JT Machinima - Getcha Hands Dirty Lyrics

[JT Music:]
I'm on a mission impossible, A La Tom Cruise
The countdown's begun and it's not a long fuse
I'm one of the underdogs, so what if we don't got a large crew?
It's not a sausage fest, even if it's practically all dudes
We're the boys, make some noise if you're not suits
Who cares if a few of our screws got loose?
We're pretty yoked even though we're not juiced
And we just ordered five courses of vengeance, who want's supes?
You talk shit, but I'm not a sticks & stones guy
Or a "turn the other cheek and always sticks to his own" guy
With his tail between his legs like a little bitch who's got no fight
So listen dawg, if you feel like picking a bone? Try
You gonna wish it was with someone your own size
You wanna play god but I can promise I that won't fly
Cause I'm your Lex Luthor lubing up some Kryptonite
To Shove right up your butthole and I hope that it's so tight
So yank the spandex outta your crack
I'm outing your ass, pay attention cause I'm spouting the facts
Everybody thought you were super but you are probably
On your way to becoming a washed up wannabee

So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
I wanna start a little controversy
Deliver justice without the mercy
So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
Imma Blood drunk and I'm goddamn thirsty
Forget a clean slate, get your hands dirty

Gonna get me, what is this a comedy?
You're only gonna get a lobotomy if you bother me
Honestly it's cute that you're bothering to admonish me
Especially when 90% of you try to copy me
You wanna be me, but you're not understanding me honestly
I'm the definition of quality over quantity
Causing bodily harm to anybody who's blocking me
Then flying with your girl and making her my property
Now you got a little crew, what a ragtag team
You'll do anything at all to bag that dream
Take us all out, are you mad man beams?
From the retinas, making every bad man scream
When I'm done you are gonna need a hazmat team
Then I'll smile, not a one of you could match that gleam
So think real hard, are you going home after
Or going toe-to-toe with the bro Homelander

[JT Music:]
So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
I wanna start a little controversy
Deliver justice without the mercy
So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
Imma Blood drunk and I'm goddamn thirsty
Forget a clean slate, get your hands dirty

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
You're nothing but a bunch of motherfuckin' assholes
Supers keep on suping, humans keep on human
Corrupted, but it doesn't seem like such a bad role
Power's worth abusing, don't that make ya human

[JT Music:]
So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
I wanna start a little controversy
Deliver justice without the mercy
So tell me what you want
What you really really really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really really really want
Imma Blood drunk and I'm goddamn thirsty
Forget a clean slate, get your hands dirty

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JT Machinima Getcha Hands Dirty Comments
  1. Hellqueen Demo

    You should do a 6undercover netflix rap

  2. jthegamer360


  3. UncannyVoid 123

    This song gets alot better when u get the spice girls reference

  4. Joseph Icha

    There are two kinds of people.

    1) the people who thought Daddyphatsnaps went IN on this track
    2) idiots

  5. Alexander Zhmurov

    just realized you guys should do one for Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy!! you're such an epic team(team-up?) of your own

  6. Damian Creed

    Is this show a Justice League rip off? A-train is the Flash, Homelander is Superman, Translucent is the Invisible Man, Black Noir is a killer Batman, Queen Maeve is WonderWoman, while the retired guy Torchbearer is Green Lantern. Billie Butcher could be a dark Jim Gordon, while The Deep is a crappy Aquaman. Seriously, it's like someone saw Watchmen and Justice league and thought it would be fun to mix the two.

  7. sangdraxis

    Ah baby laser....so perfect. All babies should come with laser eyes.

  8. Othman Jebli

    I want to kill evry wone

  9. Jerome Lancashire

    Billy Butcher vs Syndrome

  10. Papa Dragon

    JT, DaddyPhatSnaps, Andrea Kaden? Apart, yeah they're alright. But together? Well, they're the goddamn fuckin' Spice Girls!

  11. Omz Stormborn

    My bro homelander!!!!


    Me and the boys after some supes

  13. TheDarbsterDude

    Spice Girls: We did it first!
    JT Music: We did it better!

  14. machine gunn

    Yeah the bois

  15. handy864

    doom patrol

  16. Joseph Icha

    I just realised, the guy at the end (must be one of the JT crew but sorry, don't know his name) was wearing a Dan Bull shirt! Nice to see US repping us in the UK!

    menames spectre

    Think his name is Christian

  17. Gaming X

    Dude this show was so gross at some points lol

  18. grim reaper

    Did you know that preacher and homelander are the one who are singing?

  19. BoYz CLAN

    Omg yesss I love this show

  20. Toni Karatista

    do a borderlands 2 tiny tina rap

  21. JC Rivers

    Premise of the whole show said in just one sentence: "You're nothing but a bunch of motherfucking assholes." That's literally all you need to remember before going into the show XD

  22. The Cunning God of Death


  23. Cheeky Breeky420

    Machinima as butcher: 😍
    Phatsnaps as homelaner: 😱🥳
    Kaden as stillwell: 🤯🤯🤩
    In conclusion: my ears are awakened

  24. Kai Jones

    New sub

  25. Isha B.

    I just got to the episode where they talk about the spice girls. Man this show is great but some moments are a bit too cruel for my taste.

  26. Jade Van wyk

    Poor dolphin i wil never be the same

  27. handy864

    I'm literally only pissed off you didn't use the term diabolical we were all waiting and you didn't deliver that's straight-up diabolical

  28. Stingraysquad

    Lads, i know the Compound V makes your voices superhuman, but you will die in simultaneous heartattacks if you keep this up

  29. Stingraysquad

    Andrea "Stormfront" Kaden and DaddyBlackNoir against the JT bois

    The lone Courier

    Ironically there is a villain in the comic book called storefront


    @The lone Courier thats the joke you dingus

  30. Luuk de Voogd

    Well Well Well, if it isn,t the invisible cunt.

  31. chuck norris

    This goes so well with clap traps dance

  32. TammyluvzCats

    Can i download this for free?

  33. Galaxie Perfect

    Rip Etika

  34. Shiori Chan


  35. fighters with jigglypuff

    me love this

  36. Anuhrosbel Anuh8989775

    Make a rap about kin

  37. Mr Supreme

    You guys should do a Homelander vs Superman rap

  38. PhoenixWarriorX x35

    Anybody else notice Jt wearing Dan bull merch

  39. David E

    this song fooking smacks

  40. Brycen Campbell

    curious what's the movie in the background

    mega barroth

    Its a show called the boys

  41. Lamoni Collins

    This should be the song for the trailer of Season 2

  42. Romeo X10000

    How is butcher meant to beat home lander I haven't read or watched the boys yet btw

    Luke Menet

    Short answer: Butcher doesn’t do it.

  43. Springlock Gamer

    I'm waiting for season 2 now XD

  44. Reinhardt Wilhelm

    More like Antiheroes. Anitheroes are the main characters of a story who lack the qualities of a hero.
    In short : Basically, a bunch of Deadpools.


    Reinhardt Wilhelm without the healing factor.

    Jason mcdurmon

    @boss or the 4rth wall breaks

  45. Dr.Walker

    I legit thought this was about the meme


    No me llames héroe por el like

    the warhawk

    @HOLA :D ROJO I don't speak pasta

  46. Rampage Gaming

    am i the only person who's gonna mention how he's wearing a dan bull shirt at the end?

  47. Sippy Sam

    Let's be honest here no matter how powerful the villens are always the underdog's

  48. Rachel

    You should do one for Umbrella Academy!

  49. Budget Crusader

    Best when you guys do it with daddyphatsnaps

  50. feralpride 369

    Watched one episode and boy is that show trifling

  51. Kalani Serrell

    This is one of my favourites

  52. Reaper IV

    Good lyric flow

  53. NinjaTurtlesFan89

    Me and The Boys about to horribly beat the shit out of Spiderman as of means to make him repent for his corruption and horrendous crimes

  54. C Vasquez

    Can you do a Homefront game rap?

  55. Cholorox Bleach

    Me and the Boys listening to The Boys rap

  56. Bac0n


  57. Jack Fern

    Starlight didn’t get her own verse , that sucks . Other than that it was good

  58. Man In The Closet

    This song got me into the show.

  59. Jake Leathem

    this series was soooo goood

  60. Julia K

    I don't regret clicking on that song, because as always we get an awesome rap and I find out about new cool show :D


    3:22 sponsored

  62. Alien Boy

    Fucking bad ass!!! Lol best use of the spice girls lyrics ever!!!!

  63. fighters with jigglypuff


  64. RobertGamer231

    I love the theme and Genre with making it kinda realistic that superhero’s would let power and fame get in their head.

    Love JT Music you guys work hard. All the people who work in JT are amazing and every worker there earns mine and everyone’s respect!

    Not gonna lie the first time I saw the trailer it traumatized me cause how much gore and explicit and with it including deaths in it but got better the next day so it’s good.

  65. Jermashia Mccutcheon

    So pretty much a show about a discount Superman a discount wonder woman a discount flash a and a discount super girl ok now Iv seen everything

  66. Hello my Friend

    People : The perfect song doesnt exist

    JT Music : Hold my Beer

  67. Generic

    I like how half the people in the comment don’t actually know what the show is.

    And I guess starlight got “The Deep” alright.

  68. A meme archaelogist

    Can anyone else hear homelander’s voice in the chorus in the background?

  69. natsuho

    Da boys

  70. OoF Brother

    The first episode of this show is like what the fuck

  71. Vypazcute

    Plz Plz PLZ make a SCP Rap :O

  72. Kangaroo1145

    btw got the merch

  73. Omar jalal

    They should make a Minecraft vs fortnite rap

  74. Phil Crownz

    So are the heroe's the villain or what ?

  75. Cletus G.

    Make an outlast rap

  76. Porter Baker

    Do SCP.

  77. kyle Bionzo

    Do more mob rap :(

  78. fool plays

    Can't wait for season 2 of this shit!

  79. Sarcastic man

    I kinda want brightburn to kill the 7

  80. Nikki Roshto

    me and the boys listining to this song

  81. RosT FoX

    Please make a rap for Hollow Knight (sorry for bad english)

  82. Francisco Franco

    "I'll make your girl my property"

  83. Demon Juice

    You should do a doom live action rap

  84. DiamondHearted 7

    Me and boys is the first thing I thought when an ad for the trailer came up

  85. Mr.lenny head

    jt music:we make the best music of video games
    stupendium: *you dare oppose me mortal*

  86. Tristan kieley

    #JTMUSIC i'm TJKSCORPION member of METROGAMINGTITAN i love your music and videos i never stop listening to them i would love to make a RAP with you guys i'm a RAPPER too well trying to be i'm not that great but i'm trying my best i just don't know how to make a rap but i know some day i'll make it also i'm sorry i couldn't come to NPC it still hurts i couldn't if you read this comment i would love a reply to know how you make rap videos and music long time fan

  87. piggy11811

    Loving the spice girls reference quality song as always well in

  88. Nico Wats

    Love this show, song AND Daddyphatsnaps is on with you... oh hell yeah!!

  89. Dragon TV

    make a "hollow knight" or the "isle" rap

  90. White Hand

    Me and the boys preparing to kill and expose superheroes.
    Great song as usual.

  91. Miraak Champion of Hermaeus Mora

    Notifications didn't work

  92. Xz kizo

    Me and the boys here before the 5 million people

  93. Squiddy The Pun-isher

    Me and the boys listening to the boys

  94. VikingSkills

    Just noticed you're wearing a dan bull shirt. Niceeee

  95. dimitar gondolqn

    under rated song tbh

  96. Benjamin Salchich

    Duck season song please

  97. GameDude

    Guys, didn’t you want to give your concerts live?

  98. Henkaan

    Me and the boys

  99. Daddyphatsnaps YouTube

    Thank you for having me on this man, this came out so dope!

    Darth Derp

    This show blew up like that super hero dude

    new slender man9

    Isn't this on your channel

    Danielle PaperKrayne

    Everything with each of you guys on it is always Dope! Love all 4 of you!

    Common Calendar

    Are you going home after or are you toe to toe with the bro homelander?