was incredible, I want an instrumental, and an r6 rap 2

  85. Rob Drab

    I love your raps ❤❤❤❤

  86. Pokemon Legend King

    Knock knock I love the parts also when you introduce all the characters in a rap version that's lovely.😊😊😊😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😃😃😃

  87. Bacon._9836

    1:15 if IQ had more IQ than Jt Music how could she have created this awesome song?

  88. Dávid Várhegyi

    Now there are 50 ops in r6. We need a remastered.

  89. alecsander Ericksen

    And to think there used to be only 36

  90. StartingArc4545 Gaming

    Shouldn’t they have highlighted Recruit, since he’s an operator?

  91. just a trans crab

    What will the new ops get for weapons after ember rise?

  92. Stacey Chyr

    Teacher: Okay class today we are going to do laser tag for our field trip
    Girls: Ugh,laser tag is so boring you just shoot lights!

  93. Erwin rommel


  94. alex bie

    jt: fuse what do you have in your hands
    fuse: nothing...
    jt: *adds to the song how many hostages will you spare?"*

  95. alex bie

    jt: fuse what do you have in your hands
    fuse: nothing...
    jt: *adds to the song how many hostages will you spare?"*

  96. Mel Mcmenaman

    You are t the best ☺👕👖🔫🎸🌄

  97. God of Pizza

    Nøkk Nøkk

  98. Drip Tyrant

    My only problem is that they pronounced montagne wrong