JT Machinima - 10 Years Lyrics

10 years ago, two boys ventured into Halo 3 matchmaking
To start their journey
Making charming yet often cringy music videos
This is a trip down memory lane
For all of their homie G shizzle dawgs

It's been 10 years and I still can't wrap
My head around the fact that we still make raps
Take it back to '08 with "The Greatest Ever"
This is the same track, we just made it better
Reminiscin' the Machinima golden age
Red vs Blue showed us the road we'd take
Started with Halo 3, that led to CoD
This is JT Machinima's history

Now lookin' back on it, there's a lotta nostalgia
First vid, Wizard Battle - Can we take that one down, bruh?
White Guys Can Rap, now we're not so proud of
But in '09 we signed a contract, made our first album
We never had a mission, but the vision was there
Soon as the viewers tuned in, felt like a privilege you cared
About the goofy music vids we made from our own rooms

First time on camera, making bold moves
Acting like we're Halo pros back in the day
Who remembers the "noob"? That's how I actually played
I'll show you my shaft, while playing Minecraft
Then we had all the mobs rap - besides Ghast

Then came college and all the student bills
Getting book smart but still honing our skills
Back in '11, I lost Skull - Couldn't find him
I was in heaven, if heaven's called Skyrim
We met an Australian, Andrea Storm Kaden
We put her in our raps, how much better she made them
First collab that we had was the Halo 4 rap
Now half our fans would rather that she have her own tracks

Took us five years to get one hundred K subs
Ooh, look a plaque - that's something to hang up
Goodbye old logo, ain't forgetting that
We got a new one, but Patfan got a tat
After FNAF came out, we had Five Long Nights
Now 70 million of you have joined us for a bite
Any new games coming? Scott, do not make 'em
That means more songs
That means I gotta play 'em

Overwatch just got in town
And it sounds like a game we ain't ever putting down
We've made hero raps and battles with TF2
Plus we rock at the game

Not in competitive, dude

The first time Pat really started to rap
Was Soldier 76, he was a natural at that
I ordered costumes for us, what a good idea
I didn't wanna wear it, I don't mean to be a diva

We tried out Twitch, but that wasn't our game
Thanks to all ten people who usually came
So we kept grinding out a music video a week
Never thought we'd hit a million but in 2017
You all helped the dream come true
Platonically speaking, we love you

Plus every friend we've made in the game music community
Inspiring each other to keep growing and improving
Started shooting more live action videos, too
Wouldn't happen without having such a kickass crew
We met our friend River, he made-a-wish come true
Joined Rooster Teeth - wait, they made Red vs Blue

This channel began so we could keep in touch
It was all just for kicks, never seemed like much
We were just two kids with lots of games on our wish lists
Now we go an office and we run it like a business
This rap may sound like we're bragging about
All the nerdy fun stuff that we do
This next line's cheesy, but we wouldn't be here
If it wasn't for you

Thanks for lending your ears
For these past 10 years
Here's to another 10
Let's grab some beers

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JT Machinima 10 Years Comments
  1. Kieran Williams

    I’m late to this party, but I’ve been a fan since your Halo 3 ODST rap, and it’s still one of my favorites. And since then, you guys have released KILLER tracks! Keep up the good work over this next decade!

  2. bob the boss

    I've been hire for 8 years love your music

  3. Margavory

    "Join us for a bite." (fnaf SL Rap). Hehe I also saw your little rhyme about tf2. I love your songs.

  4. Cabbage 752

    Nice dva costume Christian!!!

  5. Tristan

    Hey nostalgia!

  6. Tristan

    Striving for 11 bitchessssssss!

  7. Ian Morales

    Will you were me best when i was 5

  8. Margavory

    We love you too.. keep making music. # 20 years Rap 2028 I'm look forward to it. :)

  9. TheBluffTomato YT

    Been here since mob rap pt 2

  10. Nintendan

    Can't believe I Missed this.
    And honestly, I love the cheese. Keep it coming. Like you guys said, there's a certain charm to that cheese.
    I've only dotted around a few of your raps, not listened to many really but legit that Greatest Ever and all your Halo 3 raps, I go back to them and listen to them several times each year, they are just that catchy and memorable.

  11. Jerzku'sArt

    It's good that you didn't think your old videos were cringy, I sure did lol. Nonetheless, you are great group and inspiration to people to follow their passions and make it work. Thank you for everything.

  12. BG Bonanza

    This song is making me cry


    we dont bite was my first vid i saw then i went to tracer vs scout and went on from there

  14. Arias Yeetis

    10 yrs Later 20 yr old Music rap

  15. ImGlitched

    Hell yeah

  16. Joe The yellow guy

    This is the best channel ever

  17. scp man yolo


  18. Carwyn Weller

    Omg the feels...

  19. Abyss Clasher Animations

    Wait where do I send?

    Abyss Clasher Animations

    You're awesome

  20. diangelo terrana

    even though I've only listened to your music for a year it's just grown on me like "blood borne pathogens"

  21. Bluej Oliver

    Nostalgia intensifies

  22. Legendary Master Chief

    Just wait....

    JT Music

    what we waiting for?

    Legendary Master Chief

    The next anniversary. Keep going strong!

  23. Vietnam Ghost

    you will make the 10 year rap after 10 year how about just make 20 year music rap

  24. Control Gamer

    I love all of your music ❤️

  25. Master Gamer

    My god I remember when I was like 8 when you made the cod rap back in 2009

  26. Evan A

    you guys made the gaming community 10x more fun

  27. Mythical Creature

    I’ve been for three years since the fnaf ones

  28. The best way Is gone

    Man you guys are so good I wish I could be featured also can you do a darksiders 2 rap

  29. Potato King

    You guys have made a little boy turn into the man he is today, it’s not me but it’s someone. I’m glad to have been here since 2010 and I’ll be happy staying for more

  30. Lightning el drago Vengeance seeker

    Your raps never and never will old,good job guys,YO THE BEST!!!😁#JTfansquad

  31. centurion 621

    11 years now

  32. Arman Matin

    i love you guys keep it up and i like your hair christian

  33. turrle 874

    cheese pun 🧀: this channel is grate!!

  34. Gio Rocket

    I’ve been here till the fnaf song and doom rap

  35. Party Raptor

    10 years how have u not lost ur voice from all the amazing raps I still think this channel kicks ass and is the king of raps

  36. Brittni's world

    Congratulations guys ❤️

  37. Cxde Blxrtxn

    Wow I used to watch your raps back in 2012 listening to your halo 4 rap wow missed this shit man

  38. Djoarr

    I've been a little late to see this but you guys were one of the best things that has ever happened to me and just keep doing ya thing

  39. DrCuddlestine

    From mw2 rap to now it has been a crazy journey over the years!

  40. Ordinary Musician

    been hear since 1m

  41. Sc1_Fye

    Wow... going back reminds me so much. Remeber the living the life of a noob song xD

  42. matthew Giles

    Where is skull

    JT Music

    I dont know, couldn't find him

  43. Kevin Gonzalez

    Benn here since WAW rap :’v

  44. Laserfudge

    PvZ garden warfare 2 was my first vid

  45. Paige Parrish

    Red vs. Blue!!!

  46. Blake Wills

    love u guys so much im happy i been here for 7 years cus i dident get into game raps tell midddle school love u guys thank u for the best time

  47. Yeet Skeet

    I’m crying 😂

  48. Piano Hypnoshroom

    Best channel ever

  49. Warcry 23

    I've been with you from the start.


  50. Ex3ScarleT

    “Patfan8326, skullcruncher13, transform and the roach we are the dynasty” saw your album on my phone and just thought I’d see if you’re still about and was shocked to see you’re bigger and better than ever, keep it up guys

  51. Badguy Cubone

    ❤️10 cringy but awesome years


    i have been here since 4 years or 5 years so i just wanna say i love how much you have grown

  53. Ragnarok

    Rimz was my favorite song for a long time.

  54. Depression is my name

    Trip down memory lane mythbuster

  55. Matthew Y.

    And now I feel old... But I've still gone back to re-watch all the old sht that made me love you. XD

  56. Kori Kasai

    10 years ago, I was eight. Wow

  57. Deanna Brock

    Even my dog likes your music

  58. Luuk de Voogd

    John pat and Christian "skull" Ames since I know you I love your songs really much (yes I know their namesbecause I love their songs)

  59. Arcticboyツ

    Team Fortress 2 Rap brought me here.

  60. reincarnated savage

    we love you jt music

  61. jonathan farrell

    Jt music forever

  62. Lord Of memes

    These 2 deserve a wiki

  63. tobias

    Denele un premio a este hombre

  64. Trashy _Melo

    (U don’t talk about Tattletail TwT but it’s okay) omg boooooooi 10 years it’s soooo sooo incredible i love your’e music so much guys continue our great job 😍❤️ now you see,dream comes true 😉


  65. ForestofTooMuchFood

    I love that halo music.

  66. The Uncrowned King

    Damn, im getting nostalgic of the Halo days when I was a kid, I discovered you guys back when The Greatest Ever for Halo 3 came out. Skullkrusher13 and Patfan. Keep making those raps guys!

  67. Uni kingdom

    You guys are amazing and I love your videos

  68. K BURNS

    Congrats JT and crew

  69. Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy

    and now machinimas dead

  70. Laserfudge

    I started on pvz garden warfare

  71. Dragon6140

    Congrats on 10 Years you two!!!!! I can't wait for the next songs that will be released over the years!!!

  72. Abraxis

    You guys inspired me to start rapping for fun. Now, I rap pretty much every day. Back in 2012 I couldn't rap to save my life. Now, because of you guys, my life has become infinitely better.

  73. ccateni 28

    The noob made you guys...

  74. Karmocide

    since i was 8 ive loved you guys. im about to turn 16 and i still love you guys. Live a healthy life you guys. (:

  75. snoopythegamer246

    Congrats for ten long years for this thanks jt music

  76. cornyblocs Roblox

    Luvs ya so much

  77. Kill Me

    No thank YOU for not giving up and making good music for ten years

  78. Costless

    R. I. P.
    You were a great channel...

  79. Gamer Kenan


  80. War Fighter

    Cheers, Mates! Too another 10 years 🍻

  81. Luke

    So white guys CAN rap!

  82. Oxidan Geroso

    I have been here since the beginning

  83. Its Adam

    If you dislike, *go commit neck rope.*

  84. Patapolo

    Can't believe ten years have gone by!
    I was also wondering: would you put your older raps up on here? Machinima got axed and all your old Gears of War and Halo 3 raps died with them :c

    JT Music

    check out the our archived playlist ;)

  85. bdude1000

    so proud of you guys i came back when you had under 100k my favorite was america rap

  86. Иван Михнов

    Cringy but this video deserves a like

  87. Zack Burchart

    I’m late to mentioning this, but I can’t find the song on iTunes to purchase it!

  88. The Swissguardian


  89. Nightbreaker

    I'll be here FOREVER!

  90. name extra name

    I was hear around the start

  91. October

    Please for the love of god make an SCP rap; I am an SCP foundation author for quite a few years now (6 years and counting!) and am sad to say that; 1. The community is starting to lose interest, the only people that are new are coming from the CB or SCP SL games, and 2. There are absolutely no good SCP songs. I represent a collective of SCP authors and on our behalf please make this happen!
    Also, kids nowadays are forgetting the allure of the Frictional games, so a SOMA rap would truly be nice. Thanks!

  92. Masta Blasta

    Congrats JT. You've come a long way. happy 10th anniversary. 😁

  93. Velocity

    i was like 10 when i listened to JT on up never stopping

  94. SuperHorrorBros! Horror Entertainment

    Can you make a Granny Rap?

  95. Célia Rossmann


  96. Milan Tique

    thats how long to get popular on youtube eh? 10 years lol

    yeah it sounds like braggin but thats what raps for lol

    pretty cool guys. good job

  97. Haruko Shadow

    Congrats guys !!! Your music just keeps getting better and better and it's amazing !!!! 👍🏻😢❤

  98. Cole 4.0

    man this makes me miss the days of the halo noob songs. I just can't believe how long it has been. It's so amazing seeing how much yall have grown as a channel, and as a team. The whole community as a whole, as well. Cheers to another 10 years! (yeah i know i'm hella late lol)

  99. Lone walker09

    10 years im so happy that i was here for all 10 of them thank you guys for being bad ass go jt also so happy you choosed the halo music going back in time where it all started. Love you guys! This a home im happy to stay! 🖤

  100. Jayden Dones

    More fnaf PLZ and can you do a captain underpants rap too PLZ and thank you