JT Machinima - Adrenaline Junkie Lyrics

You can bet that I had just cause
With anyone I've crossed
So I never touch pause
Whenever I bust jaws
You'll see nothing but stars
Then I'm blowing up cars
Fuck livin' on the edge
I've already jumped off
What's gravity?
Another one of them dumb laws
That I'm gonna brush off
And set me some bombs off
Cuz I brought the ruckus
Hit you with a pulse charge
You'll be sky high, bye-bye
Why? Just 'cause

He don't really need no reason
With how much havoc Rico's wreakin'
I'm makin' waves in the form of tornados
I can chase storms in my weather winnebago
From the heavens I fell, but to hell with a halo
You got ammo to sell, then I'll shell out the pesos
Hit 'em like a strike of lightnin'- I'm a thunderous gent
Except your chances of gettin' zapped - A hundred percent
You better keep your ears plugged or I'll pierce your eardrums
If the c4 blows when you're near some
Then you're deaf, no fear, you can't hear none
But I'll kick your rear if you say my beard is weird, son

I get a high from that free fall feelin'
They call me an adrenaline junkie, anyone dealin'?
Do you want some?
Kick down your doors and crash through your ceiling
I do it for the rush, there's really no rhyme or reason
Just 'Cause

I got my Ph.D. in demolition
Dr. Rodriguez has given you this prescription
A couple plastic explosives, that's for your fortress
Symptoms include massive blasts and some corpses
I got the ladies sayin', Ricky, you're loco
Livin' La Vida Loca, you should come lay low, oh
I'm the kind of guy you'll find walkin' in slow mo
When an explosion goes off, that's how I roll, bro
You like fighting dirty? I can too
But you don't wanna find out how low I can stoop
I'll tie you up to a live rocket by your boots
And wish you happy travels, you're gonna like the moon
Clean up your act, you don't wanna be a drag, darlin'
I'll hitch your ass to my whip and have you rag-dollin'
Listen here's a physics lesson - objects in motion
That I am controllin' - result in explosions
I burn bridges any chance I get
I'll backhand the black hand, after that I'll jet
They say they're not afraid of me, but their pants are wet
Forget life insurance bitch, you're already dead

I get a high from that free fall feelin'
They call me an adrenaline junkie, anyone dealin'?
Do you want some?
Kick down your doors and crash through your ceiling
I do it for the rush, there's really no rhyme or reason
Just 'Cause

What's the forecast south of the border?
A big storm comin' in to rile up the order
I'll leave 'em lookin' like they just got pounded with mortars
Another faction that I'll overthrow - rally supporters
Miss Morales, you heard of my talents?
And the countless rebellions that I have amounted
Let me reel you in, I'll rock you till your body's shook
And once the party starts, mama then it's off the hook
I got corrupt governments and companies sick of me
I won't bother whistleblowing, I'll blow 'em to smitherines
Remember this after you've suffered the tough loss
I had a just cause, but I had to, Just 'Cause

I get a high from that free fall feelin'
They call me an adrenaline junkie, anyone dealin'?
Do you want some?
Kick down your doors and crash through your ceiling
I do it for the rush, there's really no rhyme or reason
Just 'Cause

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JT Machinima Adrenaline Junkie Comments
  1. M4 Sherman

    This song feels boring compared to the other ones.

  2. monster X zero


    EDIT: i didn't make it

  3. monster X zero

    it's better than nertdouts

  4. monster X zero

    please make a rap of godzilla

  5. XxRileyxX

    2:38 my fav part...it’s my fav because

    Just cause


    Add Teardown's destruction physics. Now thats cool

    Easy HQ

    It's all fun and games until your pc start going full jet mode

  7. Bernice Arnold

    This song should be in the just cause 4 game

  8. Про100 Игр0к

    Why we make it? Just cause.
    Best of your jokes?

  9. SupersonicJay 1512

    This made me want to get JC4 for Christmas.

    Easy HQ

    Hell yeah you should

  10. Markus Holloway

    JT Music : Do you want some ?

    Me : YES !!!!

  11. ɾoɐduıu ɯɐɔɥɐpo

    tienes mi Like. crack

  12. SYT3

    *Directed by Michael bay*

  13. Tatjana Jezdimirovic

    Jt music it's good nerd out its 😫

  14. carrot eye

    The name of the game was inspired by the american invasion of Panama code named operation just cause

  15. carrot eye


    Rico: alow me to interduce myself

    Xzzz Games


  16. Skylorzz

    Rico Rodriguez

    Being a badass since 1965

  17. XxRileyxX

    2:44 my favorite part of this whole rap...

  18. XxRileyxX

    1:33 when I had JC4(beat the game in 4 days) I used to YEET people across the map with that gun, it was so freaking fun

  19. Black_YoshiBoi88

    I sing this mentally at school

  20. shadowp4

    I know its late but I love that the chorus is the same as warpigs from black sabath

  21. Edcamo Cabrera Mondragon

    Qué. Chida. La. Canción

  22. Hyp3Reap3r YT

    Haha he said *yeet*

  23. XxRileyxX

    I beat this game in like 5 days after getting it and I’m not lying, wasn’t fun....

  24. MindsandMirrors

    This song reflects the game perfectly. Good, but not as good as the last one.

  25. JefftheEvilRobot


  26. The Terror

    I also have my PhD in demolition and fighting dirty

    Just cause
    (In games)

  27. FoxyGaming

    "I get a high from that free fall feelin' "
    one of my favorite lines, just because i can imagine that for rico, being in a free fall state is one of his many forms of transportation, and he is so calm about it.

  28. dark angel

    Only thing could make this game better..the small arms from jc3....I miss those man

  29. when ski lifts go wrong Studios

    2:03 is where you always don't wanna be a drag doll!I have just cause for it's funny 😄

  30. the random commenter

    Love how the song is so hardcore and then I think of the toy cars

  31. TheMavie6789

    I have no girlfriend just cause

  32. Scp Peashooter B

    I dont need adrenaline mr rico

  33. Ghost 54591

    You bet Michael Bell made just cause franchise

    ZachPlaysAllDay- ZPAD

    Michael *Bay 😉😉😉

  34. trepe armadilha

    My Love you music!!!!😆😆😆

  35. Jayden James

    Oh god im gonna get crushed.... 2:44 (Pause there)

  36. Tazer Turtle

    Just finished the game today. I put it off because I didn't want it to end, and just goofed off. I'm really glad I finished it, that was a really good game.

  37. Arthur Morgan

    Chorus: 1:03

  38. Morphine Launcher

    “Forget life insurance bitch, you’re already dead”

    Dude that costs me a lot of money

  39. Jonathan Davidson

    How does Rico do it???

  40. TheBoyInGreen


  41. brooklyn Stratton

    I like this song just cause

  42. DumbCrew 2.0

    What do you use for ads?

  43. Nev Manning

    U didn't write this my friend did he sent it to u so u should give him some credit for it

  44. sean wolfe

    I loooove his music

  45. n00baddict 53

    jc1: fight a nuke
    jc2: fight 4 nukes
    jc3: fight a helicarrier
    jc4: fight a thunderstorm

    Midas Silvius

    jblockman_59 nunyabidnis and mechs and a thundergun

    Noah hayes

    Don’t forget in jc4 the fuckin vtol jet and the toy vehicles

    Jonah McDaniel

    The song was better than the game. Hated JC4


    jc5: fight the God

    Tairin Campos

    @RadioActiveGaming lol

  46. Caitlyn Dissinger

    Adrenaline junkie was in the just cause 3 rap

  47. Ryan Smith

    Rico’s laws of gravity:An object in motion, with me causing the motion, causes explosions, as does most things I do

  48. Gideon Heilpern

    I have come back to this track a million times i just love it and the video too - and if you guys could check out my CRAZY VLOGS im sure you will be entertained!! thank you!

  49. ShadowG4D

    why is the chorus sung like it's war pigs?

  50. TheAtonne

    Rico in Mortal Kombat.

  51. AydenUchihaYT

    Rico: Fuck Living On The Edge

    Me: *dies of laugh*

  52. Colin Glenn

    What happens to Rico with the plane?

  53. King Hollow

    What is the back round music you used for the Just Cause 4 rap?

  54. Three Strikes

    I swear over half of those views are from me

  55. Nita Meyer

    Please do the SFM

  56. Shepherd's Reflections

    For those who are adrenaline freaks like me, check out my SKYDIVING in THAILAND video!!!!
    The view was AWSOME: https://youtu.be/cxsezSghkfA

  57. clR pmdvmd v

    I love all your songs that you made I y,all biggest fans I love all your songs that you made thank for these songs that y,all made now bye

  58. jboy friz8

    o hell no

  59. Niko el crack

    Amazing rap!

  60. IriZ Bendz

    1.25 😳😳😳

  61. Gideon Heilpern

    what game is this it looks insane ?!?

  62. Kerry Payne

    Love the whole Mexican style love it I give u guys kweddi

    Kerry Payne


  63. da crazy Soldier

    I knew it was a good song just from the beat

  64. Donald McKinley

    I love this

  65. William Goat

    favorite song list:

    1:JC4 song

    2:JC3 song

    3:Assasins Creed Remix

  66. kevin cuddlefish

    >:( just cause 3 was way better i thought

  67. Jake6414

    Play it at 1.25 speed I'm my opinion its better

  68. Émile Hubert

    1:41 YEET

  69. Christian Sumner

    0:00 to 1:26 should just be the damn game trailer. Jt music songs should literally just be ham trailers. It'd be lit

  70. stojce Iloski

    15/10 but the third one gets 20/10

  71. LolTv3

    0:09 for replay

  72. Shadow_Wolf1111

    'forget life insurance bitch your already dead'

  73. TPDManiacXC626

    Got to share this with my two younger brothers!

  74. Dylan Evans

    Chorus is great

  75. Warloard17 76

    I liked this video. Y. Just Cause

  76. Rodrigo Reis


  77. Carry Potter

    0:10 free replay bois

  78. dark blade

    Your the best jt music

  79. dark blade

    Free fall feeling

  80. Yobro Gaming ADMIN

    Emin em reference


    Wasnt aggressive enough

    (Thats what she said)

  82. Braddy Wakler

    The tornado was underwhelming

  83. Junkyard King

    Feels nice & cheezy

  84. Carter VanSyckle

    after i saw this i want the game

  85. Logan Haag

    This reminds me of warpig , is this a parody?

  86. Biggus Dickus

    Speed 1.25x

  87. Darth Revan


  88. squeezing Brendon

    I have to say the 3 one is better

  89. TheAtonne

    Why not have Rico in Mortal Kombat 11

  90. itz mylittleboyz

    I played it over about 26 times😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Rod gendron

    Anyone still playing just cause 3 still I know I am


    Forget life insurance bitch your allready dead

  93. Ionut Gabriel

    This game have no limits XD

  94. Scooter Updooter

    Shoula named it ride the thunder

  95. Glenn Funderburk

    I played the game but i think it’s kind of a disappointment. If this is your first just cause game you’ll love it but it’s a lame comparison to just cause 3. It took me about a year to beat 3 but I finished 4 in about a month