JT Machinima - Fact Rap Challenge Lyrics

Facts - cuz that's what I came prepared to write
Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit
The designer of the Eiffel tower was scared of heights
There are more than 300 illuminated Paris sites
Not parasites, they're inside you, scary, right?
Tapeworms can grow to 50 feet? Back to Paris lights
They could spare some lights if you ever need 'em
Chrysanthemums are pretty but did you know you can eat 'em?
I learned that from a book so if you haven't you should read one
Caffeine's a diuretic so you bet it makes ya pee, fun
Australia went to war with emus, and got beaten
The "Grease Gun" is the M3 sub machine gun
Used in World War 2 cuz it was a cheap gun
Speaking of, gunpowder - made by the Chinese, son
Fuck the Mona Lisa, da Vinci liked to draw dicks
A blue whale's dong is 3 meters long, sick
These are all facts, even if obnoxious
Like Ricegum's Response to iDubbz - shit

The world is round, flat-earthers suck my balls
And did you know awesome role models do not include both the Pauls
Yo, OJ is guilty, and "Khaleesi" means queen
Garbage is filthy and healthy grass is green

During the battle of Pelusium
The Persians had cats and they were using 'em
Because they knew that Egyptians were afraid of wounding 'em
2 grand's the average cost a single carat ruby runs
But the most expensive chemical element - californium
27 mil a gram, who can afford more than one?
Being gay in the bible belt is forbidden
But they watch way more gay porn than anyone
The internet weighs as much as an egg in electrons
Less weight, high reps, best for a chest pump
But not for muscular hypertrophy, lift heavy
Dolphins have sex for pleasure but they never get sweaty
Human eyeballs stay the same size
Brown, blue or green, for your entire lives
And we perceive the world upside down first
The brain flips it over with mind powers

The sun is hot (How hot?) Really hot
Saddam was found in a hole underground when he got caught
The moon landing happened back in '69, it wasn't fake
But someone you don't trust - Glados, when she's promised cake

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JT Machinima Fact Rap Challenge Comments
  1. Freckless Arts

    Lol his face at 2:51 is all like
    “How ‘bout that shit?”

  2. Freckless Arts

    You know any song is good when it today’s both the paul brothers and ricegum.

  3. Caleb Tanner


  4. Mariah Marz

    JT WINS!! 😅😁

  5. The IcePhoenix

    Btw, you can actually have different eyecolors.... Mine changes every 2 seasons.

  6. Школьник Яша

    The healthy grass is green :)

  7. Nulono

    It's spelled "GLaDOS".

  8. Kamryn

    Best lines
    "Flat earthers suck my balls"
    "Awesome roll models dont include both the pauls"

  9. StormFlyer 657

    Is this a rap or a roast

  10. Ian Edwards

    the only thing your wrong about is saying the moon landing wasn't fake.

  11. Johnathan Hook

    Be careful talking about rep ranges and hypertrophy: it’s like opening pandora’s box

  12. Roxas Cox

    You spelled GLaDOS wrong you disgrace.

  13. GreenishBean7

    My eyes were blue until I was around four when they changed to green

  14. StevoE26

    holy shit the last time i saw JT he was a skinny teen doing halo raps! when the fuck did he grow up?!

  15. Emiliano Dichter

    the moon landing happened in 69

    Me : Nice

  16. русский танкер

    This thought me more than school

  17. Classy Demon

    I think stupidium

  18. Mr. Daber

    Um my eyes change from blue to green

  19. Tooken Over

    As the time I’m listening to this it’s at 666k views

  20. Spirantwig2 Butterfly

    *!When a rumor gets classified as a fact* Wait that's illegal

  21. Declan Byers

    Francium – approximately $1 billion per gram.
    Californium – $25 million per gram.

  22. Freddy Colon

    And the sun is not the biggest or hottest star it's actually uy scuti

  23. Freddy Colon

    The sun is actually 5,778k in heat

  24. The Flappy Toaster

    You should have included teamheadkick too

  25. AGuyWithAHat

    not Gladys
    Doesn’t matter, good song would recommend

  26. Buildbustr789

    0:56 the image of gunpowder is the ARK: survival sprite for gunpowder

  27. Joshua99v

    Cow chop!

  28. OllieGarmadon

    The freaking emu war got mentioned I love it XD

  29. jeremy gilbert

    The earth is actually a rugby ball

  30. Striker 44

    The GlaDos line in the end😂

  31. Erich Haubrich

    I'll go with Dan Bull on this one, but I subscribed. Let's see whatcha got. Cheers.

  32. TheNinjainGreen

    I wish rustage would take this challenge as he is in nerdcore

  33. Shelby Rainwater

    I keep forgetting about this until I type in ‘JT’ in my search bar 😂🙌🏻

  34. Ian N

    when will you guys do movies and tv.

  35. Deadlydan1010

    Anyone else listening in 2030

  36. Scott Burris

    1.75 speed my gosh

  37. MCPunk55

    I'm a good student, Mr. Teacher! I took all the notes!

  38. jack vection

    I don't get the Gladys one??

    civilised spider 9.0

    He means GlaDOS, from the portal series, who promises the player cake. Also, the cake is a lie.

  39. Alejandro Figueroa

    Whale dong = :———) 3 fr

  40. Yugipro

    The world is round flat earthers suck my balls?! XD WHAT THE

  41. mutaintpanda mutaintpanda

    If this was the live does that mean we get a cute animation my JT???

  42. TheBoyInGreen


  43. Midas Silvius

    0:57 ark gunpowder

  44. Angi Brat

    More of these brilliant ideas, please

  45. TheAdventureBros GAMING

    ok ive been working on my response since i saw this so expect an answer

  46. Nyota Mwuaji

    Pigs cant look upward when standing

  47. HRebels Gaming

    Did you know awesome role models do not include both the pauls" that's awesome and totally true

  48. XTrM HALFO 117

    Oh you had to bring up the australia vs emu war lol it was actually true no lie 😂

  49. XD Goastown

    I would learn if its like this

  50. Hunter C

    I love JT. Spitting the Facts while doing his Raps.

  51. likemice

    Also, GladOs*.

  52. likemice

    So the internet weighs as much as an egg?

  53. Raphage

    I just loved it bros but please dont use swear words and other bad words . THAT'S how how you get to be the number 1 youtuber

  54. Anthony Wright

    I'd like to throw this out as another fact rap...

  55. turned meme

    I remember this being in color???????

  56. lillian cobb

    Nice rapping

  57. Eel

    Moon landing happened back in 69 huh? NASA watches porn confirmed?

  58. Lord Umbreon

    Listening this while doing this doing school work



  60. Angi Brat

    Y'all are sleepin' on the Stupendium if you think anyone else won.
    He spanked Dan's board game challenge, too.
    Get on my level

  61. Abstract Persons

    I just watched this for the first time

    I love NerdOut and Dan Bull, so seeing what they respond with will be fun

  62. Flaming Rose Phantom

    1:54 how much does an egg weigh in electrons?

  63. He who Paints the Earth Red

    Why is no one talking about the fact that he said "Let's take these kids to school... LITERALLY" Does no one care that this guy you've never met us saying he'll literally take you to school, like, real, physical school?

  64. Foxy Dup

    1:11 is my favorite LOL

  65. NK GAMING2017

    the war has started

  66. NK GAMING2017

    FACT the rap community of 2018-19 are the best

  67. Flicker FX

    Jt never fails to amaze me

  68. Kyle Atkinson

    You suck ugly

    Retro Core

    And.......who are you exactly?

  69. Cola54

    You are my new history teacher

  70. Anthony Pilo

    will you do a diss track on me?? it would be an honor if you did. thanks!

  71. Aaron Topa

    Fact... was the bombing of dresden justified?

  72. Aaron Topa

    I really want to meet you guys! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

  73. Adjective Noun Number

    I want JT Machinima as my teacher.

  74. PawsbyTheFox


  75. Tommy Lebkowsky

    You gotta get ya raps quick,
    Cause JT just told ya drop your joysticks,
    Show em what ya got and give the facts a chance,
    Call out the boys and make the beat dance.

    Tommy Lebkowsky

    I know it's not great,
    but im tired and its runnin a little late.
    Give my boys a shot to do what they do best,
    Listen to their sick beats that come rippin through ya chests

  76. Musashi Dipanusantara

    GO DAN BULL!!!

  77. CNstatus

    Im sorry, but The Stupendium’s one is better

  78. SharkPlayz SDF

    Flat earth ears suk my ballz and restart from pre K

  79. akgamer182


    The Space Of Ades

    That's a weird way to spell "Round"...

  80. Braeden Flores

    Fun Fact: the U.S. has a nuclear submarine with a nuclear missile on board that has more than two times the power of all the bombs dropped in World War II.


    I song this song in science class and got an A

  82. Meme Lord

    Everybody you challanged did it better than you.

  83. Goldenknightgamer1234

    1:11 lol what the fu.. is what flat earthers are saying

  84. flap trap3ty


  85. Lucas S

    This is a true fact: I am the only one who was no friends.If you want to prove me wrong leave a comment saying I have no friends either.P.S. I’m treated like crap also XD

  86. Shadowknight 310

    The Earth is not flat or round it's a triangle and the moon is a square XD

  87. I am youtuber

    You just roasted RiceGum..

    *Subscribes likes all videos and notifications*

  88. zhaochong yan

    It's really funny

  89. I am youtuber

    What master do you serve?

    What master do I serve? What am I supposed to say? Jesus?

  90. Odin Hasby

    I knew 7 of them but just for the record the sun is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit

  91. Hi I’m Lachie

    00:50 god I love my country

  92. Warbird _65

    Oi u fucks we beat the emu's they started eating our crops way to much

    The Space Of Ades

    No, the Australian government eventually ran out of ammunition

  93. emilio solis

    2:29 nice

  94. twtp an again

    good point his response is shit

  95. Maui, hero to all, i mean ALL!!!!!!

    Says he doesn't want to rap about video games says he doesn't want to rap about video games yet he directly refrances portal

  96. Yvette Nelson

    This was amzing. I love it.

  97. Vaporen Poops787

    I’ve got a fact tryhardninja chicken out