JT Machinima - 4 Loco Lyrics

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
Sé la locura
Todos tenemos un poco
Así es la vida
Porque me gusta vivir loco
Lo que puedes solo
No esperes a otro
Se me prendió el foco

[JT Music:]
Go now, jump out and float down
Roll into Pecado, now we'll throw down
Like a tumbleweed, you'll get rattled, blown 'round
Yo dibs on that M4 with no doubt
Then I pick it up and shit - it's got no rounds
So till I've found some more, I'll hold out
Cuz you know how this showdown will go down
I'll mow down this whole town 'til you're found
Scope out the low ground, reload - pow
Another foe down, crown me king of the whole mountain
With no sound, I got a silenced gun
Time to run, airstrike, get inside and duck
Then I'll be kickin' up dust in this old pickup
Cuz when I'm dealt a bad hand, no I won't get trumped
I'll bust down the walls y'all put up around me
Then grab you by the balls, fuck your boundaries

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
La locura - todos tenemos un poco
You know I like to live my life a little loco
Lo que puedes solo, no esperes a otro
You know I like to live my life a little loco

You know my life's a little loco
Sneakin' around the map I need to keep a low pro-fo
Thinkin' about the fact that you keep shootin' like a bozo
Try to win but no no! You can not get the cena de pollo
Bust it wide open I ain't talkin' about a six pack
We can shoot the breeze but I ain't talkin' about a chit chat
My bullets fly through the wind and right into ya window
I'm sayin' "Las palabras se las lleva el viento"
Hop in the Uaz mi gente, we drivin'
Olly olly oxen free, why they hidin'?
Come to the open in a spot where I can see ya
Cause I'm shootin' in the sky from the bottom of La Bendita
Yeah, I'm 'bout that life, I'm 'bout to smack you with a frying pan
I wanna bring you back to life so you can die again
To the lobby, try again, you got a little cocky
When all you shoulda did was sé humilde, siéntate!

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
La locura - todos tenemos un poco
You know I like to live my life a little loco
Lo que puedes solo, no esperes a otro
You know I like to live my life a little loco

[Neebs Gaming:]
My boots hit the ground
I'm takin' you down
Now I'm wearin' your vest
And I'm cleanin' you out
Hola como esta
Tomar una siesta
Me llamo Thick44, I got a level 3 cock
I'm a heavyweight
I decimate
You'll never see me hesitate
I smack you with the back of my pan, now you're a paperweight
A human piñata
Up in Minas De Plata
Try to run from me, I'll dome you all the way from Impala
Son, you better call a doctor
Disrespect me and I'll knock ya
Got your whole squad shakin'
Like a couple of maracas
And just like Supercuts we got some bad hombres
Some nasty banditos we'll leave you dead in the valle
Arrow through the heart like Valentine's Day
And even though we got beef we're havin' chicken for an entrée
So don't mistake us
This isn't an oasis
Our gameplay is legendary, yours is kinda heinous
And I don't know how to say this
But your shots are pretty aimless
I'll snipe you with my M24 and leave you brainless
And I can make you famous
Clip you on a top kill playlist
If you don't know who I am
Go ask YouTube what my name is

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
La locura - todos tenemos un poco
You know I like to live my life a little loco
Lo que puedes solo, no esperes a otro
You know I like to live my life a little loco

[Kronno Zomber:]
Yo, tres dos, uno, abro el paracas
Contemplo todo el mapa
Comienza el espectáculo pues pillen su butaca
Pues nada no encuentro más que desierto
Rondando con la idea en la cabeza de dejar a todos muertos
Menos mal
Que voy con la actitud
Yo solo encuentro ballesta y los demás a full de loot
Se caput, no soy yo, eres tú
De todo los caen soy el pringado que ha pillado el nuevo bug
Por eso juego y cuando vicio voy to loco
Me gusta matar campear me sabe a poco
Escuche parce así es mi modo
Me bajo a una squad me quedo solo porque
Soy peor que Pablo cuando dice plata o plomo
No me des explacaciones
Me gusta pitar montrado en el carro mientras cruzo los leones
Bailando una ranchera y a la hacienda del patrôn
Con la SCAR y la M4 me hago rey de la mansiôn

[Andrea Storm Kaden:]
La locura - todos tenemos un poco
You know I like to live my life a little loco
Lo que puedes solo, no esperes a otro
You know I like to live my life a little loco

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JT Machinima 4 Loco Comments
  1. super naji supremo

    Good music muero locoooooooooo

  2. FlamingBeast2521

    *Student is Spanish class:* When are gonna need this in life?
    *Spanish Teacher:*

  3. Master Dwar

    perfecto para mexico :3

  4. RedRangerRR

    As someone who has never learnt Spanish, what?


    Pls make COD MOBILE


    I think i like to learn spanish

  7. Jackson Jenkins

    Which part is neebs in?

  8. matias mario

    primer rap con español :O

  9. Slick Editz

    Thick 44

  10. soviet Russia

    Im a pure hatred camper
    Fuck i have a hole strategy
    And im full lone wolf

  11. Jack

    La locura, todos tenemos un poco.


    Do a rap of a new map Sanhok is a tropical island and Vikendi is cool island.

    Edit: Please read this comment JT.

  13. The Orange ATAT

    I don’t even know Spanish but I can sing this entire song

  14. Diana Ulric

    Jaj lo mejor

  15. ReMeMbEr_To_StAy_ SaLtY_KiDs

    This song is nice and also makes me happy I’m Hispanic, gracias 🤗

  16. BTS army forever

    I love pubg!

  17. Endonsus

    Bruh JT, NerdOut and Neebs Gaming in one music video fucking amazing.

  18. OH Games

    teacher : "we'r about to talk about espagnol language"
    girls :"i prefer english language..thank you"
    boys :

    Ember Ribbon

    This needs more likes



  19. Infernox 109256

    This is beautiful!

  20. Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy

    fixing something

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    Do plants versus zombies battle for Naperville

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    Any think this game beats fortnite

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    Why do you have raps of every game?

  24. The Marching Morons

    Fuck off mexican assholes ruined the song

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    This is way better than Despacito in my opinion.

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    I’m loving pubg raps recently.

  27. Lentil Bean

    please make a just cause 3 rap!

  28. General G

    My favorite part was.Were picken up dust in this old pickup

  29. Gaming Montages

    I listened to this in a bus station..... you know the outcome.... Amazing Work! ✌👍 IM GOING LOCO 😜 greetings From latvia 🇱🇻

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    Why the spanish!!

  31. josh vlogs

    My absolute fav jt music song this should play it the radios in the car or on the plain or heck in the lobby

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    Show some respect for some “PlayerUnknownsBattleGrounds MOBILE”

    Isaac Koh

    Not the time, my friend. Right now, people still hate us.


    I like it

  34. Gameknight 995

    1:04 I still swear that’s jacksepticeye shooting a scar

  35. Daemon 404

    Soy español y tengo que decirte que juntaste el español y el Ingles bastante con Kronno Zomber ,pero , ``Hombres´´ es con ``H´´. Quitando eso una buenísima canción y sigue así. /
    I am Spanish and I have to tell you that you joined Spanish and English quite a lot with Kronno Zomber, but, `` Hombre´´ is with `` H´´. Taking that off a great song and keep it up.

  36. _GOLD SPADE _

    This song just makes Make think about the DUMBEST SHIT me and me friends do in pubg moblie ever time we go this Mexico map

    If anyone wana add me GOLD'''SPADE

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    Me: *Kinda gets it, thinks it sounds lit*
    "Rondando Con La Idea En La Cabreza De Dejar A Todos Muertos, Menos Mal"
    Me: *How can you say all that in the one go?*

  41. JhonPlayz yah

    Nah i think they have to much madness ang loco

  42. jmizzle carmichael

    This is an amazing song, and I really don't want to be that guy but I kinda have to. Am I the only one who saw that "Hombres" is spelled wrong at 3:16???

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    Wtf kronno was here what😓

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    This rap is the LOCO of my life

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    2:50-3:40 HELL YEAH

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    nice like fire  blowing it up respect

  47. MvGamer

    ¡La locuraa! ¡todos tenemos un poco!, ¡sabes que me gusta vivir mi vida como un loco!... ;D god work guys!

  48. clowners pranks and chalanges

    Si amigo lets get loco

  49. Salameanon63

    I hope you took your duolingo lessons!

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    Like si notaste que zarcor rapeo :)

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    1.25x speed

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