JT Machinima - Can't Be Erased Big Band Lyrics

I'm the dancing Demon
Watch me twirl and hop and spin
I'm quick to give a smile
But I won't forget your sins

Hahahahaha! The wonders of imagination
Welcome home dear friend
How long we've all been waiting
Let's create a masterpiece, breathe life into your dreams!
All you gotta do is start up the machine

I'm the product of an artist
Whose creations bring delight
Upon this somber threshold
Imagination comes to life
Just free yourself from reason
Soon you'll see in black and white
I may be a seed of evil
But I'm conceived within your mind
Leaking from the ceiling
Ink is bleeding through the lines
Is that your heart that's beating
Or illusion you're alive?
Collect what's necessary
Keep appeasing the divines
It's me you should be believing
Cuz he's deceiving you with lies

Holy Conniption - has it been thirty years?
It appears Mickey Mouse might've been murdered here
Lifeless pie-cut eyes - I have learned to fear
They remind me why I quit workin' here
Why did I come, lemme go, I should be leavin'
What happened, I don't wanna know
What are these demons?
Guess I might as well investigate
Secrets are unlocking - too bad the exit ain't

Despite this mask of happiness
I drown in dark despair
The world may be your canvas
What you paint on it, beware!
The pen is mightier than the sword
It has no limitation
Don't refrain, this ink will stain
And nothing can erase us now
The face you saw perhaps you recognize
We'd never harm the hand that draws
And cursed us all with life

Shamed and defaced
Scathed and disgraced
Tainted by hatred
And can't be erased
Creators betrayed us
We've got it on tape
We've written your fate
And it can't be erased
Can't be erased

I was not always a monster
Once I was somebody's muse
Innovation made us stronger
But that power was abused
The machine is thumping
And the ink is pumping
Now you need to run
Because the demon's coming

I need help, someone send a telegram
I'm surrounded by upside-down pentagrams
I don't have a guide just candlelight
With an axe I don't know how to handle right
That little devil darlin's on a lot of reels
Long as he's on one, he cannot be real
Stop the projectors, Bendy's off his reel
Got a feeling he and Joey got a deal
An unholy bargain, a demonic seal
With a master plan, that I must reveal
Won't be long till this ink's all congealed
Upon my body, head to toe all concealed
But a little bit of bleach should do the trick
I'll never watch another damn cartoon - I quit!
Look at you, you're scared of a moving pic
Hey Bendy, how'd you get that tutu to fit?

I'm blinded by this evil growing
My heart is full of people-loathing
With secrets that I keep from showing
I am the wolf in sheepish clothing
Flood the shop, with ink a-flowing
Push it to the brink of blowing
We hope you don't think of going
Weigh you down to keep from floating
Come with me, we'll bring you Joey
You'll be kept from being lonely
Kicking, screaming, sinking slowly
Give your soul, it's what you owe me

Shamed and defaced
Scathed and disgraced
Tainted by hatred
And can't be erased
Creators betrayed us
We've got it on tape
We've written your fate
And it can't be erased
Can't be erased

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JT Machinima Can't Be Erased Big Band Comments
  1. Dan's Toy Hunting

    Sorry but the original one is better than this one because how you sing and the song just ruined the song

  2. Crazy cartoons

    I think JT just wanted to show how a song can change by just the beat

  3. Awonder

    my friend: *listens to cant be erased (original)*
    me: mkay so imagine "shamed and defaced / scathed and disgraced"
    my friend: okay...?
    me: now imagine it being happily sung
    my friend: that aint possible chief
    me: *shows her this song*
    my friend: holy shi-

  4. Icc games

    This can’t be erased. (:

  5. BlueberryBoy 11

    I can imagine this being an intro of an animated show of Bendy and the Ink Machine focusing about Henry exploring the ink machine and meeting the inky characters throughout the show with the design being a 1930's like design mixed with a modern cartoon design as having a bit of rubberhose traits and realistic physics.


    Reversed voices pretty cool

  7. Jason Pettin

    a truly amazing masterpiece

  8. Isaac A

    I play BATIM on my PS4 with 3D headphones...it's scary that way

  9. The Parrish Show

    Wow way to make an amazing song bad

  10. DingoAteMyBaby

    BATIM has some secret meaning that makes me feel like home or reminds me for some reason
    Like BATIM is just so remindful with happiness and home

  11. E Hurd

    Just use the scythe

  12. cam

    With an intro like that you know damn well I'm gonna like this

  13. evi3 potato

    I love how it when from SCARY GAME,I DROWN IN DARKNESS.to jazzy song on the radio,fun for the whole family!

  14. Theoffical Pacmanpena

    It’s Bette than the other one

  15. Theoffical Pacmanpena

    I love it

  16. White Head Named Felipe

    This reminds me of the We Happy Few song

  17. Frozone The Tank Engine

    Pretty sure this will be used in the trailer for a Bendy and the Ink Machine movie...

    ...if that ever happens, that is.

  18. Ferenc Rupa

    Tecik a Bendy együt a zene ősze rakva meg a játék

  19. Loki Vision

    This doesn't really have as much of the fear factor as the original.

  20. Box Man

    Ngl I love this version more than the original

  21. Mangle Foxy

    Sounds awesome! :D Just now finding this version.

  22. Tldald Thomas01

    I dont like this version it doesn't fit the theme at all i would like with a different song but not this one

  23. grim reaper

    I how this would be better if this version and the old one were merged

  24. Spanish Empire

    Best remaster I have ever seen

  25. Bethany Scarbrough

    I love both this and the rap version, but this feels a lot more fitting to the 1930's cartoon theme.'

  26. Kieta Idiot

    The old one is better, right?

  27. JJC 11

    God dang this is better

  28. Planting Cactus

    Why did I get his recommended a year later

  29. karla gomez

    That was cool

  30. Sharks_Gaming

    Lmao i told my sister about this song and now she loves this song cuz it "sounds so happy" and my dad keeps giving me funny looks whenever she puts it on.
    Shes only 6. XD


    The pen is mightier than than the sword it had no limitation

    The pen:comes to life and runs away

    This is just a joke

  32. MikeNetherEye

    the first part give me some 1980 music vibes.

  33. Brady Parton

    Just imagine jtmusic making his songs more like this

  34. The Shady Boi

    This reminds me of shadows of evil for some reason

  35. Thantos

    The lyrics do not go with this type of music, but GOD this is hilarious

  36. Abria Carlson

    Fishy Mom made a animatic with this version of the song. It’s really really good, I highly suggest go checking her out.

  37. TheNecroticRaptor

    Deliciously disturbing, I'll take some more!

  38. The Shady Boi


  39. Extreme Foxy Productions

    Jeez more cartoony

  40. Arasely Sanchez

    Do goose Game rap

  41. StormyD186

    *King Dedede, Kybend and Black Spinel have entered the chat*

  42. Lanza19

    Just watching this versión before xmas

  43. Saber Toothless

    Family friendly mode? With these lyrics?

  44. Colin Brooks

    My mom would like this, if she wasn't dead😔😔😔

  45. Emma Poirier

    OK, so I saw the newer version of this is rap first, so the whole time I'm just laughing😂

  46. Luuk de Voogd

    This version: me on the outside
    Original: me on the inside

    Saber Toothless

    Damn yessss


    Honestly same

  47. Mike frghtmare

    I love how it makes my feet tap XD great job ^^

  48. Bendia

    I would rather choose the other version

  49. Zenix [read bio]

    I feel like this style kinda fits the game esthetic style

  50. Alex shmalex

    Perfect bendy: ya think you can just upload my remix featuring my friends and have me not notice

  51. spoopy Luciano-hatchell

    1:06 "collect what's necessary" collects bacon soup

  52. Ferlie

    Hhwttah... Hwut... WWWHHHAAATTT?

  53. Dusty

    bendy and the ink machine but it has musical numbers scattered around and this is one of them 👀

  54. Markaplex #

    The original is scary this just makes me do the Mickey Mouse

  55. Foxy Vox

    Its 3am......im only picturing Spinel from SU doing her silly dance when shes first introduced..i cant stop laughing.....im sleepy

  56. Nightmare Demon

    In the stage... Boris, Alice and Bendy !🖤😆good job 🖤

  57. DaveDaBoi21

    He chase
    He write your fate
    But mostly
    It can’t be erased

  58. TheProjectionist

    Bendy meets we happy few

  59. RP Bird

    People saying that the song was too “up beat” or too “happy” with dark lyrics, but the fnaf 6 song had something like that, yet nobody complained cause it was the original, I bet if this was the original version, everybody would be praising it

  60. Benjamin Velasquez

    I ask for SCARY not 1933 jamboree...

  61. ink demon

    My step brother says this virsion is happyer than the older one

  62. Gabe Da Golden gamer

    3:10 my favorite part

  63. cosilem68

    it reminds me of all the people from bendy and the ink machine eat the happy pils from WE HAPPY FEW
    and say the good old song

  64. cosilem68

    this is like WE HAPPY FEW youre tryng to make a bendy and the ink machine song you dum and you tyd to make the good old song but faster

  65. Brody Cooper

    I love this so much!!

  66. Gamer Art

    It's "We Happy Few" are you kidding me! It has the feel of We Happy Few am I wrong?

  67. Bluu Games

    decided to come back to this fandom, watched both versions of the song back to back... it makes me think of both sides of this fandom.

  68. Mackie Davis

    The one way to make a Disney song, make the key in g sharp and the genera big band

  69. Carlos Contreras

    Cartoon version plz

  70. SonTerminator98

    Sounds a little bit more catchy

  71. Serendibite

    i can't take this version seriously... sorry.

  72. charmander 123 gameplays Brasil


  73. Brady Parton

    3:15 anybody?

  74. tangle the dangle /female/

    This is good but I like the old one better TwT
    Edit:it would of been better if you added some of the darkness the old one had and mix it with this one

  75. egy fal oszt cső

    it feals so classic

  76. Jasmine DoggieTvn

    I wish this was the song we were learning in music lmao

  77. Roger Stapler

    I mean Bendy song

  78. Roger Stapler

    Do a video about the new Bendy sound that you created and make a live action Video of it

  79. renato y sebastian juegos y misterios

    Speedy in x. 1.25 the incredibil song

  80. Tomyboy Gaming

    This is like some Lorax opining song Sh!t

  81. MissHakiara #GeekedOutFan

    *slides in
    Ya like jazz?

  82. Maria R Diaz

    henry sounds like jackseptieye

  83. Raptor’s World!

    I can just imagine Bendy walking next to Henry with his arm stretched over Henry’s shoulder singing this song.

  84. Mr.LeeLee Leee

    The song now sounds so happy.

  85. Michael Burgess

    I think that this is definitely a more cartoon-like version of the song, but that doesn't mean it's great. If you ask me they'd already created the perfect song for this game and probably one of their best songs in general

  86. Haydy Baydy

    My favourite game bendy and the ink machine

  87. Starling Gaming RBLX and MCP


  88. hippie man

    I clicked on this version on accident haha I dont regret it

  89. Dakota Barreda

    This sounds like fnaf 6 song they did

  90. Hey It’s Nae !

    I like the other version better but this is good too

  91. kats.r.cool69

    The way he sings it is so happy!

  92. Patch

    that was awesome

  93. Ayden Stevens

    This song sucks that is the worst bendy song ❗😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😈

  94. JaydenSiker31

    Holy fuck- WTF happened?!? 😂😂😂 This song is just- *sighhhhhh* REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    This is not meh song!!! This is more jazzy than I expected 😂😂😂
    It's too cartoony and I now will add it to meh fav music's playlist
    Edit: I will like this because nobody else will ;-;

  95. Erinn Frijns

    When i lisend to this song for the frist time i thout that Henry sounded a bit like papyrus

  96. ViVi

    This radiates chaotic vibes for some reason

  97. Owen Williams

    Great stuff

  98. herdyses reactions

    You should do a build our mashine classical version